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American Atheists, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, educational organization dedicated to the complete and absolute separation of state and church, accepting the explanation of Thomas Jefferson that the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was meant to create a "wall of separation" between state and church. The organization has existed since 1963, and has worked tirelessly to promote equality for all regardless of religious conviction (or lack thereof). You can read more about this organization on their homepage here.

We are excited to carry products with the recognized Atom logo in the hopes that they will continue to spark conversations and free thinking, as well as just look good!

American atheist earrings ear rings atheism ear ring atheist atom earring American Atheists Atom Earrings Price: $20.00
Don't think of these dainty earrings as a "statement for Atheism." Think of them as exquisite - because that's the best description. They will add a sparkle to your look at any occasion. Your choice of 14K gold plating or rhodium plating (rhodium is similar to silver in look and feel, but doesn't tarnish and wears longer). Hook ear wire for pierced ears; measures .75" (1.9 cm) in diameter.

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P-AANecklaceS.png American Atheists Atom Necklace/Pendant Price: $14.00 American Atheists Atom Necklace/Pendant
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This stylish Atheist Atom pendant is available in two finishes; a gold plate or silver plating (the silver plating is really Rhodium, a metal similar to the look and feel of silver but doesn't tarnish and wears better.) We offer a 1" diameter version for $14.00 and a 1 5/8" diameter version for $18.00. Both arrive with a matching chain.
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Q-AtheistSymbolBK.gif Atheist Atom Symbol Vinyl Cut-Out Sticker Price: $4.00 Atheist Atom Symbol Vinyl Cut-Out Sticker
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The Atheist Atom! Science and Atheism woven together in this beautiful symbol! Perfect on your car, lap top, or anywhere you can find to stick it! Based on Madalyn Murray O'Hare's personal preferences. Choose from a 4" or a 2" version, or other sizes that we offer on the drop-down menu. This is one of the most popular atheist symbols, and the oldest.
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J-CeramicAthAtomdetail atheist atom necklace atheist atom jewlery american atheist pendant made in the USA hand made jewlery American Atheist Ceramic Pendant with Cord Price: $18.00
The American Atheist Atom is displayed in beautiful color on a high-quality ceramic pendant. Hues of blue compliment the black design and make this truly a statement piece. Pendant measures approximately 1.75" in diameter. Each pendant is hand-made by a California artisan; please allow for some variation. Select the cord length you need from the drop down box below; the standard length is 18". Click on image for a close-up of the design.
atheist atom symbol atheism car emblem badge atom with A humanist car atheism freethought godless american atheist atom symbol Atheist Atom Emblem Price: $7.00
The American Atheist Atom Symbol available as an emblem! In full silver metallic finish, the emblem measures 3.5" in both length and width, and properly showcases the symbol in exquisite detail. Read more about American Atheists here, and be sure to click on the image for more information on this historic symbol. Magnetic backing not available.
P-AAPinS.png Atheist Atom Pin Price: $14.00
The widely recognized Atheist Atom symbol in your choice of finishes. Choose either a 14K gold finish or a rhodium-plated finish, which is similar in color, weight, and feel to silver, but doesn't tarnish or damage as easily. Diameter: 1"

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American Atheists Atom freethought nonbeliever freethinker agnostic dog tag beaded stainless steel chain Atheist Atom Dog Tag Price: $10.00
The American Atheists atom is a well recognized symbol of the Atheist Movement. This dog tag has a crisp, contrasting image that will stand out nicely. Comes with a 24" stainless steel beaded chain. Tag dimensions: 2" x 1".
Click Here for more information regarding the different Atheist symbols.
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