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Welcome to the page of stuff that didn't fall neatly into any of our other categories. Here you'll find games, puppets, fire-breathing nuns, crystal cubes, and a whole bunch of fun stuff you just won't find anywhere else! So have a laugh and enjoy shopping...
Believe In God Breath Spray fresh mouth Believe In God Breath Spray Price: $5.00
Believe In God Breath Spray. One heavenly little spritz, and you'll be converted instantly! This minty peppermint spray will give you all kinds of mysterious powers over those of little faith!
Buddh-Its Buddha Buddhists sticky notes Buddh-Its sticky notes Price: $6.50
Buddh-Its sticky notes. What we think, we become... And now you can pass on your enlightening eastern wisdom with these mini Buddha-shaped sticky notes!
M-TenReasBeerGlassDETAIL.png Top Ten Reasons Beer is Better than Jesus Glass Price: $8.00
Our pint glass proudly proclaims, in easy to read type, just why beer is better than Jesus. Makes a great gift for those heathen, Atheist friends of yours, or for those Christian and Catholic relatives with a sense of humor! Also makes the perfect hostess gift at those holiday parties - sorry, beer not included!
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DNA Blinker Pull flashing helix spiral luggage tag DNA Blinker Pull Price: $4.00
The DNA Blinker Pull has a colorful, twisted double-helix that blinks on and off. You can use this as a zipper pull, a keychain, or even put it on your luggage to identify it more easily. These do not use any batteries - they have a tiny solar cell which uses ambient light alone.
DNA Double Helix model deoxyribonucleic acid DNA Double Helix model Price: $49.95
DNA Double Helix model. This is probably the finest DNA model on the market. This model is great fun for kids to assemble, makes a very valuable learning tool, and is a very impressive model once finished. This DNA model is 14" high x 5" wide, and the parts are made of durable plastic, with three steel rods on the sides for support. Comes with labels for each part of the structure, which makes it perfect for budding biologists. Every science classroom needs one of these!
DNA Playing Cards double helix spiral X-Y chromosomes DNA Playing Cards Price: $6.00
DNA Playing Cards. This is definitely the safest way to play around with your DNA! Even the greatest scientists need a break from time to time, so here we bring you a full deck of brightly-colored playing cards. Whether you're busy mapping the human genome, or merely gambling away family heirlooms, these cool cards allow science to help you play a winning hand!
DNA Puzzle One Large Spiral double helix chromosomes DNA Puzzle - One Large Spiral Price: $5.98
DNA Puzzle - One Large Spiral. Now your science-obsessed kids can learn the shape of DNA by assembling this bold DNA helix design on the coffee table! 300 pieces, Dimensions approx: 15" x 10" (38cm x 26cm)
DNA Puzzle Two Small Spirals double helix chromosomes DNA Puzzle - Two Small Spirals Price: $5.98
DNA Puzzle - Two Small Spirals. Here is a 300-piece puzzle featuring two intertwined spirals of DNA, floating over a digitized background. A meeting of biology and technology! Dimensions approx: 15" x 10" (38cm x 26cm)
gift novelty e pluribus unum national motto of many one E Pluribus Unum Rubber Stamp Price: $17.50
This Latin phrase translates as "Out of Many, One", and was the official motto which appeared on U.S. currency before self-righteous folks pressured the U S Congress to replace it with a prayer. This self-inking rubber stamp produces a blue box which outlines the motto. Great for marking currency, books, documents, etc. Click on image for a close-up.
M-EinstStickyNotes.gif Einsteinian Gluon Sticky Notes Booklet Price: $6.50
Einsteinian Sticky Notes Booklet. Here is a great office gift full of little multi-colored notes to help you remember all those relatively universal tasks - like getting the copier fixed and emptying the waste paper basket again! Dimensions: approx. 3-1/4" x 4-1/4".
