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Welcome to what might be a bold new world for YOU!

Or, if you've long been determined to stand up for your own principles,

Or you've long striven to help others resist and survive religious intimidation and oppression,

Or you've come to this point for any of a thousand reasons,


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Now, let's get busy changing the world.

The two most important things to do are:

(1) Make sure you have a good understanding of the history and issues involved. This can be done by reading and listening to the thoughts and stories of millions of great thinkers who have preceded us in this quest. You can do this by checking out books and magazines from your local library, bookstore, or from us here at

(2) Begin working to help other people, groups and organizations to increase their awareness and freedom from inappropriate religious entanglements. An example of one way to do this is find groups of like-minded people and begin working with them. Another way is to begin introducing freethought topics in the groups with which you are currently involved. You can do these things in your local area, existing interpersonal connections, or by working directly with us at EvolveFISH.

These two areas should be addressed simultaneously.

Ways to Help with

Many people ask to help us with We welcome your desire and encourage you to do so.

The most direct and local way to help us is to distribute some of our material in YOUR area. Print images from our web site and post them on a bulletin board in your work area, your school, church, office, public transit system, doctor's office, etc. Please do this only in accordance with appropriate laws and rules.

You could also buy stickers from us and post THOSE in many of these same places. You could order some of our free catalogs and distribute them amog friends and workmates.

If you are an ARTIST... we very much need your help working on graphics for products, advertisements, fliers, posters, etc.

If you are computer or web-geek, we need lots of help! (you can tell, can't you?)

An Editor, English teacher, proofreader? We obviously need that. Simply take one of our pages, find the errors, and E-mail us a list showing page, line, paragraph, and the exact nature of the error AND the exact characters to type in to correct the error. Don't bother telling me the word is mispelled, if you're not going to tell me how to spell it /do it right.

Are you an organizer, planner, dreamer.. YOU are the ones we need the most. We'd like to help you gather freethinkers, educate and motivate them, and manage the new paradigm that we are building.

Marketeers, manufacturers, lawyers, painters, jewelry makers.... we need all of these talents. Writers? We need your ideas, articles, opinion pieces, news stories, tips, etc. etc.

And, of course, we need money. In the past we have funded this site by the voluntary labor of its founders, money from our sales to customers, and lots of private contributions, mostly from the founders' checkbook. We are now beginning to seek contributions.

To learn more about any of these opportunities, email us at Gary at EvolveFISH . com