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The Kids' Book of Awesome Stuff embodies the Unitarian Universalist Seventh Principle "Respect for the interdependent web of existence of which we are a part" with the theme that each child is part of that connectedness. It is designed to nurture a sense of wonder while actively engaging children as caregivers of living things and stewards of earth cycles and systems. Children will learn that death is a natural part of life and life is a precious gift. This book is appropriate for eight- to eleven-year-old children to use at home, in RE programs, and at UU summer camps.

Chapters are: (1) You're Made of Star-Stuff; (2) You're Saved By Something Green; (3) The Awesome Thing about Poop and Pee and Dead Stuff That Rots; (4) If There Were No Bugs to Bug You; (5) The Ancestor of All Your Ancestors Was Invisible; and (6) You Live on a Speck in a Spinning Spiral. There are activities in every chapter for children to experience outdoors. Every page has illustrations to engage participants of all ages to think and wonder, live and learn.

This kids' book is complete with hero/ines - Peace in Keeping Silent: How Rachel Carson Helped Save the World and When People Didn't Know: Copernicus's New Ideas - and great stories - The Secret Goings-on Inside a Leaf and Cats, Rats and Bugs in Borneo. There are many science experiments and activities, puzzles and games, poems, earth prayers, and wonderings about the universe. Some pages have beautiful photos of planets and stars, snowflakes and frost crystals; other pages have designs to color, and some pages invite you to draw or write a poem.

Some of the chapter titles are: You're Made of Star-Stuff You're Saved by Something Green ( no, not god OR money) The Awesome thing about Poop and Pee and Dead Stuff that Rots If there were no Bugs to Bug you The Ancestors of All Your Ancestors Was Invisible You Live on a Speck in a Spinning Spiral

Write a review | No reviews for this product.