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Posters on Science, Darwin, Solar System, The Universe, Freethought, Democrats, Unions

We are winding down our stock of posters, so get 'em quick while you still can! Our Science and social issues posters illustrate the greats like Darwin, the solar system and the universe; along with causes like gay rights, medical marijuana, and secularism. We buy posters from artists like GB Frehner and Ray Troll, and other Science-promoting companies. Posters to USA addresses normally go Media mail, and this can take several weeks. If you need your poster quicker than that please select one of the upgraded shipping options. International Shipping for posters is calculated during checkout.
M-LSSciPoster.jpg Last Supper Scientist Parody Poster 11x17 Price: $6.00
Similar to the Last Supper painting by L. da Vinci closer inspection will reveal that it actually consist of some of the greatest minds of all time! Click on the image for a list of who is depicted in this work - only after you try to guess them for yourself! Poster measures 17" x 11". This image is also available as a magnet, or T-Shirt...
R-ScienceDiscov.jpg Discoveries in Science Poster Price: $10.00 Price reduced!! $6.66
Science Discoveries: Hundreds vs. Creation Science Discoveries: Zero! This poster does a great job of showing just what the difference is between the discoveries made by the process of real science, and those made by creationists. Dimensions: 17 x 22 inches (43.2cm x 56cm).
Dinosaur Panorama Poster, 36 x 12.5 fossil extinct creatures Dinosaur Panorama Poster, 36" x 12.5" Price: $20.00
Dinosaur Panorama Poster, 36" x 12.5" Here's a colorful line-up of dinosaurs, marching toward the viewer! Perfect for your school science room, or even junior's bedroom. Click on the image for a closer look.
R-1_4Percent.jpg 1.4% Difference DNA Poster Price: $15.00
Biologists tell us that the DNA difference between humans and our chimpanzee cousins is only 1.4% - that means we share 98.6% of our genome. This magnificent pen and ink reproduction by renowned Utah artist Gregory Frehner will astound you. Both species are linked together by DNA helixes in artistic interpretation.
Dimensions: 16-1/2" x 20" (41.9cm x 50.8cm).
Wild Animal nature panorama poster Wild Animal Panorama Posters Price: $11.00
A wondrous "wall of the wild", this set of posters is a perfect nature design element for home or office. How many species can you count here? The poster measures 36" x 12" (91cm x 33cm).
R-EarthMagic.jpg Earth's Magic Poster Price: $12.95
From his treetop studio in Ketchikan, Alaska, Ray Troll draws and paints fishy images that migrate around the globe into museums, onto T-shirts, and into books. Basing his 'Out of the Ooze and Born to Cruise' images on the latest scientific research, Ray brings street smarts to the world of ichthyology and paleontology. Previous collaborations with Brad Matsen include "Planet Ocean" and "Shocking Fish Tales" (both available on our Books Page).
Dimesions: 22 x 34 inches (55.8cm x 86.3cm).
R-HateFreeZone.png Hate Free Zone Poster Price: $6.00
Declare any place you stick this colorful 11"x17" poster as a "Hate Free Zone"! Be it in your classroom, Home, or office, this bright rainbow poster can be a great source of pride!
einstein poster science relativity theory Einstein Drawing poster
This cool image is built up of thousands of small shapes in the artist's attempt to display Einstein as a composite of images associated with his ideas. You may catch an occasional "black hole" or an atom with its orbitals, but mostly itís composed of geometric patterns. Some will perceive an inconsistency with the small missiles by his right ear in a drawing of this eminent pacifist. Dimensions: 17" x 17"
Heal Poster Tammy Anderson Heal Poster Price: $6.00
This is a colorful poster depicting the anguish of a religious "healing." The pained expression on the patient's face is vivid. The cross is real. And the fist is insistent. The Heal Poster is great for hanging on a small wall or on the inside of a locker. The poster is also a good conversation starter. Believers will want to see a noble religious theme in the picture, and can easily be encouraged to try; however, in the end, it is a fist driving a cross into a person's head. The symbolism is hard to ignore.
Other creations by this artist, Tammy Anderson, can be seen at http://www.artshow.com/anderson.
Dimensions: 13" x 13" (33cm x 33cm).
Dixk Cheney Nazi Reich Fuhrer Hitler totalitarian police state constitution Cheney Nazi poster Price: $9.00
Cheney Nazi poster. Here's evil Dick, posing in the uniform he prefers to wear way from the glare of cameras. The big gold 'SS' logo stands for Selective Service, which Dick is probably scheming to get rid of right now. The bottom caption reads: "If The Uniform Fits..." Enough said!
Dimensions: 15" x 11"
This poster ships via USPS Media Mail.
R-WhatBlueYouPoster.jpg What Can Blue Do For You Poster Price: $19.95
What Can Blue Do For You Poster. Here's the Democrat donkey delivering affordable Canadian healthcare to all Americans! Let's hope the Dems can quickly end our national shame as the only industrialized country on earth that does not look after its people.
Dimensions: approx. 27" x 18"
R-MakeItBlue.jpg Make It Blue Price: $0.00
The Democratic Donkey reminding us to Make It Blue in the upcoming elections. Our country has been red - and in the red - for far too long. Let's take it back and put things right!