M-SwitchCoverFreedomDist.gif Freedom is the Distance Light Switch Cover Price: $10.00
Our Freedom is the Distance Between Church and State image moves to where it can provide real illumination: the light switch! This metal cover fits over any standard sized light switch. Dimensions: 3-1/2 x 5 inches (8.9 x 12.7 cm).
M-HumanistMoney.gif Humanist Money Rubber Stamp Price: $15.00
Here's one way to let people know that not everyone abides by the motto on our money. This self-inking stamp is easy to carry and allows you to quickly stamp your message in an improved, easy to read block style.
M-Nunzilla.gif Nunzilla Price: $5.00
Here's your old fire-breathing nun teacher. Wind her up and watch her spit fire and scare the Be-JESUS out of your "catholic school survivor" friends. Even though she's only 3 inches (7.62 cm) tall, her threatening ruler and 'comforting' cross will get a nervous chuckle from recovering and committed Catholics alike.
M-ResErectionSideAngle.gif ResErection Light Switch Cover Price: $10.00
Turn on Jesus when you turn on the lights! The ResErection light switch cover gives a whole new meaning to the saying "Jesus arose!" The switch cover fits over most US-standard light switches, is made of metal and comes with two screws for mounting(!)
M-CatholicTotem.gif Catholic Totem Bishop, Pedophillic Price: $120.00
Catholic Totem complete with "blind" bishop, pedophilic priest and alter boy! This great totem is handmade by Mimi and Michael Morelli. Mimi and Michael are the artists and crafters of a full series of masks (see the Big Hair'd Evangelical Preacher and the American Politician). These are carved from recycled high-density fiberboard overlaid with latex, plaster and acrylic. Very Limited edition, only 2 ever made.... each is signed and dated.
Totem stands 25 inches tall (63.5 cm).
Cute as Hell Bar of Lemon Soap Cute as Hell Bar of Lemon Soap Price: $8.00
Cute as Hell Bar of Lemon Soap. Here's a lemon-fresh 4.5 oz / 128g bar of soap that will purify your thoughts and deeds all day long. This bar has built-in 'space-age' massaging nodules, which make bath time even more fun!
M-WhatGodHasRevealed.jpg What God Has Revealed to Man Price: $0.50 What God Has Revealed to Man
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For thousands of years people have sought insight from beyond the natural, physical world. Countless prayers, quests, crusades, wars and pogroms have been offered and waged in pursuit of, or due to, "God's revealed knowledge." Now...the waiting is over! Here it is, all of the knowledge that God has bestowed upon humankind. This is the expanded and revised edition that presents all 4 pages of revealed knowledge. No library is complete without it!
M-AnyImageCheckbook.gif Customized Checkbook Cover Price: $18.00
Carry the message of your choice on your checkbook cover. It sends a message every time you use your checkbook in public to make a payment. The checkbook cover features four pockets for credit cards, two cash pouches, and of course a place for your checkbook.
The images at the left are samples for your consideration, but feel free to describe the image you would prefer. (Some restrictions apply on images that carry a trademark or copyright.) Please tell us which Design/Words you want on your checkbook cover in the 'Ordering Instructions' box in the Shopping Cart.
M-PoliticianMask.gif American Politician - Handcrafted Wall Hanging Mask Price: $65.00
This American Politician has gone to the trough a few times too many! This great mask is handmade by Mimi and Michael Morelli, who are the artists and crafters of a full series of masks. They are carved from recycled high-density fiberboard overlaid with latex, plaster and acrylic. Each is signed and dated. Mask is 12" high (30.5 cm). Very heavy - not meant to be worn.
M-WarrantDoorMat.gif Come Back with a Warrant Door Mat Price: $25.00
Do you still believe in the Fourth Amendment?* Here's a door mat to express your belief. It's certain to spark a response from people who knock on your door. However, if a large enough percentage of our population displayed this door mat it might instill the idea that our Constitution still exists and still matters.

*Note: Door mat alone does not prevent illegal entry by law enforcement officials in this era of the ever-expanding police state. "Come Back with a Warrant"

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