Decal Application Instructions

*Air and surface temperatures must be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit for ideal application.

  • Wash the surface with soap and water.  Spray the surface with rubbing alcohol or a non-ammonia glass cleaner, then wipe dry.
  • Measure where you want your decal to be.  Use two or three small pieces of masking tape to hold the entire decal in place.
  • Using a long piece of masking tape, tape down over the small pieces to create a hinge. Lift the decal toward the hinge and slowly remove the entire backing liner. Make sure to keep holding the application tape away from the surface.
  • While holding the application tape away from the surface, use a squeegee or credit card to help in application.  Starting from the side with the tape, work away from the tape and gently squeegee the decal down.
  • Use your squeegee and apply pressure from the middle to the outward sides in all directions.  This will help the decal’s adhesion and remove any air bubbles.
  • Gently remove the application tape to view your decal by peeling it back over itself.  Do not pull upward or the decal will lift up.  If you see vinyl start to come up then lay it back down, squeegee, wait a few minutes, and try again.

REMOVAL:  To remove old vinyl graphics, warm the vinyl with a hair dryer or heat gun.  Then peel the vinyl from the surface with your fingers. Remove all adhesive residue with Goo Gone or a similar adhesive remover.