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Shirts, buttons, stickers, magnets, flags, books, & jewelery! All for liberal, progressive, lefties who love buttons and stickers to communicate with everyone around them...  Politely and clearly liberal and left!     Progressive people use buttons and stickers and magnets to win converts.
All proudly made in The USA by Free People, and shipped out within 48 hours to any liberal or progressive person or group on earth.            AddThis Social Bookmark Button
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B-1984.gif 1984 Button
Beware, 1984 is here... a few years late maybe, but just as unwelcome.
Diameter: 2-1/4" (5.7cm).
Political antiBush antiWar button.
M-Ath2011Cal.gif 2011 Atheist Calendar
Finally, a calendar that covers the really important dates! In the 2011 Atheist Calendar, you'll find info on meteor showers, birthdays of famous scientists and freethinkers, and upcoming conventions. Want to see how many nonbelievers there are in America today? How about when Neptune comes closest to our own little planet? Or James Randi's birthday? All of this and more is awaiting you in this clever little production. Click Here for more information regarding the different Atheist symbols.
S-4YearsWasGood.gif 4 Years was good enough for his Daddy
4 Years was good enough for his Daddy.
And eight years each is far too long for George and lil' brudda Jeb. Dimensions: 11-1/2' x 3" (29.2cm x 7.6cm) Political antiBush liberal sticker.
K-449StupidThingsRe.jpg 449 Stupid Things Republicans Have Said
By Ted Rueter
Fearless leaders indeed. It's no surprise to most of us that politicians say some pretty stupid things. And despite what their proponents say, members of the Republican party have put out a roaring stream of downright dumb comments, pronouncements, and observations. For proof, look no further than 449 Stupid Things Republicans Have Said.
Paperback, 135 pages.
S-49Percent.jpg 49% of America Agrees with 99% of the Rest of the World Sticker
49% of America Agrees with 99% of the Rest of the World Sticker. Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 3" (29.2cm x 7.6 cm). Political antiBush liberal sticker.
Fight the Right Politics Liberal Democrats democracy progressives campaign election vote florida ohio 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Fight the Right
Sick of sitting on the sidelines while the Radical Right takes over our culture and our country? Ready to do something about it? Here's the handbook you need! A user-friendly, step-by-step guide, power-packed with things YOU can do at home and in your community to defend America. This is a terrific little book, and not just because they list EvolveFISH.com as a resource for folks who want to do something positive!
J-ScentedAsstBracelets6pk.gif 6-pack of Scented Tutti Fruitti Rubber Band Bracelets

Nearly a different color for each day of the week! This 6-pack features colorful neon, scented rubber band bracelets, each with a different "awareness." They are: love, hope, courage, strength, spirit and dream. Plus, they smell like tutti frutti! Caution: they smell good, but don't eat 'em! Great gifts for new friends and teachers this school year!
Stretchy bracelets are 2-1/2 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch wide.

M-911Dollar_Front.jpg 9-11 Deception Dollars (Pack of 10)
These have been a huge hit at anti-war demonstrations all over the world. They're much easier to give away than real dollar bills.... watch people do a double-take,
study them in detail, then fold them carefully away.
These are perfect for handing out at rallies and other protest events.
Dimensions: 7-1/2" x 3" (19.1cm x 7.6cm).
Click on picture to reveal the reverse side.
S-GOP911.gif 9/11, 24/7 sticker
Republican (mis)leaders, PNAC and the Conservative media noise machine hijacked the 9/11 attacks to justify every disastrous policy that followed. But wasn't it just a bit too convenient to have been a random, coincidental act of 'IslamoFascist' retribution that created a pretext for a series of illegal and highly profitable wars?
Political antiBush antiWar liberal sticker
Dimensions: 11" x 3" (27.9cm x 7.6cm)
K-HistoryOfGod.jpg A History of God
By Karen Armstrong.
In this stunningly intelligent book, one of Britain's foremost religious scholars distills the intellectual history of monotheism into one superbly readable volume, destined to take its place as a classic.
Paperback, 460 pages.
S-PBSFox.jpg A PBS Mind in a FOX News World Sticker
A PBS Mind in a FOX News World Sticker. Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 3" (29 x 7.6cm) Better get a supply of these quick. There is a lawsuit in the works claiming that this sticker does harm to PBS's honorable name. Yes, PBS is attempting to ban this sticker! Click here to view a copy of this crazy lawsuit.
K-People'sHistory.jpg A People's History of the United States 1492- present
By Howard Zinn.
Newly revised and updated from its original landmark publication in 1980. Zinn throws out the official version of history taught in schools - with emphasis on great men in high places - to focus on the street, the home, and the workplace. This latest edition contains two new chapters that cover the Clinton presidency, the 2000 election, and the 'War on Terrorism.'
A Smart Ass is Always Better democrats donkey button A Smart Ass is Always Better... button MAGNET
A Smart Ass is Always Better... button MAGNET. Here's a great new magnetic version of the ever-popular 'smart ass' button. Perfect for your fridge, computer case, toolbox, or filing cabinet! Diameter: 1-1/4"
Smart Ass Always Better Democrats donkey congress senate washington elections vote impeachment iraq iran war magnet A Smart Ass is Always Better... magnet
A Smart Ass is Always Better... magnet. It's high time the Democrats showed their superior intelligence, so let's get to work and put those dumb war-crazy elephants in their place!
K-ASolsticeTreeforJenny.jpg A Solstice Tree for Jenny
By Karen Shragg, illustrated by Heidi Schwabacher.
This charming story will help children and parents enjoy the winter season in a meaningful and all-inclusive fashion.
Illustrated paperback - 49 pages.
B-AVillageInTexas.gif A Village in Texas Has Lost Its Idiot Button
A Village in Texas Has Lost Its Idiot button.
Dia: 1-1/2 inches (4cm). Political antiBush button.
MA-AVillageInTexas.gif A Village In Texas Has Lost Its Idiot Magnet
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Political antiBush antiWar humorous liberal magnet.
S-AVillageinTexIdiot.gif A Village in Texas Has Lost Its Idiot Sticker
A Village in Texas Has Lost Its Idiot Sticker.
Crawford, Texas, to be precise - 18 miles west of wacky Waco. Enough said!
Dimensions: 11-1/4" x 3" (28.6cm x 7.6cm) Political antiBush humorous sticker.
AAI 9th Annual Convention VHS, 2-Tape set (offline)
AAI 9th Annual Convention VHS, 2-Tape set (offline)
AAI 9th Annual Convention VHS, 2-Tape set (offline)
AAI 9th Annual Convention VHS, 2-Tape set (offline)
AAI 9th Annual Convention VHS, 2-Tape set (offline)
ABC's of CPR Cuff Bracelet Cardiopulmonary resuscitation kiss of life ABC's of CPR Cuff Bracelet
ABC's of CPR Cuff Bracelet. This bracelet shows the basics of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is the noble art of saving a life. Who knows, you may need this vital skill one day - which could even result in step D, after you've gallantly preformed the ABC's... Dimensions: approx. 7-1/2" x 1-1/2"
Abolish Nuclear Weapons nukes depleted uranium atomic radiation sickness cancer birth defects DU iraq iran afghanistan sticker Abolish Nuclear Weapons stickerc
Abolish Nuclear Weapons sticker. Because of the depleted uranium weapons used by US forces in combat, Iraq and Afghanistan will be cancerous, nuclear wastelands for thousands of years (just like Kuwait). It's no wonder the Arab world hates us so much. Nukes - what are they good for? Will we ever learn? Dimensions: 5" x 4"
K-AbortionPolicy.jpg Abortion and Public Policy
An in-depth discussion of the right of a woman to terminate an unwanted pregnancy and the debate over the beginning of life.
Booklet, 40 pages.
Out of Print, Limited Quantities Available.
MA-AbsolutEvil.jpg Absolut Evil Magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.1cm x 7.6cm). He apparently uses more coke these days than alcohol, but it's always nice to know that our morality-preachin' President's standards are way below yours and mine.
CM-ActivityRocks.jpg Activity Rocks
Many ordinary-looking rocks have hidden talents! Some grow crystals, others attract metal, some produce sparks, and one can actually float! Features four different minerals and instructions on the colorful hang-card.
K-AddictedToWar.jpg Addicted to War: Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism
By Joel Andreas.
"Addicted to War is must reading for all Americans who are concerned with understanding the true nature of U.S. foreign policy and how it affects us here at home." - Martin Sheen
Paperback, 69 pages.
K-AfricanHum.jpg African American Humanism: An Anthology
Edited by Norm R. Allen, Jr.
This collection demonstrates the strong influence that humanism and freethought had in developing the history and ideals of black intellectualism.
Paperback, 286 pages.
atheism jokes magnet atheist stickers After The Rapture Can I Have Your Car magnet After The Rapture Can I Have Your Car magnet NO LONGER AVAILABLE
After The Rapture Can I Have Your Car magnet. Think of the advantages: those raptured won't be needing their cars any more, and there will be a lot less traffic on Monday mornings. Ahhh, time for some good ol' motoring bliss! Dimensions: 3" x 2"
After the Rapture mints Baptist end times fundamentalists New Life Church Pat Robertson After the Rapture mints
We have just learned ( 12-8-11) that this product is no longer available from the supplier. I guess they figured that since the raptures of the last year are over, no one needs them anymore. After the Rapture mints. Just in case you are one of those fortunate enough not to be raptured, prepare to celebrate an America rid of 12 million screeching Baptists with these tasty peppermints! Let's wave 'em all bye-bye, as off to heaven they fly!
MA-AgainstFacism.jpg Against Fascism Pro Imposing Democracy On Defenseless Countries Magnet
Are we for real about freedom, or is it all just empty talk? Dimensions: 3-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches (8.9cm x 6.4cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal magnet.
MA-AgainstGayMarriage.jpg Against Gay Marriage? Don't Have One Magnet
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Political gay rights liberal magnet.
K-AgainstOurWill.jpg Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape
By Susan Brownmiller.
No other book of our time has revealed so much about the hidden currents of male-female relationships.
Paperback, 541 pages.
Limited Quantities.
S-AgnosticWhite.gif Agnostic White sticker
White ink on a clear background.
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 5 inches (6.35 x 12.7 cm).
Al Gore President '08 inconvenient truth climate pollution emissions atmosphere green Planet Earth CO2 big oil jeb florida bush recount ohio election fraud coup fox PNAC sticker Al Gore President '08 sticker
Al Gore President '08 sticker. Planet Earth is on fire and we need 'Big Green Al' more than ever, after 7 years of Bush / Cheney chaos and destruction. It's time to give the 2000 election winner his chance! Premium quality, hand made sticker. Dimensions: 11" x 3"
Q-AlJazeera.gif Al Jazeera vinyl cutout sticker
Al Jazeera is a fresh breeze on the American "news" scene. This is the cool logo of the Arabic TV news network that gives it to ya straight! Unfiltered by Karl Rove, bombed repeatedly by Cheney & Rumsfeld, Al Jazeera is the perfect antidote to endless FOX fibs. Display this sticker to show that you know what's really going on in the Middle East.
Dimensions: 5" x 3" You can select the yellow color, shown here, that Al Jazeera uses as their logo, or one of several other colors that might suit you better. You will receive the cut-out design without the blue backing shown here. This worldwide news network is making a major push in the USA. You can watch it online, or on many cable and satellite networks.
More Info
M-EinsteinActionFigure.gif Albert Einstein Action Figure
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Albert Einstein is arguably one of the most fascinating and influential thinkers in the history of the world. In fact, the name 'Einstein' has become synonymous with the word 'genius'. Now, this genius has been boiled down to the Einstein Action Figure.
The Einstein action figure stands just over 5' tall and features bendable arms, legs that bend at the hips, and a moveable head filled with his trademark wild, gray hair.
K-AlexanderFox.jpg Alexander Fox and the Amazing Mind Reader
By John C Clayton.
A fascinating tale as Alexander, a fifth grader sifts through clues, searches for answers and asks plenty of questions. For 8 year old readers to 100 year youngsters!
Illustrated Paperback, 78 pages.
Aliens face ET extra terrestrial Roswell Area 51 flying saucers UFO lapel pin Alien Face lapel pin
Alien Face lapel pin. Some call him 'Schwa', some call him ET, some even claim to have met him. All we know is he is not of this earth! This one is very popular with 'X-Files' fans.
Dimensions: approx. 1" x 1"
H-AlienHat.gif Alien Fish Hat
A one size fits all cap bearing a strange "fish" with an appendage that resembles the canopy of a "space ship". It carries the word "Alien" inside. Some people see it as a suggestion that our earthly species had extraterrestrial roots. Others see it as suggestion of a similar basis for earthly religions. Either way, it's a fun symbol to get the xtians talking.
S-AlienFish.gif Alien Fish Sticker
A white oval sticker with an Alien fish printed in black; 5 inches (12.7 cm) long.
K-AdamEve.jpg All About Adam & Eve
By Robert Gillooly.
Explains how we came to believe in gods, demons, miracles, and magical rites.
Hardcover, 250 pages.
B-AllAroundNice.gif All Around Nice Guy and Hung Like A Circus Pony button
All Around Nice Guy and Hung Like A Circus Pony button. Diameter: 1-1/4 inches (3.18 cm).
S-AllLoveIsLove.GIF All Love Is Love 4"" dia sticker
All Love Is Love Sticker. Political freethought gay liberal sticker. Dimensions: 4" dia.
MA-AllReligions.jpg All Religions Are Fairy Tales Magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.08 x 7.62 cm).
S-AllahProtect.gif Allah Protect Me From Your Followers Sticker

For some reason, this one is selling very well to our Danish friends right now....
Dimensions: 12" x 3" (30.5cm x 7.6 cm)
MA-AlterboyCake.gif Altar Boy Cake Magnet
Dimensions: 3-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches (8.89 x 6.35 cm).
choice_p.gif America Stands for Choice Pin
A rousing red, white and blue, 3/4 inch square pin with a straight post and round clasp on the back. ( All of our pins use this type of attachment ). It bears the words "American Stands for Choice". We started making these for a Reproductive Health Clinic. They've been very popular with Planned Parenthood, woman's rights groups, and right-wing militia supporters. A great pin because many people will ask you " What do you mean by that?" If you want to be "in-their-face" that day, you can launch into a defense of whatever cause you'd like. Or you can just shrug them off with a casual remark about whatever choice THEY want to make.
K-AmericaDailyShow.jpg America the Book by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart, host of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning The Daily Show, and his coterie of patriots, deliver a hilarious look at American government.
American-style democracy is the world's most beloved form of government, which explains why so many other nations are eager for us to impose it on them. But what is American democracy? In AMERICA (THE BOOK), Jon Stewart and The Daily Show writing staff offer their insights into our unique system of government, dissecting its institutions, explaining its history and processes, and exploring the reasons why concepts like one man, one vote, government by the people, and every vote counts have become such popular urban myths. Topics include: Ancient Rome: The First Republicans; The Founding Fathers: Young, Gifted, and White; The Media: Can it Be Stopped?; and more!
Hardcover, 240 pages.
MA-AmericanFlag.jpg American Flag Magnet
Does that make this stars 'n' bars magnet a flagnet? Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm).
P-AmericanFlag.gif American Flag Pin
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This one will get you in tight at the American Legion hall, christian coalition, or republican party meeting.. And like all such items, it is made in China. Also consider wearing an "American Freethinker" pin. It bears the patriotic colors AND and Freethought sentiment.
R-AmericanFundiePoster.jpg American Fundamentalist Poster Signed
By Joel Pelletier, 2004.
Pelletier's original painting, American Fundamentalists (Christ's Entry into Washington in 2008) is quite large (8' 4" x 14' 1.5") and is based on James Ensor's "Christ's Entry into Brussels in 1889." While the original painting is too large to display easily, this smaller version of the poster is a more reasonably sized (24" x 36" or 61cm x 91cm) on high-quality, glossy paper. The poster includes the "Cast List" diagram on the bottom left corner, along with the numbered names list (for hours of educational fun). All posters ordered are hand-signed and mailed in a heavy cardboard tube.
Ammonite fossil dinosaur prehistoric bath soap Ammonite Soap
The Ammonite Soap bar features an orange ginger fragrance, and is made with all vegatable glycerin and organic cornmeal. It's also alcohol-free. Dimensions: 3-1/2" x 2-3/4".
D-InconvenientTruth.jpg An Inconvenient Truth DVD
An Inconvenient Truth DVD. Here is Vice-President Al Gore's disturbing look at our earth's changing climate. How our hydrocarbon dependent lifestyle polluted the atmosphere and oceans, the causes of extreme weather, and what we must do to prevent further catastrophic damage. This is the 'must-see' documentary of the year! (96 minutes)
An InsultToPrimatesEverywhere Bush bash impeach An Insult To Primates Everywhere Button
An Insult To Primates Everywhere Button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm). Political antiBush button.
Ancient Forests, Leaf Green t-Shirt Ray Troll Ancient Forests Leaf Green t-Shirt
Ancient Forests, Leaf Green t-Shirt. Here's another beautiful shirt from master artist Ray Troll. This one includes a timely environmental message which praises the beauty of our natural 'treescape', and the need for conservation. The detailing really stands out on the green background of the shirt, and it looks even better in person. There's also our little EvolveFISH logo on the left sleeve! Click on the image for a closer look. Only size small is still available.
And For This You Expect A PhD? music CD Scientific Gospel Stepehn Baird Charles Darwin evolution of species And For This You Expect A PhD? music CD *
And For This You Expect A PhD? music CD. The Galapagos Mountain Boys' 15 comical songs address religious theories of the origin of the cosmos and life on Earth, and how the world of science keeps coming up with infuriatingly real answers, time and time again! Click on the image to see the tracklisting.
S-ThunkReagan.jpg And You Thunk Reagan Was A Moron Sticker
Dimensions: 9 x 2-1/2 inches (22.86 x 6.35 cm).
K-AngelApeMen.jpg Angels, Apes & Men
By Stanley L. Jaki
B-AnotherBush.gif Another Bush, Another Recession Button
Another Bush, another recession and another war to cover it up button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm). Political antiBush antiWar button.
B-AnybodyButBush.gif Anybody But Bush Button
Anybody But Bush button.
Dia: 2-1/4" (5.7cm). Political antiBush antiWar button.
P-AnybodyButBush.gif Anybody but Bush Lapel Pin
Here's an anti-Bush pin you can wear when you're dressed up. They also look nice pinned on a hat. We had to get them made in Taiwan since Bush has exported all the jobs out of the country. Yet another reason to say Anybody But Bush! Pin is silver-plated with a blue cloisonne enamel finish. Dimensions 3/4 x 1/2 inches (1.9 x 1.27 cm).
Anybody But Bush page of stickers
Want to spread your opinions a little wider?? Here is a set of 10 "Anybody but Bush" stickers for just one US dollar. They wont last as long (in the sun) as our traditional screen printed stickers, but for sticking on office furniture, windows, etc. you can't beat them. You get 10 stickers with a 'permanent adhesive backing to spread the message far and wide. Political antiBush liberal stickers.
S-AnybodyButBush.jpg Anybody But Bush Sticker
Anybody But Bush Sticker.
This was one of the most requested stickers we ever had. You asked for it, you got it! This might also apply to Jeb Bush in 2008... a horrible thought. Dimensions: 6" x 4" (15.3cm x 10.2cm) Political antiBush antiWar liberal sticker.
B-AreWeOver.gif Are We Over the Rainbow Yet Button
Diameter: 1-1/4 inches (3.18 cm).
S-AreYouBetterOff.jpg Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Four Years Ago? Sticker
Dimensions: 11-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches (29.21 x 8.89 cm).
K-AsimovLaughs.gif Asimov Laughs Again
Asimov Laughs Again. A collection of more than 700 of Isaac Asimov's favorite jokes, cleverest limericks and funniest stories. Freethought humorous book.
K-AsimovGuide.jpg Asimov's Guide to the Bible
By Issac Asimov.
Asimov explores the historical, geographical, and biographical aspects of the events described in the Old and New Testaments. His attempts to illuminate the Bible's many obscure, mysterious passages prove absorbing reading for anyone interested in religion and history.
Hardcover, 1293 pages.
Ass Man Gum Democratic donkey blue state Ass Man Gum
Ass Man Gum. AKA "Democratic Voter Mouth Freshener," if you prefer!! Eight pieces of spicy cinnamon gum to keep blue state donkeys bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Assistant Asshole Car Air Freshener Leather Fragrance Dick Cheney Texas Halliburton KBR Iraq Iran Oil Wyoming 9/11 Assistant Asshole Car Air Freshener - Leather Fragrance
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Assistant Asshole Car Air Freshener - Leather Fragrance. Gets rid of those nasty oily aromas from the back of your stretch limo. Ride to the next Halliburton board meeting amid the appealing scent of good ol' western saddle leather. Mmmmm - nice!
M-AssistantAssGum.gif Assistant Asshole Gum
Assistant Asshole Gum. Who's the Asshole in Chief? Yup, it's Dick Dastardly. Leading criminal mastermind of the Bush v2.0 regime, destroyer of nations and thief of countless treasury $billions. Until impeachement time comes, we can chew over his fate with this red hot gum! (8 pcs)
K-AtWatersEdge.jpg At the Water's Edge, Fish with Fingers
Fish with fingers, whales with legs, and how life came ashore but went back to the sea.
Paperback, 290 pages.
Atheist Alliance International (AAI) Crystal Clear Atheism September 2007 - 8 DVD Boxed Set Atheist Alliance International (AAI) Crystal Clear Atheism September 2007 - 8 DVD Boxed Set
Atheist Alliance International (AAI) Crystal Clear Atheism September 2007 - 8 DVD Boxed Set. For those of us who couldn't make it to the convention, here are the highlights on 8 DVD's! Featuring appearances by Richard Dawkins, Pastor Deacon Fred, Julia Sweeney, Sam Harris, Aayaan Hirsi Ali, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Margaret Downey, and many others. This item ships via USPS Priority Mail.
Atheist Alliance Convention Crystal Clear Atheism Atheist Alliance International Convention T-shirt 2007
The 2007 Atheist Alliance Convention in Washington DC was a huge hit! But you can still get these shirts, which were made for the convention. They feature the 'Crystal Clear Atheism' logo on the front. The back of the shirt features a larger logo and the impressive list of speakers. Click on the image for a list of the speakers. 100% cotton blue, with 3 color design.
Only a couple of these shirts left!
S-AtheistBlack.gif Atheist Black sticker
Black ink on a clear background.
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 5 inches (6.35 x 12.7 cm).
P-AAtheistClois.gif Atheist Cloisonne Pin
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Your suit, jacket or sports coat shouldn't go without this handsome royal blue and gold cloisonne lapel pin. The lettering around the Atheist symbol proclaims: "American Atheists, Freedom from Religion". 1/2" (1.3cm) in diameter.
S-AtheistWhite.gif Atheist White sticker
White ink on a clear background.
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 5 inches (6.35 x 12.7 cm).
T-AtheistBeyond.gif Atheists Are Beyond Belief T-Shirt
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Light brown with black print on both sides, 100% heavyweight cotton Hanes t-shirt. The shirt bears the seal of the Atheists of Florida, and is produced by Florida activist Ed Corl. Click the image to see back side of the shirt. This message is also available on a bumper sticker..
Playing gods poster board game warring fighting deities Benjamin Radford balls out Autographed Playing Gods Poster
Autographed Playing Gods Poster. This terrific poster showing Buddha letting loose a few rounds of machine-gun fire, is the perfect accompaniment to the cult board game designed by Benjamin Radford. His autographed posters are a very limited edition, so when they're gone, they're gone forever. Get one for your gamer friend's bedroom wall! Dimensions: 17" x 11"
MA-AWOL.jpg AWOL Magnet
Another election, another draft dodger in the White House. He loves to play 'dress-up' as a fighter pilot, but won't answer any inconvenient questions about his disappearences from the Texas National Guard. Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.1cm x 7.6cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal magnet.
This item has been discontinued - only a few left!
Axis Evil original Boxed Finger Puppets Bush Kim Saddam hanged executed Khamenei Axis of Evil - boxed finger puppets (Bush, Kim, Saddam, Khamenei)
All I want for xmas is an Axis of Evil! Here we have a box of fearsome finger puppet felons: George W Bush, Kim Jong Il, the late Saddam Hussein (in handcuffs!), and Ayatollah Khamenei. Endless hours of fun as they wage war on each other - then you can stick 'em all on your fridge door, as they are magnets too!
M-AoEIAxisofEv.gif Axis of Evil III (Rumsfeld, Condi, Cheney, and Dubya) Boxed Finger Puppets
The true Axis of Evil presented in hilarious finger-puppet form. Now you can make your own Bu$h administration and act out some of the dumber, more corrupt parts of their lives. Pretend you're an oil company lobbyist: control them all!
T-PeaceFlagBaby.gif Baby Peace Flag Shirt (6-Month-Old)
J-BabyWalkingFishEarringsP.gif Baby Walking Fish Earrings (Posts)
The Baby Walking Fish is an orignal Sterling Silver design, part of the Happy Critter collection. This great piece is made by Santa Fe, New Mexico silversmith and jewelry designer Richard Lindsay. Comes with Sterling Silver sterling silver earring posts, and bears the Richard Lindsay hallmark.
Dimensions: Approximately 3/4 x 3/4 inches (1.91 x 1.91 cm).
K-BabyMythos.jpg Baby's First Mythos
Spawned from the mind of horror king and Origins award winner C.J. Henderson, Baby's First Mythos is a lavishly illustrated tome that blasts your child's soul as it teaches them their ABC's - Mythos-style!
J-BackwardsBush.gif Backwards Bush Countdown Keychain
Now you don't have to keep wondering when the current president will be out of office! Keep this handy-dandy countdown timer attached to your keys or wallet, and instantly you'll know when the nightmare will end. Shows the days, hours, minutes, and seconds left we to deal with. Only a few of these left!
S-4inRndBanRepubMar.gif Ban Republican Marriage, 4"" round sticker
No Longer available. Diameter: 4 inches (10.2cm).
Barack Obama '08 2008 president Illinois democrats liberals Michelle Obama I've got a crush on Obama Barack Obama '08 sticker
Barack Obama '08 sticker. Can Illinois' bright young hope offer the Democrats a clear path to victory in 2008? Things are looking good right now, so let's hope he can keep the momentum going! Dimensions: 11" x 3"
Barack Obama hat cap Democrat Joe Biden 2008 election vote Barack Obama 08 Hat
Barack Obama 08 Hat. This one has the classic red white 'n' blue Obama logo center stage, and an adjustable velcro strap at the back, so one size fits most Democrats. If you wanna get ahead, get this great hat!
K-ObamaCal2009.jpg Barack Obama 2009 Calendar: Words of Hope and Inspiration
Barack Obama 2009 Calendar: Words of Hope and Inspiration. The Change has finally come! Celebrate the inauguration of our 44th President with this 16-month calendar, featuring stunning photographs and snippets from Sen. Obama's powerful, uplifting speeches. Final discounts - only a few of these souvenir editions left! Dimensions: 12" x 12"
K-BawdynSoul.jpg Bawdy & Soul: Singing Limericks
By Barbara Tabler.
The author, now deceased, wrote this collection of bawdy lyrics and performed them for delighted audiences all over North America.
Paperback, 57 pages.
Adults Only, Limited Quantities!
Be Patriot Think for Yourself uncle sam card Be a Patriot Think for Yourself card
Be a Patriot Think for Yourself" card. Here's Uncle Sam reminding us all that we can't believe everything the corporate media tells us. Freethinkers are the ones who really initiate progress! Card is blank inside for your own pro-America message. Dimensions: approx. 5-1/2" x 4-1/4"
Be truthful, does this outfit make me look TOO gay? magnet Pope Josef Ratzinger Catholic cardinal bishopJoey the rat Be truthful, does this outfit make me look TOO gay? magnet
Be truthful, does this outfit make me look TOO gay? magnet. Seriously, we think Joey the Rat could have been the sixth member of Village People. The slightly creepy one who scared away too many fans, and was kicked out of the group before they became successful. But in all his jewels and fancy costumes, he still looks fabulous today! Dimensions: 3" x 2"
K-BeachBlanket.jpg Beach Blanket Atheism
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. By Edward P. Tolley, Jr., cartoons by Jeff Swenson.
Atheism hasn't exactly been the topic of a lot of laughs. That is, until now. Beach Blanket Atheism uses laugh-out-loud humor, razor-sharp logic and compelling arguments to dispel myths and clarify a lot of questions about this most misunderstood of doctrines. Consisting manly of quotations and quips from a host of famous scholars, philosophers, celebrities and politicians, this witty work delves deep into skepticism, agnosticism, rationalism, and other topics relating to atheism. A unique, informative and entertaining book for those with an open mind, a love of science or a passion for rational thought.
Paperback, 188 pages.
K-BehindEveryChoice.jpg Behind Every Choice Is A Story
By Gloria Feldt; with Carol Trickett Jenkins; forward by Kathleen Turner.
Appearing on bookshelves just as Roe v. Wade faces new threats from Congress and the White House, this book collects letters written by mothers, daughters, teenagers, teachers, doctors, patients, activists, clergy, politicians, and other women and men. They write about universal themes - love, sex, pregnancy, health, family, and the future ù but each of their individual stories, told in quiet, moving voices, is unique.
Hardcover, 242 pages.
Signed & Unsigned Editions Available
Signed $24.95
Unsigned $19.95
MA-BelieveThose.jpg Believe Those Who Seek the Truth Magnet
Believe Those Who Seek the Truth - Doubt Those Who Find It
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.1cm x 7.6cm). Freethought liberal magnet.
M-FranklinActionFigure.gif Benjamin Franklin Action Figure
Benjamin Franklin did a lot more than fly a kite on his way to becoming one of the most intelligent men in history. At various times throughout his life he was a writer, diplomat, businessman, musician, inventor, scientist, politician, humorist, printer, postmaster, philosopher, and statesman. His many accomplishments include inventing swimming fins and bifocals, establishing the University of Pennsylvania, publishing the Poor Richard's Almanac and signing the Declaration of Independence as a founding father of the United States. This hard plastic action figure has moveable arms and legs and comes with a plastic kite and key so you can reenact his famous electricity experiment. Comes with more cool Ben Franklin info on the back of his card.
Height: 5-1/4 inches (13.3cm).
K-ClergyAbuse.gif Betrayal of Trust: Clergy Abuse of Children
by Annie Laurie Gaylor.
Documents and analyzes the epidemic of clergymen who sexually molest children, with examples drawn from hundreds of cases reported in Freethought Today.
Paperback, 92 pages.
MA-BetterDeadThanRed.jpg Better Dead Than Red Magnet
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Political antiBush freethought liberal magnet.
S-BewareDogma.jpg Beware of Dogma Sticker OLD
Beware of Dogma sticker. Dimensions of this mini-sticker are: 4-1/4" x 1-1/4"
Political antiBush antiWar liberal freethought sticker.
K-BibleBloop.jpg Bible Bloopers
By Michael Ledo.
An atheist and skeptic provides rational answers to many quasi-points raised by Christian debator Josh McDowell.
Paperback, 250 pages.
K-BiblicalNonsense.jpg Biblical Nonsense
By Dr. Jason Long.
Biblical Nonsense is a broad look at the tremendous problem of associating divinity with the world's most popular book.
Paperback, 202 pages.
MA-BBNSBigBangNatuSele.gif Big Bang Natural Selection Intelligent Design Road Signs Magnet
This 2.5 x 3 inch Magnet depicts a typical freeway road sign, but this one shows alternate explanations for the origin of the universe and life within it. Looks great on your refrigerator or office file cabinet. Political freethought liberal magnet.
Big Bucks Big Pharma DVD lobbyists healthcare crisis uninsured Americans treatment HMO's Big Bucks, Big Pharma DVD offline
Big Bucks, Big Pharma pulls back the curtain on the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to expose the insidious ways that illness is used, manipulated, and in some instances created, for capital gain. Focusing on the industry's marketing practices, media scholars and health professionals help viewers understand the ways in which direct-to-consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical advertising glamorizes and normalizes the use of prescription medication, and works in tandem with promotion to doctors.

