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Here you'll find phenomenal books on a variety of scientific and biblical debunking topics, from astronomy to biology to geology. Featuring great authors such as Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Carl Sagan, our offering is sure to have something for everyone! If you are undecided, try Dawkins new tome "The Magic of Reality." It will not disappoint!

This section also includes historical reference books, as well as though that accurately discuss the Bible and what it truly states. Great books to start with are "101 Myths of the Bible" and "Ken's Guide to the Bible." You'll laugh, cry, and shake your head in disbelief.

K-101MythsBible.jpg 101 Myths of the Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History Price: $16.99
101 Myths of the Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History. This riveting and controversial book reveals how the ancient editors of the Bible used the myths and legends of neighboring cultures to build the foundations of the monotheistic religions of today. Illustrations. 319 pages.
K-2000Yrs.gif 2000 Years of Disbelief Price: $32.00
By James A. Haught
This witty, insightful collection reveals the extent to which the most renowned people expressed their courage to doubt, often in the face of great personal risk.
Hardcover, 334 pages.
K-40Days40Nights.jpg 40 Days and 40 Nights: Darwin, Intelligent Design, God, Oxycontin, and Other Oddities on Trial in Pennsylvania Price: $16.95
Charles Darwin's great-great grandson and a successful Hollywood screenwriter, describes the 2005 intelligent design (ID) trial in Dover, Pa. The native-born Brit loves his adopted American home, but is terrified at the rise of a belligerent fundamentalism that seems to him invincibly ignorant and contemptuous of such scientific commonplaces as evolution. The 40 days and nights of the trial convince him that ID should indeed be taught in every science classroom in America: as an exercise in removing the kid gloves with which religion is treated in this country, science teachers should demolish ID before their pupils' eyes.
Paperback - 271 pages.
K-DevilsChaplain.jpg A Devil's Chaplain Price: $14.00
By Richard Dawkins.
The Devil's Chaplain is the first collection of Richard Dawkins'writings, it is an enthusiastic declaraion, a testament to the power of the rigorous scientific examination to reveal the wonders of the world.
Paperback, 261 pages.
K-WomQuest4Sci.jpg A Woman's Quest for Science Price: $32.95
By Dr. Peter H. Hare.
Dr. Peter Hare draws on previously unavailable personal papers to present a vivid portrait of anthropologist Elsie Clews Parsons, a fascinating woman whose life story is surprisingly contemporary.
Hardcover, 192 pages.
K-BibleStoriesNever.jpg Bible Stories Your Parents Never Taught You Price: $18.00
Michael Scott Earl's Bible Stories Your Parents Never Taught You is a shock and awe campaign against the presumed moral irreproachability of the Holy Bible. It is a much needed dose of moral clarity in an age of religious confusion and godly violence. Paperback, 269 pages.
K-Billions.jpg Billions and Billions Price: $15.95
By Carl Sagan.
The final book of Sagan's career, this volume focuses on the tough questions - the origination and end of the universe, questions of the human mind, and how we can face the uncertain future. Paperback, 280 pages.
K-GoodWOGod.jpg Can We Be Good Without God? Price: $22.00
By Dr. Robert Buckman, M.D.
Subtitled "Behaviour, Belonging and the Need to Believe," this work affirms that decency and ethics can exist independently of religion. Dr. Buckman explores the science behind belief and how it operates within the limbic system. A fascinating read. Hardcover, 274 pages.
K-ChristianityBC_2.jpg Christianity Before Christ Price: $14.00 Christianity Before Christ
Average rating:
By John G. Jackson. Nothing is new or original in Christianity. That is the important thesis demonstrated in Christianity Before Christ. With a Foreword by Frank R. Zindler, the editor of American Atheist press, the book has 12 major chapters, plus Bibliography, Subject Index, and numerous pen-and-ink illustrations. Great reference tool. Paperback, 237 pages.
K-Constantine.jpg Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews, A History Price: $28.00
By James Carroll.
