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If you're looking for essay compilations or any kind of story, you'll find them here! Since truth is often stranger than fiction anyway, we'll included both fiction and nonfiction in this area. Both are types of stories that make great reads, so we thought it appropriate!

More relaxed than the fact hammering books, you'll find leisurely reads that are fun additions to the freethought library. Many volumes are now on sale - get them before they're gone!

K-CourWomen.gif Courageous Women Price: $20.00
A series of short works by the well known feminist Meg Bowman, this 239-page paperback book is crammed with stories, skits, poetry, responsive readings, and song parodies. Uplifting and motivating, Courageous Women is a book sure to capture your heart and raise your spirits.
K-DramaticRead.gif Dramatic Readings on Feminist Issues Volume I Price: $14.95
Meg Bowman's 276-page paperback book contains five different dramatic readings. It is a moving and thought provoking piece that is great for both group readings and personal libraries.
K-DuckEgg.jpg Duck Egg Blue Price: $28.00
By Derrick Neil.
Duck Egg Blue captures a slice of life that is typical of many American towns where radical Christians attempt to insert creationism into public schools, and religion into all aspects of life, including The Boy Scouts.
Hardcover, 273 pages.
K-Earthrise.jpg Earthrise Price: $25.00
By William Edelen.
Some of the best William Edelen columns from the last 30 years, and just as relevant today as they were when they were written.
Hardcover, 227 pages.
K-EssaysHumanism.gif Essays in The Philosophy of Humanism - Vol 13, 2005 Price: $12.00
Essays in The Philosophy of Humanism. Volume 13, 2005. The Journal of The American Humanist Association.
Paperback - 107 pages.
K-FlightPeterFromm.jpg Flight of Peter Fromm Price: $22.00
By Martin Gardner.
A novel of ideas disguised as the biography of a young man from a Pentecostal fundamentalist background in Oklahoma, who loses his faith while a student at the University of Chicago Divinity School.
Paperback, 280 pages.
K-FourWomenRead.gif Four Women: Dramatic Readings Price: $19.95
Meg Bowman, well known feminist and social activist, fills this 278-page paperback book with readings and more for educating in a fun way. Useful in classrooms, meetings, parties, women's history programs, or just for personal reading. The stories inside will uplift and motivate the readers and is a must for any collection.
K-GodWitchShift.gif Goddesses, Witches, and the Paradigm Shift Price: $14.95
Meg Bowman's 230 page paperback book contains dramatic readings on feminist issues. With plays, songs, short stories, and bios of strong women in our country's history, Goddesses, Witches and the Paradigm Shift is an excellent companion for any open minded woman wishing to change societiel perceptions.
K-LilithAdamsFirst.gif Lilith: Adam's First Wife Price: $14.95
This paperback book features 256 pages packed full of feminist ideology. Meg Bowman gives us the tools needed to educate ourselves and others on the strength inherent in every woman. Containing dramatic readings for the classroom, women's history programs, retreats, parties, and just for pleasure, Lilith: Adam's First Wife is a must have for every library.
K-LittleSpirit.jpg Little Spirit Price: $20.00
By Elizabeth Edelen.
This enchanting tale, profound in its simplicity, is for all who have stood in awe before the magnificent mystery of life.
Hardcover, 44 pages.
K-MoreAllen.jpg More Steve Allen on the Bible Price: $31.00
By Steve Allen.
The popularity of Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, and Morality has led the Dean of Intelligent Comedy to continue his skeptical examination of biblical claims. Among the topics discussed in this new book are abortion, alcoholism, angels, homosexuality, the Song of Solomon, Leviticus, Peter, and women's liberation.
Hardcover, 452 pages.
K-Murphy'sLaw.jpg Murphy's Law Freethinker Columns Price: $14.00
By John P. M. Murphy.
A compilation of newspaper columns supporting reason and freethought.
Spiral-bound paperback - 35 pages.
K-MyIshmael.jpg My Ishmael: A Sequel Price: $15.95
By Daniel Quinn.
"Irresistible......Quinn's ideas are as thought-provoking as ever." - Kirkus Reviews
Paperback, 288 pages.
