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•What is partnering with EvolveFISH?

Do you run a Freethought group in your area? Perhaps you're the admin of an Atheist/Freethought/Progressive Facebook page or any number of community/internet groups that support the advancement of science and reason? Well then, EvolveFISH.com would like to partner with you!

When you partner with EvolveFISH we will create a custom coupon code specifically for your group, good for 10% off on ALL* orders placed at EvolveFISH.com! This coupon will not expire and can be used at any time by you and your members. (*excludes Wholesale orders)

But that's not all! In addition to 10% off on all orders, YOUR GROUP will receive a 10% Commission on every order that comes through with your specific coupon code! (excludes Wholesale orders)

All we ask is that you distribute the code to your members through whatever means is convenient for you. A monthly post on Facebook for example, or perhaps a link on your web page. We can even make a custom graphic for your site, like the green one pictured at the bottom of the page. We'll also place a link to your group on our partners page so that all of our customers have an opportunity to check you out as well!

The ultimate goal of partnering is to help spread the ideals of freethought to as wide an audience as possible. This process provides a dual benefit to your group. Not only do your members receive a 10% discount by shopping at EvolveFISH, but by using your custom coupon code, they ensure that a 10% portion of that sale goes directly to your group in the form of a commission check (Other commission methods are available if a check is not doable, inquire in e-mail) ! And remember, the more orders that come through with your coupon code, the larger your commission check will be!

•How can my group partner with EvolveFISH?

Simply send an email to Order105@evolveFISH.com with the following information:

Subject : "Partner with EvolveFISH - [Your Group]"

Organization Name : Include full group name as well as any abbreviations

Link to your webpage(s) : Include any relevant links. Official pages, Facebook, Meetup, etc.

Description of your group : Describe the kind of group you are. Are you strictly facebook? Are you a physical group or organization? What are your group's goals? Where are you primarily located/based? Any information that gives us an idea of how we can work with you and help promote your group will be great.

Ad distribution: Let us know how you plan to hand out your custom coupon code. Will it be an ad on your site? A monthly facebook post? An e-mail newsletter? .

Ad information: If you need us to make a custom ad for your site, please let us know what size (in pixels). We can help find this size if needed.

How many Members/Likes/Followers? : A rough headcount of your group.

How did you hear about EvolveFISH & Partnering? : Are you a regular customer that stumbled on the link? Did you hear about us from a friend? Let us know!

Contact Information : Contact e-mails and/or phone numbers for your group's leadership or representatives. As well as who we should make the checks out to.

Mailing Address : For use when sending commission checks.

Checks Payable to : Who should we make the check out to? For example, your group name, your treasurer, etc.

Any other important info : Anything else that you would like us to know about your group that was not addressed above; things like up coming events, special requests, etc.



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You can also feel free to call us at 1-800-386-5846 with any questions you may have!




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