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What is Women's Work? Motherhood, spending time in Nazi prisons, resisting military murder with their lives, living and striving in poverty, speaking truth to popes and powers, mystical prayer, service to the dying and suffering, giving their all in jungles, deserts and mountains, writing poetry and song, defending families and peace.

Women have given their bodies to be broken and their blood to be spilt in every part of the world, responding to Jesus' call to ""Do this in memory of Me."" It is fitting that they should also preside at the Eucharistic table in the recreation of that sacrament.

Women's Work (from left to right):

Dorothy Day - Nonviolent activist for peace and social justice, founder of the Catholic Worker Movement.

Mary Luke Tobin - Founder of the Thomas Merton Center, auditor at II Vatican Council; leader of renewal for women religious; lifelong peace activist.

Aung San Suu Kyi - Nobel Peace Prize winner and leader of the democracy movement in Burma. She was put under house arrest from 1989 to 1995 by the Burmese military junta.

Mary of Nazareth - Mother of Jesus Christ. Said to have stood against the mob at the foot of the cross when all others had fled.

Thea Bowman - Franciscan Sister, born into Mississippi poverty. Visionary speaker, voice of African-Americans in the Church.

Ita Ford - Maryknoll Missionary in El Salvador, martyred by military dictatorship.

Priscilla - (Acts 18, Romans 16, 1 Cor. 16, 2 Timothy 4) One of the women who presided at the Eucharistic celebration in the early Church. Paul records in his epistle that she risked her life to save him.

Ruth Fitzpatrick - Coordinator of Women's Ordination Conference, long-time activist for human rights, working for discipleship of equals.

Catherine of Sienna - 14th Century Dominican Tertiary, mystic and indefatigable servant of the poor. She was also a political activist and reformer within the Church who convinced Pope Gregory XI to return to Rome. Named Doctor of the Church.

Edith Stein - Mystic, Jewish convert to Catholicism who became a Carmelite nun, refused to leave German-occupied territory under Nazi occupation. Killed at Auschwitz.

Rigoberta Menchu Tun - Quiche woman of Guatemala, winner of Nobel Peace Prize for her work organizing the indigenous people of Guatemala to resist military violence and oppression.

Teresa of Avila - 16th century Spanish Carmelite reformer. Mystic and great spiritual writer who was named Doctor of the Church.

Write a review | No reviews for this product.