K-ReadingsWomProg.gif Readings for Women’s Programs, 2nd Ed. Price: $8.95
Edited by Meg Bowman and Connie Springer, both veteran activists, this 125-page paperback book is a great addition to any library. This small collection of readings is designed to raise consciousness, enhance feelings of Sisterhood, and encourage, inspire and promote feminist values. A great place to find opening and closing material for your meetings, Readings for Women's Programs can be easily enjoyed simply by itself as well.
K-RegardAngelSoft.jpg Regarding an Angel's Flight Price: $28.95
By W. Milton Timmons.
Subtitled "The vast saga of one man's search for the truth and of those who tried to stop him." Regarding an Angel's Flight is a philosophical and psychological study of changing American morals and mores over the last half century. After a series of mysterious murders in a small Southern town, a grad student suddenly finds himself caught up in a twentieth century version of "Pilgrim's Progress."
The story is a philosophical who-done-it, as well as a search for morality within a high-tech world of conflicting ideologies.
Paperback, 691 pages.
K-Masefield.jpg Remembering John Masefield Price: $12.95
Lamont gives readers insigh into Masefield's work, private life, and personsality in this collection of letters. Accompanied by Lamont's personal anecedotes, they paint a multidimensional picture of an intelligent, amusing, and talented man. Paperback, 128 pages
k-SmallGods.jpg Small Gods - Terry Pratchett Price: $7.95
Internationally acclaimed author Terry Pratchett takes the name of religion humorously in vain in this classic tale of gods, miracles, and monsters.
Paperback - 357 pages.
K-SomethingLost.jpg Something Lost Price: $22.99
By Pat Duffy Hutcheon.
A graduate student dies mysteriously. Meanwhile, feminists gather for the first time to look into sexism and harassment. Ideologies clash as Marxists contend with Pragmatists and Behaviorists. Two more deaths occur at the university, and the police are too quick to pronounce either natural causes or suicide. But has the truth remained uncovered? Former professor and pioneering feminist Pat Duffy Hutcheon pens a provocative novel on the dark secrets inside the hallowed halls of higher learning in her new book, SOMETHING LOST.
Paperback, 354 pages.
K-Spirit.jpg Spirit - William Edelen Price: $20.00
By William Edelen.
This book of essays details a wide range of freethought subjects: from the founding fathers to mysticism; from humanism to contemporary holidays.
Paperback - 161 pages.
K-TakingNature.jpg Taking Nature By The Hand Price: $18.50
Harold A. Tichenor writes for the general reader and student of philosophy, and makes the case for naturalism in philosophy.
Hardcover - 255 pages.
K-DaVinciCode.gif The DaVinci Code hardcover Price: $24.95
By Dan Brown.
This intelligent and lucid thriller combines an international murder mystery with secret religious societies and religious cover-ups. Though a work of fiction, there must be something to it since it has many people crying religion-bashing, and/or Catholic-bashing. Our local freethinkers who have read it recommend it highly.
Hardcover, 454 pages.
K-DevilsDictionary.jpg The Devil's Dictionary Price: $13.95
By Ambrose Bierce; with an introduction by Roy Morris.
History, n. an account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers mostly knaves, and soldiers mostly fools. Marriage, n. The state or condition of a community consisting of a master, a mistress, and two slaves, making in all two. Self-Esteem, n. An erroneous appraisement. These caustic aphorisms, collected in The Devil's Dictionary, helped earn reporter Ambrose Bierce the epithet's "Bitter Bierce", the "Devil's Lexicographer", and the "Wickedest Man in San Francisco". First published as The Cynic's Word Book (1906) and later reissued under its preferred title in 1911, Bierce's notorious collection of barbed definitions forcibly contradicts Samuel Johnson's earlier definition of a lexicographer as a harmless drudge.
Paperback, 256 pages.
K-RoveMind.jpg The Roving Mind Price: $21.00
Isaac Asimov's fascinating collection of essays deals with a wide range of subjects. Contributions by Paul Kurtz, Carl Sagan, and others.
Paperback - 350 pages.
K-WaitingToExpire.jpg Waiting to Expire Price: $15.00
Waiting to Expire: The Incoherent Ramblings of an Inebriated Soul.
A book of poety written and presented by eloquent, entertaining, and controversial Colorado Springs radio personality Jerome Davis. Includes a CD of Jerome reading his material.
