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There is a growing number of high quality magazines, newspapers and newsletters devoted to Freethought and State/Church Separation in the U.S.A. To help our readers become familiar with them, we are offering current and back issues of many of the these publications. Make a note to visit this page frequently. Buy a couple of samples, then subscribe to the ones you like best. You will be helping to support some great organizations while keeping abreast of the latest religious foolishness.
NOTE: Out-of-Stock Magazines & Newspapers cannot be re-stocked. In the event that the issue you order goes out of stock, we reserve the right to substitute a different issue of the same publication.
K-HumMagND2013.png The Humanist Magazine, November/December 2013 Price: $2.00
The November/December edition contains all of these hot topics:

Savage Humanist by Dan Savage, 2013 Humanist of the Year - The internationally syndicated sex columnist on bi-phobia, losing his religion, and buying Ann Landers’ desk.

Articles regarding the Pledge of Allegiance and its recitation and appropriateness.

Firebrands, Diplomats, and Bedfellows by Greta Christina, recipient of the 2013 LGBT Humanist Pride Award - The popular atheist blogger and author shares what humanists can learn from the LGBT movement.

...and much more!

Humanist AHA freethought humanism happy american association magazine The Humanist Magazine, July/Aug 2013 Price: $2.00
The July/August edition contains all of these hot topics:

On Eating Animals - Opposition to factory farming as an ethical starting point

Science of the Inconceivable - Einstein’s calculations on the energy-gorged nothingness of space

The Human Future: Upgrade or Replacement? - Will our next evolutionary hat trick be to leave all biological baggage behind?

...and much more!

K-HumMagMJ2013.gif The Humanist Magazine, May/June 2013 Price: $2.00
This month spotlights our very own EvolveFISH owner and 20th President of the American Humanist Association, Rebecca Hale! In addition to a very heartfelt and eye-opening interview with her, this month's issue features:

- Free Speech Aflame, an article discussing frankly the power of free speech

- Cheating Students, discussing how schools fail the "Humanistic vision of education"

- Not a Gentleman but a Scholar, discussing the propensity of males personified as scholars

...and much, much more!

K-HumMagMA2013.gif Humanist Magazine, March/April 2013
This month's action packed issue is HOT! Featured stories include:
--Rethinking Drug Policy Assumptions Considering a range of legalization options, the slogan “zero tolerance” no longer works. A more humanistic one might be “get a life.”

--Teaching Criminology to Prison Inmates Fourteen men, serving anywhere from ten to thirty years for violent crimes, sit in a classroom discussing crime and punishment…

--Blasphemy, Free Speech, and Rationalism: An Interview with Sanal Edamaruku After reporting on Indian TV that a dripping crucifix at a Catholic Church in Mumbai wasn’t a miracle but the result of faulty plumbing, the world-renowned author and rationalist faces prison time for blasphemy.

...and much, much more!
K-HumanistMagJF2013.gif The Humanist Magazine, January/February 2013 Price: $2.00
This month spotlights ethics and the human condition, exploring how humanism is needed to improve quality of life for individuals all over the world. This month's must read articles include:
- Disaster relief efforts and the occupy movement
- Examining the population of a primate relative and seeing what they can teach us about ourselves
- Spotlight on the Humanist Community Project at Harvard led by Greg Epstein, and how they are making a difference in their community and calling others to action
As well as additional stories and articles of interest to Humanists.
AHA american humanist association humanist of the year rebecca goldstein bart ehrman judy norsigian The Humanist, November/December 2011 Price: $2.00
Cover story: Rebecca Goldstein, Humanist of the Year 2011 Other articles include:
- Hospice: An Effective Program That Saves Money
- A Confraternity of the Fatherless
- Biblical Scholarship and the Right to Know
- The Body Business: Challenges Facing Women's Health Advocates Today
- Terra Instabilis: Are we Headed Toward a New World Disorder?
As well as additional stories and articles of interest to Humanists.
K-HumMagSO11.png Humanist Magazine September/October 2011 Price: $2.00

Included in this issue are:

Still Enlightening after All These Years - The continuing value of the Humanist Institute. Plus: The Humanist Institute: A History

The Humanist Interview with Leo Behe - The son of Michael Behe (well-known intelligent design advocate) discusses his journey to atheism.

Standing Up for Science: Taking the Evolution Debate to the Next Level

Remembering Lewis Hine - Poems accompany a humanist’s iconic images of child laborers in the early twentieth century

...and much, much more!

