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"The year is 1976, and tumult is brewing on a university campus in Southwestern Canada. The protagonist adheres to an emerging amalgam of Postmodernist ideas and promotes her beliefs inside the four corners of the classroom. But when this ideology is used to harm people, can she justify her inaction? Or will she be able to confront herself for her role, however unintentional, in the events that occurred? Hutcheon is an adept writer who drops niggling hints that something evil is happening, but it would take thirty years before the truth is finally revealed by a relentless investigative journalist.

SOMETHING LOST also provides a historical and social glimpse of Canada at that time. As the mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths are gradually revealed, Hutcheon draws readers into the major political issues during this revolutionary period. Marxism, radical feminism, and Postmodernism captured the hearts and minds of the intellectuals. But how would they be able to reconcile their beliefs when dogmatism demands denial of the evidence?


Write a review | No reviews for this product.