Liberty and Justice For All
Lyrics from Mike Newdow's musical collection

Words by Michael Newdow


It all began one Sunday, in 1954
That old Pledge of Allegiance it needed something more
Though it seemed to be working for sixty-something years
The Nation had McCarthy. The Nation had great fears
The politicians sensed it. Hey, how could they refuse
They said the Pledge of Allegiance needs some old religion blues

The world was filled with danger. Got worse with every hour.
The people put the call in to Dwight D. Eisenhower
He had to save the children. The daddies and the mommies
They all needed protection from those scheming, evil commies
At least that's what they fed us. It couldn't be a ruse
They said the Pledge of Allegiance needs some old religion blues.

They ran it through the Congress. Each colleague gave a nod
Well damn the Constitution. This country needs some God
We know when doing battle, in all the different fights
One can't be burdened with reminders of the Bill of Rights
With Him there on our side there ain't no way we'll ever lose
They said the Pledge of Allegiance needs some old religion blues

The atheists are coming! That was the common shout
They may think that they're clever, but we know what they're about
We all know quite precisely just exactly what they're doin'
We're not about to let them bring the country into ruin
It's bad enough with Catholics, and Mormons and the Jews
They said the Pledge of Allegiance needs some old religion blues

This country is the greatest, and never have we faltered
It didn't take so long to get that defective Pledge altered
And now that we have done it - with God here on our side
So what if indivisible means that we do divide
It's freedom of religion as long as God you choose
They said the Pledge of Allegiance needs some old religion blues


Words and music by Michael Newdow

No life, no direction. Tried some introspection
That led to detection. I'd just try election
Now ... But how?
No thoughts, quite inane. No looks, awfully vain
Some think a bit insane. And with no campaign
I ... Still thought I'd try

I can give a lot of maybees. I can shake hands and kiss babies
I know how to win I must confess
Ramble, prattle, babble, chatter; Gossip, blab, it doesn't matter
Long as I just end it with "God Bless."

Sure I sugarcoat. Deny what I wrote
I lie and misquote. But I get the vote
Amounts ... Are what counts
I love big events. Dinners, circus tents
Not one who resents. Peddling influence
'Cause there ... I'm still fair

I can give a great oration. Just by saying education
Is sure one revolting horrid mess.
And 'cuz we're running out of time. I'm gonna be real tough on crime.
Death penalty - yeah! And God Bless.

To be Chief of State. Tough office feel the weight
But power makes it great. Like with Watergate
Spies ... And some lies
No rest; all's a hurry. Each day built on fury
But still there's no worry. Untruth to a jury
Is ... Just my biz

Iran contras get some arms. Price supports to my friends' farms
I can use the law with such finesse
Secret tests in the Rose Garden. And the presidential pardon
Just don't matter when I say ... God Bless. God Bless. God Bless.


Words by Michael Newdow
Music by Hughie Cannon

Won't you play fair. Bill O'Reilly? Won't you play fair?
What's this talk of "no spin?"
I'm not sure that's the phrasing I would employ
When the show's fixed so that you win
Maybe from this day fonvard, for all your guests
Someone should tell them you don't care
You know it's uncouth to snuff out the truth
Bill O'Reilly won't you please play fair?

Won't you play fair, Bill O Reilly? Won't you play fair?
At least say what you're doing
When they sit in your green room, eating your fruit
Tell them you will be screwing
Them, 'cause after taping
Comes editing, for which the victim should prepare
C'mon, be a guy, and just admit the lie
Bill O'Reilly won't you please play fair?

They say that in the ratings, you're doing well
You surely have some points to spare
I just hadn't heard you'd cut every word
Bill O'Reilly won't you please play fair?

