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This quirky-fun story is told in clever rhyme, and the bright artwork really pops off the pages with its blend of sketches, fabric designs and occasional cut-and-pasted photos. I tuned into my "inner child" while reading the book, and enjoyed the flights of imagination, the humor, and even the scary spiders of Onion Breath.

Page 34 of this book has a matter-of-fact reference to atheism: Now try the side dish and don't make a face. We're all atheists, so no need to say grace. The story moves right along, just as life should move right along for all of us.

We've all seen ostensibly secular childrens books that slip in overt religious messages. Onion Breath may seem to be the flip side of this, but that comparison is unfair because the book is not pushy, preachy, or apologetic about atheism. It's just a book about atheists written by atheists with one reference to atheism just to fit a rhyme. No hushed tones, no focal point, no big deal.

Onion Breath authors Steph and Dan Allosso have donated a box of these cool books to the freethinking summer camp, Camp Quest!

The Allossos have included an epilogue and a paragraph on the back cover that describe the atheism reference. Ideally, this would not be necessary, but then again, this is possibly the first childrens book about an atheist family. Can the era of "Atheist? So what?" be upon us in the future? That's a pleasant thought, and a trendsetter may very well be Onion Breath.

Write a review | No reviews for this product.