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Patches for Peace, Atheism, Freethought, Flying Spaghetti Monster!

cool patch for your denim jacket, jeans or backpack? We have peace patches, atheist patches, ohm patches, FSM patches...in an ever growing collection! Iron-on or sew-on, take your pick! The iron-ons do not do well on leather.
M-AtheistNewPatch.gif Circle Atheist Logo Patch Price: $5.00
Here's an iron-on patch featuring the circular inclusive atheist symbol. Wear this one with pride next to your Peace patch! The image is gray on your choice of a white (pictured), blue, or red background. (This patch is not embroidered, but manufactured much like screen printing with our special dye process.) Diameter about 3".
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Cthulhu H P Lovecraft Necronomicon mythos monster patch clothing Cthulhu Fish Patch, gold and silver on navy Price: $5.00
Anyone who has enjoyed curling up with one of Lovecraft's poetic tales of terror will recognize the Cthulhu! A monster of his imagination, (or was it?!), the Cult of the Cthulhu has been calling to us. This beautifully embroidered iron-on tribute will certainly appease him upon his return! Measures 2" x 4".
coexist toxic fiction religious symbol parady parody freethought atheist progressive patch Toxic Patch, red on black Price: $5.00
Sometimes coexistence just isn't enough! For those who know that religion poisons minds, starts wars, and cause people to do stupid things, wear this patch with pride! It subtly points out that religion is a "toxic" poison. Beautifully embroidered iron-on patch measures 2" x 4".
E-EvoPatch.gif Evolve Patch Price: $5.00
The classic Evolve Fish complete with his wrench!Embroidered patch in classic neutral tones measures 4 x 1-1/5" (10.2cm x 3.8cm). Easy iron-on.
coexist patch coexist symbol religious signs jewish muslin christain  fabric patch coexist symbols religious symbols atheist Coexist patch Price: $5.00
An iron-on, embroidered, fabric patch featuring the ever-popular 'Coexist' image! Dimensions: approx. 3-1/2" x 1-3/8"
Humanist Patches atheist non-believer agnostic godless Humanist Patch Price: $5.00
These Humanist patches come in oval or rectangular shapes. Choose the shape you want and tell us your color preference for the logo. We'll print 'em out, you iron 'em on! These patches look great on your denim jacket or school backpack.
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patch trex tyrannosaurus eating christian fish clothing freethought parody archeology dinosaur T-Rex Patch, green on black Price: $5.00
Here he is, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex gorging on an easy meal - the Christian fish! Brilliant green on a black background, this embroidered, 3" iron-on patch is a perfect partner to our T-Rex emblem and dinosaur vinyl!
american atheists athiests freethinker symbol freethought progressive at alliance Circle Atheist Patch, silver on black Price: $5.00
The new symbol representing Atheism and Atheists all over the world stands out as a metallic silver and black patch! Measuring 3" in diameter, it is the perfect size to adorn pants, jackets, hats, and backpacks. Beautifully embroidered; easy iron-on.
M-FSMPatchIron-on.png Flying Spaghetti Monster Patch Price: $8.00
Identify yourself to the world as a devout Pastafarian and FSM follower with this cool iron-on patch. This creation god, developed to offer another alternative to evolution in Kansas, is the ideal statement for forward-thinking 21st century bikers! Aaaargghh... White on black embroidered patch. Dimensions approx. 4" x 2".
Pirate Fish FSM Flying Spaghetti Monster Patch Iron-on Noodle Pirate Fish Patch Price: $8.00
Aaaaarrrgghh!! Show your noodly disdain for global warming with this cool patch. Iron it on, then wear it with pride. We're all pirates at heart! Beautiful white on black embroidered patch measures 3.5" x 2.25"
Kokopelli sew-on Patch Anasazi Colorado Kokopelli Patch Price: $6.00
The mischievous south western Kokopelli spirit is back, and this time he's on a cool black and white embroidered patch. All fun-lovin' bikers need one of these on the back of their jackets! Measures 3" in diameter. Easy iron-on.
M-PeacePatches.gif Peace Patches Price: $4.95
Here are some great iron-on Peace Patches, available in shocking pink, green, blue, or rainbow tie-dyed style colors. These heat-transfer printed Peace Patches are for folks of every peace-loving persuasion! Diameter about 3".
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M-DawkinsPatchrot.gif Dawkins A Atheist Patch Price: $5.00
Our Dawkins Atheist Patch features the infamous A symbol in classic red on either a blue or black 3" patch. Richard Dawkins, famous freethinker and author, and his foundation created the symbol to encourage atheists and agnostics to come forward to speak their minds and freely proclaim their beliefs. Diameter about 3"; easy iron-on.
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M-DawkinsAembroidered.gif Dawkins A Embroidered Patch Price: $7.00
Here we have another version of the Dawkin's A atheist symbol carefully stiched and embroidered in vibrant red on a classic black background. Measures 3" in diameter. Easy iron-on.
M-WicArmyPatch.gif Wiccan Army 13th Airborne Patch Price: $6.00
This white on black embroidered patch will identify you as a member of the "13th Airborne" unit of the Wiccan Army. The design includes a broom-mounted trooper and a couple of well-placed pentacles. Fun for military bases as well as any Pagan's vestments. Measures 3" x 4" (7.6cm x 10.2cm). Easy iron-on patch.
M-OhmPatchWeb.gif Ohm on Lotus Background Patch Price: $5.00
This colorful embroidered patch features the ever-popular Ohm image on a webbed background of lotus leaves. Intricately detailed, it's vibrant hues offer a colorful expression. Ohm, or Aum/Om, is the "breath of the universe." Measures 3" in diameter. Easy iron-on patch.
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