About Us

Here at EvolveFISH we are dedicated to serving the atheist community! Over the years we have been providing a variety of great products aimed at the negative attributes of the religious individuals and organizations of the world, and while we are going to continue offering those great products we have decided to change things up a bit.  We all enjoy poking fun at the religious right however, the EvolveFISH crew has decided that we need to start focusing on the positive and stop relying on the negative to get our message across. If we are going to rid this world of control through religion then we need to be able to open people’s eyes to the beauty and freedom of life without religion. Our goal is to provide you with merchandise that is eye catching, funny and most importantly uplifting for the atheist community. We all know that Christianity judges those around them and we are better than that. Evolvefish has chosen to move in a new direction so that we can promote atheism and show those around us a life that they have been too blind to see. Our number one goal as we look to the future is building a great relationship with our customers. We would like to thank you all for the continued support over the years and would love to hear your feedback on our new website!