Licensed for home-use only. If you require public screening rights, please call 1.800.897.0089.
M-EvangelicalPreacher.gif Big Hair'd Evangelical Preacher Wall Hanging Mask
This American Icon is the Big Hair'd Evangelical Preacher This great mask is handmade by Mimi and Michael Morelli. Mimi and Michael are the artists and crafters of a full series of masks (see the American Politician and the Catholic Totem). These maskes are carved from recycled high-density fiberboard overlaid with latex, plaster and acrylic. each is handmade, signed and dated.
This is art, you'll hang it not wear it! SOLD OUT SORRY Mask is 16 inches tall (40.6 cm).
M-BillRightsCard_1.jpg Bill of Rights - Security Edition
The Bill of Rights - Security Edition is a single sturdy metal card with the First Ten Amendments to the constitution of the United States printed on both sides.
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches (6.3cm x 8.9cm).
M-BookCover1.jpg Bill of Rights Book Cover - 3 for $ 1.50!
If you are a student in a high school or college, this book cover might be just what you need to thwart the xtian fundies and their bible thumping, flag waving book covers. This one, produced by the Atheists of Florida, contains information about the Bill of Rights, quotes by American founders about religion, and list of the "Ten Commandments" complete with biblically required punishments.
Click on picture to see the back of the cover.
B-BillionForBush.gif Billionaires For Bush button
Billionaires For Bush! The rich white elite get richer and the rest of us get poorer. This little piggy gets a massive CEO salary AND a huge tax break...
Political antiBush liberal button.
Bird Book & Bird Feeder Neil & Karen Dawe Bird Book & Bird Feeder
By Neil & Karen Dawe.
Perfect for any beginning bird watcher, here is an illustrated field guide to 30 common North American backyard bird species, nestled in its own plastic bird feeder. Featuring everything from Jays to Juncos to Song Sparrows to Chickadees, the book also explains how to set up the feeder, what kinds of food to serve when, and how to keep unwelcome guests away. It tells why hummingbirds hum and who wins the prize as the worst mother (the Cowbird, who lays its eggs in another birds nest!). Plus, learn all about migration, nesting, and the fun of keeping a bird journal.
Click on picture for more information!
[This item is shipped USPS Media or Ground Rate unless otherwise specified (Priority Shipping is $3.85).]
bite me fish emblem atheist Bite me plaque Bite Me Fish Emblem
Served up in a nicely barbecued, mellow gold color. Who could resist feasting their eyes on this emblem? Dimensions: approx. 5-1/4" x 2"
J-blackcordfinished.jpg Black Plastic Cording with Silver Tone Clasp, 24”
For those who don't want to wear leather, this animal-friendly sharp black cord is a great choice! It has a strong silver tone clasp and is a great length (24"). Great with any of our silver pendants!
B-BlessedLaugh.gif Blessed Are Those Who Can Laugh At Themselves Button
Blessed Are Those Who Can Laugh At Themselves... Button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm). Political Humorous button.
S-BlindFaith.gif Blind Faith in Bad Leaders Is Not Patriotism sticker
Blind Faith in Bad Leaders Is Not Patriotism sticker. New lower price! Here's a message for the clueless few who still support Bush no matter how much he degrades their country and quality of life. Some people just don't want to connect the dots.... they'd have to think, and that might hurt. Watch patriotic Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson's terrific Bush-blasting speech here. You tell 'em, Rocky!
B-BlindFaithBadLead.gif Blind Faith in Bad Leadership is not Patriotism button
Here's something for that 28% that supports Bush no matter what... Watch patriotic Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson's terrific Bush-blasting speech here. You tell 'em, Rocky! Dia: 2-1/4" (5.7cm).
Political antiBush antiWar button.
K-BlindedByRight.jpg Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative
In a powerful and deeply personal memoir in the tradition of Arthur Koestler's The God That Failed, David Brock, the original right-wing scandal reporter, chronicles his rise to the pinnacle of the conservative movement and his painful break with it.
Paperback, 378 pages.
S-BlowItAshcroft.jpg Blow It Out Your Ashcroft Sticker
Dimensions: 6-3/4 x 2-1/4 inches (17.15 x 5.72 cm).
blue on blue Mug
T-BlueSun.gif Blue Sun T-Shirt
One of the best advertised corporations from everyone's favorite Space Western. This comfortable black cotton shirt features the shiny blue logo which will not crack or fade with time.

Need a larger size? Send us an email! We can probably get it!
More Info
BE-DiceBorealisClear7.jpg Borealis Clear Polyhedral 7-Die Set
Borealis Play Dice Set. Contains: d4, d6, d8, d10, d10%, d12, and d20.
H-BornAtheistTan.gif Born Again Atheist Hat, Khaki
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. See our charcoal version here. A useful cranial heatshield for hot climes such as Florida or Texas, or other sunny regions where sunstroke can make people believe in the strangest things...High-quality soft cotton cap has a strap with an adjustable buckle closure in the back to fit almost everyone! Also features the "ponytail peeker" (opening to accommodate an pulled-back coif).
MA-BornGay.jpg Born Gay, Fabulous By Choice Magnet
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.62 x 5.08 cm).
K-BrainGymTeach.jpg Brain Gym Teacher's Edition
By Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D., and Gail E. Dennison.
For parents, educators, and all others interested in the relationship between movement and whole-brain learning.
Paperback, 45 pages.
M-E=MC2Soap.gif Brainwash Soap
The E= MC2 BrainWash Soap contains spearmint essential oil, all-vegetable glycerin, and is alcohol-free. It also contains white cornmeal for exfoliation. The cornmeal is in the top of the soap to keep the E=MC2 design lasting for the life of the bar.
Diameter: 2-1/2 inches (6.35 cm).
M-MousePad-Brights.gif Brights Mouse Pad
This Mouse Pad features a gel wrist rest as well as The Brights logo. The mouse pad is approximately 10-1/4 x 9 inches (26 x 22.9 cm).
Brother Can You Spare a Mint? Depression recession Republican thieves robber barons eat the rich class war Brother Can You Spare a Mint?
Brother Can You Spare a Mint? He's very sorry to bother you, but Wall Street stole everything he had. His job, his home, his health coverage, and his retirement fund. So in this season of giving, please spare a thought - or a mint - for the victims of 30 years of Reaganomics. Tin measures 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 1/2"
M-BrnLotusPalmPatch.gif Brown Lotus Palm Tree Patch
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Brown Lotus Palm Tree Patch. This incredibly colorful, brown patch features an intricate lotus blossom outlined in a vibrant green. The shadow of palm trees appears against a colorful sunset in the center. Sew-on patch measures 3.5" in diameter. Click on image to see a close up of the design and a better representation of the incredible colors!
B-BrownieHeckOfAJob.gif Brownie, You're Doing a Heck of a Job button
Brownie, You're Doing a Heck of a Job button.
FEMA head honcho Michael Brown was fired due to incompetence. His qualifications for getting the FEMA top job? He once organized horse shows...
Dia: 2-1/4" (5.7cm). Political antiBush button.
G-BuddhaLightMag.gif Buddha Light Magnet
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Buddha Light Magnet. Here's Buddha, calmly passing on his worldly wisdom and tranquility to all of us suffering from chronic lifestyle overload! Diameter: 3-1/2"
K-BugsPictureStickers.jpg Bugs Picture Stickers
Meet all sorts of creepy-crawlies in the forest and make your own fold-out insect scene! Include more than 50 stickers to position and a pull-out poster. From flies and spiders to beetles and millipedes, there are stickers of all kinds of interesting insect life. Fascinating facts included about each bug.
K-BuildingCharacter.jpg Building Character and Culture
By Dr. Pat Duffy Hutcheon.
"Thoughtful readers will agree that the book belongs in the hands of every parent, of every teacher, and of everyone concerned with the future of civilization. - Erika Erdmann, Publisher and Editor, Humankind Advancing
Paperback, 286 pages.
S-BumperSticker.jpg Bumper Sticker Sticker
Bumper Sticker sticker. Nothing further to add, Your Honor! Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 2-1/2" (29.2cm x 6.4cm). Humorous sticker.
Burn In Hell-Card Game
Cleopatra. Blackbeard. Attila the Hun. Richard Nixon. John Wilkes Booth. Collect the souls of the damned! In Burn in Hell, you try to assemble the tastiest "Circles" of history's sinners. Trade souls with your rivals . . . or just steal the ones you need. Collect groups of Mass Murderers, Cannibals, or even Clerics . . . or build sets of the Seven Deadly Sins. Burn in Hell will keep you on your toes . can you see the sets that fit together for the most points? Can you steal a rival's key card before he can make a Circle? Each card includes a great Greg Hyland caricature and a biography of the soul. You'll have a lot of fun reading (and arguing) about why each of these people was invited to the Permanent Pitchfork Party. And to rule in Hell, you must use strategy and cunning, because this game's not over until the last soul is snatched . . .
S-BushCheneyKiss.jpg Bush & Cheney Kiss My Ashcroft Sticker
Bush & Cheney Kiss My Ashcroft Sticker. Dimensions: 9 x 3" (22.8cm x 7.6cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal humorous sticker.
MA-Bush_Dick.jpg Bush & Dick We're Gonna Get Screwed Magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.1cm x 7.6cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal humorous magnet.
Bush / McCain Since 2001 Bailing Out Wall Street Screwing Mainstreet sticker bailout $700 billion heist class warfare Bush / McCain Since 2001 Bailing Out Wall Street Screwing Mainstreet sticker
Bush / McCain Since 2001 Bailing Out Wall Street Screwing Mainstreet sticker. This sticker tells the awful truth about John 'Maverick' McCain, and his record of supporting almost every disastrous Bush policy. The recent $700 billion heist was just another example of the rich looting America, and leaving the rest of us to foot the bill. Dimensions: 10" x 3"
B-Bush2004.gif Bush 2004 Let's Not Elect Him This Button
Diameter: 1-1/4 inches (3.2cm)
M-BushBlowup.gif Bush Blowup Doll
Bushocchio: the real George W. Bush action figure! This is the genuine imitation aviator/re-election campaign suit action doll. Unlike the phony Presidential Action Figures that try to show Shrubya in a real aviator disguise, this doll presents the true AWOL chickenhawk.
Don't be fooled by imitations.
Dimensions: 24" x 12" x 10" when filled with air, like W's head. OUT OF STOCK !!!(61cm x 30.5cm x 25.4 cm)
M-BushCards-Box.jpg Bush Cards
Bush Cards are casino quality, poker-sized, professionally printed playing cards chock full of Bush administration photos, quotes, facts, and figures. These decks are ready to be shuffled, cut, dealt, and collected.
Each deck of Bush playing cards features 52 Bush administration officials and their closest cohorts, plus two jokers - perfect for your next game of Texas Hold'em. No cheating, please!
M-BushCardsUpdate.gif Bush Cards Update stickers
Are your Bush Cards getting out of date? Can't keep up with all the resignations and investigations? unsure of who's in and who's out? you are not alone. Now you can keep your Bush Cards as current as the daily paper and have fun at the same time.
Features stickers for almost all situations.
Bush Cheney 1984 War is Peace Large sticker
Bush Cheney 1984 War is Peace Mini Sticker
S-BushCheney1984.jpg Bush Cheney 1984 War is Peace sticker
24 years on, Orwell's nightmare has come true. We have the 'Total Information Society', a mass media that merely relays propaganda, rigged elections, wiretapping, endless war to spread 'democracy', the rolling back of women's / human / civil rights... Bush's sorry list goes on.
Political antiBush antiWar liberal mini sticker.
Bush Cheney 1984 War is Peace Large sticker
Bush Cheney 1984 War is Peace Mini Sticker
Bush Condoms withdrawal pull-out abstinence ignorance surge quagmire WMD Bush Condoms
If your WMD is surging into a sticky quagmire, and you still have no timeline for withdrawal, Bush Condoms are the only way to protect you and yours! Why trust abstinence, Plan B or FEMA, when you can screw democracy and several other nations instead? Click on the image for more information. Contains 2 condoms.
R-BushCountdown.gif Bush Countdown Calendar
Just can't wait for Bushy to go? Grab one of these Bush countdown calendars and mark off all the days until he's finally out of office. The entire Bush Countdown poster is a series of checkoff boxes with a handy reference calendar at the bottom covering 2005 - 2009.
This poster requires a special shipping charge of $2.50.
Dimensions: 25" x 16"
Bush Deserves Fair Trial impeach incarcerate investigate jail imprison Libby sticker Bush Deserves A Fair Trial sticker
Bush Deserves A Fair Trial sticker. Just as Saddam Hussein had a 'fair trial', the Toxic Texan deserves some of that good ol' kangaroo court justice too. Dimensions: 7.5" x 3.75"
MA-BushDressUp.jpg Bush Dress-Up Magnet
The original Bush Dress-Up Magnet! George W. Bush showed the world his propensity for playing dress-up when he played fighter pilot by donning a flight suit and having someone land him on an aircraft carrier. While we all know emperor Bush's policies have no clothes, you can at least play dress-up while we struggle through his economic, environmental and church/state separation failures. Fun for the fridge, locker, or filing cabinet, it's sure to spark conversation wherever you play with it.
Dimensions: 9" x 12" (23cm x 30.5cm)
B-BushFakedWarIntel.gif Bush Faked War Intel Button
Bush Faked War Intel Button.
Dia: 2-1/4" (5.7cm) Political antiBush button.
M-BushinaBox.gif Bush in a Box
Features a 3-inch tall cardboard Bush figure with base, attachable word balloons of his famous Bushisms, and a booklet of Bush's funniest misstatements.
A great conversation piece.
Box is 3-1/4" x 3 x 1-1/4" (8.3cm x 7.6cm x 3.2cm)
B-BushDumbAss.gif Bush is a Dumbass Button
Bush is a Dumbass Button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm). Political humorous button.
S-BushDumbass.jpg Bush Is A Dumbass Sticker
Bush Is A DumbAss sticker. King George Dubya is even more of a DumbAss than Ronald "McDonald" Reagan - an amazing achievement! Dimensions: 6-1/2" x 3-1/2" (16.5cm x 8.9cm). Political antiBush liberal sticker.
Bush Is Lying And You Know It sticker Iran Harken Florida WMD's Iraq 9/11 Ohio Bush Is Lying And You Know It sticker
Bush Is Lying And You Know It sticker. Iran's nuclear program, Harken Oil, AWOL from military service, Florida 2000, 9/11, the Anthrax terrorist, Iraq, WMD's, Global Warming, Ohio 2004, Katrina, 'stay the course'... it's all lies, all the time - and the media still refuses to ask him about Jeff Gannon.
S-BushLied2.jpg Bush Lied People Died sticker
Bush Lied People Died Sticker. Dimensions: 11-1/2 x 3" (29.2cm x 7.6cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal sticker.
B-BushLied.gif Bush Lied, People Died Button
Bush Lied, People Died Button.
Dia: 2-1/4" (5.7cm). Political antiBush button.
S-BushLied.gif Bush Lied, People Died Sticker - Small (offline
Bush Lied, People Died Sticker - Small. This is a midi-size version of the previous sticker, but just as hard-hitting. Dimensions: 6" x 3" (15.2cm x 7.6cm). Political antiWar antiBush liberal sticker.
S-BushMakesNixonLookGood.gif Bush Makes Nixon Look Good Sticker
Bush Makes Nixon Look Good. Compared to Bu$hCheneyCorp, Tricky Dicky really was a Liberal! Can we have him back, please? Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 3" (29.2cm x 7.6cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal sticker.
S-BushMillionaire.gif Bush Making Millionaires Into Billionaires
Bush - Making Millionaires Into Billionaires. Emperor George loves to cozy-up to the oily 'haves and the have mores', doesn't he? So what about the rest of us, Dubya? Political antiBush antiWar humorous liberal sticker.
MP-TimeBush.jpg Bush on TIME Magazine postcard
Self-proclaimed time traveler and internet bulletin board poster John Titor has nothing on us! Here's a postcard showing the November 16, 2016 edition of Time magazine. George W. Bush is the featured felon as the headline reads: Convicted of Crimes Against Humanity. Ok, a time traveler may not have brought us the magazine, but it still makes a great postcard for sending to friends.
Postcard measures 6 x 4 inches (15.24 x 10.16 cm).
B-BushSatan2004.gif Bush Satan 2004 Button
Bush Satan 2004 Button.
Dia: 2-1/4" (5.7cm). Political antiBush button.
S-BushSatan2004.jpg Bush Satan 2004 Sticker
Who'd have guessed that Satan enjoyed blasting his friends with a shotgun on drunken hunting trips? Luckily, the corporate media helped him get away with it. Dimensions: 9-1/2" x 3-1/2" (24.1cm x 8.9cm). Political antiBush liberal sticker.
Bush Scarecrow brain wizard of oz magnet Bush Scarecrow magnet
If Only He Had A Brain! Well, we can wish, can't we? But in the meantime, he'd make a very scary scarecrow - the perfect employee for those ranches in west Texas. Perhaps this will be his true calling after he leaves office!
Bush Stay The Course Titanic iceberg disaster capitalism FEMA Halliburton magnet Bush Stay The Course magnet
Bush Stay The Course magnet. Here's the SS Bush on a collision course with a giant iceberg. Of course, it won't hit the iceberg until President Clinton is handed the White House in January 2009, so the GOP can blame the Democrats for everything, but still rake in $billions from their series of carefully orchestrated disasters. Dimensions: 3" x 2"
M-BushToiletPaper.gif Bush Toilet Paper
Now you can express your dissatisfaction with George W Bush in the most suitable style imaginable. He's been doling out the BS to all of us since he stole the 2000 and 2004 elections, so now here's something to wipe away eight disastrous years or war, lies, looting, and insanity.
Bush Voter There's Blood on Your Hands war army surge iraq iran afghanistan vietnam Sticker Bush Voter There's Blood on Your Hands! Sticker
Maybe, just maybe, this sticker will awaken some Bushbots from their state of cognitive dissonance.
Premium sticker is 11" x 3.75".
B-Bush-with-Slash.gif BUSH with Slash Button
BUSH with Slash Button.
Dia: 1-3/4" (4.5cm). Political antiBush button.
T-BushSlash.gif Bush with Slash T-shirt
Express your anti-Bush sentiments as succinctly as possible with this 'Not Bush' logo. Wear it as you walk around DC, Florida, Texas and Langley VA, to get the locals chattering. Features a bold black and red graphic on a white T-shirt.
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1.00 each for Small and Medium sizes, $1.90 each for Large and Extra-Large sizes, and $2.90 each for Double-X.
D-BushsBrain.jpg Bush's Brain DVD
Bush's Brain tells the story of how Karl Rove pulled off an American political miracle. It shows how he tutored an unpolished Texas oil man, a son of privilege who never had shown much of a penchant for politics or anything else, a man who had made one ill-advised run for Congress and then hung it up for good. From his masterful political skills to the secret machinations he carefully orchestrated, Karl Rove has been a new calibration in the idea of a "political advisor". Bush's Brain makes an explosive case that Karl Rove was one of the most powerful non-elected official in American history and the first "co-president" of the United States.
Running time - 80 minutes.
B-BushSocialSecurity.gif Bush's Social Security Plan Button
Bush's Social Security Plan: Don't Grow Old!
Political antiBush button.
MA-BushSaveYourSoul.jpg Bush, Now I'm Gonna Save Your Soul Magnet
Here's a fun refrigerator magnet set that lets you dress up ol' Dubya in his favorite outfits. Chose from a smattering of Halloween costumes like the Pope, Savior, Jester, or Elizabethan Showgirl. Note his obedient little British poodle - Tony Blair - at his feet!
T-BushCon.gif Bush, Putting the Con Back in Conservative T-shirt
While you can only con most of the people some of the time, it looks like Bush can con 62,041,268 people all of the time. Avoid the Con! Help others avoid susceptibility too, by wearing this T-shirt regularly. Also available as a bumper sticker.
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1.00 each for Small and Medium size, $1.90 each for Large and Extra-Large sizes, and $2.90 each for Double-X and Triple-X sizes.
These shirt sizes run a bit big. Please use the dimensions shown next to each size when deciding which size shirt to order.
S-BushCheneyInYourGuts.gif Bush-Cheney In Your Guts You Know They're Nuts Sticker
Bush-Cheney In Your Guts You Know They're Nuts sticker. If only they were just nuts - instead of murderous imperialists... Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 3" (29.2cm x 7.6cm). Political anti-Bush liberal humorous sticker.
Bush-Cheney Noble Prize nobel poster Bush-Cheney Noble Prize poster
Bush-Cheney Noble Prize poster. Here's a scene from an old-style gentleman's club, showing a member reading a news story about Bush & 'Cheyney' winning the Noble Prize for Fiction! It's a work of fiction all right, but without any sign of nobility.... Dimensions: approx. 29" x 20"
S-BushCheney.gif Bush-Cheney, America's Second Choice Sticker
America's Second Choice. All those suppressed votes in Florida (2000) and Ohio (2004) WILL come back to haunt them.... eventually. Political antiBush liberal sticker.
M-BushStickyNotes.gif Bush-its Sticky Notes Booklet
Bush-its Sticky Notes Booklet. Memo Accomplished! These little notes make perfect stocking-stuffers for someone who wants to say something really stoopid. Dimensions: approx. 3-1/4" x 4-1/4"
B-BushOrwell.gif Bush-Orwell 2004 Button
Bush-Orwell 2004 button.
Dia: 2-1/4" (5.7cm). Political antiBush button.
S-BushOrwell.jpg Bush-Orwell 2004 Sticker
Bush-Orwell 2004 Sticker. Dimensions: 9-1/2" x 3-1/2" (24.1cm x 9cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal sticker.
S-ConIntoConservative.jpg Bush: Putting the "Con" back in Conservative sticker
Bush: Putting the "Con" back in Conservative sticker. Dimensions: 11" x 2-3/4" (29.7cm x 7 cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal humorous sticker.
S-BushieHeckofaJob.gif Bushie You're Doing a Heck of a Job oval sticker
Bushie You're Doing a Heck of a Job oval sticker. George Dubya has the Midas touch in reverse. Everything he touches becomes a major disaster. From the economy, to keeping America safe and free, you name it - he's screwed it up. Dimensions: approx. 7" x 3-1/2"
Bushisms: 2006 Day to Day Calendar
Bushisms: 2006 Day to Day Calendar (offline)
K-Bushopedia.gif Bushopedia: A Comprehensive Alphabetical Guide to George W. Bush, the Bush Administration, Other Aspects of the Far Right, and Related Topics
Bill Potts' Bushopedia will make you laugh, cry, scream, throw up, get mad, and try to do something about the worst administration in U.S. history. It's my kind of book.
Jim Hightower, author of Let's Stop Beating Around the Bush and Thieves in High Places

