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""I guess you could call it writingÓwhat I try to do is accurately record the thoughts, the words, the actions, the feelings of people including myself. The stuff contained herein is one result (there are others) of a lack of financial wherewithal, combined with access to a typewriter and a computer, and the proximity of a liquor store. The compilation of these literary gems began in 1989 (I think) and continues to this very day although I've employed a self-induced cutoff point primarily for the purpose of keeping score. You do know how to keep score in America, don't you? No matter the game, you reach in your pocket or look at your financial statement and how much you got determines whether you're winning or losing.

There are those among you, those practitioners or erudition, who may be concerned, yes, totally whacked out about my misuse of ""proper"" English, form, and whatever else don't remind you of Shakespeare oh darn im doin' it agin. I don't know what to tell ya. I'm not writing I'm recording. And I'm listening to sources that don't always communicate in a verbal manner, much less what one might consider proper. Maybe you need a mojo I don't know. But if you don't know the difference between a Big Mac and a blowjob, I suggest you never eat lunch - at least not in public.

Please try to expand what you thought were your limits. Perhaps maximum enjoyment of the book is to be obtained by engaging in those practices that facilitated its writing. But that's right - I'm not writing. And you're not reading. You're looking into the psychological and spiritual labyrinth that is the tangible evidence of one person's existence."" - Jerome Davis

Write a review | No reviews for this product.