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Christ Killer Priest Killer Kachina Hopi Native American Catholic Pope
Priest Killer Kachina by Hopi artist Price: $750.00 Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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The "Priest Killer Kachina" represents an old story of Native American history. The Hopi natives were rebelling against pushy Catholic priests demanding conversion to the "one true religion" versus the "satanic" spiritual beliefs of the natives. (Because respect for the earth and all living things is clearly a hell-worthy trespass!)

Legend has it that the Native Americans planned a revolt against their oppressors. To coordinate a time for the uprising, the chiefs traveled to other tribes and used bracelets with numbered knots. One would be untied daily, and the revolt would occur when no knots remained. Finally the revolt did occur, and the natives took their revenge on those who had started the killing in the name of their god.

This grisly image pays tribute not only to legend, but to a time in history. It's a potent reminder of the death and destruction wreaked by the Catholic and Christian Church. And, if you're just into revenge, hey it's a decapitated priest (who bears a striking resemblance to Jesus!).

Each of these are unique; please anticipate natural variations. Limited quantities.

Write a review | No reviews for this product.