Bushopedia says it all when it comes to the follies of the Bush administration and its conservative cohorts leading to the present American tragedy.
Helen Thomas, First Lady of the White House Press Corps and author of Front Row at the White House: My Life and Times

S-BushSharon.jpg BushSharon Sticker
Depicts the savagely unhappy marriage of oil and blood running through and beneath the names Bush and Sharon. Eeeeewww... creepy.
This is a midi-size sticker! Dimensions: 8" x 2-1/2" (20.3cm x 6.4cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal sticker.
MA-ButMommyGay.jpg But Mommy, Wouldn't Gay Marriage Magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.1cm x 7.6cm). Political gay rights liberal magnet.
B-ButMommyGay.gif But Mommy, Wouldn't Gay Marriages Button
But Mommy, Wouldn't Gay Marriages Button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm). Political gay button.
S-BuyHemp.jpg Buy Hemp 'N' Let the Trees Grow sticker
Buy Hemp 'n' Let the Trees Grow sticker. Dimensions: 9-1/2" x 2-3/4" (24cm x 7cm). Political liberal freethought environmental sticker.
M-byebyebush.jpg Bye Bye Bush Box
Let's give Bush a grand send off! This little box contains a medley of some of our best Bush products to help you celebrate the departure of what will go down in history as America's worst president. $40 worth of retail for the attractive price of $25.
K-AmericanJobsCAFTA.jpg CAFTA and Free Trade American Jobs Book
By Greg Spotts.
Written during the "jobless recovery" of 2004, CAFTA and Free Trade sounds a powerful warning to America's middle class. The book applies a critical lens to the recently-signed Central American Free Trade Agreement and reveals broader truths about America's risky position in the new global economy.
CAFTA and Free Trade is the companion book to Greg Spotts' critically-acclaimed documentary film American Jobs.
Paperback, 93 pages.
K-CallingBernadette.jpg Calling Bernadette's Bluff: A Novel
By Dale McGowan.
This remarkable debut novel diverts the full force of the postmodern whirlwind onto a tiny fictional college on the Minnesota prairie, with results both thought-provoking and hilarious.
Paperback, 365 pages.
MP-PeacenikBush.jpg Can You Imagine? Peacenik Bush postcard
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Can You Imagine...Bush as a Peacenick Hippie? Here's a good-humored postcard to send to your friends.
Postcard measures 6 x 4 inches (15.24 x 10.16 cm).
G-CanYouImpeach.jpg Can You Impeach Someone Who magnet
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Poliical antiBush antiWar liberal magnet.
K-DeadCare.jpg Caring For the Dead
A complete guide for those who wish to handle funeral arrangements themselves...as a final act of love.
Paperback, 343 pages. It is expensive, but not as expensive as a funeral planned by the "professionals"!
K-CarlSagan.jpg Carl Sagan: A Life in the Cosmos
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. By William Poundstone. Only 2 Left, the publisher is out of stock indefinitely
"Anyone who knew Carl Sagan will recognize an accurate and very thorough presentation of a complex and productive life." - Frank Drake, The SETI Institute
MA-Casinos.gif Casinos Still Give Better Odds than Churches Magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.08 x 7.62 cm).
BE-CatgirlT.jpg Catgirl T-Shirt
Nothing like having a hot catgirl on your chest. This is our special kitty and she can be yours on a custom shirt. One of our biggest sellers. Designed by Nicole Dubois. Watermark not printed on shirt.
Catherine The Great magnet empress russia crushed by horse animals republican perverts Catherine The Great magnet
Catherine The Great magnet. Well, what can we say? Catherine II, Empress of Russia, is a perennial favorite on the Darwin Awards. Legend has it that she was crushed to death by an amorous horse, in rather unusual circumstances. Perhaps she was an early Republican....
M-CathSP.gif Catholic Nun & Schoolgirl Salt & Pepper Shakers
A vigilant nun and frightened Catholic schoolgirl. 4 inches (10.16 cm) tall shakers dispense salt, pepper and blessings. Great for family meals and memories!
M-CatholicSnackbox.gif Catholic School Snackbox
This is the perfect gift for anyone who misses the days of getting rapped across the knuckles by Sister Mary Catherine. The joys of Catholic schooling are revisited on our 7" x 5" x 3" (17.7cm x 12.7cm x 7.6cm) metal lunchbox, featuring a stern, ruler-wielding nun and a timid school girl doing some chalkboard atonement. It's perfect for carrying a light lunch or all of the of makeup you couldn't wear while in school.
Celebrate Diversity Purple button Celebrate Diversity Purple button
Celebrate Diversity Purple button. Well, it could be lilac, lavender, or pink, but it looks more kinda purple-ish to our eyes. Wear it and celebrate all the colors of the rainbow! Diameter: 1-3/4"
T-CelebrateDiversity.jpg Celebrate Diversity T-Shirt

Very limited Availability!!

These eye-catching purple shirts require a special shipping charge of $2.90 each for Double-X size.
S-CelebrateSciDD.jpg Celebrate Science & Humanity Sticker 10 x 3 inch
10 inch (25.4 cm) long sticker with white lettering on a blue background: "Celebrate Science and Humanity! Darwin Day, Feb 12, www.DarwinDay.org".
A great way to help promote a great new holiday!
K-CelebsInHell.jpg Celebrities In Hell: A Guide to Hollywood's Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Free Thinkers, and More
By Warren Allen Smith.
Based on the author's previous work, the monumental "Who's Who In Hell", this new release focuses on biographical sketches of entertainers who each have a belief system that runs against the grain.
Paperback, 285 pages.
R-Celestiplanisphere.jpg Celestial Planisphere Poster
Here is a fascinating and educational poster showing the northern and southern hemispheres of the night sky with constellations and planetary systems. This one also glows in the dark - just like stars in the real night sky! An 8-page instructional booklet is included.
Dimensions: 36" x 24" / 91.5cm x 61cm.
celtic fish culture irish ireland car emblem scotland breton galician Celtic Knot Emblem
One of the most intricate and fascinating symbols, the Celtic knot has no beginning and no end. A favorite of Pagans and those of Celtic descent! Dimensions: approx. 2-1/2"
J-EarrCeltKnot.gif Celtic Knotwork Gold and Silver Earrings
World famous designer Peter Stone has done it again! These earrings are the perfect match to any of our knotwork pieces, and will compliment your own pieces beautifully! Sterling silver and gold complete this knotted design that measures .5" in length (overall length 1").
K-ChangeYourBrain.gif Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life - Daniel G Amen, MD. This is the new breakthrough program for conquering anxiety, depression, obsessiveness, anger, and impulsive behavior... without the usual addictive and destructive medications. Dr. Amen, as his name implies, is a devout Catholic, making this book an incredible find for that religious family member you've been trying to get off your back, and he'll never know it came from an atheist bookstore - unless you tell him! Honestly, as a student of psychology, I find this book an excellent resource filled with incredible info, even though I am so not a Catholic (despite my Grandma's best efforts!).352 pages.
Charles Darwin Doll cuddly plush evolution of species little thinker dolls Charles Darwin 11" Doll
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Charles Darwin 11" Doll Are you tired of all those cute but essentially brainless 'beanie' dolls? We were, so we now offer a cuddly Charles Darwin! Let our 'little thinker' add a little culture and humor to your life. 11" tall, and so much smarter than any of those beanie-weenies!
Che Guevara Sticker Quotes with Card Revolutionary Argentina Bolivia Che Guevara Sticker Quotes with Card
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Che Guevara Sticker Quotes with Card. Here's a card of Argentinian revolutionary, Che Guevara, who fought for the rights of the poor and oppressed in Latin America and Africa. Comes complete with stickers of some of his best quotes. Dimensions: approx. 8-1/2" x 3-1/2"
M-ChickenHawks.jpg Chickenhawks of America Card Deck
This 54-card deck commemorates those American public figures who loudly beat the drums of war and send our young people off to die in foreign conflicts, yet who went to great lengths to avoid military service themselves.
T-ChiefSeattle.jpg Chief Seattle T-shirt
This striking shirt features a white and gray image of Chief See-Yahtlh (Seattle) with the space needle in the background on a 100% cotton, high quality black T-shirt. The shirt also feature one of Chief See-Yahtlh's well-spoken quotes printed on the reverse side. Click on the image for the full text of the quote.
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1.00 each for Small size.
S-ChildrenPeopleToo.jpg Children are People Too Sticker
Children are People, Too. Liberal sticker.
M-Children's-Peace-Dance.gif Children's Peace Dance Flag
Children of the world in ethnic costume dance for peace around a central globe, creating a playful, multicultural and interracial visual message. Inside the circle of their dance flies a Peace Crane, a traditional symbol of peace and happiness from Japan, and a Peace Dove carrying an olive branch.
Flags are 8" (20cm) wide and vary in length. When unfurled, the entire flag string is approximately 6 feet.
J-ChineseFriendAddCharm.gif Chinese Friend Symbol Charm link
The Chinese symbol for friend for your Add-A-Charm bracelet.
Dimensions: 3/8 x 3/8 inches (0.9cm).
Chocolate isn't a Vegetable? button chocaholic Chocolate isn't a Vegetable? button
Chocolate isn't a Vegetable? button. But it IS slowly turning all of us into vegetables... Diameter: 1-3/4"
S-Choice2.gif Choice Sticker
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This sticker is especially timely now that both the Mississippi and South Dakota G.O.P. are hell-bent on tearing up women's rights. Speak out now, or it could be your state next...
Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 3" (29.2cm x 7.6cm). Political liberal freedom antiBush sticker.
B-ChristiansNotPerfect.gif Christians Aren't Perfect, They Just Want You to Be Button
Christians Aren't Perfect, They Just Want You to Be Button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm). Freethought political Button
Well, there was Joseph and Mary, and, then, um, some reindeer flew off with three wise guys, and the grinch stole Jesus Christmas is... card
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Greeting inside reads: Well, there was Joseph and Mary, and, then, um, some reindeer flew off with three wise guys, and the Grinch stole Jesus."
Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 4-1/4"
K-ChurchStateAPR2006.jpg Church & State April 2006 magazine
This months articles include:
- IRS cracks down on electioneering churches
- Pennsylvania pastors promote Rick Santorum
- Sandra Day O'Connor blasts court bashers
- Bush resumes push for 'Faith-Based' initiatives
...and much more besides!
K-ChurchStateMAY2006.jpg Church & State May 2006 magazine
This months articles include:
- Texas preacher Scarborough's 'war on Christians'
- Secretive Catholic group's political role in DC
- Opus Dei and Robert Hanssen
- Bush touts political agenda at Catholic prayer breakfast
...and much more besides!
K-ChurchN_State_Apr2004.jpg Church & State, April 2004
This month's articles include:
-Supreme Victory:High Court Thwarts Religious Right Scheme to Require State Funding of Religion
-Unholy Matrimony: Bush, Religious Right Join Hands to Push Marriage Amendment
Plus much more.
K-ChurchN_State_Dec2004.gif Church & State, December 2004
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This month's articles include:
- The Religious Right and Election 2004: Is the Victory of the 'Moral Values' Voter a Media Myth?
- Commandments Controversy: Conflict Over Decalogue Arrives at Supreme Court
- Religious Liberty Test: Supreme Court to Consider Federal Religious Liberty Law
Plus much more.
K-Church_State_Dec2005.jpg Church & State, December 2005
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This months articles include:

- Iowa inmate indoctrination on trial: AU challenges taxpayer-funded prisoner indoctrination
- Alito Alarm: Bush Supreme Court pick is a 'grand slam' to religious right
- The religious right's holiday humbuggery
- PA school board members 'misspoke' over creationism
- The Air Force's proselytism problem
- To Boise and beyond: it's not all quiet on the western front
Plus much more!

K-ChurchN_State_FEB2003.jpg Church & State, February 2003
This month's cover story: I Want You - To Get Married!: 'Faith-Based' Marriage Grants Seek To Wed Church And State
K-ChurchN_State_Feb2004.jpg Church & State, February 2004
This month's articles include:
- Pulpit Politics: Religious Right Leaders Press For Church Electioneering Bill
- Project Fair Play: AU To Educate Religious Leaders About Church Electioneering
- Holy Orders?: Catholic Bishops Demand That Officeholders Follow Church Law
- Of Popes And Power: In The Middle Ages, The Vatican Reigned Supreme.
K-ChurchN_State_Feb2005.gif Church & State, February 2005
Articles include:
- Science Test: Americans United Lawsuit Challenges 'Intelligent Design' Creationism In Public School
- James Dobson: The Religious Right's 800-Pound Gorilla
- Polls Finds Support For Restrictions On Muslims
Plus much more!
K-ChurchN_State_Jan2005.gif Church & State, January 2005
Articles include:
- Power Play: What Religious Leaders Want From Congress - and How You Can Help Stop Them
- Faith-Based Frenzy: Religious Right Wish List Includes Church Funding, Etc.
- Defending Separation of Church And State In Congress: What You Can Do
- Mission Impossible: Constitution Does Not Allow Funding Of California Churches
Plus more.
K-ChurchN_State_July-Aug04.gif Church & State, July/August 2004
This month's articles include:
- Critical Mass: The Bishops, Partisan Politics & Campaign '04
- One Nation Kept in Suspense: The Supreme Court Ducks Ruling in 'Under God' Case
- From the Pews to the Polls?: Bush Seeks Help from 'Friendly Congregations'
Plus much more.
K-ChurchN_State_June2004.gif Church & State, June 2004
This month's articles include:
- Focus on Politics: Dobson, Bush and the Religious Right's Marriage War
- The Alliance Defence Fund's Hidden Agenda: TV Preachers Bankroll Cases.
- The ADF's Reconstructionist Ties: Enforcing God's Law?
- No More Moore!: Special Alabama Court Ousts 'Ten Commandments' Judge
Plus much more.
K-ChurchN_State_MAR2003.jpg Church & State, March 2003
This month's cover story: Colson Prison Blues: Americans United Challenges 'Faith-Based' Program THat Merges Religion And Government
K-ChurchN_State_Mar2004.jpg Church & State, March 2004
This month's articles include:
- Mission Unconstitutional: Congress Considers $10-Million Grant for California Churches
- 'Faith-Based' Revival: Bush Pushes Ahead With Religious Funding Scheme
- Straight Eye For The Queer Guys?: House Panel Hears From'Ex-Gay' Ministry
Plus more.
K-ChurchN_State_May2004.jpg Church & State, May 2004
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This month's articles include:
- Republican Revival: What Student William Pate Saw at a Texas Church Shocked Him
- 'Under God' at the High Court: Newdow Argues Well, But Justices Unreceptive.
Plus much more besides!
K-ChurchN_State_NOV2002.jpg Church & State, November 2002
This month's cover story: The Christian Coalition: Born Again?
K-ChurchN_State_Nov2004.jpg Church & State, November 2004
This month's articles include:
- Inside the Christian Coalition: Americans United Obstacles On the 'Road To Victory'
- Naked Power Grab: Christian Coalition Plots to Strip Courts of Authority
- Partisan Preachment: Falwell Pushes Churches Toward Politics, but AU Fights Back
Plus much more.
K-ChurchN_State_OCT2003.jpg Church & State, October 2003
This month's cover story: Monumental Move: No Moore Defiance In Alabama
K-ChurchN_State_OCT2004.jpg Church & State, October 2004
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This month's articles include:
- Behind Closed Doors: Who is the Council for National Policy?
- Culture War Casualties: Republicans, Democrats Target Churches for Partisan Politics
- Politics in the Pulpit: What Would Jefferson Do?
- Legacy of Liberty: Pastor John Leland Fought to Protect Religion from Government
Plus much more.
K-ChurchN_State_Oct2005.gif Church & State, October 2005
Articles Include:
- God's Hit Man? TV Pat Robertson Shoots Himself In The Foot - Again!
- Confirmed Conservative: Despite Civil Liberties Concerns, Roberts Is Confirmed
- Robertson Redux: Pat's Provocative Patter
Plus much more!
K-ChurchN_State_SEP2003.jpg Church & State, September 2003
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This month's cover story: Appeals Court To Roy Moore: Thou Shalt Not Merge Church and State!
K-ChurchN_State_Sept04.gif Church & State, September 2004
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This month's articles include:
- Busted: AU Files IRS Complaint Against Jerry Falwell Ministries
- Church Service or Campaign Comercial?
- Targeting Public Schools: Religious Right Tries Back-Door Evangelism
Plus much more.
K-ChurchStateCanada.jpg Church and State in Canada
By Albert J Menendez.
What makes Canada tick? How does its church-state situation compare with that of the United States? Do Canadians enjoy as much religious liberty as Americans? These questions and others are answered in this brief overview of how religion affects education, law, and politics in Canada, our neighboring democracy and long suffering ally. Hardcover, 140 pages.
K-ClassicsofFreethou.jpg Classics of Free Thought
Edited by Paul Blanshard.
A treasury of rationalism and religious conflict extracted from the span of more than 200 years of moral and religious history since the French Enlightenment. Paperback, 190 pages.
Click Clack Moo - Cows That Type, Doreen Cronin Betsy Lewin unions organize strong together AFL-CIO Click Clack Moo - Cows That Type, book
Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type - by Doreen Cronin Betsy Lewin. A great child's introduction to the power of organizing and labor unions. The cows join together and strike for better working conditions. "Dear Farmer Brown, The barn is very cold at night. We'd like some electric blankets. Sincerely, The Cows." When he refuses to comply, the cows take action. Farmer Brown finds another note on the barn door: "Sorry. We're closed. No milk today." Soon the striking cows and Farmer Brown are forced to reach a compromise, with the help of an impartial party - the duck! This hilarious tale shows youngsters the power of peaceful protest, and the satisfaction of cooperative give and take.
Hardback - 32 pages.
K-ClimbingMount.jpg Climbing Mount Improbable
By Richard Dawkins
A brilliant book celebrating improbability as the engine that drives life, by the acclaimed author of The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker. The human eye is so complex and works so precisely that surely, one might believe, its current shape and function must be the product of design. How could such an intricate object have come about by chance? Tackling this subject - in writing that the New York Times called "a masterpiece" - Richard Dawkins builds a carefully reasoned and lovingly illustrated argument for evolutionary adaptation as the mechanism for life on earth.
Paperback, 340 pages.
Clinton bashing rush limbaugh dittohead right rove G.O.P. Clinton Bashing Sticker
The Conservatives' favorite loud mouth wants us to forget just how good the Clinton years were for America - the biggest and longest economic boom in American history. So what exactly has Dubya done with that amazing legacy, Rush?
Political antiBush liberal sticker.
B-ClosetSinner.gif Closet Sinner button
Closet Sinner button. Come out of the closet, there's no need to be shy about it! After all, sin is for the righteous and the holy, and that's not you, is it? But your favorite local fundamentalist Republican hypocrite would love one of these! Diameter: 1.5"
Coexist black religious symbols icons logos Coexist MIDI Adhesive Decal, Black
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. We still have the white version available; click here to view it. Coexist MIDI Adhesive Decal, Black. Here's another variation of the famous 'Coexist' design. Printed on a clear background, this one looks great on your car's rear window, or your laptop case! Dimensions: 7" x 2"
T-ColumbusInvaded.jpg Columbus Invaded T-Shirt
Tell everyone the awful truth about Columbus!
Only 1 medium size shirt left!
These eye-catching white t-shirts require a shipping charge of $1.00 each for Medium size.
Come Back Bill Clinton Hillary Democrat Monica Lewinsky impeach Little Rock Arkansas Magnet Mena airport Rev Moon cocaine NAFTA WTO Come Back Bill Magnet
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. "Come Back Bill, All Is Forgiven"
The 1990's... aaahhh, those were the days... remember those eight glorious years of peace and prosperity? Dimensions: 2" x 3" (5.1cm x 7.6cm).
S-EarthtoOurselves.jpg Come the Rapture We'll Have the Earth to Ourselves Sticker
And the Pagans shall take back the night and restore earth centered values instead of patriarchal ideologies! Dimensions: 3" x 11-1/2" (7.6cm x 29.2cm).
MA-ComfortDisturb.jpg Comfort the Disturbed Disturb magnet
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Freethought humorous magnet.
Commemorative Obama Plate, 8 inch diameter 44th President Democrat landslide election victory Commemorative Obama Plate, 8 inch diameter
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Commemorative Obama Plate, 8 inch diameter. Featuring a colorful portrait on a fine ceramic plate, this pays a beautiful tribute to history in the making. The words 44th President of the United States, with inauguration date and Obama's signature, appear within the photo. A wonderful addition to any collection.
T-ComIndivChange.gif Committed Individuals Can Change the World T-Shirt
Brown and blue lettering on tan shirt. Text reads "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead
Design incorporates images of Mohandas Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Aung San Suu Kyi, Cesar Chavez and Chief Joseph.
Shirts require a special shipping charge of $1.00 each for Medium size.
Click on picture for detail of shirt graphic.
B-CompassionateConservative.gif Compassionate Conservatism Is An Oxymoron Buttonn No Longer Available
Compassionate Conservatism Is An Oxymoron
George Bush Is Just A Moron.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm). Freethought political button.
MA-CompassionateConservativ.gif Compassionate Conservatism Is An Oxymoron Magnet
Compassionate Conservatism Is An Oxymoron
George Bush Is Just A Moron

Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Political antiBush liberal humorous magnet.
B-CompassionatePicture.gif Compassionate Conservative Oxymoron Button
Compassionate Conservative is an OxyMoron! Political Button
K-CompulsPreg.jpg Compulsory Pregnancy: The War Against American Women
By John M. Swomley.
An important contribution to the white-hot national debate over the right of every woman to decide for herself if and when to become a mother, and the intense campaign by some political and sectarian leaders to curtail that right.
Paperback, 158 pages.
B-ConcedeNothing.gif Concede Nothing to Bush Button
Concede Nothing to Bush Button.
Dia: 2-1/4" (5.7cm). Political button.
K-Concepts.jpg Concepts: A ProtoTheist Quest for Science-Minded Skeptics
By Paul Carleton
Why is belief in God so common? Concepts is a search for the source of such beliefs, for theism's roots-prototheism.
Hardback 408 pages.
B-CBARCongratulat.gif Congratulations Bush Al-Qaeda Recruiter Button
Congratulations! George Bush, Jr. - Top al-Qaeda Recruiter 2004
Dia: 2-1/4 inches (5.7 cm). Political antiBush button.
k-ConsciousnessExplained.jpg Consciousness Explained
By Daniel C. Dennett.
What turns a mere piece of matter from being mere matter into an animate being? What gives certain special physical patterns in the universe the mysterious privilege of feeling sensations and having experiences?
Softcover, 511 pages.
K-ConversationsPedophile Conversations With a Pedophile
By Dr. Amy Hammel-Zabin.
In an effort to help parents protect their children from predators such as himself, Alan (a jailed pedophile who abused 1100 boys) carefully describes how he selected and preyed on his victims. He fortifies the reader on the ways to spot early warning alarms. He proves that the danger of pedophilia does not come from the stranger in the street offering gifts of candy. It's the nice boy next door, the distant relative, the sweet baby-sitter. It is also shown that our churches aren't safe havens. Nor are our schools or our Scout troops.
Hardcover, 237 pages.
copper on blue Mug
B-CornFedQueer.gif Corn Fed Queer Button
Corn Fed Queer Button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm) Political gay button.
Creat a Commie Lenin Gorby Gorbachev Marx Castro Trotsky Che Brezhnev Create a Commie
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Create a Commie. Here's your chance to be artistic, comrades! Just move the metal shavings around with the magnetic wand to restyle the hair around the generic red face, and you'll quickly make your own instant Commie! What - no Hugo Chavez or Dennis Kucinich?
S-CreativityIsRevolutionary.jpg Creativity Is Revolutionary Sticker
Dimensions: 5 x 3-1/4 inches (12.7 x 9.53 cm).
R-CriticalThougth.jpg Critical Thought & Radical Dissent Postcard
Dimensions: 6 x 4-1/8 inches (15.24 x 10.48 cm)
MA-CruelLeadersReplaced.jpg Cruel Leaders Are Replaced Only To Have New Leaders Turn Cruel Magnet
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Political liberal magnet.
Cute as Hell Lip Balm devilish demonic evil Cute as Hell Lip Balm
Cute as Hell Lip Balm. Perfect for when your smile needs that extra devilish gleam! Contains all-natural pomegranate, beeswax and olive oil - yummy!
Cynthia McKinney Green Party candidate environmentalist anti-war african american Cynthia McKinney 2008 button
Cynthia McKinney 2008 button. Here's a button celebrating the candidate the corporations didn't want you to hear about. Even with a total mass-media blackout, the McKinney campaign gathered a lot of momentum nationally. So why couldn't we have a pro-environment, black female President, who represents all the colors of America's rainbow? Keep a Progressive eye on the Greens as they grow and grow! Diameter 1-1/4"
CZ Peace Sign Symbol Necklace with Rhinestones CZ Peace Sign Necklace with Rhinestones
CZ Peace Sign Necklace with Rhinestones. A subtle peace sign necklace, inset with lots of dazzling rhinestones. Guaranteed to help you sparkle at the office party! Diameter: 1/2"
MA-Daddy'sWar.gif Daddy's Little War Criminal Magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.1cm x 7.6cm). Political antiBush liberal humorous magnet.
G-DamnBushPalin.gif Damn! Bush/Palin Magnet
Full text reads, in a bubble coming out of Dubya's mouth: "Damn! This bitch makes ME look like a fucking genius!" (Of course, between the two of them I don't think either could spell genius!)
K-DamnedIfIDo.jpg Damned if I do... Damned if I don't - Reflections of a Conservative Atheist
Damned if I do... Damned if I don't - Reflections of a Conservative Atheist. What is a conservative atheist? Isn't that an oxymoron? Frank Cress thinks that it is a valid position and thinks he can convince you that the conservative atheist position is most rational of all. Come along for discussion on a wide variety of subjects ranging from abortion to gay rights, from raising atheist children to software development techniques. If you are an atheist with socially conservative values you will probably find most of your thoughts expressed here. Even if you disagree with some or most of the material you'll find this effort to be thought-provoking and unique in presentation.
Paperback - 177 pages.
M-DancingHelix.gif Dancing Helix
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The Dancing Helix is a visual metaphor into the wonders and mysteries of the rhythmical resonating patterns of Nature. From the spiraling galaxies to the curvy-linear form of DNA, the swirl of the pattern of hair on our heads to the rhythm of our hearts, we along with the entire natural world are made from these same magical wave patterns.

The Dancing Helix comes with a two-mode motor featuring continuous and intermittent running. The helix itself is 52 inches long.

Click on the picture for more details and to see an animation of a dancing helix in motion.

Nova Dancing Helix
M-DanteCandy.gif Dante’s Inferno Balls Cinnamon Candies
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. These amazing little candies are hand forged by demons in the third circle of hell. The spicy cinnamon flavor is simply sinful! Each 3-3/4" x 2-3/8" x 7/8" (9.5 cm x 6 cm x 2.2 cm) tin contains about one hundred spicy cinnamon candies.
K-DareToDream.jpg Dare to Dream!: 25 Extraordinary Lives [Paperback]
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This work is aimed at ages 9-12. Magical heroes like Harry Potter, Spiderman, or Catwoman provide plenty of entertainment for kids, but in real life heroes are made of sterner stuff than celluloid fantasies.
K-DarwinAwards2.jpg Darwin Awards II: Unnatural Selection
By Wendy Northcutt.
In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, this new edition brings together a fresh collection of magnificent misadventures, honoring those who continue to improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it in a sublimely idiotic fashion.
Paperback, 256 pages.
T-DarwinDay.gif Darwin Day T-Shirt
A special design requested by the Darwin Day Organization. Denim blue (garment dyed) with dark blue print. This design appears on the back of the shirt. The front bears a smaller image with the words Darwin Day, February 12 with an Evolve fish.
We are having difficulty with a consistent supply of the base shirt, so will most likely make the shirt using our "any image" process on a gray T-Shirt. Requires a shipping charge of $1 each for Small and Medium sizes, $1.90 each for Large and Extra-Large sizes, and $2.90 each for Double-X and Triple-X sizes.
Click on picture for detail of shirt graphic.
T-DarDOut.gif Darwin Double Sided DarwinFish Outlaw T-Shirt
OUTLAW! Perhaps! Front side has a small silver Darwin fish logo on the left chest. The back states the obvious: "If They Outlaw Teaching Evolution Only Outlaws Will Evolve." Wear it proudly at school, shopping, or to shake up the neighbors. Available with silver lettering on a navy blue shirt only (small sizes are available).
Click on picture for detail of shirt graphic.
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1 each for Small and Medium sizes, $1.90 each for Large and Extra-Large sizes, and $2.90 each for Double-X size.
Charles Darwin Day Evolution of Species Round Button or Magnet Darwin Fish Round Button or Magnet
ITEM REPLACED; ON WEB AS SEPARATE PRODUCTS. DarwinFish on a button, available with pin or magnetic backing.
Diameter: 1-1/2 inches (3.8cm) Political Freethought Button.
As of April 30, 2014, we are not sure if, or when, we will be able to ship these items. We will only process orders for ONE pin, and will notify you via email when it will ship. Sorry for this problem, we are "praying" for a resolution.
Darwin Fish Button $4.66
Darwin Magnet, round 1.5"" button (4cm)
K-DarwinsGhost.jpg Darwin's Ghost: The Origin of Species Updated
By Steven Jones.
"Jones has rewritten Darwin's narrative with the help of the latest insights from evolutionary biology. . . . There are few better or more entertaining accounts of the evolutionary process in print today." - The New York Times Book Review
Paperback, 377 pages.
Darwin His Daughter & Human Evolution Randal Keynes Darwin, His Daughter & Human Evolution
By Randal Keynes.
A graceful and insightful biography by the naturalist's great-great-grandson. This book is out of print and destined to become a collectors item. We have ajusted our normal retail price to reflect this.
Available in hardcover and paperback.
Hardcover, 384 pages.
Paperback, 430 pages.
Data Strata ray troll evolution fossils discovery bones dinosaurs species reptiles extinctions Data in the Strata Long-Sleeve Shirt
Exclusive to EvolveFISH.com! A long-sleeved version of this popular Ray Troll design!
These ash gray shirts require a shipping charge of $2.90 each for 2XL size. Only a few of these left - get 'em while you can!
Click on picture for detail of shirt graphic.
M-DataStrataMP.jpg Data in the Strata Mouse Pad
Ray Troll's very popular image, "The Data is in the Strata," on a very distinctive mousepad. A subtle, non-threatening way to enjoy this art.
Dimensions: 7-3/4 x 9 inches (19.7cm x 22.8cm)
Data Strata ray troll evolution fossils discovery bones dinosaurs species reptiles extinctions Data in the Strata T-Shirt
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Exclusive to EvolveFISH.com! Ray Troll Wearable Art! This Heavyweight Ash Gray 90%-cotton 10%-polyester t-shirt is a Ray Troll original. Includes a small EvolveFish on the back up near the collar. We think the picture says it all. A great shirt for everyone who thinks the earth just might be a little older than 6,000 years!. Please note the only size we have is 2XL.
Click on picture for a close-up of the shirt graphic.
Dead Gefilte Fish emblem Jewish dish food Dead Gefilte Fish emblem
Uh-oh, what happened to the poor fishy here? This is a 'tongue ON cheek' version of the popular Gefilte image. Maybe over-eating was the cause of death, we don't really know! Dimensions: approx. 5" x 1-3/4"
Death in Iraq is Not a Career Opportunity Sticker war military army recruiters Death in Iraq is Not a Career Opportunity Sticker
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. All branches of the military advertise themselves as a career opportunity in an effort to help encourage new recruits to join. This sticker is how one of our customers responded to that ad campaign.
Dimensions: 11" x 3"
T-DeathPenalty.jpg Death Penalty T-Shirt
Only a couple of these shirts left! These shirts require a special shipping charge of $1.00 each for the Medium size.
K-DeathWithDignity.jpg Death With Dignity: A New Law Permitting Physician Aid-In-Dying
By Robert L. Risley, J.D.
Do we have the right, when dying with unbearable suffering, to ask a physician for assistance in suicide?
Paperback, 109 pages.
Limited quantities available.
S-DeceptionAccomplished.gif Deception Accomplished Sticker
All hail another stolen election for Bu$hCorp/PNAC! Aided and abetted by the corporate media circus, electronic 'voting' machines, the Democrats and a hopelessly distracted electorate. More of the same to follow in November 2006!! Dimensions: 12" x 2" (30.5cm x 5.1cm).
Political antiBush antiWar liberal freedom sticker.
defend ameica defeat bush vote election florida diebold ohio california 2000 2004 2008 jeb impeach Defend America Defeat Bush sticker
Now, more than ever, we need to defeat, impeach and incarcerate the Bush administration and restore America to its former respected position in the world community.
Dimensions: 9" x 3" (22.8cm x 7.6cm).
Political AntiBush antiWar liberal sticker.
K-DefendingPornography.jpg Defending Pornography: Free Speech, Sex, and the Fight for Women's Rights
By Nadine Strossen
Traditional explanations of why pornography must be defended from would-be censors have concentrated on censorship's adverse impacts on free speech and sexual autonomy. In contrast, Nadine Strossen focuses on the womens' rights-centered rationale for defending pornography.
Paperback - 320 pages.
DeLuxe "Face of God" Detector
DeLuxe "Hand of God" Detector
M-DeluxeJesusActionFigure.jpg Deluxe Jesus Action Figure
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This Deluxe Jesus action figure comes complete with hands that glow of holy power, five loaves of bread and two fish, and a mug of water just waiting to be turned to wine. He's set up for a feeding frenzy.
M-DeluxeLibrarianActionFirg.gif Deluxe Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Now you too can have the likeness of Nancy Pearl, Seattle superhero of the scribal society. Our lady of librarian liberation is available. Comes complete in the deluxe edition with quick kung-fu shushing action, book case, reference desk, and digital card catalogue.
J-DonkeyCharm.gif Democrat Donkey Charm link
Add a Democrat Donkey to your Add-A-Charm bracelet.
Dimensions: 3/8 x 3/8 inches (0.9cm).
Democratic I Have a Dream 2008 blue states red states elections votes voting liberal progressive democracy mug Democratic I Have a Dream 2008 Mug
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Democratic I Have a Dream 2008 Mug. Pour in a hot drink and watch all of the lower 48 states turn blue - even Florida! The dream came true in November 2008, but we still have a few of these souvenir mugs left, so get yours quickly before they're all gone! This mug is microwave safe, but hand-wash it with soap and water only - please don't put it in the dishwasher. (This mug ships quickly via USPS Priority Mail)
Dennis Kucinich 2008 Cleveland Ohio progressive blue state liberal Wellstone Democrat impeachment anti-war peace sticker Dennis Kucinich 2008 sticker
Dennis Kucinich 2008 sticker. DK is the true Progressives' favorite. Right on all the issues, the former mayor of Cleveland has been re-elected five times to the U.S. House of Representatives by the good folks of Ohio. Now his 'Impeach Cheney' bill is moving forward through the House, what surprises will Dennis spring next? And how will the corporate media choose to demonize him? Go Dennis! Premium quality, hand made sticker. Dimensions: 11" x 3"
K-DenyingEvolution.gif Denying Evolution: Creationism, Scientism and the Nature of Science
Denying Evolution aims at taking a fresh look at the evolution–creation controversy. It presents a truly 'balanced' treatment, not in the sense of treating creationism as a legitimate scientific theory (it demonstrably is not), but in the sense of dividing the blame for the controversy equally between creationists and scientists—the former for subscribing to various forms of anti-intellectualism, the latter for discounting science education and presenting science as scientism to the public and the media.
Paperback - 338 pages.
K-Denying.jpg Denying History
By Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman.
Denying History takes a bold and in-depth look at those who say the Holocaust never happened and explores the motivations behind such claims.
Hardcover, 312 pages
M-DevilBall.gif Devil Ball Keyring
Should you throw your Christmas tree out on the side of the highway? Should you heckle the mime? Next time you're considering a devious scheme, consult your Devil Ball Key ring for a little encouragement. The twenty different sayings in this 1-1/2" ball will make it much easier for you to give in to all those evil temptations. Comes in a standing clamshell blistercard.
K-DevilDictionaryUnabridged.jpg Devil's Dictionary - Unabridged
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. By Ambrose Bierce, ST Joshi (Editor), David E Schultz (Editor).
Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary is a classic that stands alongside the best work of satirists such as Twain, Mencken, and Thurber. This unabridged edition will be celebrated by humor fans and word lovers everywhere.
Paperback, 404 pages.
Diablo devil satan hell burn flames horns auto car diablo Diablo Fish emblem
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. We found one of these horny little guys in our warehouse. First order gets it!
Dick Cheney putting the Vice in US Presidency treason high crimes constitution wars iraq iran afghanistan 9/1 9-11 WTC hijack pentagon intel halliburton exxon texaco halliburton big oil Sticker Dick Cheney putting the Vice in US Presidency Sticker
In an effort to avoid disclosing information about his actions, Dick Cheney claimed he's not part of the Executive branch. However, he's not the in Judicial or the Legislative branch and he tries to claim executive privilege when he wants it. In reality, Cheney is the Mob Boss behind the scenes at the White House... putting the Vice in US Presidency! Like most egomaniacal criminals, he thinks he's above the law.
Dimensions 11 x 4 inches (28 x 10 cm).
CM-MetalDinos.gif Die-Cast Metal Dinos (Set of 6) (offline
This set of six dinosaurs features six different prehistoric beasts with detailed spikes, scales and horns; including a hairy mastadon. The figures are each 2-1/2" (6.4cm) in length, and are made of heavy die-cast metal. Additional shipping charges of $1.29 in the US, $1.60 to Canada, and $4.00 to United Kingdom.
CM-DinoMaze.gif Dinomaze
A bone this big could only belong to a dinosaur, or one of their many admirers. Inside is a colossal fossil book containing over 40 poster-size mazes of dinosaurs and ancient animals, with fascinating facts about each creature. Dinosaur enthusiasts love this book...toy...game. Endorsed by the American Museum of Natural History. Bone length is 22 inches (56 cm). For ages 5 and up.
[Due to the weight of this item it is shipped via USPS Media or Ground Rate unless otherwise specified (Priority Shipping is $3.85). International shipping rates are higher.]
Dinosaur Excavation Kit - Six Pack
Y-DinoExcavationMed.jpg Dinosaur Excavation Medium-Sized kit
Your young paleontologist can get a taste of digging up bones with this Dinosaur Excavation Kit. Once the bones are dug up and cleaned, they can be glued together to form a complete dinosaur skeleton. A great experience for kids and parents to share.
The dinosaurs range from 6" to 8" (15.2cm to 20.3cm) Each kit contains one dinosaur skeleton.
M-DinosaurGlobe.gif Dinosaur Kingdom Globe, 12-Inch Inflatable
A 12" (30 cm) inflatable, rotatable globe with stand that identifies the location, size and time-period of more than 70 dinosaurs. Box Size: 13.5" L x 8" H x 1" D (34.5cm x 20cm x 2.5cm).
CM-DinoMagnetic.gif Dinosaur Magnetic Sculpture
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Build your own magnetic sculpture with this colorful bunch of dinosaurs! Stack carnivores, plant eaters and other dinosaurs on a magnetic base to create unique colorful sculptures.

Features 14 different metal dinosaurs and a magnetic base approximately 2.5 inches (6.4cm) in diameter. Interesting and fun for anyone ages 4 and up.

