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Welcome to the page of stuff that didn't fall neatly into any of our other categories. Here you'll find games, puppets, fire-breathing nuns, crystal cubes, and a whole bunch of fun stuff you just won't find anywhere else! So have a laugh and enjoy shopping...
M-TattTreeLifePea.gif Tree of Life/Peace Tattoos Price: $3.00
Tree of Life/Peace Symbol Celtic Design Tattoos. Great for kids of all ages, these highly illustrated temporary tattoos make a unique fashion statement! This pack features a Celtic knotwork peace symbol and tree of life design, each measuring 2 1/8" in diameter. There is also a line design with a triquetra in the center; this one measures 4 1/4" long by 3/4" wide and would be great for upper arms, ankles, and wrists. Four small brown floral appliques complete the package. Click on image for a close up of the amazing designs!.
M-H1N1OptCube.gif H1N1 Virus Crystal Optical Cube Price: $39.95
Ever wondered what the H1N1 virus really looks like? Wonder no more since here it is presented artistically as a beautiful virus. You can see the shape with the receptor sites sticking out. The protein coat is obvious - just a wonderful example of what this nasty virus really looks like. This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into an optically perfect crystal. At 3" square, it makes a convenient paperweight. Any who sees this magnificent sculpture will be instantly drawn to it's beauty. One of a kind, this is something you will fall in love with at first sight.
M-ChromOptCube.gif Human Chromosome Crystal Optical Cube Price: $49.95
This is an optical cube of human chromosomes. This 80 mm x 80 mm (3.2 inches) solid glass cube contains as 46 human chromosomes. It is very heavy. The only one of its kind anywhere This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into an optically perfect crystal. At 3" square, it makes a convenient paperweight. Any who sees this magnificent sculpture will be instantly drawn to it's beauty. One of a kind, this is something you will fall in love with at first sight. This is modeled after actual scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of human chromsomes. These are the real thing. Click on the name or picture for more details.
M-DNAHelixCube-box.jpg DNA Molecule Display Crystal Optical Cube Price: $35.95
An optically perfect crystal cube with a 3-dimensional DNA molecule etched into the center. The Self-Replicating Molecule DNA's structure is shown here, giving the location of the atoms and bonding in the two sugar-phosphate backbones and the central bases. Hydrogen bonds hold the bases (rungs) together. About thirty five base pairs are shown, which is a tiny fragment of a real gene. This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into an optically perfect crystal. At 1.25" square by 3 3/4" tall it makes a convenient paperweight. This has many uses, perfect as a gift, great for classroom demonstrations, even better to just enjoy this work of art. This comes in a great presentation box.
KochBrosPack.gif Boycott Koch Brothers Activist Pack
Action-packed fun for the hands on activist! The Koch brothers represent everything that is wrong in this country. Rich white guys who want less government, less regulation, more god and even more poor people! They are not only major contributors to the Tea Party, but are the movement's initial funding source! Click the title for info on what's included.
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ReplaceFeetSticker12.png Replacement Fish Feet Vinyl Sticker (6-pack) Price: $2.50
Has your evolved fish been the victim of a hate crime? Was it left limping with one or no legs? Fix it with new vinyl feet! We're now offering replacement legs for all your fish. In the event of deformity, or simply an evolutionary throwback, these feet will give your fish the mobility it needs. Sold in packs of six pairs, these attractive silver vinyl feet will fit snugly and permanently under any emblem.
M-GetOutofHellFree.jpg Get Out of Hell Free Card Price: $2.00
This bright orange, heavy cardstock business-sized card is the perfect retort for sanctimonious busybodies concerned about the ultimate disposition of your soul! Also a fun icebreaker at parties, as well as an eyebrow raising "gift" in holiday greeting cards. Pack of 10 cards.
M-GetOutofHellFreeStamps.jpg Get Out of Hell Free Stamp Sheet Price: $1.50
A sheet of 25 self-adhesive "Get Out of Hell Free" stamps, suitable for jazzing up your mailing envelopes and other correspondence. (Word to the wise: not valid for postage!) Individual stamp dimensions: 3/4 x 1/2 inches (1.9cm x 1.3cm). If you've purchased these, tell us where you've stuck 'em!
