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For sixteen hundred years the Vatican has been a political force in the Western World, during those long years the suffering of humanity was directly proportioned to the degree of political control the Vatican could wield. The thousand years when the Vatican had absolute political control were known as the 'Dark Ages'. And those times when the Vatican's political power was in decline are known as the 'Renaissance,' and the 'Enlightenment', and were times of great progress and scientific investigation.

The works of history presented on this CD-ROM represent the highest degree of research and historic scholarship produced upon this subject. Again and again, individual research has produced the same historic facts; facts of political intrigue and corruption that destroys governments, causes endless wars, unrest, persecution and suffering - all in the name of religion. These magnificent studies of the past explain world troubles today, troubles that will continue as long as the Vatican is allowed to dominate national and international politics for its own power and profit. No reading can be more entertaining, stimulating and enlightening than the awful facts of political religion.
Write a review | No reviews for this product.