Y-DinoPaintingKit.jpg Dinosaur Painting Kit
The Dinosaur Painting Kit comes with a 6-7 inch 15.2 - 17.8 cm) tall resin dinosaur, 6 colors of water-based waint, and 2 brushes. Just pull out the dinosaur, set up your painting area, and paint away! Recommended for ages 8 and up.
K-DinosaurPictureStickers.jpg Dinosaur Picture Stickers
Visit a prehistoric world and create your own fold-out scene full of dinosaur action. More than 50 stickers to position on a 4-page pull-out poster. From the smallest dinosaurs to the might T-rex, there are stickers for all kinds of amazing creatures. Includes fascinating facts about each dinosaur.
CM-DinoPuzzle.gif Dinosaur Puzzle in Capsule, 22-28 pieces
Here's a fun gift for the young puzzle lover or dinosaur lover you know. The puzzle pieces come packaged inside of a large capsule that looks like a dinosaur egg. When assembled (it's a challenging puzzle), the pieces form one of these 3-D dinosaurs; either a styracosaurus, stegosaurus, saltasaurus, or tyrannosaurus.
The capsules are 2.5" in diameter by 3.5" long. Dinosaurs are approximately 3-4" long when completed. Not suitable for children under 3, due to the very small parts.
Dinosaur fossil prehistoric monster T-rex reptile extinct soap Dinosaur Soap
Our Dinosaur Soap bar comes with a toy dinosaur embedded inside! It features 'cuke melon' scent, and is made with all-vegetable glycerin. Dimensions: 3-1/2" x 2-3/4".
Dinosaurs from A-to-Z Coloring Poster Dinosaurs from A-to-Z Coloring Poster
A Color It Yourself Poster.... keeps the kids entertained for hours - then they can hang it on their bedroom wall!
Dimensions: 20 x 30 inches (50.8cm x 76.2 cm).
T-DiscovSciB.gif Discoveries in Science T-shirt
Currently Unavailable.
Science Discoveries: Hundreds vs. Creation Science Discoveries: Zero!
This T-shirt, like the poster, was originally produced during the period when the Kansas Board of Education banned, "de-emphasized" the teaching of evolution in public schools, and was part of the successful campaign to overturn the ban. The absolute emptiness on the creation science side of the shirt really makes the point.
Comes on either a Dark Blue T-shirt with white graphic, or Cream T-shirt with blue graphic. Click the picture for a closer look.
Only available in Extra-Large.
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1.90 each for Extra-Large sizes.
C-DixieChicksCD.jpg Dixie Chicks CD - Taking The Long Way
Dixie Chicks CD - Taking The Long Way. After a very public 'Bushwhacking' at the hands of the country music establishment, the Chicks are back with a vengeance! Pulling no punches, they return here with a set of 14 terrific songs that prove they were right all along. We love 'em!
K-DoesGodExi.jpg Does God Exist?
By J.P. Moreland and Kai Nielson.
This work provides an in-depth examination of the debate between theists and atheists.
Paperback, 300 pages.
B-DoesItBotherYou.gif Does It Bother You That I'm Always Right Button
Does It Bother You That I'm Always Right Button.
Dia: 1.25" (3.2cm) Political freethought button.
Dolphin car decal mermaid Emblem auto Dolphin Emblem
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. For those of us who prefer to be associated with highly-evolved, super-intelligent marine mammals instead of fish. He's the perfect companion for your Mermaid emblem. Go Flipper! Dimensions: approx. 5" x 2-1/2"
B-PeaceDolphinSunrise.gif Dolphin Peace Button
Dolphins playing around a peace sign at sunrise. Political antiWar button.
J-DolphinPeaceSign.gif Dolphin Peace Sign w/ Amethyst Necklace
This necklace features the traditional peace sign using a dolphin on each side in Sterling Silver and an amethyst crystal hanging from the bottom. Quite eye-catching!
The peace sign is 1/2-inch in diameter and the amethyst crystal is also 1/2-inch long. It comes on a 24-inch silver necklace.
MA-Don'tAssumeWomen.jpg Don't Assume I'm Not Into Cheap, Meaningless Sex Magnet (Women)
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.62 x 5.08 cm).
S-DontHateObama.gif Don't believe the hate Obama 08 Sticker
You can tell there's an election coming because the mud is flying. We created this sticker at a customer's request and liked it so much we're putting it on the website.
Dimensions 11 x 3-1/4
S-Don'tBlameDem.jpg Don't Blame Me I Voted Democrat sticker
Dimensions: 11-1/2 x 3 inches (29.2cm x 7.6cm). Political antiBush liberal sticker.
B-DontBlameMe.gif Don't Blame Me My Vote Didn't Count Button
Don't Blame Me My Vote Didn't Count Button. It seems that only million dollar corporations have that right now.
Dia: 2.25" (5.7cm) Political anti-right-wing button.
MA-Don'tCome.jpg Don't Come Out of the Closet Magnet
Don't come out of the closet unless you have something fabulous to wear.
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.62 x 5.08 cm).
Don't Throw Shoes At Bush t-shirt sweatshirt Muntader al-Zaidi Iraqi journalist Don't Throw Shoes At Bush sweatshirt
Angry Iraqi journalist, Muntader al-Zaidi, threw his shoes at George Bush - and missed! Now we hear he's being tortured in a jail run by US 'contractors' (AKA - hired thugs) in Iraq, so we made this sweatshirt in his honor. Click on the image for a closer look at the graphic. Choose your size from the drop-down menu.
R-DopePeddler.jpg Dope Peddler Poster
Classic propaganda poster from the dark old "Reefer Madness" days! Text reads:
Beware! Young and Old - People in All Walks of Life! This may be handed you by the friendly stranger. It contains the Killer Drug "Marihuana" - a powerful narcotic in which lurks Murder! Insanity! Death! Warning, Dope peddlers are shrewd! They may put some of this in the coffee or in the cocktail or in the tobacco cigarete.
Dimensions: 15 x 11 inches (38.1 x 27.94 cm).
Limited quantities available.
Drill In McCain's 7 Backyards First sticker big oil lobbyist Exxon John Texaco Newt Gingrich Drill In McCain's 7 Backyards First sticker
Drill In McCain's 7 Backyards First sticker. We think John McCain's ranch in Sedona would look much better with a bunch of new oil derricks built on it. Never mind drilling in National Parks or offshore, why isn't big oil drilling on the 63 million acres of land it already owns? Now there's a tricky question for Exxon John and the 83 Wall Street lobbyists who worked on his campaign staff.... Dimensions: 11" x 3"
M-DubyaDoubleSpeak.jpg Dubya Doublespeak Wall Calendar
Filled with twelve full-color photos of George W. Bush "enhanced" with word ballons containing some of his actual hilarious-yet unintentional-gaffes as well as some he would have said had he thought of them, this calendar will bring laughter to fans of free speech everywhere.
Dimensions 12 x 12 inches (30.5 x 30.5 cm)
S-DubyaWhore.jpg Dubya Stands For Whore Sticker
Dimensions: 3-3/4 x 6 inches (9.53 x 15.24 cm).
S-DubyaPrison.jpg Dubya's Only Term Should be in Prison Sticker
How about "Prison Makeover?" There are plenty of empty cells in Alcatraz right now that really would suit Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Rice.
Dimensions: 8-1/2 x 2-3/4 inches (21.6cm x 7cm). Political antiBush liberal sticker.
Misc-old-bush-stuff.gif Dubya's Reign Memorabilia
We have old Bush memorabilia still in stock and on sale! Relive some of his more interesting quotes and the era that made us embarrassed to be Americans! Click here for some fun "remember whens" and things that make you go "huh?"
B-DTiLDuctTapei.gif Duct Tape is Like the Force Button
Duct Tape is Like the Force - It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the Universe together.
Diameter: 2-1/4" (5.7 cm)
M-DumGum.gif Dum Gum
Dum Gum. No one chews up the English language like ol' Dubya, but maybe this gum will take away some of the bad taste left by his 'Compassionate Conservative' policies... Contains 8 minty pieces.
G-DumbDumber.jpg Dumb & Dumber magnet
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal magnet.
T-Dumb-er.gif Dumb and Dumber T-Shirt
Here's a T-shirt that really expresses the true meaning of the phrase "like father, like son." Only this son has got the religious reich in his pocket; so he'll be calling the shots for 4 more years. Don't go timidly into that dark night; let everyone know that we don't like having a president who is on the lower side of the IQ test! What happened to all those Republicans who voted for English only laws?
Limited quantities available. When they're gone, they're gone.
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1 each for Small and Medium sizes, $1.90 each for Large and Extra-Large sizes, and $2.90 each for Double-X size.
Dumbfuck Mountain brokeback gay cowboys Heath Ledger texas wyoming GLBT magnet Dumbf*ck Mountain magnet (offline-NLA)
Dumbf*ck Mountain magnet. Here's the cowboy relationship that was made in hell! (or Texas and Wyoming, which might be even worse). These two bad actors deserve jail cells in Guantanamo, instead of Oscars.
K-Dumbth.jpg Dumbth
By Steve Allen.
101 Ways to Reason Better and Improve Your Mind! A humorous and provocative examination of the increasing American tendency toward muddle-headedness and ineptitude.
Paperback - 445 pages.
K-DyingWithDignity.jpg Dying With Dignity: Understanding Euthanasia
By Derek Humphry.
From the author of the runaway #1 New York Times bestseller Final Exit, here is what every reader should know about euthanasia. The founder and executive director of the Hemlock Society makes a case for the right to die and covers many landmark cases.
Hardcover, 213 pages.
Limited Quantities Available.
Early Warning Signs Fascism Bush Cheney Mussolini Franco Hitler Poster Early Warning Signs of Fascism Poster, 24" x 12"
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Early Warning Signs of Fascism Poster, 24" x 12". Here's a great new poster listing all the conditions we should watch out for as the fundamentalist corporate state takes over. Do any of these sound familiar? Click on the poster to scare yourself with a closer look. Printed on high-quality, light parchment-colored paper.
J-EarthCharm.gif Earth Charm link
Add this colorful Earth charm to your Add-A-Charm bracelet.
Dimensions: 3/8 x 3/8 inches (0.9cm).
K-Ecohumanism.jpg Ecohumanism - LAST COPY
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Volume 15 of Humanism Today
Edited by Robert B. Tapp, in cooperation with the North American Committee for Humanism.
Humanists are sometimes accused of being so focused on the human race that they ignore the environment and other species. This book is designed to address these criticisms. The contributors, all humanists in the naturalistic tradition, show that in fact humanism as a worldview has much to offer environmentalism.
Hardcover, 333 pages.
B-EgyptWisconsin.gif Egypt = 18 Days, Wisconsin = ??? Button
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The predominately peaceful Egyptian uprising, comprised mainly of a campaign of civil resistance, in the form of demonstrations, marches, acts of civil disobedience, and labor strikes, took only 18 days to resolve. How long will it take Wisconsin to reinstate collective bargaining rights that too many Americans died to implement. Button measures 1.25" in diameter.
K-EightPiggies.jpg Eight Little Piggies: Reflections in Natural History
By Stephen J. Gould.
Gould speaks of the importance of an unbroken connection within our lives and to our ancestors.
Hardcover, 479 pages.
R-EinsteinImagine.jpg Einstein "Imagination" Poster
Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein
Dimensions: 24 x 36 inches (61cm x 91.4cm).
MA-EinsteinInfinite.jpg Einstein Infinite magnet
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein.
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.62 x 5.08 cm).
MA-MilitantPacifist.jpg Einstein Militant Pacifist magnet
"I am not only a pacifist, but a militant pacifist. I am willing to fight for peace." -Albert Einstein
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.62 x 5.08 cm).
S-ElectileDysfunc.jpg Electile Dysfunction Sticker
Once around again for Florida voters! Can't they understand that the voting machines and voter registration lists are working JUST RIGHT? If they would only vote Republican, they would find their votes would be counted every time.....
Dimensions: 11-1/2 x 3 inches (29.2cm x 7.6cm). Political antiBush liberal sticker.
M-Election2004-Box.jpg Election 2004 Cards and Game
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This fun-packed parody of the Republican Party includes:
- 52 cards and 3 jokers.
- Full color caricatures of Republican Party honchos and their supporters.
- Satirical write-ups that spoof these public figures.
- A game in which participants compete against each other (and President Bush) to collect votes in four electoral returns
Elemental magnet elements air earth fire water nature natural world Elemental magnet
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Elemental magnet. This vibrantly colorful magnet shows all of the earth's elements existing in harmony. No sign of mankind's messy interference here! Diameter: 3-1/2"
Embrace Your Inner Fish Ray Troll Charles Darwin Evolution natural selection Tiktaalik Embrace Your Inner Fish black t-shirt
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Here is Ray Troll's new limited edition Embrace Your Inner Fish t-shirt! "Chuckie D" is a modern-day Charles Darwin, shown here hugging a giant green Tiktaalik fish. There's also one of our little EvolveFISH logos on the left sleeve. Choose your size below.
Embroidered Tahoe Shirts
These fine shirts come in either khaki or burgundy with a forest green Evolve emblem holding its golden tool. Tahoe shirts are a thick weave 100% cotton shirt. These high-quality shirts are generously proportioned and very comfortable to wear. We only have a few selections left, and then we'll discontinue this style.
K-BiblicalErrancy.gif Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy
The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy. This important new volume is probably the most comprehensive critique of the Bible ever written. McKinsey strives to tell both the good and bad of biblical writings with this thoroughly-researched expose of the Bible's litany of errors, contradictions, and fallacies. In America's increasingly fundamentalist climate, it is important that the Bible's inadequacies and negative teachings be exposed for all to see.
Hardback - 553 pages.
K-EncycloPopUp.gif Encyclopedia Prehistorica Pop-Up book
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Featuring more than 35 pop-ups from renowned masters Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart, this stunning book includes fascinating, up-to-the-minute information about popular dinosaurs as well as many lesser-known varieties.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs is both an awe-inspiring tribute to the world's most beloved extinct animals and an astonishing volume to read, to admire, and to treasure forever. Not just for kids! This book is the masterpiece of pop-up books. Delicate and detailed this makes a very unique addition to anyone's library. It's the book that will be treasured long after the others have been traded.

S-EndTheViolence.gif End The Cycle of Violence War Will Not Create Peace And Security Sticker (offline)
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Dimensions: 2-1/4 x 11-3/4 inches (5.7cm x 29.8cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal sticker.
K-EthicalPeople.gif Ethical People and How They Get That Way
Ethical People and How They Get That Way. Arthur Dobrin explains that ethical people are raised by caretakers who give empathic reasons for rules. Their parents said don't hit other people, not simply because it's bad or because that's the rule, but because hitting people causes pain and fear and unhappiness — and treating others kindly makes them happy. Several studies have shown that ethics are emotional before they are rational; that is, if the ability to empathize with others isn't there, a million facts won't make someone care.
Paperback - 188 pages.
K-EthicsEveryone.jpg Ethics for Everyone: How to Increase Your Moral Intelligence
By Arthur Dobrin.
Is it always wrong to lie? Is it always right to try to help another person? Are you bound to keep every promise you make? You'll find out how well you make moral choices and learn how to increase your ability to understand and analyze ethical dilemmas. This sensible, practical guide provides thoughtful - and sometimes surprising - answers to tough real-world questions.
Paperback, 272 pages.
B-EvenTheJehovah.gif Even the Jehovah Witnesses Gave Up on Me Button
Diameter: 1-1/4 inches (3.18 cm)
Everyday is Earth Day shirt organic cotton tree of life roots Every Day is Earth Day shirt
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Every Day is Earth Day shirt. This made-in-the-USA organic deep brown shirt is dyed with 100% clay, and features the popular "Tree of Life" design. Wear this cool shirt to show others that you're supporting our planet, and you might persuade them to do the same! Click on the shirt for a closer look at the image. Please note that we only have a few left - get them while you can!
MA-EveryDayPeople.gif Every Day People Are Straying Away From The Church Magnet
"Every Day People Are Straying Away From The Church and Going Back to God", a famous quote by Lenny Bruce!
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.62 x 5.08 cm).
S-EveryoneDifference.jpg Everyone Makes A Difference Sticker
Dimensions: 11-1/2 x 3 inches (29.2cm x 7.6cm). Political liberal freethought antiBush sticker.
MA-EveryhingNeedToKnow.gif Everything I Need to Know Magnet (NLA, offline)
"Everything I Need to Know I Learned By Reading Banned Books"
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.62 x 5.08 cm).
K-EverythingReptile.jpg Everything Reptile
Does "cold-blooded" mean reptiles' blood is always cold? Were dinosaurs reptiles? Do reptiles ever eat people? It's all here in Everything Reptile! Written by Cherie Winner in an easy Q-and-A format.
S-EvilLurksInTheBushes.gif Evil Lurks In The BUSHes Sticker
Dimensions: 11" x 3" (29cm x 7.6cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal sticker.
B-Evildoer.gif Evildoer Button
Yes - I'm an EVILDOER! Are you afraid of me yet? Dia: 1.3" (3.8cm).
S-EvilDoer.jpg Evildoer Sticker
I evil-did at the weekend. Did you evil-do too?
Dimensions: 11-1/2 x 3 (29.2cm x 7.6cm). Political antiBush liberal freethought humorous sticker.
Evolution of Life Poster, 24 x 36 Charles Darwin continental drift gondwana Evolution of Life Poster, 24" x 36"
Evolution of Life Poster, 24" x 36" Here's a fantastically detailed poster, tracing the development of life on earth, from the simplest of sea creatures, through the dinosaurs, right up to today's mammals, and also the formation of the continents as we see them today. It's a 'must' for all you serious scientists!
Evolution Darwinism Poster Evolution Poster
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This fantastically detailed poster contains over thirty hidden images including a computer chip; the Space Shuttle; a '57 Chevy; a drill press; a biplane; a manufacturing plant; a tractor; an astronaut; silverware; an electric stove, and a refrigerator.
Dimensions: 16-1/2" x 20" (42cm x 51cm).
International Shipping for posters costs $8 because of the weight of the tube we must ship them in. Additional International posters will add $1 to the shipping cost. Posters shipped within the USA require a shipping charge of $2.00
K-EvoWorkshop.jpg Evolution's Workshop: God and Science on the Galapagos Islands
By Edward J. Larson.
From the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Summer for the Gods, a vivid and very human story of the Galapagos Islands.
Paperback, 320 pages.
H-EvoCapKhakiGrnGrn.gif Evolve Hat - Khaki Top, Green Brim, Green Embroidery
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This comfy hat is similar to our "sturdy" one but is a bit more relaxed!
H-EvolveCapWhite2.gif Evolve Hat, white, green, High Top (offline)
Regular Pro-Sport style, full-size cap.
Fits beautifully over your full-size brain.
Natural color with green brim.
H-EvolveCapWhite2.gif Evolve Hat, white, green, High Top (offline)
Regular Pro-Sport style, full-size cap.
Fits beautifully over your full-size brain.
Natural color with green brim.
H-EvolveCapWhite2.gif Evolve Hat, white, green, High Top (offline)
Regular Pro-Sport style, full-size cap.
Fits beautifully over your full-size brain.
Natural color with green brim.
Evolve Mid-Top Deluxe Caps
This is our line of Higher Quality, EvolveFISH caps. They each feature a pre-curved bill with a bead of fabric sandwiched between the top of and bottom halves of the bill. Each has a fabric adjustment strap in the back with a good quality metal buckle.
The Black cap has a Black top, Black bill and Bright Red embroidery. It is a great attention getter.. Where you want it or not.. The Green topped cap with a Green bill and Green Embroidery is almost a "stealthy" design. you have to really look at the Evolve Fish image to see it. It will be overlooked by all but the most strident religiously bigoted relative. The Tan topped cap with a Green bill and Green Embroidery sits comfortably between the two. It doesn't Scream "NON-Believer".. But it isn't shy about it either.
M-MirrorEvolve.gif Evolve Mirror
This handy pocket mirror can be used for applying makeup, signaling to rescuers, peeking around corners...and all sorts of other things as well.
Diameter: 2 inches (5.08 cm).
Click on picture for another view!
Evolvefish mug  Evolvefish cup evolve fish mug M-EvolMugC.gif Evolve Mu"
This mug has the destinctive 'Evolve Fish' image on each side of the mug, and is a light blue image on dark blue mug. We designed this for use in offices where were 'tolerance' is not practiced.
(Due to the weight of this item, there is an addtional shipping cost of $4.00 per mug.)
copper on blue Mug
Evolve or Die Out Button (NLA)
Diameter: 1-1/2 inches (3.81 cm)
T-EvopoloAsh.gif Evolve Polo Shirt, Ash
Clearance! Evolve FISH silk screened in teal green on a 3-button, ash-colored cotton polo shirt. Quantities are limited!

Shirts require an additional shipping charge of $1.90 each for Large $2.90 each for Double-X sizes.

T-EvopoloGreen.gif Evolve Polo Shirt, Green

Silk-screened in gold on a 2-button heavyweight green polo shirt. Quantities are limited!

Shirts require an additional shipping charge of $1 each for Small and Medium sizes and $2.90 each for Double-X and Triple-X sizes.

