Our First Blog!

Posted by Tom Kellogg on 5/1/2017

The First Blog for the New Website


April 26, 2017 has been a part of the secular movement for 25 years, and was the very first business of its kind anywhere, specializing in atheist, freethought and humanist merchandise.  EvolveFISH has supported many secular organizations along the way and is an active part of the Secular Community.  The FISH in our name is capitalized because it stands for Freethinkers In Service to Humanity. 


The company was founded in the early 1990’s as a way to fight back against the growing evangelical movement trying to impose their misguided Christian agenda into our government.  It is so wonderful to hear from new customers who at first can’t believe we are saying the things most people would never have the courage to say in public, with our products, making humor out of religions that make no sense.


There is so much more than spoofing religion to promote.  We must now embrace and build the secular community, moving beyond religion to a world where it is simply irrelevant.  EvolveFISH is always expanding its line of Humanist products, where values such as Science, understanding, reason, human rights, animal rights, protecting the environment, caring for each other and celebrating our diversity are the most important things we have.


EvolveFISH is also now partnering with some of the biggest names in the secular world by making and selling custom merchandise for them.  We also sell merchandise at the biggest secular conventions in the country. 


Lately, there has been competition from other businesses taking our model and creating their own merchandise, even stealing some of our own designs.  This is really hurting us.  We need to get the word out that EvolveFISH is the original freethought merchandiser and still the brand name leader.  We would also like to spread the word to new audiences who may not know who the major players are in the secular movement.


EvolveFISH is currently in the middle of a huge effort to expand the empire it created by taking it to the next level, starting with a whole new website presence, and hundreds of new products being introduced.


Tom Kellogg


Special Programs Coordinator