A Catholic priest turned novelist, Carroll traces the 2,000-year battle of Christianity against Judaism and the crisis of faith that battle has provoked in his own life. He begins with his experience visiting Auschwitz, narrates the period from the New Testament back to Hitler, and ends with a call for a Vatican III.
Hardcover, 756 pages.
K-CreationismsTrojan.jpg Creationism's Trojan Horse Price: $31.00
Barbara Forrest and Paul Gross document the agenda and advances of "Intelligent Design," the most recent manifestation of American science education's perennial affliction: creationism. They explain and analyze what "design theorists" call their "Wedge Strategy" -an attempt to substitute "theistic science" for natural science in the public mind. Hardcover, 401 pages.
k-Darwin'sDangerous.jpg Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meaning of Life Price: $16.00
By Daniel C. Dennett. "This is the best single-author overview of all the implications of evolution by natural selection available...Lucid and entertaining." - John Gribbin, Sunday Times, London. Paperback, 586 pages.
Charles Darwin's Legacy What Evolution Means Today Natural Selection origin species John Dupre Darwin's Legacy - What Evolution Means Today
Darwin's Legacy - What Evolution Means Today. John Dupre shows that although there are particular aspects of the theory of evolution that remain controversial, and issues still to be settled, there can no longer be any doubt that the basis of the theory is absolutely true. This scientific truth has contributed enormously to the rapid decline of Theism in developed countries around the world. Hardback, 138 pages.
K-DarwinSelected.jpg Darwin, Selected and Edited by Philip Appleman Price: $16.99
Philip Appleman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Indiana niversity, presents a well-balanced collection of extracts from Darwin's own work, his commentators, and his intellectual descendants to the present day. Paperback, 695 pages.
Death by Black Hole Price: $20.00
Neil DeGrasse Tyson compiles his favorite essays across a myriad of cosmic topics. The title essay introduces readers to the physics of black holes. He also explores astral life from the frontiers of astrobiology, and examines Hollwood and religion. Paperback, 380 pages.
K-DeconstructingJesus.jpg Deconstructing Jesus Price: $33.00
By Robert M. Price
In Deconstructing Jesus Price argues that there is good reason to believe that Jesus never existed as a historical figure, and that responsible historians must remain agnostic about a "historical Jesus" and what he stood for.
Hardcover, 284 pages.
K-DiscMethMed.jpg Discourse on Method and the Meditations Price: $9.00
By Rene Descartes, translated by John Veitch.
In these two powerful works, Descartes, the seventeenth-century philosopher considered to be the father of modern philosophy, outlines his philosophical method and then counters the skeptics of his time by insisting that certain knowledge can be had.
Paperback, 123 pages.
Everything you know about God is Wrong Disinformation organized religion belief atheism agnostics Russ Kick Everything You Know About God is Wrong Price: $24.95
In this new mega-anthology from Russ Kick, more than fifty writers, reporters, and researchers invade the inner sanctum for an unrestrained look at the wild and woolly world of organized belief. Richard Dawkins shows us the strange, scary properties of religion; Neil Gaiman turns a biblical atrocity story into a comic (that almost sent a publisher to prison); Erik Davis looks at what happens when religion and California collide; Mike Dash eyes stigmatics; Douglas Rushkoff exposes the trouble with Judaism; Paul Krassner reveals his "Confessions of an Atheist"; and best-selling lexicographer Jonathon Green interprets the language of religious prejudice.
Paperback - 387 pages.
This book requires an extra $2.00 in shipping charges
K-FacingUp.jpg Facing Up: Science and Its Cultural Adversaries Price: $16.95
By Prof. Steven Weinberg.
Both the brilliant scientist and the provocative writer are fully present in this book as Weinberg pursues his principal passions, theoretical physics and a deeper understanding of the culture, philosophy, history, and politics of science.
Paperback - 283.
K-FlatEarth.gif Flat Earth? Round Earth? [Paperback] Price: $12.00
This work is suitable for ages 4 to 8 years. Obvious facts are sometimes not so obvious when we have to prove them. That's what the narrator of this story finds out when his classmate refuses to believe that the earth is round.