M-GetOutofHellFreeWallet.jpg Plastic "Get Out of Hell Free" wallet card Price: $4.00
A personal salvation card guaranteeing your soul's escape from (un)holy damnation. Carry it around in your wallet or purse - you never know when you might need it! Made from tough plastic, the same size and shape as a regular credit card. 3-3/8" x 2-1/8".
monkey primate chimpanzee statue kid children child scientist anthropologist sculpture resin statue Monkey Bobble Head Sculpture Price: $9.95
An icon of the evolutionary process, it is the perfect gift for children and adults alike, especially those leaning towards science and reason. Monkey statue is cast in quality designer resin, then meticulously hand painted to capture every detail. Sculpture measures 4" high and comes on a pedestal base.
sir isaac newton statue kid children child scientist physicist gravity laws of motion sculpture resin statue apple Sir Isaac Newton Bobble Head Sculpture Price: $24.95
We are proud to offer this 7" tall exquisitely hand crafted sculpture of one of the world's most famous physicists. Cast in quality polyresin and then hand painted, it is a proud addition to any collection or curio. Box is also a collectible and features fun facts about this great scientist.
FSM flying spaghetti monster pirate fish atheist parody kansas pastafarian FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster) Belt Buckle Price: $24.99
Proudly wear the Flying Spaghetti Monster on your pants! Declare your Pastafarian beliefs to all. Antique bronze finish. Buckle measures 3" long x 2" wide.
M-EdenPassport.gif Passport to Garden of Eden Notebook Price: $4.00
This clever little "passport" is actually a 64-page notebook. It measures 3.5" by 5" and is slim enough to fit easily in any pocket or purse. Perfect for little love notes too! Inside front cover asks for actual passport facts in both English and Aramaic. The inside back cover features fun quips that are sure to evoke smiles!
Colorado-fire_1.jpg Colorado Humanist Fire Donation Price: $10.00
Lots of Humanists and Atheists are asking for a way to donate to help folks in Colorado's current fire storm. We live on the edge of the burn area and several members of our group have been evacuated and are worried about the status of their homes and animals. Becky Hale, President of AHA and a founder of our local Humanist Action League will be buying needed supplies putting the donated money to good use. If you want to give more than $ 10, just increase the number of donations. An accounting of the money will be posted at HumanistActionLeague.com and EvolveFISH.com
M-DarwinCardFront.png Charles Darwin Quotable Notables Price: $3.50
This card features the intelligent world's favorite evolutionist, Charlie Darwin, with his primate pal. It comes with a sheet of clever sticker quotes and white envelope. Full color card measures approximately 3.5" x 8.75" and is blank inside ready for your personalized message. Fun stickers are great for phones and other electronic devices as well as correspondence.
M-JohnEdwardsCardFront.png John Edwards Sticker Quotes with Card Price: $3.50
John Edwards Sticker Quotes with Card. Here's North Carolina's former VP candidate in typical fighting pose. Maybe he's shouting: "Power to the people!" Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 3"
M-ParkingGoddess.gif Wind-up Parking Space Goddess
One of the owners has had great success finding a parking spot with this adorable guardian! Mounted on your dashboard, this wind-up, wing-flapping fairy goddess will find a parking space for you too! Height: 2-1/2 inches (6.4cm.)Only one left!
another-peas-apron-sfty.gif Give Peas a Chance Apron Price: $19.95
Aw, c'mon - give peas a chance! Here is Stephanie proudly showing off her domestic side as she models our newest apparel item. A great gift for the peace-loving cook of the house. Click on image for close-up of design. One size fits most.
M-HumanLight.jpg HumanLight Candle Price: $10.00
A white votive candle sits inside this frosted glass vessel, which is 2-1/2" (6.35 cm) high and 1-3/4" (4.45cm) in diameter. Light up the winter darkness with HumanLight ambiance! Made in the USA!
Go to HumanLight.Org for more information.
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