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Lapel Pins and Tie Tacks, Evolve Fish pins, Darwin pins, atheist pins, anti-war pins

Lots of designs here - tie tacks, tie chains, tie bars, lapel pins, peace pins, gay rights pins, Flying Spaghetti Monster pins, freethinker pins, atheist pins, rainbow pins, Unitarian pins, anti war pins.... Our pins are high quality, solid metal pins with clasp and post attachments. Some are plated with precious metals; the descriptions provide the details. Happy Shopping!
DNA Lapel Pin double helix chromosomes spiral Gold DNA Lapel Pin Price: $6.00
DNA Cloisonne Lapel Pin. Here's a gold-colored pin with enamel that looks great on the lapel of your labcoat or anywhere else! Plus, it stands out well, just begging for others to ask "hey, what is that?". And then you can bedazzle them with your intelligence, and make one small step to advancing scientific knowledge. Dimensions: 1" x 3/8"
P-DarwinSilver.png Darwin Fish Lapel Pin Price: $10.66
The ever-popular Darwin Fish - the original pro-science lapel pin! Pins measure one-inch long and 3/8 of an inch wide. Choose from silver or gold finish.
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J-ThinkAthLap.png The Thinking Atheist Lapel Pin Price: $5.00
Freethought community celebrity Seth Andrews hosts a podcast called The Thinking Atheist. He has graciously allowed us to offer his logo on a lapel pin. Click on the image to hear more about this amazing individual! Pin measures 1" x7/8" and comes with standard post and pinchback clasp.
P-EvolSilver.png Evolve Lapel Pin Price: $7.00
This 1-1/4" (3.2cm) pin is large enough to be clearly recognized as NOT being a Jesus pin. Perfect for any proud, tool using Homo sapien! Choose your finish.
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P-EvolveRed.gif Evolve Lapel Pin, Red Price: $7.00
Silver evolve fish with red background. Pin is 1-1/4" wide by 1/2-inch tall (3.2 x 1.3 cm). Absolutely stunning!
P-EvolGreen.jpg Evolve Lapel Pin, Green Price: $7.00
This 1" long and .5" high pin features a gold EvolveFISH on a green enamel background. Its rectangular shape makes it easier to see the outline of the legged "fish". And, strangely enough, it seems to be less offensive to some superstitious folks than the pins made in the outline of a fish.
P-FSMpinGold.png Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM lapel pin Price: $9.00
Flying Spaghetti Monster lapel pin in Gold or Silver. Here is your favorite new creator deity in all his noodly glory! This stylish pin is sure to start many interesting conversations with those curious folk who are still non-believers.... Dimensions: approx. 1" x 1/2"
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P-PirateFishPin.png Pirate Fish Lapel pin Price: $9.00
Pirate Fish Lapel pin. Here's a cute lil' FSM Pirate Fish pin that looks great on your lapel, school backpack or anywhere you like! Remember you landlubbers.. FSM Pirates give candy to children. Choose your color - silver or gold. Dimensions: 1" x 1/2"
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P-AAPinS.png Atheist Atom Pin Price: $14.00
The widely recognized Atheist Atom symbol in your choice of finishes. Choose either a 14K gold finish or a rhodium-plated finish, which is similar in color, weight, and feel to silver, but doesn't tarnish or damage as easily. Diameter: 1"

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P-HappyHumanistGold.jpg Happy Humanist Pin, Small Price: $10.00
This happy Humanist is a scant 1" x .25" but offers a big presentation! Hammered metal Lapel pin style with tack backing.
J-HumCirPinGold.gif Humanist Circle Pin Price: $14.00
This happy Humanist and outer circle have a 1" diameter. It is a perfect match to our Humanist Circle Earrings. Lapel pin style with tack backing. Available in gold plated or silver tone (rhodium plated).
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AmericanFreethinker.jpg American Freethinker Pin Price: $7.00
A representation of an American flag with the words "American Freethinker". The pin is approximately 1 inch (2.5cm) long, gold-plated with cloisonne enamel finish. Suitable for display on a jacket, bag, cap or wherever. Lets you demonstrate that NON-believers can be patriotic too.
P-FTFF.gif Freethought Firefighters Pin Price: $7.00
NOW BACK IN STOCK! This exquisite pin is the perfect gift for yourself or that firefighter in your life! It is the official symbol of Freethought Firefighters International; you can read about them here. Wear it with pride! Dimensions: 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) wide x 1 inch (2.54 cm) high.
