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We have pro-science shirts, progressive, Atheist shirts, Humanist Ts, Darwin shirts, peace shirts, anti-religion, and much more! We buy US made shirts whenever possible, and are urging our vendors to do the same. We hope to have all of the shirts we sell made in the US and are working towards this goal!  
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flying spaghetti monster shirt  FSM tshirt  atheist flying spegetti spagitti Flying S humanist tshirt stickers emblems monster Flying Spaghetti Monster Long Sleeve Shirt Price: $25.00
Show the world that you have been touched by his noodly appendage and remind them that he boiled for your sins! This Flying Spaghetti monster long sleeve shirt is an instant classic!
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Atheist shirt atheism godless t-shirt tshirt t shirt ATHEIST Word Shirt Price: $18.66
Sometimes you just have to say it plainly! This ATHEIST shirt is great at letting those around you know where you stand. Whether it is a fired up Christian or a curious closeted Atheist, this shirt is sure to help strike up many conversations! Available in several colors Click the image for a closer look
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T-NothingFails.png Nothing Fails Like Prayer T-Shirt Price: $18.66
"Nothing Fails Like Prayer" Why actually do good, when you can just pray for your imaginary sky god to take care of everything for you? Oh that's right.. Because it doesn't work!
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T-MyAncestors.png My Ancestors Spent 3.8 Billion Years Evolving T-shirt Price: $20.00
Here's a shirt for Intelligent Design proponents to ponder. The text is interspersed with Ray Troll drawings of various 'evolving' species up to the point of an, arguably, fully evolved human male holding a beer can.
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T-DNAisLife.png DNA is Life! t-shirt Price: $20.00
"DNA is Life! The rest is just translation." As any scientist would tell you, this is absolutely true! We offer this in a variety of styles and colors, with full color DNA helix with red text.
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T-JesusLovesYou.png Jesus Loves You, But the Devil gives you the Cool Shit Shirt Price: $20.00
Jesus is always about sinner this and sinner that. Satan just wants you to have nice things! Sure there may be some strings attached, but who's gonna hold it against you if you take a tiny bite out of that forbidden fruit? Not the big man downstairs that's for sure! Click the image for a closer look.
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The Moral Progress of a Nation Can Be Judged by the Way its Animals are Treated Gandhi quote t-shirt animal rights insight wisd The Moral Progress of a Nation Gandhi quote t-shirt Price: $18.66
"The Moral Progress of a Nation Can Be Judged by the Way its Animals are Treated." This product was created by one of our animal-loving staff members who cringes whenever an animal is hurting and cannot bear to watch animal cop shows!
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T-RRS.png Rational Responders T-Shirt Price: $20.00
They're on patrol and they're coming to correct that sectarian brainwashing! The Rational Response Squad is out to prove to the world that rational thinking is the next evolutionary step in the human thought process. Support them by grabbing a shirt and doing some patrolling of your own! Adorned with the Rational Response Squad badge and the caption: "Believe in God? We can fix that."
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Find the Rational Response Squad at RationalResponders.com
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T-EvoSptSM.png Support Science / EvolveFISH T-Shirt Price: $20.00 Support Science / EvolveFISH T-Shirt
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The original EvolveFISH on high quality, 100% cotton t-shirt there's a little Evolve Fish on the left front chest, and another much bigger one on the back. The design on the back includes the slogan "Support Science, Not Superstition."
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T-DiscovSciC-Model2.png Discoveries in Science Colorized T-shirt Price: $22.00
Science Discoveries: Hundreds vs. Creation Science Discoveries: Zero! The absolute emptiness on the creation science side of the shirt really makes the point.
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T-Vasectomy-Orange.png Vasectomy Orange t-shirt Price: $18.00 Vasectomy Orange t-shirt
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This shirt is a reward for those few gentlemen who are doing their part for population control. Did you know it was once illegal to advertise where to get a vasectomy? This shirt was originally designed for the first publicized vasectomy clinic in Chicago (late 1960's). Each customer got a t-shirt. A portion of the sales from each shirt goes to support the great reproduction rights advocate Bill Baird. Bill was once arrested for distributing condoms to unmarried people. Although not an attorney and unable to hire one, he fought two reproductive rights cases in front of the Supreme Court.... and WON! Thank you, Bill Baird!
