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The Portable Atheist Christopher Hitchens agnostic freethinker freethought
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The Portable Atheist - Christopher Hitchens. "Religion invents a problem where none exists, by describing the wicked as also made in the image of god and the sexually nonconformist as existing in a state of incurable mortal sin that can incidentally cause floods and earthquakes." The readings Hitchens chooses to bolster his argument are indeed engaging and important. Hobbes, Spinoza, Mill and Marx are some of the heavyweights representing a philosophical viewpoint. From the world of literature the author assembles excerpts from Shelley, Twain, Conrad, Orwell and Updike. What these dynamic writers are railing against is a strawman: an immature, fundamentalist, outdated, and even embarrassing style of religion that many intelligent believers have long since cast off.
Paperback - 499 pages.
Write a review | No reviews for this product.