Paperback, 69 pages, includes audio CD.
K-Weddings.jpg Weddings: the Magic of Creating Your Own Price: $19.95
By Henry S. Basayne and Linda R. Janowitz, Ph.D. If you are a couple who chooses to create all or part of your own ceremony, your wedding celebration will glow with the personal and distinctive warmth of a ceremony that is truly your own. If you think that the wedding ceremony is more than food, fashion or flowers, then this is the book for you. Paperback, 217 pages.
K-ChristmasBlues.gif Christmas Blues: Behind the Holiday Mask an Anthology Price: $15.00
An Anthology, edited by: Zelda Gatuskin, Michelle Miller, and Harry Wilson.
Short stories, poetry and essays explore the down side of the holiday season. Some whimsical, some bitter, some using humor and satire - all taking a clear honest look at traditions, memories, dysfunctional family life, cultural alienation and the commercialization of the mythology of Christmas. Paperback, 340 pages.
K-Swaggart.jpg Swaggart; the Unauthorized Biography Price: $22.95
By Ann Rowe Seaman. Based on interviews with key people and a thorough literature search, Swaggart provides a well-documented account of the life of notorious evangelist Jimmy Swaggart.
Paperback - 438 pages.
K-BaublesofBlasphemy.jpg Baubles of Blasphemy Price: $20.00
Edwin Kagin has penned a delightful book reflecting his views as freethinking social critic, humorist and, yes, curmudgeon of sorts. Between the covers a reader (depending on his or her intellectual disposition) is sure to discover a gather of essays and poetry that will inform and provoke, anger and elate, seduce - and in some cases surely outrage - and finally do what any book should do, namely, clamor for a place on the bookshelf of any thoughtful person, believer or infidel. -Ellen Johnson. Paperback, 254 pages.
K-Darwinaward3paprback.jpg Darwin Awards III: Survival of the Fittest Price: $11.00 Price reduced!! $9.66 Darwin Awards III: Survival of the Fittest
Average rating:
By Wendy Northcutt.
One of America's most popular humor series returns with a brand-new collection of hilariously macabre mishaps and misadventures. Honoring those who improve our gene pool by inadvertently removing themselves from it, this new release shows once more how uncommon common sense still is.
Paperback, 252 pages.
K-DescentOfMan.gif Descent of Man Darwin Awards Price: $4.95
Descent of Man Darwin Awards. In this mini-volume, men meet their inner idiots as they test their testosterone levels by petting sharks, kissing snakes, chasing beer cans, and juggling hand grenades. Only when it's too late do these would-be Alpha males realize that they're actually Omega males, providing ample proof of a missing "Why?" chromosome.
192 pages.
Women's Wisdom Meg Bowman Women's Wisdom Price: $16.95
Women's Wisdom - Meg Bowman. This is fifth volume of dramatic feminist readings from a publisher started by the Women and Religion Task Force of the UUA Pacific Central District. The editor, a retired professor of sociology, is a member of the First Unitarian Church of San Jose, California.
Paperback - 205 pages.
Branton's Blossoms: Some Thoughts about nature and God for older kids nine to ninety Waymore Dendrites Branton's Blossoms: Some Thoughts about nature and God for older kids nine to ninety Price: $5.95
Branton's Blossoms: Some Thoughts about nature and God for older kids nine to ninety. A man living in the countryside sees beauty, conflict and tragedy surrounding him, and he is moved to think about how all of this comes about. After experiencing a great loss, he makes an important decision about the existence of a creator, and then moves on with his appreciation of life.
Paperback - 80 pages.
K-DearEditorEdDoerr.gif Dear Editor - Edd Doerr Price: $5.95
Dear Editor - Edd Doerr. Featuring a collection of Ed's earlier letters to magazine and newspaper editors from the 1970's and 1980's. It's surprising how little has changed in the last 25-30 years, and how many of Ed's writings are still relevant and poignant today.
Paperback - 67 pages.
K-TheDevilsDiction.jpg The Devil's Dictionary (2007 edition) Price: $6.99
The 2007 edition of The Devil's Dictionary contains all of the satire and cynicism of the original published at the turn of the century, over 100 years ago. Still relevant and entertaining, this book makes a great addition to everyone's freethought library.
