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The most deadly form of insanity is the Obsessional Neuroses commonly called "religion." This aggressive and contagious mental health disorder has caused more death and suffering than any other communicable disease.

At the root of this disease is the delusion that impossible creatures and worlds exist - angels, gods, saints, hells, heavens, etc., and that these imaginary beings demand mind-deadening obedience.

In its advanced stages this insanity destroys all sense of right and wrong, and the most ghastly crimes become saintly acts. The terrorist attacks of September 11th and the 'War on Terrorism' are the latest products of this insanity.

Science must launch an ongoing study of this deadly disease in all its forms, to find how it might be cured or controlled. This insanity cannot be suppressed by force as it thrives on persecution - both to suffer and to inflict - so it must be treated in other ways yet to be discovered.

Write a review | No reviews for this product.