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Magnetic Backing for Stickers Price: $1.50 Magnetic Backing for Stickers
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This is a great way to take your favorite slogans into your home or office, or test the water before taking the plunge and permanently attaching a sticker to your car.
Yes! You can now put more than ONE or TWO bumper stickers on your car.
Just keep a collection of them on the inside of your garage door or trunk lid, and display a different sticker every day. Do they fall off? No! Can they be pulled off by religious nuts? Of course they can... but the odds are that the fanatics won't bother them because they will assume that they are stuck on. You can also remove them yourself when you park in a dangerous place... like a school yard or a church (what has become of our freedom of expression?)
But remember to remove them before driving through a car wash!
We can attach a sticker to a magnet for you. Please use the "order information" field on our shopping cart to tell us which sticker put on the magnetic backing.

Magnetic Backing for Stickers
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Magnetic Backing for Stickers
By Alicia Cram
As always these magnets work wonderfully. The only downside is living in the north and needing to clean behind them now and then (be careful in the winter, they get brittle).