T-EvolvePolo.gif Evolve Polo Shirt, Maroon
These classy polo shirts are 100% cotton and come in a great-looking maroon with a gold Evolve fish embroidered on the left chest.
Very limited quantities of these left - get yours before they're extinct!
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1.00 each for Small size.
E-TieClaspGold.gif Evolve Tie Clasp
Here's an Evolve emblem with black enamel inlay mounted on a tie clasp. This is about the most subtle way to wear and display one of our pro-science statements. Obviously, it's most suited to those who frequently wear neck ties, but could be used any place you need a clasp. Choose your color finish from the drop down menu below.
M-CalStick2008used.jpg EvolveFISH 2009 Calendar Stickers
Calendar Stickers. Make your calendar or date book a freethought calendar. We've always wanted a way to get dates that are important to freethinkers on a calendar. Over the years we've tried making our own calendars, but there are always so many other favorite formats. Some folks like the little skinny book that fits in a purse or pocket, some like big wall calendars with awe inspiring pictures, and some like their favorite appointment books. So, the EvolveFISH sticker calendar was born! For 2009, we consolidated over 85 special days; birthdays, court rulings, holidays (non traditional), inventions and discoveries onto a page of small stickers. These stickers will fit inside the date box on almost every calendar type, and still leave room for a notation. We've also included a few pages of back up documentation (just in case you don't know the background of some of the references). We think these are lots of fun! You can still use your "Cats of the World" calendar and be up to date on Freethought dates. Enjoy!
M-EvKeychnGrnYellow.gif EvolveFISH green / yellow plastic keychain
Here's a brightly-colored keychain that stands out, makes a vivid pro-science statement, and is very difficult to lose (unless you're like me...)
Only a few of these left!
Dimensions: approx. 2-3/4" x 1-1/4"
M-EvolveFISHSoap.gif EvolveFISH Soap
The EvolveFISH soap contains lemongrass essential oil, is made with all-vegetable glycerin, and is alcohol-free. It also features yellow cornmeal for exfoliation. The cornmeal is in the top part of the soap, so the EvolveFISH will stay visible for most of the soap bar's life.
Dimensions: 3-3/4 x 2-1/4 inches (9.5 x 5.7 cm).
Evolving Darwin Play Set evolution of species primordial ooze apes reptiles natural selection Evolving Darwin Play Set
NO LONGER AVAILABLE Evolving Darwin Play Set. Here's a set of 5 action figures, from lizard through ape, primitive man, tool-user, all the way up to distinguished scientist! Kids will have fun tracing the rise of the Human race - it makes learning about nature and evolution a lot of fun!
CM-EvolvingTadpole.gif Evolving Tadpoles
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Track the incredible transformation from a tadpole to a frog with our 3-inch (7.6cm) rubber frog and tadpoles. Includes an illustrated blistercard with tadpole facts on the back.
Exotic Marijuana Poster cannabis culture Jason King Exotic Marijuana Poster
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Jason King has been studying the cannabis plant for fifteen years. He is a photographer and writer for several cannabis magazines, including Cannabis Culture.
Dimensions: 24" x 36" (61cm x 91.4cm).
E-ETface.gif Extra-Terrestrial Emblem
Ah, here's a face only a mother could love! Also known as Schwa, according to UFO folklore. This emblem looks like a character straight outta the X-Files!
Dimensions: 4 (10.2cm) x 3 (7.6cm).
K-ExtractCaptain.jpg Extract from Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven
NO LONGER AVAILABLE By Mark Twain; Introduction by Victor Doyno.
Twain's witty vision of what heaven "is really like" is told from the point of view of the recently deceased Captain Stormfield. In a folksy narration peppered with sailor's jargon, the amiable, altogether down-to-earth merchant marine describes a series of amusingly disconcerting revelations about the next world.
Paperback, 128 pages.
K-eyes_wide_shut.gif Eyes Wide Open - George Erickson
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. George Erickson offers a semi-autobiographical anthology of new and published fiction and non-fiction. Stories like "Working Girl" and "Minnesota Trapper" address the human condition, while op-eds, including "Glenn Beck - Where Were You?" and "Why Horses Laugh, Single-Prayer Now!" speak truth to power while drawing on eperts ranging from Plato to George Carlin. Hardcover, 327 pages.
MA-FCadFuckChenanddumb.gif F**k Cheney and the dumb one too magnet
The gruesome twosome, in all their awful 'glory'... Political antiBush antiWar liberal magnet.
S-FuckBush.jpg F*ck Bush Sticker
This one might come in handy for Jeb's presidential campaign in 2012! Dimensions: 11 x 2-3/4 inches (29.7cm x 7 cm). Political antiBush antiWar sticker.
T-FabricOfLife1.gif Fabric of Life T-Shirt
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Exclusive to EvolveFISH.com! Double-sided Ray Troll Art Shirt features a small 'Evolve star' on the left chest and the graphic art story of the FABRIC of LIFE on the back. 100% heavyweight cotton, white printing on a black t-shirt. As much fun to look at as it is to wear! Please note the only size we have left is 2XL.
Click on picture for a detail view of the shirt's rear graphic.
MA-FaceItGirl.jpg Face It, Girl, Prince Charming Isn't Coming Magnet
Face it, girl, Prince Charming isn't coming. He's living with Mr. Right.
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.08 x 7.62 cm).
K-FacingTheWorld.jpg Facing The World: An Anthology of Poetry for Humanists
Compiled by Bet Cherrington.
This is a wide-ranging collection including sections on the human condition, doubt and disbelief, time, humanity in nature, and fantasy.
Paperback, 219 pages.
Limited quantities available.
S-TedFagsForHag.gif Fags For Hag! sticker
Fags For Hag! sticker. Does Ted Haggard have a whole new fan club? He should do, after selfessly helping to remove so many Republican bigots from Congress and the Senate! Way to go, Ted!
Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD Michael Moore Bush Cheney Iraq Saddam PNAC Israel Saudis big oil Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD
Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD. Here's Michael Moore's classic expose on the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. An essential guide to how a nation in fear was exploited by Republican and Democrat war hawks, for corporate profit and political power. This latest edition includes a ton of revealing extra features not seen in the original DVD release!
Running time: 122 minutes.
Famous Scientists poster Darwin Einstein discovery experiment research Famous Scientists poster
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Famous Scientists poster. Here's a collection of 54 trail-blazing scientists, plus a description of the seven sciences and a breakdown of their respective specialty branches. These are some of the greatest minds in history - from Leonardo da Vinci, to Stephen Hawking - complete with a timeline of their lives and discoveries. Click on the image for a closer look. Size: 36" x 24".
BE-FarscapeSB2.jpg Farscape Starburst Edition Vol 2
Frelling dren! It's volume two of the new Starburst Edition of Sci-Fi Channel's Farscape! Approximate running time: 350 minutes.
BE-FarscapeSB1.jpg Farscape Starburst Edition Vol. 1
Like a barkan out of hezmana! It's the new Starburst Edition of Sci-Fi Channel's far-flung, far-out Farscape! Approximate running time: 350 minutes.
BE-FarscapeSB3.jpg Farscape Starburst Edition Vol. 3
No boll-yotz! It's volume three of the new Starburst Edition of Sci-Fi Channel's Farscape! Approximate running time: 350 minutes.
BE-FarscapeSB4.jpg Farscape Starburst Edition Vol. 4
If this ain't drad then you know zarking nada! It's volume four of the new Starburst Edition of Sci-Fi Channel's Farscape! Approximate running time: 350 minutes.
S-FearBush.jpg Fear Bush Sticker
Available as a full-size sticker: 10-3/4 x 3 inches (27.3cm x 7.6cm)
...or as a mini-sticker: 4-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches (11.4cm x 3.8cm cm). Political antiBush antiWar freethought liberal sticker.
Full-Size (offline) $2.00
Mini-FB (offline) $1.50
K-FearFaithFactFantasy.jpg Fear Faith Fact Fantasy
By John A. Henderson, M.D.
A great book to give to people you know who are having their own doubts about god and religion. From the dust jacket: "This book can relieve anxiety over doubts about religion; it can relieve guilt over your failure to live up to others' beliefs; it can ease the fear of an all-powerful, all-knowing god; and finally it may give people the courage to speak out against religious bigotry and intolerance.
Hardback - 234 pages.
Fear Sells Buying G.O.P.GOP Karl Rove media FOX News terrorist threat button Cheney assassinations Fear Sells button
Fear Sells - Are you buying?
With Rush Limbaugh's toxic leadership, the GOP's ratings are heading even further down the toilet, so watch out for more of those GOP scare tactics to make the public weak and compliant all over again.
Diameter: 1.25" (4cm).
S-FeingoldHackett.gif Feingold / Hackett '08 sticker
Real Democrats for Real Democracy! This Russ Feingold / Paul Hackett '08 sticker was made due to popular demand from grassroots Progressives wanting to see some real American values return to the Democratic Party. All power to 'em! This is a premium-quality 11" x 3" sticker, custom-made by a bunch of Colorado Progressives! Political liberal sticker.
S-FermetaBush.gif Ferme ta Bush Sticker
A subtle play on the French for: "Close your mouth!"
Dimensions: 8-3/4 x 1 inches (22.2cm x 2.5cm). Political antiBush liberal sticker.
M-FightingNun.gif Fighting Nun
This cleverly designed puppet contains two levers, which when manipulated by the index and middle fingers cause the fighting nun to throw some mean punches. Go get 'em, sister!
Size: approx. 12 inches (30cm) high.
M-FightingRabbi.gif Fighting Rabbi
Of the same design as our popular Fighting Nun, this lever-actuated puppet will give you a black eye if you're not careful! When things are slow here at the secret EvolveFish research facility, our scientists wager great sums on Nun vs. Rabbi boxing matches. Oy vey!
Size: approx. 12 inches (30cm) high.
Fighting Words toolkit combating religious right Robin Morgan Fighting Words: A Toolkit for Combating the Religious Right (offline)
Every clear-headed patriot should own a copy! Fighting Words is the indispensable book for reclaiming our country. It features quotations from Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Franklin, and many more. Funny, eye-opening, accessible smart, and best of all, really useful for combating the creeping Fundamentalist scourge repeated gleefully by Fox TV and every other corporate media source.
Paperback, 146 pages.
MA-FinalJustice.gif Final Justice Jesus Dress Up magnet set
Dress up the messiah in a selection of criminal's outfits - Charles Manson, Hitler, bin Laden, Ronald McDonald, KKK man, Tinky Winky, Ann Coulter, Hannibal Lecter, Ted Kaczynski, Glenn Beck, Freddy Kreuger - and crucfiy them all to your heart's content!
M-ToteFirstOne.gif First One Out Tote Bag
It's time for a great Beach or Pool Bag.... cotton canvas tote bag; 12" x 16" x 8" (30.5cm x 40.6cm x 20.3cm).
Fish Worship Ray Troll Poster Fish Worship Poster
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Here's another great poster featuring the vividly fishy artwork of Ray Troll. The bright neon colors on black, coupled with the question "Fish Worship. Is It Wrong?" are sure to make the poster a great conversation starter!
Dimensions: 22" x 33" (56cm x 84cm)
fish frog ape bird tote bag darwin day highly evolved Fish-Frog-Ape-Bird Tote Bag
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Fish-Frog-Ape-Bird Tote Bag. How much evolution can you handle? Here's a stylish new tote bag that features the same intriguing image as seen on our Darwin Day t-shirt. This durable, 100% cotton canvas bag makes a great statement! All our totes like going to the grocery store. They help carry your groceries, are kind to the environment and keep your kitchen from filling up with those nasty plastic bags that you won't throw out because you don't want to waste resources. (requires a special extra shipping charge of $1.00)
Quantity   1      2      3      4+  
Price $12.00 $11.00 $10.00 $8.00
K-FleshAgeofReason.jpg Flesh in the Age of Reason: The Modern Foundations of Body and Soul
How did we come to a modern understanding of our bodies and souls? What were the breakthroughs that allowed human beings to see themselves in a new light? Roy Porter's final book delves into these questions with a wealth of evidence to make his case.
Hardcover - 574 pages.
Florida democrat vote election fraud suppress Miami Dade County Jeb Bush 2000 Charlie Crist Florida Democrat Sticker
In the shuffleboard state, you have to dodge the insects, snowbirds and hurricanes, then stand in line for 11 hours on voting day. But last November, Florida's voters worked incredibly hard, and turned the state blue! How about that!
Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 3" (29.2cm x 7.6cm)
Flying-Pig-Soap.gif Flying Pig Soap
The Flying Pig Soap features a pleasant peach fragrance, is made with all-vegetable glycerin and is alcohol-free. It also features white cornmeal for exfoliation. The cornmeal is in the top part of the soap which means the flying pig doesn't melt away quickly, but stays pretty much for the life of the soap.
Dimensions: 3-3/4 x 2-3/4 inches (9.5cm x 7cm).
M-FSMOrn.gif Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) Metallic Hanging Ornament
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Please view the new version of this ornament here. Our FSM Metallic Hanging Ornament makes a great gift for yourself or your Pastafarian friends! Hang from your rear-view mirror, holiday tree, or whatever your fancy. Thin stamped metal, 3" long, 1.5" wide. Includes matching tassel for hanging. Arrives gift boxed. Gold finish.
Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM Lapel Pin Pirate Noodle Pastafarian Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM silver lapel pin (oval style)
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Flying Spaghetti Monster pin "FSM silver lapel pin (oval style). Here's an oval-style noodly lapel pin for all of you loyal Pastafarians out there! Dimensions: 1" x 1/2" Shown here larger than life, at our noodly master's request!"
MA-ForEveryDifficult.jpg For Every Difficult and Complicated Magnet
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Political freethought liberal humorous magnet.
K-FortunateSon2nd.jpg Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President (2nd Ed.)
The second edition of this meticulously researched, well-documented and eye-opening biography includes many interesting revelations about George W. Bush that his handlers and the media would prefer to keep quiet.
Paperback, 440 pages.
CM-FossilReplica.gif Fossil Replicas - assortment set
Learn more about ancient life with this pack of replica fossils. Our sample pack included fossil replicas of: an Ammonite, a T-Rex tooth, a Raptor claw, a Shark tooth and a Cephalapod Ammonite. Comes with a 25-page, paperback Dig Into Fossils book that explains what fossils are, how they formed, and how they are identified. The young fossil hunter in your family will love it!
J-SharkToothBead.gif Fossil Shark Tooth & Bead Necklace
This cool necklace features a fossilized shark tooth that is approximately 1 inch long. Considering these fossils may be up to 60 million years old, wearing this necklace means you're wearing a piece of ancient history. These are all hand-made, so they may vary slightly from the design shown.
CM-Fossils12.gif Fossils, 12 Identifed Specimens
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Here's another great item for fossil lovers out there. This bag contains 12 fossils, a small geologic time scale and a short introduction to fossils. In most cases the fossils are identified with a common name, a Latin name, phylum, class, order, family, geologic time period, approximate age, location where the specimen is from, and picture of the fossil or the animal or plant the fossil is from. It's sure to please fossil lovers of all ages!
kids fossils bones dinosaurs geologic time wall chart prehistoric Fossils, 25 Identifed Specimens
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Here's a great item for the fossil lovers out there. The bag contains 25 fossils, an 8-1/2" x 40" (21.6cm x 101.6cm) full color "Geologic Time and the History of Life in North America" wall chart, and a thirteen-page booklet "An Introduction to Fossils.
S-FOXterror.gif Fox News - Live Coverage of the October 2006 Terrorist Attack sticker
As the Foley scandal rumbles on and KindaSleazy Rice is caught telling more lies about 9/11, Karl Rove needs a major distraction just in time for the Nov. 7 elections. The 'terror attack' will be blamed on Iran and Fox News will help the voters forget about all the other scandals.... Show the Bush regime you're onto them with this premium-quality sticker.
J-FoxhlAthstBrace.gif Foxhole Atheist rubber band bracelet
Foxhole Atheist gel bracelet. Here a subtle new bracelet for all of us red, white 'n' blue patriotic atheists. The bracelet is 2-1/2" diameter and 3/8" wide. One size fits most!
Fragile Earth Duranceau Planet World Environment Atmosphere Climate Poster Fragile Earth Poster
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Fragile Earth by Suzanne Duranceau.
An ecological view of Earth, reminding us of the delicate nature of our planet. "Fragile, Handle With Care!" expressed in 15 different languages.Poster is slightly damaged on edges; there are small vertical tears on both the top and bottom, which is why they are reduced!
Dimensions: 22" x 28" (56cm x 71cm).
K-FreeInq_AprilMay04.jpg Free Inquiry, April/May 2004
Cover story: Can Islam Come into the 21st Century?
Other articles include:
- God in the Pledge
- France Bans Faith Symbols
- Can America Handle Civil Government?
- Call for a new Enlightenment
- Religion and the Press
Plus more.
S-315.jpg Free Speech Keeps Rush On The Air Sticker
Free Speech keeps Rush on the air. Free Thought keeps me from believing him.
Dimensions: 12 x 3 inches (30.5cm x 7.6cm). Political freethought antiBush liberal sticker.
S-FreeSpiritBlack.gif Free Spirit Black sticker
Black ink on a clear background.
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 5 inches (6.35 x 12.7 cm).
S-FreeThinkerBlack.gif Free Thinker Black sticker
Black ink on a clear background.
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 5 inches (6.35 x 12.7 cm).
S-FreeThinkerWhite.gif Free Thinker White sticker
This item is
White ink on a clear background.
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 5 inches (6.35 x 12.7 cm).
k-FreedomfromGod.jpg Freedom From God: Restoring the Sense of Wonder
By Harry Wilson.
Thinking aloud allowed! Thinking about God went into a black hole in the sixties with "God is Dead." Fundamentalism doesn't count, because there's no thinking there. Here's a book that goes all the way into that black hole and comes out the far end - into liberation. This challenge is for persons who can read and like to think, and can still sense wonder. The fresh air is wonderful!
Paperback, 216 pages.
K-FreedomDoes.jpg Freedom is as Freedom Does
By Dr. Corliss Lamont.
A Harvard College graduate's struggle for civil liberties and the onslaught against the American Bill of Rights after WWII.
325-page paperback.
M-freedistkeychain.gif Freedom Is The Distance Keychain
Dimensions: Approx. 2-3/4" x 1-1/2" (7cm x 3.8cm). Protest and maintain America as a secular republic! Let's keep the Baptist mullahs at bay before they turn America into a fundamentalist theocracy even worse than that created by their oily buddies, the Taliban.
This design is also available as a T-shirt and a sticker.
S-FreedomIsntFree.gif Freedom Isn't Free - We're Paying Out The @$$! sticker
Freedom Isn't Free - We're Paying Out The @$$! sticker. Look closely and you'll see that Old Glory's stars have been replaced by the logos of corporate America. All the usual military media industrial complex suspects are here.... Click on the image for a close-up look at the logos.
AntiBush antiWar liberal sticker.
B-FreedomtoMarryButton.gif Freedom to Marry Button
Freedom to Marry Button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm) Political gay rights button.
K-FreedomQuotes.jpg Freedom: Quotes and Passages from the World's Greatest Freethinkers
Edited by Leonard Roy Frank.
More than six hundred quotes and passages from famous freethinkers - artists, activists, politicians, writers, religious leaders, and others - comprise this treasury on freedom. In it they summon the big questions: What is freedom and what does it require? What liberties do we take for granted?
Hardcover - 266 pages.
S-Freeman2008.gif Freeman/Ford 2008
Let's continue the theme of actors in the White House with a pair we could really get behind. Morgan and Harrison may not have political aspirations just yet, but maybe they should!
K-FreethoughCenturies.jpg Freethought Across the Centuries
By Dr. Gerald Larue.
Examines the humanist and freethought tradition and celebrates those individuals who made possible the liberties we all enjoy today.
Paperback, 516 pages.
K-FreeThtAmFront.gif Freethought on the American Frontier
Freethought on the American Frontier. This collection of memoirs, essays, political cartoons, songs, and poetry is an excellent primary source on the social history of the West. Its major focus is on the freethought movement that was taking place during the 19th century, featuring essays by such social critics as Robert Ingersoll, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Mark Twain, Carl Sandburg, and Langston Hughes. Freethought book.
K-FT_TodayMAY2003.jpg Freethought Today, May 2003 (offline)
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. In this issue: Foundation Challenges Montana Entanglement, Panel Decision Appears to Open Pandora's Box, Black Collar Crime Blotter, and much more.
Sigmund Freud Head Pop Freud Head Pops
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Because sometimes, a lollipop is just a lollipop. These watermelon flavor pops are the ideal accompaniment to contemplation of Freud's theories. Each sugary Freud head is about 2-1/4" (5.7cm) tall. But we all know that size doesn't really matter... does it?
MA-FridayCasual.jpg Friday is Casual Sex Day Magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.1cm x 7.6cm). Freethought liberal humorous magnet.
Frodo Failed Bush Has the Ring OVAL sticker Frodo Failed Bush Has the Ring OVAL sticker
Frodo Failed Bush Has the Ring OVAL sticker. Oh Frodo, what have you done? Now the evil ones can scare us all indefinitely. Only the terrifying power of democracy can save us - yikes! Dimensions: approx. 7" x 3-1/2"
B-FFBHFrodoFaile.gif Frodo Failed, Bush Has the Ring Button
Frodo Failed, Bush Has the Ring Button.
Dia: 1" (2.24cm). Political button.
G-FrodoFailed.gif Frodo Failed, Bush Has The Ring Magnet
Frodo failed - Bush has the ring.
Here's one for all the Progressive Lord of The Rings fans out there. Must do better next time, Frodo! Political AntiBush antiWar liberal magnet
Frodo Failed Bush Has The Ring Lord of the Rings Sauron Tolkein Bumper Sticker Frodo Failed, Bush Has The Ring Sticker
Frodo Failed, Bush Has The Ring Sticker. The Ring missed on its way down to the bowels of Mt. Doom, and instead landed in the lap of the inept. Now the world has a reign of stupidity to suffer through during this age of man. Premium full-color political humorous antiBush bumper sticker.
K-FromCultEthConf.jpg From Culture to Ethnicity to Conflict
By Jack David Eller.
Ethnic conflicts are not always what they seem!
Paperback, 368 pages.
B-FuckOff1stAmendment.gif Fuck Off This Message Brought To You First Amendment Button
Fuck Off This Message Brought To You First Amendment Button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm). Political Button.
B-Fun.gif Fun is My Spiritual Path Button
Fun is My Spiritual Path Button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm). Political freethought button.
K-GforGoogol.jpg G is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book
By David M. Schwartz; illustrated by Marissa Moss.
"Fun, fascinating, and appealing to math mavens and math phobics alike." - Creative Classroom Magazine.
Hardcover with full-color illustrations. 56 pages.
Ages 8 and up.

M-GaneshPuppet.gif Ganesha Magnetic Finger Puppet
Although he is known by many other attributes, Ganesha's elephant head makes him easy to identify. Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles, patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. He is honoured at the start of rituals and ceremonies and invoked as Patron of Letters during writing sessions.

While this finger puppet may not be able to remove all obstacles and grant all wisdom, he could be pretty handy to have around.
ST-004.gif Garden Book & The Greenhouse
By Wes Porter.
African Violets, prickly cactus, popping corn, and prizewinning pumpkins. With The Garden Book & Greenhouse, kids can grow their own, and catch the gardening bug. A fully illustrated field and garden guide nestled inside a sturdy working greenhouse, this book is written by a horticultural consultant who has taught gardening to children for over 25 years.
Click on picture for more information!
[This item is shipped USPS Media or Ground Rate unless otherwise specified (Priority Shipping is $3.85).]
MA-GayFamily.jpg Gay Family Magnet
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches (6.35 x 8.89 cm).
Click on picture for larger image.
B-GayMarriage.gif Gay Marriage Ceremony $5000 Priceless Button
Gay Marriage Ceremony $5000 Priceless Button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm). Political gay button.
S-GayRightsMale.GIF Gay Rights are Civil Rights, Male, Sticker, 3 inch
P-GayRightsCivWomyn.gif Gay Rights are Civil Rights, Womyn, Sticker, 3"
P-GayRightsHuman.gif Gay Rights Equals Human Rights, Lapel Pin
...because everyone deserves the same rights and protections under the law, regardless of whom they love. Pin measures 1" in diameter.
S-GeezerGidget.gif Geezer + Gidget = more Bushit! Sticker
Well, the Geezer picked a Bible-thumping Gidget to be his running mate and it boosted his numbers in the polls. We weren't surprised. The public's reaction, or actually their lack thereof, to the lunacy of the past 8 years has put anything resembling surprise beyond our capability. All we can try to do is reintroduce rationality to an irrational society. So, here's the McCain/Palin equation represented in one of the most rational methods we have for presenting information: mathematics. Let's hope they understand basic math.
MQ-GeoBushAirFresh-2.gif George Bush's Dumbass Head on a String Air Freshener
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The George Bush's Dumbass head on a sting air freshener emits a "musky, powerful man-scent" sure to offend "girly-men" everywhere. Use this presidential air freshener in the car, under the toilet seat, or anywhere there are hard to reach odors that need attention.
Comes in a colorful, humorously illustrated package. Air freshener is 4-1/4 inches tall x 3 inches wide (10.8 x 7.62 cm).
George Bush Best Reason Canadian Citizenship Button George W Bush The Best Reason Canadian Button
George W Bush The Best Reason for Canadian Citizenship button. But then, I suppose he'll just invade Canada. They have America's oil, too!
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm). Political antiBush button.
MA-MakingWorldSafe.gif George W Frat Boy magnet
"George W: Making the World Safe for Frat Boys"
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal humorous magnet.
M-Bushism2004.gif George W. Bushisms: 2004 Calendar
The Accidental Wit and Wisdom of Our 43rd President
George W. Bush has become famous for uttering incoherent gaffes like: ôMore and more of our imports come from overseas.ö This 2004 daily calendar is filled with hilarious, and unintentional, Bushisms that will provide plenty of nervous laughter for everyone across the political spectrum. Calendar is 5 1/4" by 5 1/4" with a page for each day of the year featuring a Bushism. These kinds of calendars are great for including the Bushisms from past days in letters and correspondence to friends. It'll give them a laugh too.
B-GWROGeorWReveOne.gif George W. Reverse Progress Button
George W. Reversing World Progress One Day at A Time.
Political antiBush button.
S-GesundheitAmerica.gif Gesundheit America Sticker
Enough already with the God Bless America wimpering. How about Gesundheit America for a little bit?
Dimensions: 7-1/2 x 3-3/4 inches (19 x 9.5 cm).
M-GetOutofHellFreeKeychain.gif Get Out of Hell Free Keychain
M-GetOutofHellFreeLuggage.jpg Get Out of Hell Free Luggage Tag
K-GetYourWarOn.gif Get Your War On
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. David Rees' hilarious, hard-hitting comic strip takes on the Bush Doctrine, Operation Iraqi Freedom, the war in Afghanistan, the pending conquest of Mars, tax cuts, the 2004 election - and much more besides. Office life has never this much fun!
Paperback - 100 pages.
K-GirlsAreGirlsBoys.jpg Girls Are Girls and Boys Are Boys: So What's the Difference?
Girls Are Girls and Boys Are Boys: So What's the Difference? Sol Gordon writes a nonsexist, non-religious children's sexuality education book geared for kids aged 8-12. With vivid illustrations and candid language, this book can act as a wonderful catalyst for "that talk."
Paperback - 48 pages.
S-GiveBushInchRuler.gif Give Bush an Inch and He Thinks He's a Ruler sticker
Give Bush an Inch and He Thinks He's a Ruler sticker. After the last five years, we should be giving Emperor George some rope and a tree instead.
Dimensions: 11.3" x 3" Political antiBush liberal sticker.
S-GivePeaceDove.gif Give Peace a Chance Dove round sticker
3" (7.6cm) in diameter. Political antiWar liberal sticker.
This design is also available as a lapel pin.
T-GivePeace-Detail.jpg Give Peace a Chance T-shirt
Give Peace a Chance embroidered with a colorful peace symbol. Under the peace symbol we've embroidered TheLiberalStore.com for our latest website. All of this embroidery comes on a violet, pre-shrunk, 100% cotton T-shirt. Click on the image for a better look. Hurry - we have only a few of these left!
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1.90 each for Large and size.
GlennBeckistan sticker Glenn Beck 9/12 teabaggers party FOX News right wing lie machine corporate sponsors Sean Hannity GlennBeckistan sticker
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. GlennBeckistan sticker. As a tribute to Glenn Beck's clueless viewers, we've made some minor adjustments to the map of America. Blame Beck and his corporate puppeteers for dumbing-down the very people who would actually benefit from universal healthcare, progressive taxation, public transport, and many other common-sense ideas. Dimensions: 8" x 4"
Global Warming poster climate change CO2 sea level rise emmissions pollution ice melt greenhouse gas Global Warming poster
Global Warming poster. A beautifully colorful poster, showing the causes, effects, and consequences of mankind's runaway CO2 emmissions. This should be a great motivator for the next generation of climatologists. Put one in your science lab soon! Dimensions: 36" x 24"
S-GlobalizePeace.gif Globalize Peace sticker
Globalize Peace sticker. After everything else has been globalized - jobs, culture, ideology, war, religion, pollution - wouldn't it be nice to have peace, harmony and understanding spread around the world too?
Glow in the Dark Map of the Universe poster Glow in the Dark Map of the Universe
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. A dramatic map of the universe... and if you expose it to a strong light source, it will then glow in the dark! Dimensions: 35" x 35" inches (89cm x 89cm).
International Shipping for posters costs $8.00 because of the weight of the tube we must ship them in. Additional International posters will add $1.00 to the shipping cost. Posters shipped within the USA require a shipping charge of $2.00
M-StepOnThemDoormat.jpg Go Ahead Step On Them, Bush Cheney Door Mat
You know you'd like nothing better than to watch your guests and visitors wipe their feet on the faces of Bush and Cheney. Now is your chance! This tough rubber-backed door mat is approx. 24" x 18"
"Go ahead, step on them. They've been stepping on you since 2000."
S-UrinalBush.gif Go Ahead! Piss on Me (Bush) Urinal sticker
Here's a message that's sure to capture the attention of anyone using a urinal displaying one of these stickers. Go ahead - Piss on me! Urinal Sticker with Bush's face.
Dimensions: 6 x 3-3/4 inches (15.2cm x 9.5cm). Political antiBush liberal humorous sticker.
gosolar.gif Go Solar
MA-GodBlessAmerica.gif God Bless America Shouldn't Mean magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.1cm x 7.6cm). Political antiWar freethought liberal magnet.
S-GodBlessBlue.gif God Bless Blue States sticker
Because the red states think the Almighty has an exclusive contract with them - wrong! Ironically, the blue states are less likely to believe in God than those righteous folks in 'Jesusland'.
Dimensions: 11" x 2-3/4"
B-GodCreatedMJ.gif God Created Marijuana Button
God Created Marijuana Button.
Maaan, He must be one seriously chilled-out dude...
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm). Political button.
MA-GodCreatedMJ.jpg God Created Marijuana Magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.08 x 7.62 cm).
B-GodPissd.gif God Is Coming Magnet
Diameter: 1-1/2 inches (3.8cm). Freethought humorous magnet.
B-GodIsOnEveryonesSide.gif God Is On Everyone's Side Button
God Is On Everyone's Side Button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm) Political freethought button.
B-GodKnowsWhenYouTouch.gif God Knows When You Touch Yourself Button
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. God Knows When You Touch Yourself Button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm). Humorous freethought button.
MA-GLYRGodLoveYouRest.gif God Loves You Restrictions magnet
God Loves You*
*some restrictions may apply if you're not one of the chosen ones.... Political freethought liberal humorous magnet.
S-GodProtectUs.jpg God Protect Us From Your Followers
A slight variation of our popular "God Protect ME from Your Followers". This one is more inclusive.
S-GodlessAmerika.jpg God' less Amerika Sticker
Dimensions: 5 x 3-1/4 inches (12.7cm x 9.5cm). Political antiWar antiBush freethought liberal sticker.
K-Godless.jpg Godless
By Pete Hautman
Fed up with his parents' boring old religion, agnostic-going-on-atheist Jason Bock invents a new god -- the town's water tower. Pete Hautman, author of Sweetblood and Mr. Was, has written a compelling novel about the power of religion on those who believe, and on those who don't.
A great story for young adults as well as adults.
Hardcover, 198 pages.
M-Gorilla.gif Gorilla Figurine
This impressive gorilla figurine stands approximately 11 inches tall and is 12 inches long (27.94 cm x 30.48 cm). The impressive sculpting of the face, with its expressive eyes make this gorilla quite stunning and extremely life-like.
J-GotBeerCharm.gif Got Beer? Charm link
Here's a lighthearted message for your beer drinking buddy's Add-A-Charm bracelet!
Dimensions: 3/8 x 3/8 inches (0.9cm).
MA-GBMGGotBlooMagn.gif Got Blood? Magnet
Got Blood? Only die-hard pro-lifers would approve of Bush's eight years of murderous hypocrisy... Political antiWar antiBush liberal magnet.
S-GotDemocracy.jpg Got Democracy? Sticker
This is a midi-size sticker!
Dimensions: 10" x 2" (25.4cm x 5.1cm).
Political antiBush liberal sticker.
Got Experience And Hope? Clinton/Obama 2008 B/W button Got Experience And Hope? Clinton/Obama 2008 B/W button
Got Experience And Hope? Clinton/Obama 2008 B/W button. We're down to two candidates now, so would they make a great team to take on the war-crazy wingnuts? Let's hope so! Diameter: 2-1/4"
Got Experience And Hope? Clinton/Obama 2008 button Got Experience And Hope? Clinton/Obama 2008 button
Got Experience And Hope? Clinton/Obama 2008 button. Just in case Sen. Obama didn't get the nomination, he'd make a great running partner for Hillary Clinton! Diameter: 2-1/4"
Got Hope and Experience? Obama/Clinton 2008 B/W button Got Hope and Experience? Obama/Clinton 2008 B/W button
Got Hope and Experience? Obama/Clinton 2008 B/W button. Here's the new start America needs. A combination of strengths and virtues we can believe in. Diameter: 2-1/4"
T-GotRights.gif Got Rights? Bush t-shirt
Got Rights? Bush t-shirt. In case anyone hasn't noticed the erosion of Americans' civil liberties over the last six years....
MP-GotTape.jpg Got Tape? Bush Duct Tape Post Card
Here's a nice postcard to use the next time you decide to write the White House.
Dimensions 4 x 6 inches (10.16 x 15.24 cm)
S-GovRicPerSuck.gif Governor Rick Perry Sucks Sticker
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Governor of Texas Rick Perry may be popular among evangelical right-wing christians, but he scares the hell outta the rest of us! He stood before thousands at a rally and called on Jesus to bless and guide the nation’s military and political leaders and “those who cannot see the light in the midst of all the darkness.” Dimensions: approximately 2.5" x 10"
K-GrandpasBriefcase.gif Grandpa's Briefcase
Grandpa's such a character. Rummage through his briefcase and who knows what you'll find.
Try out his favorite tongue twisters. Play practical jokes with his whoopee cushion. Spin the arrow on Grandpa's Original Decision Maker. He'll even help you to learn your ABC's, to count to 12, tie your shoelaces, and tell the time.
My Grandpa's Briefcase is jam-packed joy, filled with activities, mementos and life lessons. And best of all, it's a story celebrating that special bond between grandpa and grandchild that skips a generation.
Recommended for ages 3 and up.
Grateful Dead Obama Symbol Round Sticker Jerry Garcia deadheads Grateful Dead Obama Symbol 3" Round Sticker NO LONGER AVAILABLE
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Grateful Dead Obama Symbol 3" Round Sticker. So what would Jerry do? He'd probably vote for Barack Obama, and the massed ranks of Deadheads followed suit. Now there's a bloc vote that John McCain couldn't possibly reach! Diameter: 3"
Great Is The Guilt Of An Unnecessary War sticker John Adams Great Is The Guilt Of An Unnecessary War sticker
Great Is The Guilt Of An Unnecessary War sticker. This great quote from John Adams is as timely today, as it was back in 1770. Our modern-day leaders would do well to heed his words of wisdom... Premium quality, hand made sticker. Dimensions: 11" x 3"
M-GreatScientistsBox.gif Great Scientists (Curie, Einstein, Newton, Darwin) Boxed Finger Puppets
Some of the greatest scientists of our time presented as adorable puppets. Conduct your own small-time laboratory experiments with box theater.
B-GreatSpirits.gif Great Spirits have always encountered... button
Great Spirits have always encountered... button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm). Freethought button.
MA-GreatSpirits.jpg Great Spirits magnet
"Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds." -Albert Einstein
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.62 x 5.08 cm). As of Dec. 18, we are out of this item. We hope for a resupply on 12-19-05..gb
Greydon Square The Compton Effect CD atheism agnostic freethought Greydon Square - The Compton Effect CD
Greydon Square - The Compton Effect CD. Breaking new grounds, Greydon Square emerges as a promising new hip hop and R&B artist with an emphasis on atheism, agnosticism, freethought, and secularism in this new, full length album. He was originally raised in Compton, California and now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where he is a college physics major. His music is edgy and brings a refreshingly youthful voice to the secular community! Click on the image for more information.
Grow Hemp For The War Poster Grow Hemp For The War Poster
Let people know how you feel about natural products with this classic World War II propaganda poster.
Dimensions: 18" x 23" (45.7cm x 58cm).
K-GuideCrone.gif Guide to Crone Rituals
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Meg Bowman, renowned feminist activist, has put together 207 pages of positive and creative ways to celebrate and acknowledge Wise Older Women. Order this book, plan a spectacular day of embracing inner beauty, and just be fabulous! Perfect for meetings or just friends getting together, this brilliant book is full of activities designed to uplift and inspiration. Paperback.
S-GunsDontKill.gif Guns Don't Kill People, Bush... round sticker
Although we suspect Dick Cheney is the bigger, deadlier threat....
3 inches (7.6cm) in diameter. Political antiBush antiWar liberal sticker.
T-GunsDontProtect.jpg Guns Don't Protect People T-Shirt
These shirts require a shipping charge of $1.00 each for Medium size. Only a few of these shirts left!
S-HadEnoughVoteDem.gif Had Enough? Vote Democrat '06 Sticker
Had enough of Republicans' plundering the treasury and voting themselves huge tax cuts? Had enough of war, fascism and fearmongering? Had enough of gouging by HMO's and Big Oil? We can all make a difference this November, by voting for our local Democratic Party candidates. Get out the vote with this sticker!!
CD-HailtotheThiefII.jpg Hail to theThief II: Songs to Send Bush Packing CD
Hail to the Thief II: Songs to Send Bush Packing! The new CD by George Mann, Julius Margolin and Friends. It features 20 tracks by a variety of artists all focused on one purpose: to Send Bush Packing!

