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shark seafood ocean diving divers surfers Jaws teeth bite Shark Emblem Closed Mouth Price: $9.50 Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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We are often asked why we don't recommend a magnetic backing for this emblem. This shark emblem does not have the same solid construction of our other emblems. It only has the outline of the shark, no plastic in the middle. The 2-way tape that holds it to a car,etc. run narrowly around that outline. And it is only about 1/3 inch wide. Withour other emblems, there is a big, single piece of tape right in the middle of the emblem and it is easy to stick a piece of magnetic material to that. Not so with the Shark emblem. You would have to take the magnetic material and cut it into 1/3 inch wide strips and then carefully attach it to the emblem. If you were VERY careful and VERY meticulous, you could do it.
Write a review | No reviews for this product.