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K-ReluctantAlliance.jpg The Reluctant Alliance: Behaviorism and Humanism Price: $25.95 Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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In the adversarial climate of contemporary psychology, Newman effectively tears down many of the ideological walls separating two powerful schools of thought.

Humanistic psychology and behavior analysis have long been viewed as staunch opponents in the practice of psychology. Newman's careful research into the theories, positions, and approaches of both camps dispels the myths of behaviorists as cold ""manipulators"" and of humanistic psychologists as weak-willed ""armchair philosophers."" After examining both systems, he outlines their shared philosophical and historical roots. Newman explores such questions as:

- How should psychotherapy be conducted?

- How is moral behavior created and maintained?

- Is behaviorism unethical?

- What forms of education are most effective at imparting information and improving self-concepts?

After a careful reading of The Reluctant Alliance, humanists will come to appreciate that behaviorism is not destructive determinism, and behaviorists will learn that much of what they hold to be true is a natural outgrowth of humanistic thought.

Write a review | No reviews for this product.