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Mumford explores a largely secret but powerful effort by the Vatican to oppose controlling runaway population growth. He dares to expose a largely secret but powerful opposition to controlling the runaway growth of the human population and establishing a sustainable society by the Vatican. If only half his claims are true, they still describe a grave threat to the future of humankind and the democratic institutions of the United States alike - Ann and Paul Ehrlich, Zero Population Growth.
". . . forecasts what could be America's second civil war. It also describes the action needed to prevent this impending catastrophe." - Elton Kessel, M.D., founder, International Fertility Research Program.

". . . sharp insights, unyielding courage, and philosophic sweep that is essential reading for everyone concerned with the assault of the Catholic hierarchy and right-wing fundamentalists on America's long tradition of church-state separation." - Larry Lader, President, Abortion Rights Mobilization, Inc.

"... should be required reading for all women.... The virulent moralists not only attack access to medically safe abortion but also attack family planning (especially in developing countries) indeed, women's economic rights and independence by seeking to turn women into breeding machines...." - Fran P. Hosken, Editor, Women's International Network News (WIN News) ". . . clearly shows that Paul Blanshard's warning of thirty-five years ago that the Vatican had a plan to impose its anti-democratic policies on America was justified . . . the effort has accelerated alarmingly.... Vatican policies, backed by Rome and the New Right, are increasing the overpopulation and insecurity of the world. Rome opposes planned parenthood, sex education, abortion, limitation of immigration, and to what end? To the increase of the Vatican's political and financial power. It is a power struggle, not a religious struggle." - Edwin H. Wilson, Executive Director Emeritus, American Humanist Association.

".....extremely interesting and indeed eye-opening.... well worth reading and digesting. Its message is deeply disturbing." - Rupert Cutler, Executive Director, The Environmental Fund.

Dr. Stephen Mumford is the president of the Center for Research on Population and Security (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina). His principal research interest is the relationship between world population growth and national and global security. This interest, pursued for the past fourteen years, first developed during a tour of military duty in Asia, where he first recognized the linkage between political stability and population pressures. He has a degree in agriculture from the University of Kentucky and was later commissioned in the Army Medical Corp. He obtained his master's in public health and his doctorate in population studies from the University of Texas Dr. Mumford is the author of Population Growth Control: The Next Move Is America's (Philosophical Library, 1977). He has also published two books on bio medical and social aspects of family planning and scientific articles in over fifteen journals.

Write a review | No reviews for this product.