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In particular, the administration closed off a substantive societal - and international - conversation about the meaning of the terrorist attacks and the direction of the nation by consistently:

- showing antipathy toward complex conceptions of reality;

- framing calls for immediate action on administration policies as part of the nation's 'calling' and 'mission' against terrorism;

- issuing declarations about the will of God for America and the values of freedom and liberty;

- and demonstrating an intolerance for dissent.

The administration had help spreading its messages. The mainstream press consistently echoed the administration's communications - thereby disseminating, reinforcing and embedding the administration's fundamentalist worldview and helping to keep at bay Congress and any substantive public questioning.

This book analyzes hundreds of administration communications and news stories from September 2001 to Iraq in spring 2003 to examine how this occurred and what it means for U.S. politics and the global landscape.

Write a review | No reviews for this product.