K-LetterDeath.gif The Letter from Death Price: $17.95
This 130 page paperback book by author Lillian Moats casts a bright light on how are unexamined fear of death has been reinforced and manipulated throughout history. She states that this results in the misdirection of our energies away from the real and immediate challenges of this world and instead pushes us towards unnecessary war, injustice, and self-destruction. Thought provoking and easy to read.
K-AtheismRand.jpg Atheism, Ayn Rand and Other Heresies Price: $32.00
By George H. Smith.
In this wide-ranging collection of essays, Smith analyzes atheism and it's relevance to society today.
Hardcover, 324 pages.
K-ConversationsOpa.jpg Conversations With Opa: Sharing Wisdom About the Universe and Lesser Things [Paperback]
"Where did everything come from, Opa? I mean the stars, the planets, and life on earth. What are the origins of the universe?" Parents looking for a book to stimulate their child's intellectual curiosity on many subjects and provide the most reliable information available will find Conversations with Opa to be the perfect choice.
K-AtheistCook.jpg The World Famous Atheist Cookbook Price: $15.00
Compiled by Anne Nicole Gaylor.
This is the world's first cookbook of tried-and-true recipes for those people who prefer to do their frying in the here-and-now. Includes: Forbidden Fruit Cobbler, Atheist Apple Crisp, I Think Therefore I Yam Casserole, Chicken Salad with No Religious Nuts, Open-Minded Open Faced Sandwich, Nothing is Forever Bran Muffins, Devilishly Good Chocolate Cake, Chicken to Keep the Gods at Bay, Hungarian Archbishop's Creole, and much more.
Spiral-bound paperback - 165 pages.
K-BirthOfVenus.jpg Birth of Venus Price: $14.95
By Sarah Dunant.
The Birth of Venus is a tour de force, the first historical novel from one of Britain's most innovative writers of literary suspense. It brings alive the history of Florence at its most dramatic period, telling a compulsively absorbing story of love, art, religion, and power through the passionate voice of Alessandra, a heroine with the same vibrancy of spirit as her beloved city.
Paperback: 424 pages
K-ApesAngels.jpg Apes & Angels Price: $18.95
By Philip Appleman.
A novel of innocence, both personal and national, represented in small-town America on the eve of Pearl Harbor.
Hardcover, 270 pages.
Creation, Gore Vidal Price: $17.00
A sweeping novel of politics, war, philosophy, and adventure–in a restored edition, featuring never-before-published material from Gore Vidal’s original manuscript–Creation offers a captivating grand tour of the ancient world. Paperback, 492 pages.
K-BigDominoSky.jpg The Big Domino in the Sky & Other Atheistic Tales Price: $23.00
By Michael Martin.
This collection of short stories will delight and entertain not only atheists, but freethinkers from any background.
Paperback, 230 pages.
K-Unbelievable.jpg Unbelievable!: Faith, Reason, & the Search for Truth [Paperback] Price: $14.00
A memoir of a scientist's philosophical journey toward enlightened humanism.
K-LosingFaith.jpg Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist Price: $20.00
By Dan Barker.
Barker's journey from devout soul-winner to one of America's most prominent freethinkers.
Paperback, 383 pages.
K-Shame.jpg Shame Price: $30.00
By Taslima Nasrin.
This savage indictment of religious intolerance, has resulted in a fatwa, or holy judgement, against her by Muslim fundamentalists. Despite the very real dangers of speaking out, Dr. Nasrin maintains her commitment to battling religious extremism worldwide.
Hardcover, 302 pages.
K-RageVeil.jpg Rage Against the Veil: The Courageous Life and Death of an Islamic Dissident Price: $30.00
By Parvin Darabi and Romin P. Thomson.
If you care about basic human rights, this scathing indictment of contemporary oppression in Iran will enrage you.
Hardcover, 270 pages.
K-WhosInHell.jpg Who's Who In Hell Price: $99.00
Compiled by Warren A. Smith.
What do Woody Allen, Bill Gates, George Clooney, and Samuel Clemens have in common? They're all non-believers of one kind or another. In an age when the vast majority of Americans are embracing various faiths, the secular humanists, atheists, agnostics, rationalists, skeptics, and other non-theists among us may be getting short shrift.
Hardcover, 1237 pages.
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