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Society rarely acknowledges the many and varied gifts that disbelievers give to the world. Churchmen generally contend that great figures in history, such as America's founders, were conventional believers. That isn't true, and this insightful, witty collection sets the record straight! This collection chronicles dozens of famous people such as Isaac Asimov, W.E.B. DuBois, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Benjamin Franklin, Omar Khayyam, Abraham Lincoln, James Madison, John Stuart Mill, Ayn Rand, Gene Roddenberry, Margaret Sanger, George Bernard Shaw, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Voltaire, with many quotes that reveal their rejection of the supernatural.

""I am confident that anyone who reads this - even priests and preachers and deacons - will get a refreshing rush of adrenalin from the candor on its pages even if they hate its conclusions."" - Sunday Gazette-Mail

""Bartlett's for the unbeliever."" - Dallas Morning News

""A unique contribution to reference collections."" - Rettig on Reference

""As a reference work for preachers, for article writers, for term papers and for debaters, Haught gets a lot of applause. . . . Belongs on the bookshelf of everyone curious about the ever-changing roles of religion and churches in American life."" - Small Press Magazine

""An excellent presentation.The book is meticulously researched and annotated. The wealth of quotations insures its permanent value to readers as a reference work."" - The Human Quest

""There is no harm for spiritually-minded people to read this instructive and thoroughly enjoyable book. To the contrary, it may well be of benefit, for it can be refreshing to learn how others think. . . . a valuable adjunct to esoteric literature."" - The New Humanity

Write a review | No reviews for this product.