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Bernard Katz smartly turns biblical tales and religious declarations back on themselves to expose their mythical origins and obvious contradictions. This remarkable and entertaining collection of essays takes an atheistic and humorous look at the most popular religious beliefs, including the concept of God, biblical morality, magic and miracles, the much-touted mental health benefits of religion, and the impact of archeology on religious beliefs. At the same time he exposes the dark side of major world religions, pointing out the sexual symbols that lurk behind many religious images.

Included are essays titled ""Are there Miracles?"" ""Made in the Image of God,"" ""Religion: Breeder of Immorality,"" ""Have the Fundamentalists Got It Wrong!"", ""Jesus and the Dagger Men,"" ""The Fear and Cowardice of God,"" ""Jesus the Sinner,"" ""The Theological Sins of the Creationists,"" ""Was Jesus Mr. Nice Guy?,"" ""Why Jews Don't Eat Pork,"" ""Revelations about the Apocalypse and the Fundamentalists,"" ""The Theological Roots of Arab Anti-Semitism,"" ""Is God Love?"" and many more. This concise volume offers a unique challenge to religiosity on all fronts.

Bernard Katz is a senior editor at The American Rationalist, a popular essayist for The Truth Seeker, and a sought-after lecturer.

Write a review | No reviews for this product.