Some of the artists on the CD are: Chris Bricker, Utah Philips, George Mann, Kim and Reggie Harris, Amy Martin, Steve Brooks, Magpie, Tom Paxton, Julius Margolin, Lisa Rogers, Mark Levy, Faith Petric, Emma's Revolution, Joe Jencks and more.

Click on the CD image for RealPlayer audio samples.

B-Hammered.gif Hammered! Tom Delay Button
Tom Delay got hammered! You gotta love it when power-crazed, self-righteous, dirtbags like Tom Delay get nailed!! We'll call this the first button in a series, since you know more crooked Republicans are gonna come down IF we keep the wheels of justice rolling.
Dia: 2-1/4" (5.7cm). Political antiBush button.
J-HandShakeCharm.gif Hand shake charm
This charm features a message of cooperation illustrated by hands shaking over an image of the globe.
Dimensions: 3/8 x 3/8 inches (0.95 cm).
B-HappinessJourney.gif Happiness Is a Journey Not a Place button
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Happiness Is a Journey Not a Place button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm) Political freethought button.
S-HappyHereticBlack.gif Happy Heretic Black sticker
Black ink on a clear background.
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 5 inches (6.35 x 12.7 cm).
R-HarleyDavidson.jpg Harley Davidson Poster
Displays 14 full-colored Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Dimensions: 26-3/4 x 38-1/2 inches (67.95 x 97.79 cm).
International Shipping for posters costs $8 because of the weight of the tube we must ship them in. Additional International posters will add $1 to the shipping cost. Posters shipped within the USA require a shipping charge of $2.
CM-HatchingDino.gif Hatching Dinosaurs
These 1-1/4 inch (3.18 cm) white dinosaur eggs hatch into 8 inch (20.32 cm) spongy dinosaurs when you put them in water. Two eggs on each card. Comes complete with instructions and dinosaur diagrams.
B-HateNotValueTri.gif Hate is not a family value, triangle, button
Hate is not a family value, triangle button. A bright pink triangle on a white button with the message: "Hate is not a family value." This button is 1.2" diameter (4cm). Gay rights political freethought button."
S-320.jpg Have You Forgotten About Jesus Sticker
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Have You Forgotten About Jesus? Isn't It About Time You Did?
Dimensions: 12 x 3 inches (30.5cm x 7.6cm). Freethought liberal humorous sticker.
M-HavingaGreatPostCard.jpg Having a Great Time in Iraq Postcard
Postcard from Iraq. Front of card shows Army Pfc. Lynndie England atop the naked prisoner pyramid, while the back says:
"Dear Mr. President, Thanks for all your courageous leadership. Having a great time - wish you were here! Love, Lyndie. Dimensions 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" (14cm x 10.8cm).
S-HavingAbandon.jpg Having Abandoned My Search For Truth Sticker
"Having Abandoned My Search For Truth I Am Now Looking For A Good Fantasy"
Dimensions: 15 x 2-3/4 inches (38.1cm x 7cm). Freethought liberal sticker.
S-302.jpg He Died in A.D. 33 - Get Over It Sticker
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Dimensions: 12 x 3 inches (30.5cm x 7.6cm). Freethought liberal sticker.
G-PopeBush.jpg He's Even Dumber Than I Thought magnet
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Political antiBush humorous liberal magnet.
J-HeartPeaceEarrings.jpg Heart Peace charm Earrings 1.2" Sterling - hoop style
Heart Peace charm Earrings 1.2" Sterling. You want to spread peace, love and understanding, so here are some cool hoop-style earrings, with heart-shaped peace symbol drop charms to express yourself in a subtle way. The peace symbol has evolved into a heart shape, because peace and love are real progressive values.
J-HeartPeaceBrac.jpg Heart Peace Symbol Bracelet
This sterling silver bracelet features a heart-shaped peace sign. Very nice!
Bracelet is 6-1/2 inches long while the charm is approximately 3/4 inches in diameter.
Helix Evolve Support pro Science scientific discovery research DNA spiral evolution Shirt Helix Evolve Support Science T Shirt
Science has proven its superiority at explaining the world around us, and the DNA helix has become a symbol of scientific discovery. This blue shirt features the image of a helix with the words "Support Science....Not Superstition" under the image. The back side of shirt has a small 3" (7.6cm) EvolveFISH logo just below the collar. A great way to express the pro-science message in style.
This is a dark blue shirt, not black!
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1.00 each for the Small size.
B-HelpTheEconomy.gif Help The Economy Buy Me Stuff Button
Help The Economy Buy Me Stuff button. Because shopping is patriotic!
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm) Political antiBush button.
Hemp is Patriotic magnet Industrial fuel biodegradable food Hemp is Patriotic magnet
NO LONGER AVAILABLE Hemp is Patriotic magnet. Industrial hemp has many uses, including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, health food, and fuel. It is one of the fastest growing biomasses known, and was one of the earliest domesticated plants. The US is the only industrialized nation to continue to ban industrial hemp, so this version of the Stars and Stripes reminds us that we're missing out on a crop that could really benefit our green future. Dimensions: 3-1/2" x 2".
J-HempLeafPendant.gif Hemp Leaf Pendant
Hemp Leaf Pendant. Unlike the real thing, this shiny sterling silver pendant is certified 100% legal, even for non-medical use! Approx. 1-1/4" tall. Order it with or without an 18" silver chain.
MA-Here'sOneCountry.jpg Here's One Country We Haven't Magnet
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches (6.35 x 8.89 cm).
Heretic poster agnostic atheist freethinker Heretic Poster
Features a list of (in)famous non believers who dared to challenge the hardline dogma of organized religions throughout the ages. Many paid the ultimate price for thinking aloud...
Dimensions: 11" x 17" (28cm x 43cm).
We also have this design on a T-Shirt!
Hey Bush Voter - Embarrassed Yet? sticker Republicans GOP G.O.P. Cheney Hey, Bush Voter - Embarrassed Yet? sticker
Hey, Bush Voter - Embarrassed Yet? sticker. Some people have no shame. We mean those who voted twice for the worst President in history - and plan to vote for him again, via Insane McCain, in November 2008. Republicans can only stay in power with the huge bloc vote of the poor. Their standard of living continues to fall, but they still wanna be trampled by the Elephant Party. Premium quality, hand made sticker. Dimensions: 11" x 3"
B-Hill-Ob-Bl-Wte.gif Hillary / Obama 2008 blue & white button
Hillary / Obama 2008 blue & white button. Here's a combination that could fix the mess left behind by the Bush/Cheney horrorshow. Here's to 8 years of peace & prosperity! Diameter: 1-1/4"
Hillary / Obama 2008 sticker Hillary / Obama 2008 sticker
Obama / Hillary 2008 sticker. Is this the winning combination for the Democrats in 2008? Premium quality, hand made sticker. Dimensions: 11" x 3"
Hillary Bill Clinton 2008 Arkansas New York Democrat Campaign Hillary 2008 button
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Hillary 2008 button. Can the former First Lady make it all the way to the top in 2008? And is Bill Clinton ready to become our First Gentleman? What a great idea! Diameter: 1-1/4"
Hillary Clinton 2008 Democrat election voters blue state big pharma big oil big tobacco clean coal sticker Hillary 2008 sticker
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Hillary 2008 sticker. Who's the biggest name running for President in 2008? Will the "Clinton years" v2.0 be as good as Bill Clinton's long reign of peace and prosperity in the 1990's? Or does Hillary have a different agenda? Premium quality, hand made sticker. Dimensions: 11" x 3"
M-HillaryCard.jpg Hillary Clinton Quotable Notables
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Quotable Notables - blank notecards of the media's favorite next President, complete with sticker quotes and envelope.
Hillary2008.gif Hillary for 2008 (Rosie the Riveter) sticker
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Here's Hillary Clinton striking a pose as Rosie the Riveter. She needs to start throwing some heavy punches at the Republican slime machine as the 2008 election charade gets a-rolling. But look - she's wearing a red 'victory' flag on her collar, so things are looking up already! Dimensions: 5" x 3" (12.7cm x 7.6cm). Political liberal sticker.
Hillary Clinton for President sticker Democrat Bill Little Rock Arkansas CFR AIPAC WalMart Wal Mart NAFTA Hillary for President sticker
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Here's our new Hillary for President sticker. Well, she didn't make it back to the #1 seat in the oval office, but she is doing a terrific job as President Obama's Secretary of State. Proudly union-made, in the USA. Dimensions: 11" x 3"
Hillary Is Not A Progressive liberal Clinton NeoCon Republican corporations big oil big pharma HMO war iran iraq Mena airport Rev Moon CIA cocaine Bush sticker Hillary Is Not A Progressive sticker
Have you ever wondered why the corporate media is ramming Hillary Clinton down our throats at every opportunity, while carefully ignoring the real progressive candidates who DO plan to make a difference? This sticker should remind Americans to check carefully the voting records of their candidates. Click on the image for further information. Premium quality, hand made sticker.
Dimensions: 11" x 3"
Hillary with slash button Obama liberal progressive blue state vote election baby boomers Hillary with slash button
Hillary with slash button. A great many grassroots Democrats and Progressives want to see Barack Obama's new, fresh face in the White House this year, instead of yet another corporate warmonger tied to 20th century thinking, so here's a button for them! Diameter: 1-1/4"
S-Hindu.png Hindu Fish Emblem
This 5 inch (12.7cm) fish emblem is 'udderly' divine! This one might be popular in America's dairylands - and of course, in India!
M-HolierThanThou.gif Holier Than Thou Candle
A "tasteful" use of Catholic prayer candles. This one has the prayer for "Protection from the Holier than Thou" on its side! We suspect you have a relative, neighbor or co-worker who is holier than Thee. This candle is designed to protect you from them. Good Luck...
T-BushHGDshirt.gif Home Grown Dope Bush T-shirt
This delightful shirt compares the US President-designee (as opposed to an Elected President) to a popular herbal product. The front of the shirt shows a likeness of the "little shrub" and the back contains instructions for care and feeding. Click on the image to see the back of the shirt.
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1.00 each for Medium size.
Homeland Security Native Americans Indians postcard Homeland Security postcard
Homeland Security postcard. Here are America's original defenders, doing their duty to protect the homeland without resorting to wiretapping, eavesdropping, kidnapping, rendition, mail-opening or Patriot Acts. Please come back guys - we need you to defend us again!
How About We Keep Democracy & Export Bush? buttonHow About We Keep Democracy Export outsource Bush button How About We Keep Democracy & Export Bush? button
How About We Keep Democracy & Export Bush? button. Perhaps we should be outsourcing 'Little Jebbie' to that sunny gated community they call Guantanamo Bay... Diameter: 1-1/4"
M-Feelings.jpg How Are You Feeling Today Greeting Cards (Pack of 10)
Dimensions: 5 x 7 inches (12.7 x 17.78 cm).
Freedom Free Country Sale Bumper Sticker security port How Can This Be A Free Country Sticker
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. When the Saudis and Chinese own almost everything we have, how will we be safer? Dimensions: 11" x 3" (7.6cm x 29.2cm)
MA-HowComeGirls.jpg How Come All the Cool Girls Are Lesbians Magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.08 x 7.62 cm).
B-HowComeGirls.gif How Come All the Cool Girls are Lesbians? Button
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. How Come All the Cool Girls are Lesbians? button.
Dia: 1-3/4" (4.5cm). Gay rights button.
K-HowBecameChampion.jpg How I Became Champion of the Universe
By Kenny Harrison.
This great children's book models non-violent behavior and creative conflict resolution. With full-color illustrations, for ages 2 to 5.
Hardcover - 32 pages.
How many soldiers died today Bush army surge troops iraq iran afghanistan fort carson bragg benning military pentagon rumsfeld rice corporate media How Many Soldiers Died Today, Mr Bush? sticker
Here's a question the White House press corps needs to start asking the 'surger in chief'. 4,000 American soldiers have now been killed in Iraq. How many more from your town will die for Exxon and Halliburton profits? Premium quality 11" x 3" sticker.
S-HowManySold.gif How Many Soldiers Died Today, Mr Bush? stickers
Here's a question the Washington press corps never dares to ask the Thief in Chief. Soon, Dubya's toll of dead GI's will overhaul bin Laden's 9/11 body count... if you still believe that bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks... These 11" x 4-1/4" stickers are printed in pairs on one sheet of paper, are repositionable and the colors will last until impeachment!
Click on the image to see the sheet of 10 smaller 4" x 2" stickers.
10 per page 2" x 4" $4.00
Two per page 4.25" x 11" $4.00
How the hell was I supposed to know? I put out a rainbow flag because I liked the colors. The next thing you know, I've got hal How The Hell...? card
Greeting inside reads: How the hell was I supposed to know? I put out a rainbow flag because I liked the colors. The next thing you know, I've got half a dozen well-dressed men at the door drinking cosmos and screaming, hey girl!"
Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 4-1/4"
K-How2GrowFreshAir.jpg How To Grow Fresh Air: 50 Houseplants That Purify Your Home or Office
By Dr. B.C. Wolverton.
Plants are the lungs of the earth! This terrific guide, based on 25 years of research by NASA, shows how common houseplants can combat the effects of sick building syndrome, and cleanse the home or office of common pollutants. With a few of the right plants on your tables and desks, you'll soon be breathing a lot easier!
Paperback with color photos & illustrations, 144 pages.
K-HowtoHideButterfly.jpg How to Hide a Butterfly
Go on a nature hunt! Play Mother Nature's clever game of hide-and-seek, and discover a beautiful butterfly, a feeding praying mantis, and a veriety of other intriguing insects in Ruth Heller's brilliantly illustrated book.
K-HowtoHideMeadowFrog.jpg How to Hide a Meadow Frog
There are so many amphibians to discover in this vibrantly colored nature book of hide-and-seek. Ruth Heller shows how toads, salamanders, and other interesting amphibians are experts at camouflage. Kids love to watch the animals disappear!
Paperback - 32 pages.
Hugo Chavez '08 venezuela populist leftist socialist oil south america sticker Hugo Chavez '08 sticker
Hugo Chavez '08 sticker. Who's the popular southern guy who represents government of, by, and for the people? And why has he been re-elected so many times? Because he gave power back to the people, using Venezuela's huge oil revenues to fund vital social programs, and marginalized the corrupt ruling elite. Can we have some of that here, please? Premium quality, hand made sticker.
Dimensions: 11" x 3"
S-HumanistBlack.gif Humanist Black sticker
Black ink on a clear background.
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 5 inches (6.35 x 12.7 cm).
Humanist Magazine January February 2007 Humanist Magazine January/February 2007
This month's articles include:
- Dissecting a Breakthrough
- Remaking Modern Transportation
- Sandinista Redux
- Noam Chomsky on Humanism & Secular Nationalism
And much more besides!
Humanist Magazine January February 2008 Humanist Magazine January/February 2008
Humanist Magazine January/February 2008. This edition's articles include:
- Exploring the Boundaries: Can science replace religion in a post-theological realm?
- Ayaan Hirsi Ali's war against Islam.
- An ethical war? The invasion or liberation of Iraq.
- A sensible approach to Islam.
And much more besides!
Humanist Magazine January/February 2009 Humanist Magazine January/February 2009
Humanist Magazine January/February 2009. This month's articles include:
- Happy 200th birthday, Mr Darwin!
- The evolution of the mind.
- Race and continuing selection.
- Reflections on the Dover case.
- Why genocide?
- Beyond the ethnic battle in Darfur.
and much more besides!
Humanist Magazine July/August 2000
NO LONGER AVAILABLE Humanist Magazine July/August 2000. Featuring articles on:
Student activism three decades after Kent State.
Can capital punishment be humane?
Is abortion genocide?
The evolution of moral values.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagJA2004.jpg Humanist Magazine July/August 2004
Humanist Magazine July/August 2004. Featuring articles on:
America: the militarized republic.
Return of the draft?
The privatization of torture.
And much more besides!.
K-HumanistMagJA2007.jpg Humanist Magazine July/August 2007
Humanist Magazine July/August 2007. This edition's articles include:
- Is there a secular case for banning abortion?
- What price will we pay for bioweapons research?
- Salman Rushdie on Humanism
- Kurt Vonnegut's favorite joke
- Jonathan Miller on A Brief History of Disbelief
And much more besides!
Humanist Magazine May/June 2009 Humanist Magazine July/August 2009
Humanist Magazine July/August 2009. This month's articles include:
- Has torture become sacred?
- Who ordered it, and who condones it?
- Gay marriage and the 'bigot' card.
- The hidden history of the ERA.
- "Star Trek made me an atheist!"
- Interview with William Lobdell.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagJA2010.gif Humanist Magazine July/August 2010
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The July/August issue features articles such as:
America’s Addiction to Belief - From conspiracy theories to blind allegiances, irrationality is the new American zeitgeist.
Defending Climate Science Today - Post-Climategate: putting the contrarians in the hot seat
Spoil the Earth, Spare the Child: Freeman Dyson’s Inconvenient Climate Views
It’s Bigger than You Might Think: Broadening the Science vs. Religion Debate
Hiroshima and Nagasaki—Sixty-Five Years Later
Humanist Magazine March April 2007 Humanist Magazine March/April 2007
This month's articles include:
- Who really wins in Iraq?
- Harvard Humanism
- A Mormon President?
- The Attack on Science
- Religion and Liberal Arts.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagMA2008.jpg Humanist Magazine March/April 2008