Available in 20" x30" paper or canvas, and a huge 28" x42" Canvas!

Make It Blue poster (20" x 30" Paper) $15.50
Make It Blue (20" x 30" Canvas) $150.00
Make It Blue (28" x 42" Canvas) $360.00
R-BreakMonoBlue.jpg Make It Blue - Break the Monopoly (20" x 30" Paper) Price: $15.50
Playing the game is all well and good but when it comes to America, this Democratic Donkey draws the line. Time to take back more of the House and Congress, make our nation more balanced. Post this in your game room or wherever people get pushed around by right-wing bullies.
Make It Blue - Colorado poster (20" x 30" Paper) $15.50
R-DeansListBlue.jpg Make It Blue - Dean's List (20" x 30" Paper) Price: $15.50
Here's the cool Democrat Donkey making an ass of our current leader's lack of focus. This is what we need to focus on. Not bike riding or extended vacations in Texas, but Dean's List of Politics. Great way of showing your pride in a fun way.
Evangelicals Gone Wild poster Haggard Bakker Falwell Robertson Buchanan Dobson Baptist evangelist fundamentalist Evangelicals Gone Wild poster Price: $20.00
Evangelicals Gone Wild poster. Here's a hilarious poster of Pat Robertson... or is it Billy Graham, Jim Bakker, Jerry Falwell or James Dobson? This rantin' ravin' preacher man is going wiiiild at his pulpit - for a big fat prophet, naturally! Dimensions: approx. 20" x 29"
Dawn of the Dinosaurs prehistoric extinction poster Dawn of the Dinosaurs Poster Price: $11.00
Here's a colorful poster with a prehistoric timeline featuring the eras, sizes, and name identification of many dinosaurs. Kids love this one!
Dimensions: 36" x 34" (91.4cm x 86.3cm).
R-JesusPotter.gif Jesus Potter Harry Christ Poster 11.5x16.5 Price: $5.00
This poster, also available 5.5x8 inches, is from cover of the book by the same name. A highly readable book that examines the origins and evolution of Christianity and presents evidence for the historical Jesus that believers worship today. He spends some time comparing and contrasting Harry Potter and Jesus, but goes much further. Buy the book and get the poster for just a buck! Its perfect for dorm rooms and bedrooms!
R-MakeItBlueColorado.jpg Make It Blue - Colorado Price: $0.00
Here's our friend the Democrat Donkey enjoying the fine powder slopes of Colorado and its pristine blue skies. Help keep Colorado and many other states this way - Vote Blue! The environment is more than just an obstacle to the Bu$h family's oil riches.

Available in giant-size, super-vivid 20" x 30"!

Make It Blue - Colorado poster (20" x 30" Paper) $15.50
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