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Godless Americans March. Nov 2, 2002. VHS Price: $35.00 Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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On November 22, 2002, Godless Americans from across the country converged on Washington, DC for the first time ever to rally for civil rights, state-church separation and a greater voice in the national political process. This DVD preserves this historic event, while conveying the empowering experience of the Godless Americans March to those of us who could not attend.

Some of the speakers at the Godless Americans March include:

  • Norm Allen -- Executive Director, African Americans For Humanism
  • Christopher Arntzen -- Gay & Lesbian Atheists & Humanists
  • Seth Asser -- Pediatrician, CHILD, Inc.
  • Ron Barrier -- Spokesperson, American Atheists
  • August Brunsman -- Secular Student Alliance
  • Ed Buckner -- Executive Director, Council for Secular Humanism
  • Douglas Campbell -- Atheist Political Office Candidate
  • Parvin Darabi -- HOMA
  • Larry Darby -- Attorney, Alabama Atheists & Atheist Law Center, Inc.
  • Margaret Downey -- Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia
  • Harry Greenberger -- New Orleans Secular Humanist Association
  • Chris Harper -- Landover Baptist Church
  • Shelly Hattan -- Metroplex Atheists
  • Ellen Johnson -- President, American Atheists, GAMOW Task Force
  • Kathleen Johnson -- Founder, Military Atheists & Freethinkers
  • Edwin Kagin -- Founder, Camp Quest
  • Bobbie Kirkhart -- President, Atheist Alliance International
  • Michael Newdow -- Attorney, Physician, plaintiff in suit challenging "God Pledge"
  • Mike Rivers -- American Atheists Utah State Director
  • John Scalise -- President, Great Lakes Humanist Society
  • Jim Strayer -- Humanists of Florida
  • Eddie Tabash -- Attorney, Council for Secular Humanism board, AU
  • Frank Zindler -- Editor, American Atheist Press
Write a review | No reviews for this product.