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T-AtheistNEWlogo.png Circle Atheist Symbol t-shirt Price: $20.00
Here is the brand new Circle Atheist symbol on a white t-shirt. This design looks like a car hood ornament, or a piece of shiny polished, stainless steel bling, but this logo is guaranteed to start an interesting conversation anywhere you go! The 'A' graphic comes on a high quality light colored t-shirt in sizes Small - 3XL.
Click Here for more information regarding the different Atheist symbols.
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T-DiscovSciREV.gif Discoveries in Science REVERSED T-shirt Price: $22.00
This one has that long list of scientific discoveries printed on the BACK of the shirt, so if you feel more comfortable having curious onlookers staring at your back while they read the shirt (rather than your chest), this is the one for you!
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T-JesusGoth.png Jesus was more Goth than You T-shirt Price: $30.00
It's obvious to even the most casual observer that Jesus was clearly Goth. The evidence stares us in the face:
- he was into fishnet
- he went to dens of iniquity
- he had the gaunt look down
- he was big on crucifixes
- he was into body piercings
- he was fascinated with the occult
- he spent time in tombs
- he was secretly a vampire
- he was obsessed with Death

White printing on a black, 100% cotton t-shirt. The front of the shirt makes a bold statement, with the reasons lined up for all to see on the back.

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T-IDWindMTO.png Intelligent Design Organic t-shirt Price: $25.00
Intelligent Design Organic t-shirt. Here's a great new gold vinyl print, on an organic 100% cotton pre-shrunk t-shirt. Those intelligently designed wind turbines show up really well on the dark green background. The three wind mill design resembles three crosses, but not so much to offend.
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T-WhyBelieveGod.png Why Believe In A God? t-shirt Price: $20.00
Why Believe In A God? t-shirt. Why indeed! Here is the t-shirt of the American Humanist Association's new 'bus billboard' campaign. This pale blue with navy trim 'ringer' t-shirt features bold green 'n' red text, and is decorated with five seasonal snowflakes. (Women's style does not have navy trim.) Wear this, and you are guaranteed to start some interesting conversations! Choose your size from the drop-down menu.
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T-TouchEarthSara.gif Touch the Earth Gently shirt Price: $28.00 Price reduced!! $20.00
Price Reduced! Touch the Earth Gently Shirt. This beautiful burnt orange-colored shirt is made of USA-made organic cotton and dyed with "100% clay," using natural materials and time intensive, natural processes. It carries a timely reminder to us all, to nurture Mother Earth - our only home. The perfect shirt for any environmentalist. Click on the image for a closer look at this design.
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T-PerilsNaked.png The Perils of Nude Fly Fishing t-shirt Price: $18.00
The Perils of Nude Fly Fishing t-shirt. Ray Troll's latest ash-gray cotton shirt has some serious comedy teeth! Devout sportsmen should all take extra care handling their rods in chilly mountain waters, after this timely warning! Limited sizes available.
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T-AnyImagewQuest.png Any Image T-Shirt (Custom) Price: $25.00
So you have a great design you'd like to wear all over your chest. Now you can! We can personally design any shirt for you! We offer a text shirt with any slogan you'd like for $35.00, and a graphic tee designed by our artistic guru for $40.00. And, if you have a graphic that is ready to go on a shirt that we would not need to modify, that would also be only $35; just email it to us - we can work with just about all file formats. Show how clever you are! Choose from Mens and Womens sizes and colors below. Click on image to see color swatches and obtain sizing information.
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W-Shor.png Favorite Freethought Image Short Sleeve Shirt Price: $18.66
How's this for customization - you can choose any freethought image in the shirt color and size of your choice! In addition to those pictured here on the shirts, you can select any of these and write it in the comments section on the checkout page. If you would like a specific color for the image, please also specify that at check out. Click the image for more info about this product.
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