K-ChristianAmerica.jpg For a "Christian America:" A History of the Religious Right Price: $28.00
By Ruth Murray Brown, Ph.D
Both sides of the political spectrum will find this in-depth but very readable social history to be full of insights into an important cultural movement.
Hardcover - 309 pages.
K-FreethinkersHistory.jpg Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism Paperback Price: $16.00
By Susan Jacoby
An authoritative history of the vital role of secularist thinkers and activists in the United States, from a writer of "fierce intelligence and nimble, unfettered imagination."-The New York Times.
K-HolyRollers.gif Holy Rollers: Murder and Madness in Oregon's Love Cult Price: $16.95
This is Theresa McCracken & Robert B Blodgetts' account of Edmund Creffield and his Holy Roller religious cult, that made headlines in the early 20th century by engaging in an array of seamy sexual activities and doubtful religious activities, culminating in a rather shocking murder, in a rural Oregon town.
Paperback - 308 pages.
K-HowWeBelieve.jpg How We Believe: Sceince, Skepticism, and the Search For God Price: $14.95
By Michael Shermer.
Shermer explores how and why people, especially in the face of such scientific evidence against, still continue to believe in god.
Paperback, 275 pages.
K-IHaveLanded.jpg I Have Landed: The End of a Beginning in Natural History Price: $18.66
By Stephen Jay Gould.
In distinction to Gould's monumental The Structure of Evolutionary Theory, the tenth and final collection of the his Natural History columns can be sampled an essay or two at a sitting. They reveal an intellectual curiosity so brimming that Gould seems good-spirited even as he robustly debunks another anti-Darwinian argument. As always, his alert exercises in problem solving are delightfully colored by his own obsessions, e.g., baseball and his beloved Boston Red Sox. Apart from Gould's scientific achievements, he deserves to be acknowledged as one of the premier essayists in our language.
Paperback - 432 pages.
K-Irreligion.gif Irreligion Price: $20.00
"Irreligion: A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don't Add Up" is a 150 hardcover dissertation that explores religion and its claims from an objective and scrutinizing eye. By discussing principles like "First Cause" and the "Anthropic Principle" author John Allen Paulos brilliantly uses reason to combat major religious claims. Thoughtfully written and highly provocative, it is a great addition to one's freethought library.
K-JesusHist.jpg Jesus In History & Myth Price: $37.00
Edited by R. Joseph Hoffmann and Gerald A Larue.
Daring, thought-provoking views that are on the cutting edge of critical investigation of the Bible and religion.
Hardcover, 217 pages.
K-KeepYourBrainAlive.jpg Keep Your Brain Alive Price: $8.95
By Lawrence C. Katz, Ph.D. & Manning Rubin.
No more punch lines that just slipped away, no more names on the tip of your tongue, no more senior moments! Drawing on cutting-edge neurological research, how to keep your brain alive: 83 neurobic exercises bring help to everyone whose memory is starting to slip.
Paperback - 148 pages.
K-KensGuide.jpg Ken's Guide to the Bible Price: $7.95
A great bible companion by Ken Smith that speaketh the truth. This hilarious book is a staff favorite and a must for any freethought library. Paperback, 175 pages. For more information and reviews, click on the picture.
K-LiarsLoversHeroes.jpg Liars, Lovers, and Heroes: What New Brain Price: $13.95
by Steven R. Quartz, Ph.D. & Terrence J. Sejnoski, Ph.D.
"An evocative solution to a classic problem: Which is more important in shaping the human brain, nature or nurture?" -New York Times
Lucy The Beginnings Of Humankind Donald Johanson Maitland Edey origin of species charles darwin fossil record bones Lucy: The Beginnings Of Humankind - paperback Price: $16.95
Lucy: The Beginnings Of Humankind. At around three and a half million years old, Lucy blew the top off of the anthropology community when Donald Johanson discovered her fossilized remains in 1974. Click the image to find out more!
K-ModCosmoPhilo.jpg Modern Cosmology & Philosophy Price: $22.00
Edited by John Leslie.
