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Reverend J. R. Reid asks, ""How can you tell what is true and what is false; what is real and what is make-believe?"" In God Fraud, Reverend Reid asks the tough questions about religion and finds disturbing answers. Is the Genesis story of the creation true or false? Did Noah build and ark to save all the world's animals? Did Jesus Christ exist? Was he the Savior? Did dinosaurs really exist? Is evolution real? In God Fraud, Reverend Reid establishes a debate between an hypothetical Religious Person and the author. In this regard, God Fraud could be used as a primer to demonstrate that God does not exist.

Reverend Reid carefully studies the Genesis account of the creation of the universe. By comparing the Biblical account with what is known, Reid demonstrates the God of the Bible does not know when the universe was created, how the structure of the universe was created or even the basic structure of the universe. Using the same cutting edge logic, Reid clearly proves that the Genesis story of NoahÆs Ark is fallacious and that Jesus never died on the cross. Reverend Reid reveals the Bible for what it really is û a fraud.

Reverend Reid extends this logic to destroy the fundamental underpinnings of Scientific Creationism. The Biblical accounts of people and events are not true. Therefore, the Bible cannot be used as a basis of instruction. Reid provides support to the opponents Scientific Creationism by providing clear and verifiable examples of extinctions of animals as unknown to Biblical writers as were the dinosaurs. Reid successfully supports evolution with examples from the present time and provides references for these examples.

Yet God Fraud does not destroy religion. Instead, Reverend Reid introduces Scientific Humanism, a doctrine based upon three commandments:

1. Be Nice to Other People
2. Seek Knowledge to Determine Truth
3. Obey all Just Laws, Rules and Regulations.

Reverend Reid propounds the individual's sense of awe and of wonder as sources of a new universal awareness of self. By expanding this awareness to everyone, Reverend Reid proposes a rejuvenation of Humanity and an expansion of Mankind beyond our solar system.

God Fraud will change your life. Are you ready?

Write a review | No reviews for this product.