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Science & DNA

Science and DNA - One is the building block of life, and the other is the way discover the truth about the universe. From Toys to Stickers to Magnets and shirts. These products are sure to spark anyone's interest in science!

S-MedSci.gif Medicine-Science+$$$=Homeopathy sticker Price: $2.00
Most skeptics are opposed to the idea of finding a simpler, cheaper way to cure aliments. The only thing is, they require Evidence! Silly skeptics! People may think they are saving money by going to the natural store. How much are you really saving when you'll either need "real" medicine later, or you would've had the same results with placebo? Here is a nice, simple equation that says it all!
G-MedSciHome.gif Medicine-Science+$$$=Homeopathy magnet Price: $3.90
Most skeptics are opposed to the idea of finding a simpler, cheaper way to cure aliments. The only thing is, they require Evidence! Silly skeptics! People may think they are saving money by going to the natural store. How much are you really saving when you'll either need "real" medicine later, or you would've had the same results with placebo? Here is a nice, simple equation that says it all!
M-DNAHelixKeyCopp.png Copper DNA Helix Keychain Price: $8.00
This stunning copper colored keychain features an embossed DNA helix. It measures 1" wide by 2" long, and 4.75" long with the attached keyring. We have a number of DNA themed products for you to showcase your knowledge of and appreciation for science!
DNA Blinker Pull flashing helix spiral luggage tag DNA Blinker Pull Price: $4.00
The DNA Blinker Pull has a colorful, twisted double-helix that blinks on and off. You can use this as a zipper pull, a keychain, or even put it on your luggage to identify it more easily. These do not use any batteries - they have a tiny solar cell which uses ambient light alone.
s-ScienceFlies.png Science Flies To The Moon... sticker Price: $2.00
Science Flies To The Moon... sticker. Some people do the most horrific and irrational things in the name of religion - believing that there's something better waiting for them in an imaginary 'afterlife'. We'd rather subscribe to peaceful scientific progress and discovery, every time. Dimensions: 8.5" x 3.5"
S-ScienceSalv2.gif Science is Our Salvation sticker Price: $2.00
Has Jesus ever really saved anyone? Do you pray when you get ill, or do you visit a doctor? Make a common-sense statement with this eye-catching, premium quality, custom-made 11" x 3" sticker. Political freethought pro-science sticker.
S-Science2Fish.jpg Science-Ixoye Double Fish Price: $2.00
Graphic of Science fish eating Ixoye fish, white on black.
To read the thought and see some of the other designs by the person who cooked up this image, click here.
We have these stickers in full-size (11-1/4" x 3" / 28.6cm x 7.6cm).
Full-Size $2.00
M-DNAHelixCube-box.jpg DNA Molecule Display Crystal Optical Cube Price: $35.95
An optically perfect crystal cube with a 3-dimensional DNA molecule etched into the center. The Self-Replicating Molecule DNA's structure is shown here, giving the location of the atoms and bonding in the two sugar-phosphate backbones and the central bases. Hydrogen bonds hold the bases (rungs) together. About thirty five base pairs are shown, which is a tiny fragment of a real gene. This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into an optically perfect crystal. At 1.25" square by 3 3/4" tall it makes a convenient paperweight. This has many uses, perfect as a gift, great for classroom demonstrations, even better to just enjoy this work of art. This comes in a great presentation box.
M-NeckTieDNAblue.png DNA Neck Tie Price: $18.00
Here's a spiralling DNA molecule, represented in shiny silver vinyl on a top-quality, pale blue or black tie. Perfect for the science-supporting suit-wearer, and it looks especially good with your white lab coat!
More Info
M-DNAStripedTie.png Striped Helix DNA Tie Price: $12.00
Three dimensional striped DNA helix tie. This tie has vibrant blue hues with a helix that truly stands out! Black and blue stripes with a blue helix which fades out on the top and bottom. Great gift for a science lover!