Offers superb selections on modern cosmology, relativistic theories of the universe, the Big Bang, the problem of God and creation, cosmology and verifiability, coincidences, origins and evolution, multiple universe theories, infinity, chaos, life forms, the end of time, and the limits of our knowledge.
Paperback, 363 pages.
K-Noah'sFlood.jpg Noah's Flood: New Scientific Discoveries About the Event that Changed History Price: $13.00
By William Ryan and Walter Pitman.
A fascinating lesson in geology, oceanography, archaeology, and inductive reasoning.
Paperback, 319 pages.
K-NoahsFlood_COHN.jpg Noah's Flood: The Genesis Story in Western Thought Price: $17.00
By Norman Cohn.
This intriguing book by a master historian explores the ancient story of Noah and the Flood - its origins in pre-Biblical culture, its development in Western thought over 2,000 years, and its fascination for theologians, scientists, and even psychoanalysts.
Paperback, 154 pages.
K-OutOfTheDesert.jpg Out of the Desert? Price: $27.00
By William H. Stiebing, Jr.
Subtitled "Archaeology and the Exodus/Conquest Narratives", this book radically challenges many conventional ideas concerning the Exodus and Conquest.
Paperback, 265 pages.
K-PhysicsPsychics.jpg Physics and Psychics: The Search for a World Beyond the Senses Price: $36.00
By Dr. Victor J. Stenger.
"A convincing rebuttal to those who attempt to link physics to mystical truths." - SciTech Book News
Hardcover - 321 Pages.
K-RageVeil.jpg Rage Against the Veil: The Courageous Life and Death of an Islamic Dissident Price: $30.00
By Parvin Darabi and Romin P. Thomson.
If you care about basic human rights, this scathing indictment of contemporary oppression in Iran will enrage you.
Hardcover, 270 pages.
K-RelBeliefsPres.jpg Religious Beliefs of Our Presidents: Washington to FDR Price: $21.00
By Franklin Steiner.
Originally published in 1936, this book deflates the popular notion that all of our Chief Executives have been pious practitioners of Christianity.
Paperback - 190 pages.
K-RocksOfAges.jpg Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life Price: $18.95
By Stephen Jay Gould.
Writing with bracing intelligence and elegant clarity, Gould sheds new light on a dilemma that has plagued thinking people since the Renaissance. Instead of choosing between science and religion, Gould asks, why not opt for a golden mean that accords dignity and distinction to each realm?
Hardcover, 241 pages.
K-ScncEthcs.gif Science and Ethics: Can Science Help us Make Wise Moral Judgements? Price: $21.98
Paul Kurtz tackles the idea that many people today believe that moral principles are derived from religion. On the other side of a great divide stand many who say that there are no ethical standards at all and that morality is merely a question of personal taste or cultural relativity. Paperback, 345 pages.
Science, Evolution, and Creationism National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine Science, Evolution, and Creationism Price: $12.95
Science, Evolution, and Creationism. How did life evolve on Earth? Although evolution provides credible and reliable answers, polls show that many people turn away from science, seeking other explanations with which they are more comfortable. Here, a group of experts assembled by the National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine explain the methods of science, document the overwhelming evidence in support of biological evolution, and evaluate the alternative perspectives offered by advocates of various kinds of creationism, including "intelligent design." The book explores the many fascinating inquiries being pursued that put the science of evolution to work in preventing and treating human disease, developing new agricultural products, and fostering industrial innovations. The book also presents the scientific and legal reasons for not teaching creationist ideas in public school science classes.
Paperback - 70 pages.
K-SmartMoves.jpg Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head Price: $15.95
By Carla Hannaford. The body's role in thinking and learning is presented for the first time in a popular readable format, thoroughly supported by scientific movement. She tells us why we must move - and shows us how to move to fully activate our learning potential.
Paperback - 200 pages.
K-TalesRational.jpg Tales of the Rational: Skeptical Essays About Nature and Science Price: $24.00
Signed Copies By Massimo Pigliucci. Engaging, compelling and witty essays that put in perspective some of the most fascinating scientific and pseudo-scientific claims of the 20th Century.