Invisible pink unicorn camp quest atheist unicorn humanist unicorn pink unicorn  jewelry sticker Invisible Pink Unicorn Lapel Pin Price: $9.00
Invisible Pink Unicorn pin in Gold and Silver. Here is her holy hoofiness depicted on a very attractive lapel pin. A metallic pink unicorn - whatever next? Maybe that's evolution happening before our very eyes... Approx. 1" diameter.
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P-FreedomMarry-Trans.gif Freedom to Marry Lapel Pin Price: $5.00
Freedom to marry means freedom to marry anyone. And trash those bigoted laws that try to tell people who they can and can't love. To even suggest that two grown and consenting adults should not be free to enjoy a life time of commitment and caring is ridiculous. Diameter: 1".
P-PrideSolidarityFlag.gif Pride Solidarity Flag Lapel Pin Price: $5.00
Colorful US Flag will cleverly indicate that you believe in equality for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation. (Isn't that how it should be?!) 1" Diameter.
P-WeddingRings.gif Wedding Rings Rainbow Pin Price: $5.00
A subtle message of 21st century diversity on a 1" (2.5cm) diameter pin!
P-RainbowNation.gif Rainbow Nation Pin Price: $5.00
Slightly less than one inch long. Brightly colored in a rainbow pattern to signify the diversity that has made this a great country. We make these for the human rights office of a local government facility, but they are too good not to offer to our customers. Mixing the outline of the USA with a rainbow pattern does a good job of expressing support for both.
P-UniTealGreenPin.gif Unitarian Symbol, Teal Green on Gold Lapel Pin Price: $7.00
Gold-colored Unitarian logo on a teal green enamel background. Approximately 3/4-inch (1.91 cm) in diameter.
P-GayRightsCivWomyn.gif Gay Rights are Civil Rights, Female, Lapel Pin Price: $5.00
Gay rights are civil rights. This glaringly obvious truth surrounds our Pride Rainbow. Placed over the Rainbow are two female symbols that tell everyone that you refuse to live in a "straight" world. Proudly display this beautiful button and enjoy an beautiful day.
P-SSA.logo.gif Secular Student Alliance Pin Price: $5.00
A pin to show your affiliation and support for the Student Secular Alliance. Big enough to read, small enough to go anywhere, show your membership with pride!
P-PowerToPeaceful.gif Power To the Peaceful Pin Price: $4.00
A combination of the clenched-fist salute and the dream of power lying in the hands of the peaceful. Measures 1" in diameter.
floral peace sign pin The Doors Doug Lubahn Peace Sign, Floral, 1.5 inches Price: $5.00
A large, bright symbol with small flowers etched into its face. Holds firmly on a jacket, bag or cap using 2 soft rubber clasps. This one is loved by the flower power generation!
P-GivePeaceChance.gif Give Peace a Chance, Lapel Pin Price: $4.00
All we are saying is - John Lennon was right! Sing along now, you know the words...
Pin is 1" (2.5cm) in diameter.
P-HumanistLapelPins.gif Humanist Lapel Pin
Here's a stunning Humanist Lapel Pin, available in black on silver, black on gold, or AHA blue on silver designs. Take your pick! Dimensions: 9/16" wide x 1" high.
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P-UniTealGreenPin.gif Unitarian Tie Tack, Teal Price: $9.00
This eye-catching tie tack (with chain) will stop your tie flapping around in the breeze, and is approximately 3/4" in diameter.
Peace Dove with Olive Branch Pin gold rhodium Peace Dove with Olive Branch Pin Price: $20.00
The dove, symbol of peace, gently extending the olive branch of good wishes and friendship. A lovely reminder to do something nice for someone when you can, and bring a sense of peace and tranquility into your life. Pin is Rhodium plated (a precious metal that doesn't tarnish or look worn).
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J-AthPinSil.png Circle Atheist Symbol Lapel Pin Price: $8.00
At an impressive 1" diameter, this lapel pin is the perfect size to be seen but not be overwhelming. It is recognized as a symbol of atheism all over the world. The high luster metal pin is available in your choice of finishes. Click Here for more information regarding the different Atheist symbols.
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P-UniLightBluePin.gif Unitarian Symbol, Light Blue Lapel Pin Price: $7.00
Silver Unitarian logo on a light blue enamel background.
Approximately 3/4-inch (1.91 cm) in diameter.
J-HumTieBar.png Humanist Tie Bar Price: $7.00
Humanist Tie Bar. Don't let your tie go naked! This attractive tie clasp is sure to match most of the ties in your closet! The bar itself measures 2.25", and the Happy Humanist image is 1" long by 5/8" wide. Click on image for a close-up.
