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Welcome to the page of stuff that didn't fall neatly into any of our other categories. Here you'll find games, puppets, fire-breathing nuns, crystal cubes, and a whole bunch of fun stuff you just won't find anywhere else! So have a laugh and enjoy shopping...
M-DarwinCrystalCube.gif Charles Darwin Crystal Optical Cube Price: $35.00
This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into a perfect crystal. It's an impressive 2.5 x 2.5 x 3" and is hefty, weighing in at almost 2 pounds. While it of course makes a convenient paperweight, it is a beautiful work of art that would do any scientist's, student's, or creative thinker's desk proud. Arrives in satin lined box ready to gift.
Playing Gods board game Playing Gods: The Game Price: $35.99
The earthly and divine realms meet in Playing Gods. Whether wreaking disasters of biblical proportions on innocent populations or bestowing providence and goodwill, the gods have ever made sport and pawns of mankind. For 2-5 players, age 14 and up. Click for more info on how the game is played.
M-GalileoBobbleHeadDETIAL.png Galileo Galilei Bobble Head Sculpture Price: $24.95
What collection of great scientists would be complete without famous astronomer, physicist, and forward thinker Galileo?! Cast in quality polyresin and then hand painted, it arrives in a collectible box featuring fun facts about the astronomer and scientist and a full-color photo. Measures 7" tall.
Playing Gods board game expansion deck cards Playing Gods - Expansion Deck Price: $4.99
For Playing Gods players who wish to delve even deeper into the bottomless well of blasphemy, we offer an Expansion Pack with 30 deluxe cards specific to the five major religions. They provide special attacks and defenses and are easily incorporated into the existing rules and card decks.
M-PlyGdFgurns.gif Deluxe Gods Figurines for Playing Gods Game Price: $25.00
While the pawns that come with the Playing Gods game are already highly detailed, for true masterpieces you can get The Limited Edition Idols. They are hand made in the USA from high quality, incredibly detailed rubber molds and measure 3" tall. Also can be hand painted and given as gifts!
Christ Killer Priest Killer Kachina Hopi Native American Catholic Pope Priest Killer Kachina by Hopi artist Price: $750.00
This gallery quality sculpture was hand-carved from dried and seasoned cottonwood root by an artist of the Hopi tribe. Measuring 12" high and arriving on a 5" wooden base, this piece is quite substantial. IT has been meticulously hand painted and sports leather accents. The legend of the priest killer is fascinating; you can read all about it on the more info page.
comics godless freethought atheist carlin leaflet tract pamphlet brochure hand out Godless Comics Price: $3.00
These pint-sized 3" x 5" comic books are the perfect size to hand out to zealots, family, friends, co-workers, annoying in-laws, you name it! They are the proud production of Godless Comics. Read more about them, and check out a preview in our more info section. Each is approximately 12 pages.
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If You Are Here to Share News About Jesus... We Are Not Home Door Mat If You Are Here to Share News About Jesus... We Are Not Home Door Mat Price: $25.00
Here's a more humorous door mat for the proselytizers that come knocking at your door. At least this way they might catch a clue if you don't answer the door when they come knocking.
This tough rubber-backed door mat is approx. 24" x 18"
Dear Missionary Door Mat Dear Missionary Door Mat Price: $25.00
Here's a considerate door mat for those folks unfortunate enough to live in areas frequented by proselytizers. The message is simple and clear. See if the proselytizers can get your message before they try to waste your time with theirs.
This tough rubber-backed door mat is approx. 24" x 18"
M-DNAHelStat.gif DNA Helix Statue, 7 tall Price: $16.00
This charming 7" full color, high quality plastic statue makes a great desk accessory. Also would complement a science themed chotchke shelf.
M-MCurieBobbleHeadDETAIL.png Madame Marie Curie Bobble Head Price: $24.95
The famous Madame Curie was a pioneer in the field of Chemistry and specifically radioactivity (a term she coined). She discovered two elements - radium and polonium, and won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911. This 7" tall bobblehead pays her great tribute and is decorative reverence for any science lover!
Atheist Money rubber stamp dollar note bill gift freethought novelty Atheist Money Rubber Stamp Price: $17.50
This self-inking rubber stamp produces a blue box which outlines the text "Atheist Money." You can have great fun marking our precious currency, which was horribly defaced back in the 1950's by sly fundamentalists!!! Click on image for a close-up.
M-AtheistWinHang.gif Atheist On Board Window Placard Price: $3.00
This 5 x 5 inch (12.7 x 12.7 cm) rigid plastic placard comes with a suction cup for attachment to the inside of windows.
M-MendelCrystalCube.gif Gregor Mendel Crystal Optical Cube Price: $35.00
Gregor Mendel Crystal. This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into a crystal. Whether you use it as a paperweight or an objet d'art, it is sure to make an impressive statement! For another view, click on the image. Arrives in satin lined box ready to gift. Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 3".
M-DarwinMagneticFingerPup.gif Charles Darwin Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet Price: $6.00
On your finger, it's a puppet; on your fridge, it's a magnet! It's the Charles Darwin magnetic personality finger puppet. The finger puppet is 4 inches tall by about 4 inches wide (10 x 10 cm) and made of soft cloth.
M-DevilMagFinP.png Devil Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet Price: $6.00
Turn your idle hands into the Devil's workshop with this Devil finger puppet! On your finger, he's a puppet; on your fridge, he's a magnet!
M-GandhiMagFinP.gif Gandhi Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet Price: $6.00
Lead your people to freedom, and non-violently at that, with our Gandhi finger puppet. A Great Soul to add to your finger puppet collection. About 4" tall.
M-EinsteinMagFinP.gif Einstein Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet Price: $6.00
The fuzzy-haired genius is back in playful puppet form. Put on your best faux Austrian accent and have hours of fun trying to explain the Theory of Relativity.
M-FreudMagFinP.gif Freud Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet Price: $6.00
At 4" tall, Freud is just the right size for a finger puppet show! Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes a puppet makes a great learning tool! Magnetic, so he can watch over you from the filing cabinet in your cubicle...
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