Paperback - 255 pages.
K-AgeOfReason.jpg The Age of Reason Price: $15.00
By Thomas Paine.
This classic by a great American revolutionary and spokesman of the Enlightenment was the 18th Century's most powerful antireligious statement, and continues to be a source of inspiration for champions of human liberty.
Paperback, 190 pages.
K-BibleThroughEyesweb.gif The Bible Through the Eyes of Its Authors Price: $35.95
"The Bible Through the Eyes of Its Authors" interprets the Bible as a human creation by ancient priests who advocated political, social, military, and religious agendas for their nation. The book confronts the Bible's stunning moral contradictions. A loving God frequently demands compassion, kindness and charity for the poor, the handicapped and the foreigner and then demands that Israel annihilate entire nations and that Moses enforce the death penalty on a simple wood gatherer. Intended to help you understand the author's messages, motives, and moral contradictions,, "The Bible Through the Eyes of Its Authors" illuminates the tension between authoritarian and humanistic values.
book your church doesn't want you to read tim leedom roman catholic church anti-catholic catholicism The Book No Pope Would Want You to Read Price: $19.95
by Tim Leedom and MaryJane Churchville. This book is an all in one expose of the Catholic Church and their leaders who have lied, cheated their parishioners, and the world for 2000 years. This expose names names and takes no prisoners, and is hard-hitting and investigative. This work reads like an indictment because it is - against the Pope and Vatican for all their crimes throughout history and their shameless cover-ups. Softcover, 366 pps.
K-BkChrchWnt.jpg The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read Price: $22.50 The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read
Average rating:
Edited by Tim C. Leedom
A collection of articles and thoughts ranging from ancient philosophers to current-day secularists about religion, churches, and truth.
Paperback - 445 pages.
K-Borderlands.jpg The Borderlands of Science, Where Sense Meets Nonsense Price: $18.95
By Michael Shermer.
The author has emerged as the nation's number one scourge of superstition and bad science. Now, he takes us to the place where real science (such as the big bang theory), borderland science (Superstring theory), and just plain nonsense (Bigfoot) collide with one another. Paperback, 360 pages.
K-BornSkeptic.jpg The Born Again Skeptic's Guide to the Bible Price: $20.00
The Born Again Skeptic's Guide to the Bible, by Ruth Hurmence Green.
Combined with The Book of Ruth (autobiography), this collection of works is invaluable to anyone debating the contradictions found in the Bible, as well as its outdated notions.
Paperback, 435 pages.
K-DecWar.jpg The December Wars: Religious Symbols and Ceremonies in the Public Square Price: $27.00
By Albert J. Menendez.
Examines the conflict about the nature and meaning of Christmas. Traces this dispute as far back as the fourth century,when Catholic orthodoxy turned Christmas into a major propaganda tool as well as a religious observance.
Hardcover, 170 pages.
K-FaithHealers.jpg The Faith Healers Price: $31.00
By James Randi.
A fascinating look at a world of misplaced faith and blind trust that seems more appropriate to the Dark Ages than to the end of the 20th Century.
Paperback - 318 pages.
Secular state godless constitution politics religion founding fathers The Godless Constitution Price: $14.95
The Godless Constitution is a ringing rebuke to the religious right's attempts, fueled by misguided and inaccurate interpretations of American history, to dismantle the wall between church and state erected by the founders. The authors, both distinguished scholars, revisit the historical roots of American religious freedom and offer a bracing return to the first principles of American governance.
Paperback - 224 pages.
K-GoldenBough.jpg The Golden Bough Price: $20.00
By James Frazer.
Describes our ancestors' primitive methods of worship, sex practices, rituals, and festivals in a not-so-simple life.
Paperback, 864 pages.
K-GoldenBoughX.jpg The Golden Bough with Introduction and Explanatory Notes Price: $14.95
By James Frazer.
This new edition of James Frazer's 1890 book restores his bolder theories for the first time, setting them within the framework of a valuable introduction and explanatory notes throughout the book.
Paperback, 858 pages.
