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˘It is my belief that the majority of thinking Americans, a generous percentage of whom are nonbelievers, are cowed into silence about religion because of overt and veiled threats from those discharging religious power. Without aspiring to offend the sensitivity of any reader, I am hopeful that this book of essays will facilitate a more meaningful dialogue.÷ ű from the preface

Ferguson begins with a ˘Credo of the Ignored,÷ a profession of nonbelief to counter the oft-heard professions of faith trumpeted from every pulpit and reported in the media. He then offers critical commentary on major theological issues: the nature of God, heaven and hell, miracles and sin, as well as social and political topics, such as religion in education, democracy and religion, population control, abortion, euthanasia, funeral rites, and even the esthetics of places of worship.

Since religion is a pervasive aspect of society, Ferguson argues, it must be subject to critical scrutiny like any other generalizing theory or philosophy that is offered for public consumption. Tilting at Religion is designed to encourage the open-minded reader to raise probing questions about religion in the interest of enlightenment.

Glenn W. Ferguson (Santa Fe, NM) has had a long and distinguished career of public service. Among his many positions of responsibility may be mentioned: U.S. Ambassador to Kenya; first director of Volunteers in Service to America; associate director of the Peace Corps; chancellor of Long Island University and president of three other universities, including the University of Connecticut; president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Munich, Germany; and president of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Write a review | No reviews for this product.