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Science & DNA

Science and DNA - One is the building block of life, and the other is the way discover the truth about the universe. From Toys to Stickers to Magnets and shirts. These products are sure to spark anyone's interest in science!

DNA Puzzle One Large Spiral double helix chromosomes DNA Puzzle - One Large Spiral Price: $5.98
DNA Puzzle - One Large Spiral. Now your science-obsessed kids can learn the shape of DNA by assembling this bold DNA helix design on the coffee table! 300 pieces, Dimensions approx: 15" x 10" (38cm x 26cm)
DNA Puzzle Two Small Spirals double helix chromosomes DNA Puzzle - Two Small Spirals Price: $5.98
DNA Puzzle - Two Small Spirals. Here is a 300-piece puzzle featuring two intertwined spirals of DNA, floating over a digitized background. A meeting of biology and technology! Dimensions approx: 15" x 10" (38cm x 26cm)
DNA Playing Cards double helix spiral X-Y chromosomes DNA Playing Cards Price: $6.00
DNA Playing Cards. This is definitely the safest way to play around with your DNA! Even the greatest scientists need a break from time to time, so here we bring you a full deck of brightly-colored playing cards. Whether you're busy mapping the human genome, or merely gambling away family heirlooms, these cool cards allow science to help you play a winning hand!
DNA Coil with Tail and Head, sticker 10 inch helix DNA Coil with Tail and Head, sticker 10 inch Price: $2.00
DNA Coil with Tail and Head, sticker 10 inch. DNA connects fish to man, to every other species. All have the DNA spiral structure as their basic cellular building block, and this sticker brilliantly highlights that common thread.
DNA earrings helix silver hook wire french helix spiral atheist jewlery dna earrings dna jewlery silver earrings DNA earrings, Silver Tone Price: $15.99
DNA earrings, Silver Tone. These earrings are big enough to make a statement, but light enough to actually be comfortable! Earrings measures just over 1" in length and 1/2" in width. Hook style ear wires come with clear plastic backing.
DNA Double Helix model deoxyribonucleic acid DNA Double Helix model Price: $49.95
DNA Double Helix model. This is probably the finest DNA model on the market. This model is great fun for kids to assemble, makes a very valuable learning tool, and is a very impressive model once finished. This DNA model is 14" high x 5" wide, and the parts are made of durable plastic, with three steel rods on the sides for support. Comes with labels for each part of the structure, which makes it perfect for budding biologists. Every science classroom needs one of these!
DNA Fish emblem  car DNA auto emblem helix spiral deoxyribonucleic acid XX XY chromosomes DNA Fish emblem Price: $7.00
DNA Fish emblem. Here's a new helix-y, spiral-y emblem for your doctor's or biology professor's car! Measuring 6-1/4" long by 2" tall, this cool DNA emblem shows you're a forward-thinking, science-loving realist, who prefers rational inquiry and investigation, to dark ages superstition.
M-DNATattoos.png DNA Temporary Tattoos, Set of 10 Price: $1.00
Set of 10 1.25" DNA helix tattoos. Great for budding scientists! Teachers can give them out to students when studying biology, or any time as a reward!
T-DNAisLife.png DNA is Life! t-shirt Price: $20.00
"DNA is Life! The rest is just translation." As any scientist would tell you, this is absolutely true! We offer this in a variety of styles and colors, with full color DNA helix with red text.
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M-DNACard.gif DNA Greeting Cards Price: $0.00
DNA themed greeting cards! Choose from a blue or gray background. Intentionally left blank so you can write a message for any occasion! Card measures 5" x 7". Choose from the single card for $1.50 or the pack of 8 for $8.95.
G-MerryXmasScience.gif Merry Xmas Science Sleigh magnet with evolved team pulling Price: $3.90
Merry Xmas Science Sleigh magnet with evolved team pulling it to bring home the concept of Science this holiday season. The design has a evolving series of humanoids pull the Xmas sleigh that shows a DNA design and the word Science. We did have "Santa" on the sleigh, but we dumped him out in favor of something more real. We also have this design as a greeting card; you can view it here.
S-WhatSchoolsGreen.png What Schools Need Is A Moment Of Science Sticker
What an obvious statement. Science in Schools. But here we are having to fight to keep it there. This message does "attack" anyone or any concept. Science. You can't get more positive than that. We also offer a smaller version of this sticker. Let's keep our schools' science classes free from nonsensical religious dogma! Available as a regular size sticker (11 inches/ 28cm) or a mini. We also offer this sticker on a magnetic backing.
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