The Jesus Puzzle Did Christianity Begin With a Mythical Jesus Earl Doherty The Jesus Puzzle: Did Christianity Begin With a Mythical Jesus? Price: $14.50
By Earl Doherty.
With the arrival of the third millennium, the time has come to face the stunning realization that for the last 1900 years, Christianity has revered a founder and icon of the faith who probably never existed. Doherty compares ancient legends with biblical texts, and uncovers some very surprising truths.
Paperback, 380 pages.
K-LyingStones.jpg The Lying Stones of Marrakech: Penultimate Reflections in Natural History Price: $15.00
By Steven Jay Gould.
In his next-to-last collection of essays from Natural History magazine, the late prolific paleontologist explores various frauds, mistakes, and riddles encountered by scientists searching to understand and discover the mechanics and origins of life.
Paperback, 371 pages.
K-ProphetAstronomer.jpg The Prophet and the Astronomer: A Scientific Journey to the End of Time Price: $26.95
By Marcelo Gleiser.
A rare astrophysicist as comfortable quoting Scripture as explaining formulas, Gleiser ponders the dark parallels between the apocalyptic visions of ancient seers and the cosmic predictions of modern scientists.
Hardcover, 256 pages.
K-SelfishGene.jpg The Selfish Gene Price: $15.95
Richard Dawkins' classic early work examines the traditional Darwinian theory of evolution but in terms of genes rather than individuals.
Paperback - 350 pages.
K-Worlds16Saviours.gif The World's Sixteen Saviors: Christianity Before Christ Price: $19.95
By Kersey Graves, Foreword by Acharya S.
A reprint of Kersey Graves' classic and rare 1875 book on Christianity before Christ.
Paperback, 436 pages.
K-UniteAndConquer.gif Unite and Conquer Price: $16.95
By Kyrsten Sinema. Foreward By Janet Napolitano. Legislator Sinema shows how the future of the progressive movement is to be found in unity, alignment and partnership. Sinema's no-nonsense, concrete approach shows that we can work together for change when we let go of specific outcomes and focus on shared values. Paperback - 192 pages.
K-VoicesForEvolution.gif Voices for Evolution Price: $8.00
By Molleen Matsumura.
This book is an invaluable tool for teachers, superintendents, and boards of education when creationists and their ignorant supporters press their case.
Paperback - 200 pages
K-VoodooScience.jpg Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness to Fraud
Touching on everything from Deepak Chopra's "quantum alternative to growing old" and "free energy" machines to unwarranted hype surrounding the International Space Station. Robert L. Park leads us through the dim back alleys of fringe science, down the gleaming corridors of Washington power, and even into our evolutionary past to search out the origins of voodoo science.
Paperback, 230 pages.
Why Darwin Matters The Case Against Intelligent Design creationists evolution natural selection Michael Shermer Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design Price: $13.00
Michael Shermer thoughtfully explains why intelligent design is both bad science and poor religion, how a wealth of scientific data from varied fields support evolution, and why religion and science need not be in conflict. Click the image for more info!
K-WhyPeople_2.jpg Why People Believe Weird Things Price: $16.00
By Michael Shermer.
With this no-holds-barred assault on popular myths and prejudices, a science historian debunks psychobabble and extraordinary, nonsensical claims. 25 illustrations. Shows how the eternal search for meaning and spiritual fulfillment often results in our thinking being led astray by incredible claims and controversial ideas.
Revised Edition: Paperback, 349 pages.
K-WomEncyMyth.jpg Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets Price: $34.00
By Barbar Walker.
Learn new facts on seemingly secular concepts and new twists on religious folklore.
Paperback, 450 pages.
K-YoungWomen.gif Young Women of Achievement: A Resource for Girls in Science, Math, and Technology Price: $18.00
By Frances Karnes and Kristen Stephens. This upbeat, useful resource guide will give young women everything they need to start exploring and planning a career in science, math, or technology. From introducing available career opportunities to personal stories of achievement and historical references, as well as an experiential journal, this is a complete read for all young women. Paperback, 233 pages.
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