Humanist Magazine March/April 2008. This edition's articles include:
- Toying With The Middle East.
- Tribal Bonds in Pakistan.
- Who Killed Off The Left?
- Lester R Brown on the role of water.
And much more besides!
Humanist Magazine May/June 2001
NO LONGER AVAILABLE Humanist Magazine May/June 2001. Featuring articles on:
Big brother is watching.
Science of mind reading.
Psychology of biblicism.
Ethics, government & security.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagMJ2009.jpg Humanist Magazine May/June 2009
NO LONGER AVAILABLE Humanist Magazine May/June 2009. This month's articles include:
- (Mis)Education - What does it mean to teach children well?
- Christian reform schools and faith-based initiatives.
- Dissecting the apple - what bible literacy programs might reveal.
- Saved? Orphans of Operation Babylift aren't so sure.
- Rational Sunday school.
And much more besides!
Humanist Magazine November/December 2008 Humanist Magazine November/December 2008
We sold out of this issue.. Sorry. Dec 29,2008. Humanist Magazine November/December 2008. This edition's articles include:
- Pete Stark - our man in Washington.
- Sen. Jane Raskin (D-MD) on reason, politics and morality.
- The politics of personhood.
- What would Jesus do... if he were a lawyer?
- Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 60.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagSO2008.gif Humanist Magazine September/October 2008
Humanist Magazine September/October 2008. This edition's articles include:
- Shades of Green: Environmental alternatives for a post-oil future.
- Biodiesel vs Ethanol.
- Redesigning walkable cities.
- The greenest diet.
- Ecovillages.
- Robert Crum's short history of America.
And much more besides!
Humanist Magazine September/October 2009 godspeed Neil Degrasse Tyson Humanist Magazine September/October 2009
Humanist Magazine September/October 2009. This month's articles include:
The HUMANIST Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson by Jennifer Bardi Everyone’s favorite astrophysicist on what it takes to enlighten the public.
Musings of a Solo-ist Astrophysicist by Neil deGrasse Tyson The AHA awardee discusses humanism, black holes, and the expanding universe and reveals why he won’t debate irrational people and why he will continue to say “Godspeed.”
An "Eco" Systems Approach: Reproductive Rights Go Green by Joni Baird
Baptism in Broad-mindedness: Saving Future Teachers from Creationism by Clay Farris Naff
K-HumMagJA2012.gif Humanist Magazine, July/August 2012
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This issue of The Humanist features a special excerpt from the thought provoking new secular staple "Nonbeliever Nation - The Rise of Secular Americans" by author David Niose. In it he proclaims "religious freedom is a cherished American value. Religious predominance is not." Read more inside! Also included are:
-an interview on Evolution, Humanism, and Conservation with famed paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey

-an article discussing the myth of sex addiction and moral implications

-a look at Hitchens as Orwell's successor
-and much more!
Humanist Necklace symbol positive humanism freethinker non-believer godless realist Leather Chain Humanist Necklace on Acrylic Cord
Humanist Necklace on Plastic Chain. Here's some subtle bling for Freethinkers! Choose from either a blue on silver, or a black on silver Humanist symbol on this 1" x 1/2" pendant. Comes with a 24" black cord. Click on the image to see the Blue on Silver design.
P-HumLight.gif HumanLight Lapel Pin
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This incredibly attractive, fine quality pin is a real eye-catcher, sure to initiate conversations at holiday time. Made in the U.S.A. Go to HumanLight.Org for more information.
K-Hypatia.jpg Hypatia
By Khan Amore.
Violent religious bigotry takes it on the chin in this compelling historical science-fiction rendition of the story of the beautiful and brilliant Alexandrian Greek who some have called history's greatest woman.
Papreback, 641 pages.
G-IBelDiversity.gif I Believe in Diversity Magnet
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Striking white text and imagery stand out on a gradiated blue background of this 2" x 3" magnet. Click on the image to see a greater detail. Celebrate not only diversity but people as a whole!
I can see you masturbating Pope magnet Josef ratzinger Joey the Rat pontiff catholicism voyeur peeping tom Vatican Rome I can see you masturbating Pope magnet
I can see you masturbating Pope magnet. When in Rome, don't even think about taking yourself in hand. The Vatican's collection of bishops, cardinals, and arch-deacons don't need any more of those earthy temptations. Dimensions: 3" x 2"
I Don't Eat Anything With A Face button vegetarian vegan PETA meat-free meatless I Don't Eat Anything With A Face button
I Don't Eat Anything With A Face button. More and more people are giving up meat, as a way of preserving the animals, themselves, and the environment. Flaunt your healthy, leafy lifestyle, with this pro-vegetarian button! Diameter: 1-1/2"
B-IHadToCome.gif I Had To Come Out of the Closet Button
I Had To Come Out of the Closet To Make Rooms For More Clothes
Diameter: 1-1/4 inches (3.18 cm). Gay Button
S-317.jpg I Inhaled and I Vote sticker
And my vote still won't be counted...
Dimensions: 12" x 3" (30.5cm x 7.6cm). Political liberal humorous sticker.
B-ILovePorn.gif I Love Porn button
I Love Porn button. Here's one that'll get a rise out of the 'moral issues' crowd.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) Political freethought liberal button.
Never Thought Miss Nixon magnet Watergate bug wiretap spying Washington Vietnam I Never Thought I'd Miss Nixon magnet
I Never Thought I'd Miss Nixon magnet. Compared to today's NeoFascist GOP, Tricky Dicky and his conservative cohorts were almost left-wing liberals. Imagine that! Ah, for those good old daze....
I Still Support John Edwards liberal progressive healthcare unions jobs environment populist South Carolina sticker I Still Support John Edwards sticker
I Still Support John Edwards sticker. Though he's officially out of the race for the Democratic nomination, we still need John Edwards out there, shaping the course of the 2008 election. His calls for universal healthcare, tough environmental safeguards, an end to the Iraq War and protection for American jobs struck a chord with so many of us, and these issues must be kept central in the debates this year. Premium quality, hand made sticker. Dimensions: 11" x 3"
R-Osama.jpg I Want You To Invade Iraq Poster
This poster outlines why Osama and his ilk are all for a war with Iraq.
We'll print out a copy of this poster for you, or you can download the original PDF document at TomPaine.Com.
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches.
MA-IWasGayBefore.jpg I Was Gay Before It Got Trendy Magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.1cm x 7.6cm).
MA-ImGeorgeBushApproveMess.jpg I'm George Bush I Approve This Mess Magnet
Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.6cm x 5.1cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal humorous magnet.
MA-ImNotARealPresident.jpg I'm Not A Real President I Just Play One On Tv Magnet
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.1cm x 7.6cm). Political antiBush liberal humorous magnet.
Not Republican Peach Candies fundamentalists baptists religious nuts bush supporters I'm Not a Republican Peach Candies
I'm Not a Republican Peach Candies. Leave this box of tasty peach candies on your desk and the world will know you're a progressive thinker - someone who's really worth getting to know! Made in the USA, by liberals who care!
B-ImNotAnti-Bush.gif I'm Not Anti-Bush I'm Pro-Intelligence Button
I'm Not Anti-Bush I'm Pro-Intelligence Button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm). Political liberal antiWar button.
I'm Saving the Planet Shopper Tote Bag eco-friendly green earth pollution waste I'm Saving the Planet Shopper Tote Bag
Let everyone know you're going green with this cool new "I'm Saving the Planet" Shopper Tote Bag. Well, it's one great way of stopping all those plastic supermarket bags clogging up your life and the environment. Bag is made of durable woven polypropylene, and measures approx. 15" x 15" x 6"
MA-I'veGotNothing.gif I've Got Nothing Against God Magnet
I've Got Nothing Against God
It's His Fan Club I Can't Stand.

Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches (7.62 x 5.08 cm).
Irresponsible Republican Arrogant Quagmire Iraq Iran war invasion occupation big oil North Korea nukes nuclear I.R.A.Q. Irresponsible Republican sticker
I.R.A.Q. Irresponsible Republican Arrogance Quagmire sticker. We simply must stay the course, folks. It's amazing how few Republicans volunteered to fight their own war in Iraq, or even suggest an exit strategy for those sent to steal oil on behalf of Exxon and Texaco. This sticker says it all about the NeoCon draft-dodgers who have run out of ideas and excuses.
If A Man Speaks in the Middle of A Forest Still Wrong magnet feminist political correctness PC If A Man Speaks in the Middle of A Forest...
...and There is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong? The perfect complement to our woman magnet that says "If a woman speaks in the forest and there is no one around to hear, is she still bitching?" (To view it, click here.)
G-IfWomanSpeaks.gif If a Woman Speaks Magnet
Okay, we had to create gender balance! This magnet reads: "If a woman speaks in the forest and there is no one around to hear, is she still BITCHING?" The perfect companion to our man magnet that says: "If a man is speaks in the middle of a forest and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?" (To view it, click here.)
S-ConservativePatriot.gif If Conservatives are so Patriotic, Why Jobs Overseas? sticker
Made in China - toxic, cheap, unregulated, very bad for our economy, and theirs. Not to mention the millions of formerly blue-collar American jobs that are now done by Chinese slaves.
Dimensions: 11-1/2 x 3 inches (29.2 x 7.6 cm). Political antiBush liberal sticker.
mouth open lying bush impeach treason treachery If His Mouth is Open He Must be Lying round sticker
Has he told the truth about anything since not being elected in 2000 and 2004? This is a 3" (7.6cm) diameter sticker. Political antiBush liberal humorous sticker.
B-IfJesusPaid.gif If Jesus Paid for My Sins, What's With All These Bills Button
f Jesus Paid for My Sins, What's With All These Bills button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm) Freethought humorous button.
K-IfGodHadMeantUs.jpg If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote They Would Have Given Us Candidates
By Jim Hightower.
A great title from a popular agitator for the rights of the American public, criticizing and jabbing those involved with the 2000 presidential election, including the candidates. Builds a new politics for tomorrow, encouraging the reader to stand up and demand better than the status quo.
Paperback, 433 pages.
For a limited time only, we have a small quantity of copies SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR.
S-IfYouDontSupportGayMar.gif If You Don't Support Gay Marriage, Don't Get One Sticker
Dimensions: 9 x 3-1/2 inches (22.8 x 8.9 cm)
S-IfYouDon'tVoteBC.jpg If You Don't Vote People Like Bush & Cheney Get Selected mini-sticker
But if you do vote - especially for the 'wrong' candidate - your vote may not be counted anyway. Catch 22...
Dimensions: 4-1/2" x 1-1/2"
B-IfYouDon'tVote.gif If You Don't Vote, People Like Bush Get Elected Magnet
Ironically, the only time a Bush was elected was waaay back in 1988... Diameter: 2-1/4 inches (5.7cm). Political antiBush antiWar liberal humorous magnet.
S-IfYouDon'tVote.jpg If You Don't Vote, People Like Bush Get Elected sticker
The irony is that Bush was never elected in the first place...
Dimensions: 5 x 3-1/4 inches (12.7cm x 9.53cm).
B-IfYouThinkHomoRevolting.gif If You Think Homos are Revolting We Are...Button
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. If You Think Homos are Revolting We Are...Button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm) Liberal gay freedom button.
B-ImpeachBush.gif Impeach Bush Button
This button states what you wish Congress had the integrity and moral fortitude to actually do - Impeach Bush!
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm).
Impeach Bush magnet
impeach bush election fraud diebold FOX News scandal iraq katrina big oil wiretapping spying 9-11 9/11 PNAC Tom DeLay G.O.P. Republican terrorism fear Cheney plame texas Impeach Bush Sticker
How many more reasons do we need to impeach Bush? The Iraq War, missing WMD's, the 9/11 hit job, botched Katrina response, the Valerie Plame affair, firing state attorneys, looting the US Treasury, merging of church & state, trashing the Constitution & civil rights... his list of high crimes goes on and on. Dimensions: 7-1/2" x 3-3/4"

Now available as a magnet!

Impeach Bush sticker
Impeach Bush magnet
Impeach Bush sticker
Impeachment Bush Torture Cheney button Impeach Bush Torture Cheney button
Impeach Bush Torture Cheney button. Hey you lazy Democrats, do it NOW! Let's see the oily axis of evil pay for their crimes. Button diameter: 1-1/4"
Impeach Bush Torture Cheney Libby incarcerate imprison investigate corruption jail sticker Impeach Bush Torture Cheney sticker
Impeach Bush Torture Cheney sticker. After the disgraceful pardoning of Scooter Libby, what shall we do with America's very own axis of evil? Let's haul 'em into the dock, jail the grinning chimp and waterboard his puppeteer! Dimensions: 7.5" x 3.75"

Now available as a magnet!

Torture Cheney sticker $2.00
Torture Cheney magnet $4.50
Impeach incarcerate War Criminal Nuremburg trials Libby Blair Cheney Button Impeach the War Criminal Button
Ever since the Dems won in November the mainstream media has fallen all over itself to sell us on the new "bipartisan" Congress. This is the same media that did not question the Bush administration's claim of WMDs in Iraq in the first place. They were wrong then and they are wrong this time. The voters sent Dems to Washington to do a job. Here's a hint: it's not to approve a surge of troops in Iraq. This button is a little reminder of what that job is and what problem needs to be solved in this country. Wear this button everywhere to remind everyone of the Democrats responsibility in Congress.
Diameter 1.25" If you would like to use this button to illustrate a posting on a blog or online chat, use this URL http://www.evolvefish.com/fish/media/B-ImpeachWarCrim.gif
Impeach Mints congress constitution Cheney Bush Impeachmints
Well... it was a good idea and nobody deserved it more except maybe Cheney. These still get a good laugh and the peach-flavored mints will restore that familiar, fresh taste of functioning democracy The tin makes an appropriate souvenir for the Bush years.
MA-InAWorldFull.gif In a World Full of Caterpillars Magnet
"In A World Full of Caterpillars, It takes Balls To Be A Butterfly"
Dimensions: 4 x 5 inches (10.2cm x 12.7cm). Freethought liberal magnet.
K-InDefenseAth.gif In Defense of Atheism
"In Defense of Atheism: The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam" is a 240 page paperback book by Michael Onfray. An international best seller, it has been called "a radical call for sanity in an age of religious unreason" and brazenly states that "not since Nietzsche proclaimed the death of Good has a work so groundbreaking questioned the fundamental tenets of the world's three major monotheistic religions." A must have for every freethought library.
K-InDefens.jpg In Defense of Secular Humanism
By Paul Kurtz.
In Defense of Secular Humanism is a volume of collected essays by one of the leading exponents of secular humanism. It is a closely reasoned defense of one of the most venerable ethical, scientific and philosophical traditions within Western civilization.
Paperback - 273 pages.
K-InGodWhich.jpg In God We Trust: But Which One?
By Judith Hayes. The revised, corrected and expanded second editin of this extremely popular title. Judith has been writing about religion and secular humanism for over ten years. Her interesting and inquisitive articles have appeared in numerous freethought publications. Plus, Judith has signed the books in our inventory.
Softcover, 247 pages.
G-InOrderInsureQual.gif In Order to Insure The Quality Of Your Patriotism... magnet
In Order to Insure Quality Patriotism Monitored Magnet. The NSA is listening in to all of our phonecalls, but they're not chasing Saudi terrorists.... go figure. This is 21st century patriotism, re-defined by Karl Rove and Co.
K-InTheBeginning.jpg In The Beginning
The creationists are eager to inflict their particular brand of 'science' upon our children," writes Chris McGowan, "and this is where responsible scientists must draw the line. The creationists say that they want only 'equal time' to present their views, as a credible alternative to evolutionary theory, in the science classroom. The problem is, though, that what the creationists are offering is not science. They are selling good old-fashioned fundamentalist religion, all spruced up with scientific terminology and ideas to look like science.
Paperback - 208 pages.
In Times Like These Blame Republicans GOP G.O.P RNC Bush Cheney Rove Gonzalez button In Times Like These... Blame Republicans button
In Times Like These... Blame Republicans button. Yes, we liberals ARE blaming Republicans for the mess they've made. After all, our country was in great condition when Bill Clinton handed it over to Bush and Co... Diameter: 1-1/4"
T-CoinInUsWeTrust.gif In Us We Trust Coin T-Shirt
This iron-on decal will be placed on the shirt size of your choice (Shirt is "natural" color high-quality cotton T-shirt).
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1 each for Medium size, $1.90 each for Large and Extra-Large sizes, and $2.90 each for Double Extra-Large size.
B-IncompetentBush.gif Incompetent Button
Incompetent! Who, me? Yes, we mean you, grinning chimp!
Diameter: 2-1/4" (5.7cm). Political antiBush button.
K-IncredibleShrinking.jpg Incredible Shrinking Son of Man
By Robert M. Price
What do the Gospels really reveal about the historical Jesus?

Scholars have dissected the Gospels and other stories about Jesus for more than a century, attempting to determine their historical accuracy. Many experts today believe that the writings of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John cannot be taken as revelatory. A group of more than 100 scholars called the Jesus Seminar concluded that only about 18 percent of the Gospels is historically correct.
Hardcover, 389 pages.

T-IndiansDiscoverd-Detail.jpg Indians Discovered Columbus T-shirt
Like many things, your view of history can depend on your perspective. We are conditioned to believe that Columbus discovered America, but why not consider the view that Indians discovered Columbus in 1492? Here's a shirt to make people think.
Shirts require a shipping charge of $1.00 each for Small size.
M-IndictMints.gif Indictmints
We all want these criminals indicted! Deliciously strong peppermints in a cute little tin featuring a refreshing image of the 4 horsemen of America's apocalypse, all locked up in jail! Tin measures 1-3/4 x 1-3/4 x 1/2 inches (4.45 x 4.45 x 1.27 cm).
Individuality Tape
Infidel Guy Radio Sticker

"The Infidel Guy" is host of a weekly web-based radio program freaturing Atheist issues. These stickers have been donated by a support of the show and are offered to you FREE with any other purchase at EvolveFISH.com
K-IngersollTheMagnificent.jpg Ingersoll the Magnificent
By Joseph Lewis.
Robert G. Ingersoll was a 19th Century American Freethinker and one of the most eloquent speakers of his time. In his words: "Christianity has made more lunatics than it ever provided asylums for."
Paperback, 342 pages.
Instant Gay Accent Breath Spray Instant Gay Accent Breath Spray
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Instant Gay Accent Breath Spray. Freshen up your act with a spicy spritz of instant gayness! This breath spray will help to get you noticed in many different ways, and you may even end up being the talk of the town - albeit with slightly higher voice than before!
Intelligent Design wind turbines renewable energy Tote Bag fossil fuels oil gas coal Intelligent Design Tote Bag
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Intelligent Design Tote Bag. Here's a great way of getting an environmental / pro-science message across. Carry this stylish, natural colored bag around, and folks will appreciate your progressive 21st century thinking! All our totes like going to the grocery store. They help carry your groceries, are kind to the environment and keep your kitchen from filling up with those nasty plastic bags that you won't throw out because you don't want to waste resources. This design is exclusive of EvolveFISH.com Dimensions: 12" x 16" x 8" (30.5cm x 40.6cm x 20.3cm)
Quantity   1      2      3      4+  
Price $12.00 $11.00 $10.00 $8.00
T-IDTurbine-Model.jpg Intelligent Design Wind Turbine t-shirt
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. View our updated version here. There are no oil wells, war or pollution here - just a row of clean, quiet, intelligently designed wind turbines generating renewable power for caring, pro-science folks like you! This design is exclusive of EvolveFISH.com .(Print is 7.5" x 7" - shown slightly larger here for clarity.) Click on image for size details. Please note that we only have a few sizes left.
B-PeaceInterfaith.gif Interfaith Peace Light Button
A shining peace sign with 15 various symbols of ideologies around the perimeter. The ultimate "Coexist" message with many schools of thought being depicted, including Atheism, Paganism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Native American Spirituality. Diameter is 2.25".
S-IraqIsArabic.gif Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam sticker
Unlike Vietnam - where he bravely defended Houston from the VietCong - Bush has no exit strategy this time around. But that's OK as long as someone else's sons and daughters are dying for oil company profits.
Dimensions: 7-3/4" x 2-3/4(19.7cm x 7cm)
Also available as a colorful button.
S-IsIt2008Yet.gif Is it 2008 yet? sticker
Is It 2008 Yet? sticker. Pleeeease, let's get this awful Bu$h Residency over with and have a Progressive patriotic candidate in the White House again! No more Bu$h - and that means you too, Jeb... Let's hope they don't outlaw elections entirely before then.
Too Late to Save My Soul magnet bush pope john paul catholicism Is It Too Late to Save My Soul? magnet
Is It Too Late to Save My Soul? magnet. Well, what do you think? Here's the late Pope John-Paul giving Dubya some very bad news!
Is That A Crucifix In Your Pocket ted haggard religious religion fundamentalism fundamentalists baptists sticker Is That A Crucifix In Your Pocket... sticker
Is That A Crucifix In Your Pocket... sticker. Some people get off on the weirdest things - like religion, for example. Hardcore religion addicts believe that a few shots of righteous biblical Viagra can save their earthly soul, but then look what happened to Ted Haggard! Dimensions: 11" x 3"
K-Ishmael.jpg Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit
By Daniel Quinn.
"A thoughtful, fearlessly low-key novel about the role of our species on the planet...laid out for us with an originality and a clarity that few would deny." - New York Times Book Review
Paperback - 263 pages.
B-ItsQueerWorldAfterAll.gif It's a Queer World After All Button
It's a Queer World After All Button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm). Gay button.
S-ItsAllGood.gif It's All Good sticker
It's All Good. 2" diameter, multicolor sticker.
B-ItsAllQueerToMeNow.gif It's All Queer To Me Now Button
It's All Queer To Me Now Button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm) Gay button.
B-ItsInToBeOut.gif It's In To Be Out Button
Diameter: 1-1/2 inches (3.81 cm).
No longer in production; limited quantities available.
It's Never Too Late to Impeachment jail incarcerate Bush congress senate button It's Never Too Late to Impeach Bush button
It's Never Too Late to Impeach Bush button. Too late now, to save the thousands killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we can still save America, democracy and our precious freedoms. Diameter: 1-1/4"
M-MutateMPad.jpg It's Never Too Late To Mutate Mouse Pad
NOT just another mouse pad! This one is a work of art! It's Never Too Late to Mutate, and we know our computers do it as soon as our backs are turned.
Dimensions: 7-3/4 x 9 inches (19.7cm x 22.8cm)
B-It'sNotJust.gif It's Not Just A Tomboy Phase Button
Diameter: 1-1/4 inches (3.2cm). Lesbian gay button.
Jesus Action Figure Jesus Action Figure
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Everyone has a different take on Jesus. Wherever your theological compass points, you will agree that this is the coolest action figure since G.I. Joe. Each hard plastic Jesus Action Figure stands 5 inches (12.7 cm) tall with poseable arms to reach toward the heavens and wheels in his base for smooth gliding action. Comes in an illustrated package with biblical quotes on the back.
K-JesusLostGodess.jpg Jesus and the Lost Goddess: The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians OFFLINE
EvolveFish no longer carries this book. By Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy.
The story of how the Catholic Church eradicated Paganism and the Christian Gnostics, and forced their intolerant, racist and imperialist dogma upon the world's people.
Hardcover, 328 pages.
MA-JesusAtShrink.gif Jesus at the Shrink Magnet (offline -NLA)
Dimensions: 3-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches (8.89 x 6.35 cm).
Jesus Christ Superstar Dress-Up magnet Jesus Christ Superstar Dress-Up magnet
Jesus Christ Superstar Dress-Up magnet. Here's your chance to dress Jesus in lots of different celebrity costumes. From Hulk Hogan to Austin Powers, from Marilyn to Elvis and Michael Jackson, and plenty more besides! Well it beats those drab old robes, dontcha think? Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 11"
MA-JesusDressUp.jpg Jesus Dress-Up Magnet Set
Guess Who's Back... They said he would come back and he has... This is the authentic Jesus Dress Up Refrigerator Magnet set! It is no mere toy either. It allows you to freely express your opinions and desires for this famous religious figure. The basic Jesus-on-the-cross cutout serves as a base for the kit's accessories. Hours of enjoyment for you and passers-by. Dimensions: 11 X 8 inches (28cm x 20cm).
S-JesusIsLard.GIF Jesus Is Lard sticker
Jesus Is Lard sticker. Because supersized religions are bad for your health. Order extra fries and think it over... Freethought liberal humorous sticker.
S-JesusLoves.jpg Jesus Loves Me But Can't Stand You Sticker
Of course, this sticker can ONLY be displayed by members of THE chosen religion. Whatever that is...
B-JLYIJesusLovesFavBtn.gif Jesus loves you but I'm his favorite button
Jesus loves you but I'm his favorite button. Snuggle up to America's favorite Messiah with this righteous little 1-1/4" (3.2cm) button.
Freethought humorous button.
B-JLYDJesusLovesDevBtn.gif Jesus loves you but the devil gives you the cool shit button
Jesus loves you but the devil gives you the cool shit button.
A simple truth that we knew all along! Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm). Freethought humorous button.