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There are those who are convinced that ethical principles can only be found within traditional religious faith-systems. These persons argue that humans are incapable of developing high ethical standards for themselves and that only ""God-given"" ethics, preferably those associated with their own belief systems, can rescue humans from unethical life.

In this volume, Dr. Gerald A. Larue, Emeritus Professor of Biblical History and Archaeology of the University of Southern California, Humanist Laureate, and the 1989 American Humanist Association's ""Humanist of the Year"", explores the ethical potential in Humanism.

He demonstrates the global concerns of Ethical Humanism, which surpass the sectarian teachings of traditional religions. He finds that Humanist ethics have freeing qualities. The lives of those who embrace them are transformed by the noblest behavioral patterns known to humans. This book invites participation in the high adventure of living life according to Ethical Humanism.

Write a review | No reviews for this product.