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Science Toys and Other Items for Kids!

It's never too early to promote rational, logical thinking! Our collection of Science toys is carefully selected to encourage children to explore and ask questions about the world. Experimentation and the scientific method build a strong foundation of critical thinking skills. The multitude of kits, bingo games, excavation kits, and DNA toys are perfect for all children, especially those whose parents profess facts over mythology!

We also like to add products we think children would enjoy, from jewelry and clothing items to books and gadgets. Check here often to see what new goodies we've found!
K-MagicReal.gif The Magic of Reality - How We Know What’s Really True Price: $19.99
The newest book from Richard Dawkins, this work explains complex scientific terms in easy to understand language. Dave McKean (character designer for Harry Potter films) offers stunning illustrations to drive concepts home. Great for adults and teenagers alike, it is being heralded as a triumph for science. Paperback, 265 pages.
KidsDyeSubPop2.png Kids Shirt Popular Images Price: $15.00
We have a number of shirts also available in kids sizes! Check out the options in the more info section!
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Y-ChemC100.gif Chem C100 Chemistry Test Lab Kit for Kids Price: $13.99
A wonderful introduction to the fascinating world of Chemistry! Children can conduct experiments on household substances to reveal their unique chemical properties. They can learn about chemical analysis as they use basic lab techniques to distinguish common chemicals from one another. They can actually test the substances to see if they dissolve in a solution with water, are acidic or basic with a pH test, react to form gases, crystallize out of solution, and carbonize when heated. Then they can compare data to chemical ID cards to find out what each chemical is. Includes full color 12 page booklet. Ages 8 and up.
T-KidsSlogan.png Slogan Kid's Shirt Price: $15.00

Choose from a list of over 80 popular slogan T-Shirts, Click here! Everything, from promoting civil liberties to putting religion in it's place and giving evolution two opposable thumbs up! Don't quite see the message you want to say? Check out our custom shirt product HERE!

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Fossil Excavation Dig Kit dinosaur Fossil Excavation Dig Kit Price: $7.95
Fossil Excavation Dig Kit. Kids get to be paleontologists digging for the 5 genuine fossil specimens embedded in each gypsum sandplaster block (approx 4-3/4" x 3-1/2" x 2-1/4"). Fossils are identified by photos on the packaging and may include shark teeth, ammonites, brachiopods, crinoid stems and more. Ages 5-up.
Rock and Mineral Excavation Kit dig explore archeology Rock and Mineral Excavation Kit Price: $3.95
Rock and Mineral Excavation Kit. Each 3" x 1-3/4" x 1-1/4" clay block contains two real rocks. Using the included digging tool, magnifier, and brush, kids can also learn about the rocks they find by using the fold-out rock guide, which features 24 rocks. This kit helps junior scientists to understand minerals, exploration, and the wonders of discovery! Suitable for ages 5+
J-SharkToothsmall.jpg Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace Price: $5.00
Our popular necklaces are back! Wear a piece of prehistory- history. This necklace features a fossilized shark tooth approximately 1/2 inch long and up to 60 million years old. Necklace is a high quality cording with silver beads.
Y-DinoExcavation.jpg Dinosaur Excavation Kit - Single Kit Price: $3.95
We have FINALLY gotten these best-sellers back in! These excavation kits are great fun for kids 6 to 66. Each 1.5" x 3" block of clay contains a polyresin dinosaur "skeleton." Kids use the enclosed chisel and brush to remove the "bones," which they can then glue together for a lasting masterpiece (glue not included). Fun and affordable, these make great gifts! (Type of dinosaur varies but will include a Tyrannosaurs, Deinonychus, Seismosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, or Stegoceras. You may list a preference in the comments section of your order form, and we will try to meet your request but are unable to guarantee it.)
Y-Coprolite.gif Coprolite - Dinosaur Poop in Collectible Box Price: $2.50
Just what every child wants - dinosaur poop! Coprolite is the scientific name for fossilized dinosaur dung. No two parcels are the same; you will find a variety of sizes and colors in the plastic collectible case. Click on image for a colorful close-up.
K-DigIntoFossils.gif Dig Into Fossils Booklet Price: $1.50
What are fossils? How are they formed? How are they identified? Get the answers to these questions and a whole lot more in this small (4.25 x 4.25 inches), but informative and richly illustrated book. Great with any of our fossil kits or fossil excavation kits. Click on image for a close up of the contents.
Paperback, 25 pages.
Ammonite Orthoceras Fossil in Collector Case Genuine Fossil in Collector Case Price: $3.50
Genuine Fossil in Collector Case. Dug up in Morocco, these genuine 1-1/2" long fossils each come with their own little information sheet. Choose from either an Ammonite or an Orthoceras fossil, in a display case.