Won't you play fair, Bill O'Reilly? Won't you play fair?
Your treatment's rather harsh
Removing explanations, claiming you're right
Just like you did with Marsh
Will you now take the credit for what you've done
For soon there'll be no Senate prayer
For you cannot thwart what goes on in Court

Bill O'Reilly won't you please, I mean it, Billy
Bill O'Reilly won't you please, Bill O'Reilly won't you please
Bill O'Reilly won't you please play fair?
Hey, you played fair, Bill O'Reilly, Hey, you played fair
That time the show ran live
He didn't cut my words out, He was a gent
I swear that ain't no jive
Two people got their points in, they did converse
With kindness and respect to share
The show may now flop, But still don't you stop
Bill O'Reilly won't you please, I'm here down on my knees
While you're on the Marquees, The next show I may freeze
Or maybe even seize, But still I like your cheese
And all your expertise, Like bigger VIP's
You put your guests at ease
Bill O'Reilly won't you please play fair


Words and music by Michael Newdow

Up there on the hill there is this great big crucifix
Some believe it is an eyesore that we have to nix
Other folks get pleasure from it; they think all is great
But the first ones find offense and say. "Keep church from state"'
Well, the ones who want it there, Say that it is only fair
For it to remain, and they're euphoric
They say there should be no fears, It's been there so many years
That the truth is that it's just historic

It's just not history. Can't everybody see? I'm really not litigious
But, heck, I'm at a loss. Perhaps they've hit the sauce?
The thing up there - you know it's called a cross
And that's religious

The Supreme Court heard a case: Lynch v Donnelly
Bout a town's display they had up for all to see
Deep in winter, white with snow, sidewalks rather iced
There was that depiction of the baby Jesus Christ
Mary there with all her charms. Baby Jesus in her arms
In the sky a light quite meteoric
Everybody ought to know, Things from oh so long ago
Clearly are considered things historic

It's just not history. Can't everybody see? I'm really not litigious
But now I'm in a bind. I'd like to just be kind
But has the Supreme Court lost its mind???
Cause that's religious

E pluribus unum was a motto chosen well
Yet one day it disappeared, Why was that? Pray tell.
Well it seems our leaders felt it was best to declare
That our Constitution should come second after prayer
With the people all agog. Referencing the Decalogue
Congressmen proclaimed so categoric
"In God We Trust" - can't you see? Comes to us from F. Scott Key
it's a phrase that's just purely historic

It's just not history. Can't anybody see? I'm really not litigious
Was Congress smoking weed? Perhaps strung out on speed?
Or maybe their folks liked to interbreed
Cause that's religious


Words and music by Michael Newdow

"I, for one, am not going to stand for this country's being ruled by a
bunch of atheists. If they do not like it, let them leave."

Here is a story you may not have heard
It's frightful, surreal, grotesque and absurd
They sometimes speak of him with just one word
Like Charlie Parker, He's known as Byrd
Here is the lowdown, here are the facts
He's not quite the same as that man with the sax
Still he makes music just follow his tracks
But stay on the side where there are no blacks

He's a Senator represents all of his state
Keeps getting elected so he must be great
And here is the motto he wears on his sleeve
If they don't like it, then let 'em leave

Robert C. Byrd, you will often hear say
Let people be free. Let each go rees way
He is a man for the whole USA
As long as you're Protestant, and you're not gay

He s put up with Asians and Mexicans, too
And then last December he asked every Jew
To join him for prayer on that fine Christmas eve
If they don't like it then let 'em leave

Robert C. Byrd, he's a beacon of light
He'll fight for the truth and he'll fight for whats right
He does inspire and he does unite
The masses of voters. Christian and white

If you're a constituent you must be proud
And beaming with joy, want to just shout out loud
And as for the others that all seem to grieve
If they don't like it let 'em leave

Don't be confused by that callous facade
The way that he'll clash, the way that he'll prod
He'll befriend any, except if they're odd
And heaven forbid if they say there's no God

He's really quite honest of that there's no doubt
If you're not of his faith he'll just kick you out
That he's intolerant he'll not deceive
if they don't like it, let 'em leave


Words and music by Michael Newdow

Who can know what they were thinking then
What ideas were cast among those men
Plans resolved, then analyzed again
What did they hope we'd be?

Every day the momings turned to nights
Filled with dreams, and arguments and fights
For a land where the people hold the rights
For a land of the free

We are here joined as a nation
And we stand righteous and tall
We are America
With Liberty and Justice for All

Look around, and tell us what you see
An ideal of opportunity
Can we really find the harmony
That reflects how we care

In the sage words written long ago
Principles they planted so we'd know
That if nurtured we would surely grow
Filled with riches to share

If another citizen you meet
On a mountain or a city street
Take his hand for there is no retreat
After we've come this far.

We can't know the future we're to face
But it's clear we'll handle it with grace
Every creed and religion and each race
Proudly says who we are

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