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The Ethics of Abortion: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice, 3rd Edition Price: $22.00 Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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When "The Ethics of Abortion" first appeared, this powerful collection of essays gained instant recognition as one of the first attempts to present both sides of the abortion debate in the words of leading proponents. In the early nineties the original volume was revised to bring it up to date. Now this new third edition again makes available the most useful writing on this controversial issue. Comprehensive and balanced, this collection contains twenty-five essays and four excerpts from Supreme Court decisions, including eleven new outstanding contributions. Among the provocative issues covered are the pre-Roe abortion period in American history, the problem of abandoned infants in connection with the "sanctity of life" argument, abortion and the Constitution, abortion and feminism, abortion and Christianity, and the fundamental moral issues.

The contributors include Joan C. Callahan, Sidney Callahan, Gregg Easterbrook, Harry J. Gensler, Rick Hampson, Jack Hitt, Miriam Jordan, Gary Leber, Daniel C. Maguire, Don Marquis, Kathryn E. May, Michael W. McConnell, Ellen Messer, Anna Quindlen, Roger A. Paynter, Jeffrey H. Reiman, Richard Selzer, Richard Schoenig, Paul D. Simmons, Judith Jarvis Thomson, Mary Anne Warren, John T. Wilcox, Naomi Wolf, and Melvin L. Wulf.

Robert M. Baird and Stuart E. Rosenbaum (Waco, TX) are professors of philosophy at Baylor University.

Write a review | No reviews for this product.