DNA Blinker Pull flashing helix spiral luggage tag DNA Blinker Pull Price: $4.00
The DNA Blinker Pull has a colorful, twisted double-helix that blinks on and off. You can use this as a zipper pull, a keychain, or even put it on your luggage to identify it more easily. These do not use any batteries - they have a tiny solar cell which uses ambient light alone.
DNA Playing Cards double helix spiral X-Y chromosomes DNA Playing Cards Price: $6.00
DNA Playing Cards. This is definitely the safest way to play around with your DNA! Even the greatest scientists need a break from time to time, so here we bring you a full deck of brightly-colored playing cards. Whether you're busy mapping the human genome, or merely gambling away family heirlooms, these cool cards allow science to help you play a winning hand!
DNA Puzzle One Large Spiral double helix chromosomes DNA Puzzle - One Large Spiral Price: $5.98
DNA Puzzle - One Large Spiral. Now your science-obsessed kids can learn the shape of DNA by assembling this bold DNA helix design on the coffee table! 300 pieces, Dimensions approx: 15" x 10" (38cm x 26cm)
DNA Puzzle Two Small Spirals double helix chromosomes DNA Puzzle - Two Small Spirals Price: $5.98
DNA Puzzle - Two Small Spirals. Here is a 300-piece puzzle featuring two intertwined spirals of DNA, floating over a digitized background. A meeting of biology and technology! Dimensions approx: 15" x 10" (38cm x 26cm)
K-HowCome.jpg How Come? Every Kid's Science Questions Explained Price: $11.95
By Kathy Wollard, Illustrations by Debra Solomon.
Why do people get goose bumps? Why don't fish and dolphins sleep? Why do ships and planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle? How does camera film record pictures? What are you wondering about? Chances are, Kathy Wollard can find the answers. Recommended for ages 8 and older.
Paperback - 320 pages
K-HowComeEarth.jpg How Come? Planet Earth Price: $11.95
By Kathy Wollard; Illustrated by Debra Solomon.
For all kids who want to know (and all kids want to know), and for the parents who can't always explain it to them, How Come? Planet Earth is the perfect reference and companion. Annotation: The journalist whose syndicated column, "How Come?" appears in newspapers around the world answers kids' questions about the natural world around them. Illustrated throughout.
Paperback - 332 pages.
M-DisDinoMug2.png Disappearing Dinosaurs Mug Price: $12.00
Watch eons pass before your eyes over a cup of coffee! Add a hot beverage to this mug, and the dinosaurs transform into fossils. Click on the mug to see the results of this process! Note: Mug is NOT dishwasher safe!
M-DogMagFinP.gif Pavlov's Dog Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet Price: $6.00
Pavlov's Pet Puppy in Puppet Parallel. Pavlov's dog wants to go home to you. He is just salivating for the chance! Pavlov's dog for your fridge, file cabinet, or finger. Irresistably soft. Adopt one today!
K-DigIntoRocks.gif Dig Into Rocks Booklet Price: $1.50
Helping children connect to the world will help them to preserve it. This booklet offers a wonderful introduction to the earth's treasures. Discover a plethora of interesting facts in this small (4.25 x 4.25 inches), but informative and richly illustrated book. Great with our rock excavation kits. Click on image for a close up of the contents.
Paperback, 33 pages.
M-DarwinCrystalCube.gif Charles Darwin Crystal Optical Cube Price: $35.00
This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into a perfect crystal. It's an impressive 2.5 x 2.5 x 3" and is hefty, weighing in at almost 2 pounds. While it of course makes a convenient paperweight, it is a beautiful work of art that would do any scientist's, student's, or creative thinker's desk proud. Arrives in satin lined box ready to gift.
M-MendelCrystalCube.gif Gregor Mendel Crystal Optical Cube Price: $35.00
Gregor Mendel Crystal. This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into a crystal. Whether you use it as a paperweight or an objet d'art, it is sure to make an impressive statement! For another view, click on the image. Arrives in satin lined box ready to gift. Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 3".
M-EinsteinMagFinP.gif Einstein Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet Price: $6.00
The fuzzy-haired genius is back in playful puppet form. Put on your best faux Austrian accent and have hours of fun trying to explain the Theory of Relativity.
M-DarwinMagneticFingerPup.gif Charles Darwin Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet Price: $6.00
On your finger, it's a puppet; on your fridge, it's a magnet! It's the Charles Darwin magnetic personality finger puppet. The finger puppet is 4 inches tall by about 4 inches wide (10 x 10 cm) and made of soft cloth.
M-FreudMagFinP.gif Freud Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet Price: $6.00
At 4" tall, Freud is just the right size for a finger puppet show! Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes a puppet makes a great learning tool! Magnetic, so he can watch over you from the filing cabinet in your cubicle...
M-DevilMagFinP.png Devil Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet Price: $6.00
Turn your idle hands into the Devil's workshop with this Devil finger puppet! On your finger, he's a puppet; on your fridge, he's a magnet!
