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Here's our huge collection of freethought, humanist, atheist, pro-science, anti-war, progressive, liberal stickers. Stick one of these on your car and you'll be surprised at the number of people who will walk up and agree with you! Most stickers are $2.00.
Any of our rectangular stickers can easily be turned into a magnet. Just order one of our magnetic backings and ask us to attach the sticker to it - easy! Please note that colors and designs may change from time to time...
comedy channel fox news my comedy channel  fox news truth comedy channel lies fox news For Comedy, Fox News Sticker Price: $2.00
"For Comedy Fox News, For News Comedy Central" This sticker accurately depicts two of the most hated and most liked channels in television. The accuracy of the statement, however, is undeniable! Sticker measures 3" x 11".
S-HitchSlap.png Hitch Slap Sticker Price: $2.00
The Hitch Slap. Described in the urban dictionary as : "The process of utterly obliterating an opponent's entire (usually religious or political) argument, usually in one or more succinct or terse statements, orally or in writing" This powerful maneuver named for the late, great Christopher Hitchens has empowered Freethinking people in public discourse for years. Display this sticker anywhere that needs a bit of a reason injection! Roughly 5.5"x3.5"
Science Neil Degrasse Tyson science works atheism humanist scientist tyson Neil deGrasse astronomy space pluto science atheism The Good Thing About Science - Neil deGrasse Tyson Sticker Price: $3.90
"The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it" This quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson cuts right to the core of nearly all discourse involving superstition and reason. Science is a wonderful self correcting mechanism and a march towards truth. 3"x5"
S-StandBackScience.png Stand Back I'm Going to Try Science! Sticker Price: $2.00
Stand back! I'm going to try Science! *Caution* Experimenting with science may lead the to the advancement and improvement of the human condition. Sticker roughly 4.6"x4"
S-SciRulesBillNye.gif Science Rules! Bill Nye Sticker Price: $2.00
Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill! You children of the 90's remember it best. The absolute glory of the scientific discoveries made on Bill Nye The Science Guy. For many of us, his program launched a life long love of science. All we really have to say is, we agree, SCIENCE RULES!
S-IfYouThinkEducat.png If you Think Education is Expensive, try Ignorance Sticker Price: $2.00
"If you Think Education is Expensive, try Ignorance" Scientific and societal literacy are absolutely paramount in the world today. Use this sticker to remind others that, much like a debt, failing to pay for high quality education now, will result in a world where we REALLY pay the price.
when facism comes to american carrying a cross wrapped in flag sinclair lewis sticker When Fascism Comes to America Sticker Price: $2.00
Sinclair Lewis once said that "when fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." Sticker measures 3" x 11". We can also put it on a magnetic backing.
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S-ScienceWorksBitch.png Science - It Works. Bitches Sticker Price: $2.00

This sticker is an homage to Richard Dawkin's eloquent words "Science - It works. Bitches." at the University of London. We couldn't agree more Professor! Check out the video HERE. You won't be disappointed! Roughly 6.5"x3.5"

George Carlin religion tell people man in sky atheists magnet carlin religion science magnet atheists humor science atheism Tell People George Carlin Quote Sticker Price: $2.00
"Tell people that there is an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you... Tell them that the paint is wet and they have to touch it to be sure." George Carlin quote Sticker. 5"x3.5" Click the image for a closer look!
S-EqualAmericaVal.png Equality Is an American Value Sticker Price: $1.00
On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) which was a huge step for LGBT rights in the US. This sticker signifies that there is still much work to be done, but that we as Americans are proud to do it! Roughly 4"x3.5"
S-HumanismIsMyth.gif Humanism is Myth-Understood Price: $2.00
Humanism promotes being good for goodness' sake - not because of the mythology of any particular belief system that happens to be popular at the time. If you agree, you can proudly display this 2.5" x 10" sticker on your bumper, refrigerator, or any other attention getting location!
MagBackS.png Magnetic Backing for Stickers Price: $1.50
Any of our stickers can be turned into a magnet! These 12" x 4" magnetic backings make it possible to temporarily display your stickers on a car, file cabinet, computer case or refrigerator without having to worry about peeling them off again.
bible thumpers baptist chritstian fundamentalists No Bible Thumpers Sticker Price: $3.00
This simple 4" x 4" sticker depicts two evangelists holding a bible. The image is completed by a red circle and bar over them. They represent the door-to-door pushers offering religious 'salvation' to the unwary. Better equip your college student with one for their dormitory door! Please note: this sticker is not available at the traditional wholesale pricing.
S-DarwinBlackSilver.jpg Darwin Fish Sticker, 8" x 3" Black & Silver Price: $2.00
Darwinfish sticker in an eye-catching metallic Darwin fish on a black background. The reflective silver will catch the eye of any curious motorist or bulletin board reader. This one stands out beautifully, and is the smart choice for rational, freethinking, pro-science people like you!
S-BewareOfDogma.png Beware of Dogma Sticker Price: $2.00
Beware of Dogma! There is hardly a force more dangerous on earth than a run away Dogma. Lets remind everyone to keep theirs on a leash, lest they decide to bite innocent folks! 3.5"x8"
S-DontPrayInSchool2.gif Don't Pray In Our School & I Won't Think In Your Church sticker Price: $2.00
We have these stickers in full-size (11-1/4 x 3 inches/ 28.6cm x 7.6cm). Political freethought liberal sticker.
S-BewareOfGod.png Beware of God Sticker Price: $2.00
"Beware of God!" We can't think of a more sound piece of advice! God can be far more dangerous than his K9 counter-creation, especially in the hands of a fanatic! 3.5"x8"
S-KeepRosariesOff.gif Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries sticker Price: $2.00
"Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries!" The religious have a way of trying intrude on just about everything, including our own bodies! Remind them to keep their rosaries to themselves with this sticker. Click the image for a closer look!
When Religion ruled they called it the dark ages witch bible Salem trials fundamentalist extremist When Religion Ruled the World We Called it the Dark Ages Price: $2.00
This is one of our all-time favorites. When Religion Ruled The World They Called it The Dark Ages. Available as a regular size sticker (11" x 3") or as a mini-sticker (4-3/4" x 1-3/4"). And we can put it on a magnet backing. Political freethought liberal sticker.
S-CoexistMay06.GIF Coexist sticker Price: $2.00
Imagine all the people, living life in peace. Here we have a collection of religious symbols from Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Taosim (Yin & Yang), the peace symbol and male / female symbols as well! We offer this image as an 11 inch wide sticker (28x8cm), a 3 inch wide mini sticker (8x3in), or an 11 inch sticker with magnetic backing attached.
We have lots of other CoExist stickers on their own page. Click here to see them.
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