M-DNA-Tie-in-box.gif Blue DNA Helix Neck Tie Price: $21.95
This clever DNA helix tie has been immensely popular! Even the God of Reason himself, Richard Dawkins, was snapped wearing it on his latest visit to Colorado Springs! Click on image to see his handsome self.
M-DNAWordsTie.png Scientific Terms DNA Tie, black with multi colors Price: $21.95
Scientific Terms DNA Tie. Your favorite science professor or family doctor will love this premium-quality, black tie. Both front and rear of the tie are covered in bold, colorful words related to DNA research, So many learning opportunities, too. Wearing this will make you the undisputed star of the faculty party!
J-DNA3DHelixPend dna helix pendent dna necklace dna helix pendant dna jewlery science jewlery 3d dna helix silver neklace DNA 3D Helix Pendant Price: $39.95
DNA Pendant. This silver tone pendant is an impressive 1.75" long (with bail) and 3/8" wide. It is a good choice for those who want to make a bold statement! The shine of the finish and helix details make it a perfect gift for yourself or other jewelry enthusiast! Comes with 18" chain that can be shortened to 16".
DNA Cufflinks double helix chromosomes spiral dna jewlery atheist cuff links fancy dna jewlery DNA Cufflinks Price: $17.95
DNA Cloisonne Cufflinks. This is a pair of gold-colored double helixes with colorful enamel to be worn with pride! OK guys - it can dress up any boring suit and show you have a fun side, as well as show you are a man of intelligence! So flaunt it! Dimensions: 1" x 3/8" Choose from the traditional colored enamel on gold tone (shown), or cufflinks that are entirely golden.
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J-DNA3DHelixCuff.gif DNA 3D Helix Cufflinks Price: $55.95
DNA Helix Cufflinks. These cufflinks are sure to make a bold statement! The helix measures .75" long and .25" wide and have standard cufflink fittings. A substantial piece of craftsmanship, they are an excellent choice for scientists, teachers, freethinkers, and anyone who values biology! This set of two silver tone cufflinks come in a velvet gift box.
J-SterSilvHelPend.gif Small DNA Helix Pendant, 1" Silver Tone Price: $35.00
This is our newest DNA helix pendant. Measuring 1 1/8" long with bail, and .5" wide, it is a small but elegant twisted helix that makes a big impression! Silver tone, and looks great with any of our sterling silver chains, which you can view here.
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dna helix genome chromosome science scientist biology silver Small DNA Helix Earrings, 1" Silver Tone Price: $48.00
These three-dimensional DNA helixes measure a scant .75" long by .25" wide, and are the perfect size to adorn science-loving lobes! They are lightweight with great shine.Light on the ear but heavy on style. You can view the matching pendant here.
J-DNAGoldEnamEarSM dna earrings atheist earrings colorful jewlery science jewlery atheist earrings atheist jewlery DNA Earrings, Gold Tone with Enamel (multi color) Price: $13.95
DNA Earrings, Gold Tone with Enamel (multi color). These earrings match our DNA gold tone enamel pendants, as well as the cufflinks! (What a stylish couple you could make!) Earrings measure 1.25" in length and 3/8" in width. Wire hooks.
DNA Lapel Pin double helix chromosomes spiral Gold DNA Lapel Pin Price: $6.00
DNA Cloisonne Lapel Pin. Here's a gold-colored pin with enamel that looks great on the lapel of your labcoat or anywhere else! Plus, it stands out well, just begging for others to ask "hey, what is that?". And then you can bedazzle them with your intelligence, and make one small step to advancing scientific knowledge. Dimensions: 1" x 3/8"
DNA Is Life sticker double helix building blocks of life DNA Is Life sticker Price: $2.00
DNA Is Life sticker. As The Constitution is America, so deoxyribonucleic acid is the chemical building block of life! The classic double-helix structure has become a popular symbol for science and progress. You may be straight, but your DNA will always be curly! Dimensions: 10" x 3"
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