M-GandhiMagFinP.gif Gandhi Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet Price: $6.00
Lead your people to freedom, and non-violently at that, with our Gandhi finger puppet. A Great Soul to add to your finger puppet collection. About 4" tall.
M-DNAHelixCube-box.jpg DNA Molecule Display Crystal Optical Cube Price: $35.95
An optically perfect crystal cube with a 3-dimensional DNA molecule etched into the center. The Self-Replicating Molecule DNA's structure is shown here, giving the location of the atoms and bonding in the two sugar-phosphate backbones and the central bases. Hydrogen bonds hold the bases (rungs) together. About thirty five base pairs are shown, which is a tiny fragment of a real gene. This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into an optically perfect crystal. At 1.25" square by 3 3/4" tall it makes a convenient paperweight. This has many uses, perfect as a gift, great for classroom demonstrations, even better to just enjoy this work of art. This comes in a great presentation box.
M-DNATattoos.png DNA Temporary Tattoos, Set of 10 Price: $1.00
Set of 10 1.25" DNA helix tattoos. Great for budding scientists! Teachers can give them out to students when studying biology, or any time as a reward!
M-TattTreeLifePea.gif Tree of Life/Peace Tattoos Price: $3.00
Tree of Life/Peace Symbol Celtic Design Tattoos. Great for kids of all ages, these highly illustrated temporary tattoos make a unique fashion statement! This pack features a Celtic knotwork peace symbol and tree of life design, each measuring 2 1/8" in diameter. There is also a line design with a triquetra in the center; this one measures 4 1/4" long by 3/4" wide and would be great for upper arms, ankles, and wrists. Four small brown floral appliques complete the package. Click on image for a close up of the amazing designs!.
M-H1N1OptCube.gif H1N1 Virus Crystal Optical Cube Price: $39.95
Ever wondered what the H1N1 virus really looks like? Wonder no more since here it is presented artistically as a beautiful virus. You can see the shape with the receptor sites sticking out. The protein coat is obvious - just a wonderful example of what this nasty virus really looks like. This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into an optically perfect crystal. At 3" square, it makes a convenient paperweight. Any who sees this magnificent sculpture will be instantly drawn to it's beauty. One of a kind, this is something you will fall in love with at first sight.
M-ChromOptCube.gif Human Chromosome Crystal Optical Cube Price: $49.95
This is an optical cube of human chromosomes. This 80 mm x 80 mm (3.2 inches) solid glass cube contains as 46 human chromosomes. It is very heavy. The only one of its kind anywhere This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into an optically perfect crystal. At 3" square, it makes a convenient paperweight. Any who sees this magnificent sculpture will be instantly drawn to it's beauty. One of a kind, this is something you will fall in love with at first sight. This is modeled after actual scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of human chromsomes. These are the real thing. Click on the name or picture for more details.
Another old white guy for obama 2012 president Fossils, 50 Identified Specimens Price: $60.00
Here's a great item for the fossil lovers out there.
This bag contains 50 fossils, a full color "Geologic Time and the History of Life in North America" wall chart, and a thirteen-page booklet "An Introduction to Fossils".
DNA Inflatable Beach Toy helix spiral chromosomes X-Y DNA Inflatable Toy Price: $19.00
DNA Inflatable Toy. Well we were billing this as a beach toy but the truth is teachers are loving this toy too! Its lightweight and travels well, folds up nicely for next year or use it at the beach or the water's edge. Your kids will stand out as being the smartest, most educated youngsters on the beach! Stands 5 feet high when fully inflated. Click on the image to see the inflatable in action!
K-AwesomeStuff.gif Kid's Book of Awesome Stuff Price: $15.00
Author Charlene Brotman provides children, families, UU religious educators, and camp educators/guides with an excellent resource to engage them in an awesome adventure in ecology education as religious education. From the book's first message, children know they are on a fascinating journey of discovery. Spiral Bound Paperback, 112 pages.
K-WhyEvolution.jpg Why Evolution? Price: $8.00
By Devin Carroll; illustrated by Marion Young.
For kids of all ages, the evidence for seven basic theories in the science of evolution. Illustrated Booklet, 17 pages.
K-OurFamilyTree.gif Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story Price: $17.00
Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story - In this richly illustrated book, author Lisa Westberg Peters presents the history of humanity in a way that children can understand. Click the image for more info!
Daniel Loxton, editor of Junior Skeptic,  kids book evolution how we all things came to be hardcover youth Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be Price: $18.95
Author Daniel Luxton will show young readers how a British naturalist named Charles Darwin studied nature and developed his now-famous concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest. And how modern-day science has added to our understanding of the theory of evolution. Beautifully illustrated and jam-packed with information. The language is a bit advanced for young readers, but the images help with that problem. The editor used several pictures of girls to show scientists at work, and curious students. Hardcover, 56 pages.
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