P-Patriot4Peace.gif Patriot For Peace, round, Lapel Pin Price: $4.00
A much-needed combination of the concept of Patriotism with a Peace sign. The ideal lapel pin for all of us peace-loving Americans. 1" diameter (2.5cm)
Ecology Flag lapel pin environment earth atmosphere global warming climate change greenhouse gases ocean rise emissions hydrocarbons al gore inconvenient truth Ecology Flag lapel pin Price: $5.00
Ecology Flag lapel pin. Stand up for the natural world with this stylish pin! Green and white on a shiny silver background. Dimensions: approx. 5/8" x 1/2"
P-ISupportSameSex.gif I Support Same-Sex Marriage Pin Price: $4.50
Here's a subtle way display your support for diversity - even when you're all dressed up! Pin measures 1" x 1/2" (2.5cm x 1.3cm)
J-HumTieTackChain.gif Humanist TIE tack with CHAIN Blue and Silver Price: $7.00
Humanist Tie Tack with Chain. A blue Happy Humanist is pictured on a beautiful silver background. It measures 9/16" wide by 1" long with a 2 1/8" chain. Tie clasp backing.
Peace Coin silver Lapel Pin Peace Coin Lapel Pin Price: $4.00
Here's great-looking metallic pin for your lapel. The pin has a unpolished finish and is approximately 1" in diameter. The word peace stands out nicely against the antique coin style background. Muted metallic tones of bronze, copper, and silver (our choice please). Stock up now, because when they're gone, they're gone.
P-PeaceFlagLapel.gif Peace Flag Lapel Pin, 1.5 inch Price: $5.00
Dimensions: 1-1/2" x 1" This flag design is also available as an emblem, a sticker, a T-shirt, and a sew-on patch.

P-PeaceHandFlag.gif Peace Hand with Flag Pattern Lapel Pin Price: $3.50
This is a small version of the 2 fingered peace sign with a U.S. flag laying inside the symbol. Pin measures approximately .75" long by .5" wide.
P-PeaceSignChrome.gif Peace Sign Chrome Lapel Pin Price: $4.00
A relatively small and classy looking peace sign lapel pin. Measures .75" in diameter.
P-PeaceGlobe.gif Peace Sign over Globe Lapel Pin Price: $4.00
A stylish depiction of planet earth with a peace sign laying over it. Diameter: approx. 1"
P-PeaceSignSmallBlack.gif Peace Sign, Black Lapel Pin Price: $4.50
A very small peace sign lapel pin in silver with a black background. Measures .5" in diameter.
P-StopUsAggression.gif Stop US Aggression Abroad Lapel Pin Price: $3.50
Which other country inflicts so much death and destruction on other sovereign nations? Not Iraq, North Korea, Venezuela, China or France, that's for sure...Measures 1" in diameter.
War is Terrorism Too Iraq Afghanistan Iran Syria Venezuela Lapel pin War is Terrorism Too Lapel Pin Price: $3.50
Because war terrorizes, even if we do it. How can we set a moral example for the world if we just carry on bombing and killing relentlessly? This silver peace sign and slogan is on a black enamel background. Measures 1" in diameter.
P-GayRightsCivMale.gif Gay Rights are Civil Rights, Male, Lapel Pin Price: $5.00
Gay rights are civil rights. This glaringly obvious truth surrounds our Pride Rainbow. Placed over the Rainbow are two male symbols that tell everyone that you refuse to live in a "straight" world. Proudly display this beautiful button and enjoy an beautiful day.
P-AllCure.gif All I Want Is The Cure Pin Price: $3.00
A unique pin requested by a good friend who was tired of losing friends to AIDS. The pin is 3/4-inch (1.91 cm) across with gold-plated lettering on a lavender enamel background. The words "all I want" appear in the center with "is the cure and my friends back" running around the border.
P-UniBurg-Pin.gif Unitarian Symbol, Burgundy Lapel Pin Price: $9.00
Gold Unitarian logo on dark red enamel; lapel pin or tie clasp with chain.
Approximately 3/4-inch (1.91 cm) in diameter. As of April 2014, we don't have any of these lapel pins left. But we do have the same design as a tie tack. Same basic item, but the post if about 1/8 inch longer. Works great for a coat lapel. Not so good on a thin shirt. See them at.. http://www.evolvefish.com/fish/pins.html#1341
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