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Here's our huge collection of freethought, humanist, atheist, pro-science, anti-war, progressive, liberal stickers. Stick one of these on your car and you'll be surprised at the number of people who will walk up and agree with you! Most stickers are $2.00.
Any of our rectangular stickers can easily be turned into a magnet. Just order one of our magnetic backings and ask us to attach the sticker to it - easy! Please note that colors and designs may change from time to time...
born again ok first time bible baptist recovering atheist agnostic christian Born OK the First Time Sticker Price: $2.00 Born OK the First Time Sticker
Average rating:
Born OK the First Time Sticker. Smart people worked it out first time around - there was never any need for a rebirth! Freethought liberal sticker.
S-WeAreSpiritual.jpg Spiritual Experience Sticker Price: $2.00 Spiritual Experience Sticker
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"We Are Not Human Beings Having A Spiritual Experience. We Are Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience!"
S-DareThink.jpg Dare To Think For Yourself Sticker Price: $2.00
Go on - you know you want to! Dimensions: 3" x 11-1/2" (7.6cm x 29.2cm). Political freethought liberal sticker.
S-MyKarmaYOUR_2.jpg My Karma Ran Over YOUR Dogma Sticker Price: $2.00
Here we go again. Another Karma sticker. We only have these because "Reciprocity" wont fit on a sticker. Note that this one involves "MY Karma" and "Your Dogma". Other versions available as stickers, buttons or magnets.
S-WiccanFish.jpg Wiccan Fish Sticker Price: $2.75
More detailed than an emblem, this fish is sure to make some waves...
S-HeLaughs.jpg He Who Laughs - Lasts Price: $2.00
Without a sense of humor, where would we be? Probably in church, or listening to Conservative radio hosts... Humorous sticker.
S-It'sYourHell.jpg It's Your Hell You Burn In It Sticker Price: $2.00
These stickers are 11-1/4" x 3" / (28.6cm x 7.6cm)
Full-Size $2.00
S-IfYoureBornAgain.gif If You're Born Again, Do You Have 2 Belly Buttons? Sticker Price: $2.00
New design! Actually, I now have 3 belly buttons! Bet you're jealous....
S-GodCoPilot.jpg God Was My CoPilot Sticker Price: $2.00
God was my copilot, but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him.
We also have this message on a Shirt and a Button. Freethought humorous sticker.
George Carlin religion tell people man in sky atheists magnet carlin religion science magnet atheists humor science atheism Tell People George Carlin Quote Sticker Price: $2.00
"Tell people that there is an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you... Tell them that the paint is wet and they have to touch it to be sure." George Carlin quote Sticker. 5"x3.5" Click the image for a closer look!
S-BackOffI'mAGoddes.jpg Back Off, I'm a Goddess Sticker Price: $2.00
Back Off, I'm a Goddess Sticker. The future is female! Better watch out guys, because you know that women hold the keys to the future... Freethought liberal sticker.
S-WhyBeNormal.jpg Why Be Normal Sticker Price: $2.00
S-ReligionBunk.gif Religion is Bunk sticker Price: $2.00
Religion is Bunk. Here's a famously irrefutable quote by the great scientist, Thomas Edison. We know he was right, and the righteous right is wrong!
Dimensions: 11-1/4" x 3". Freethought liberal sticker.
jesus liberal socialist republican bible baptist Jesus Was A Liberal Sticker Price: $2.00
Funny how the righteous right loves to worship history's most famous liberal, isn't it? For some reason, they don't see the irony...
S-FreedomFrom.jpg Freedom From Religion Sticker Price: $2.00
Full size (11" x 3-1/4"), Midi size (4-3/8" x 1-3/8"). Political freethought liberal sticker.
Full-Size $2.00
Mini-FF $1.50
S-AdamWasDraft.jpg Adam Was A Rough Draft Sticker Price: $2.00
Adam Was A Rough Draft.
Dimensions: 15" x 2-3/4" (38.1cm x 7cm). Political freethought humorous sticker.
No Prayer in School sticker No Prayer in School sticker Price: $2.00
No Prayer in School sticker. Let's stick to The Constitution and keep our public schools as free as possible of superstition and indoctrination! Dimensions: 4-1/2" x 4-1/2"
No Prayer in Government sticker No Prayer in Government sticker Price: $2.00
No Prayer in Government sticker. Stick this on the office door of your local GOP! Dimensions: 4-1/2" x 4-1/2"
S-RelDivisiveSquare.jpg Religion is Divisive Sticker Price: $1.00
"Religion is Divisive, Keep Church and State Separate"
Small square sticker, 1-3/4 inches (4.5cm)
S-DogIsMyCopilot.png Dog Is My Co-Pilot sticker Price: $2.00
Dog Is My Co-Pilot sticker. Because you need your faithful friend sitting alongside you, when times get woof....
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