K-ChurchN_State_DEC2002.jpg Church & State, December 2002 Price: $0.50
This month's cover story: Americans United, Allies Win Lawsuit Against Alabama Judge Roy Moore's Ten Commandments Display
K-ChurchN_State_SEP2002.jpg Church & State, September 2002 Price: $0.50
This month's cover story: Strange Bedfellows: Why The Religious Right And The Bush Administration Are Teaming Up With Islamic Theocracies At The U.N. - And What It Means For The World's Families
K-ChurchN_State_MAY1998.jpg Church & State, May 1998 Price: $0.50
This month's cover story: Family Feud: Focus On The Family's James Dobson Dares To Discipline The GOP - And Maybe America
K-HumanistMagSO2002.jpg The Humanist, September/October 2002 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: Are We Past Hope?
K-HumanistMagMA2004.jpg The Humanist, March/April 2004 Price: $2.00
Cover story: The Democratic Ideal versus the State of the Union. Other articles are:
- Corporate Supremacy and the Erosion of Democracy
- Ending the Fool's Game; Saving Civilization
- The Lackawana Six and Rambo III
- Just War Doctrine in an Age of Hyperpolitics
- The Case for Multilateralism
- Can a Humanist Be a Political Conservative?
As well as additional stories and articles of interest to Humanists.
K-HumanistMagMA1999.gif The Humanist, March/April 1999 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: The World's Youngest Political Prisoner

Click here for listing of feature articles.
K-HumanistMagMJ1999.gif The Humanist, May/June 1999 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: New Bedlam: Jails - Not Psychiatric Hospitals - Now Care for the Indigent Mentally Ill

Click here for listing of feature articles.
K-HumanistMagSO1998.gif The Humanist, September/October 1998 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: Remembering the Human Face of War

Click here for listing of feature articles.
K-HumanistMagMA2001.gif The Humanist, March/April 2001 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: The New Peace Initiative

Click here for listing of feature articles.
K-ChurchN_State_APR2003.jpg Church & State, April 2003 Price: $0.50
This month's cover story: The Forgotten Founder: Roger Williams and 'Soul Liberty'.
K-FT_TodayMAR2003.jpg Freethought Today, March 2003 Price: $0.50
In this issue: HUD's Faith-based Fiat, Flood of "Faith-based" Funding Proposals Unleashed by Bush, Black Collar Crime Blotter, and much more.
K-HumanistMagSO2003.jpg The Humanist, September/October 2003 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: How Abuses Are Contracted Out
K-HumanistMagJF2002.gif The Humanist, January/February 2002 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: Preserve It or Lose It - Our 200 Years of Church State Separation

Click here for listing of feature articles.
K-HumanistMagJF1998.gif The Humanist, January/February 1998 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: Combating the Crisis in Civil-Military Relations

Click here for listing of feature articles.
K-HumanistMagMJ1997.gif The Humanist, May/June 1997 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: America's Favorite Addictions

Click here for listing of feature articles.
K-HumanistMagMA2002.gif The Humanist, March/April 2002 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: Halt and Show Your Papers!
K-HumanistMagND2003.jpg The Humanist, November/December 2003 Price: $2.00

Cover Story: Women's Equality Under Attack

Women's Equality Under Attack
by Kate Michelman
Click on image for a look at all of the great articles featured.

K-ChurchN_State_NOV2003.gif Church & State, November 2003 Price: $0.50
Articles in this issue include....
Devious Design: "Intellegent Design" advocates Target Texas and other States.
Wrecking Crew: Bush "Faith-Based" Orders seek to Knock Down Wall
Nuke the State Department?. Robertson Drops a Bomb
K-FT_TodayNOV2002.jpg Freethought Today, November 2002 Price: $0.50
In this issue: Bush's Welfare-for-Religion Push Expands, Two FFRF Lawsuits Head to Appeals Court, Black Collar Crime Blotter, and much more.
K-FT_TodayAug2003.jpg Freethought Today, August 2003 Price: $0.50
In this issue: La Crosse Commandments Must Move, Sign Up For FFRF Convention, Newdow's Pledge Recitation, Award-Winning Student Essays, Black Collar Crime Blotter, and much more.
K-FT_TodayDEC2002.jpg Freethought Today, December 2002 Price: $0.50
In this issue: Three Groups Join Foundation Faith Works Fight, "Equal Time" Winter Solstice Sign Returns to Wisconsin Capitol, and much more.
K-HumanistMagMA2003.jpg The Humanist, March/April 2003 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: Religious Organizations and Environmental Groups: Together for a Greener Earth?
K-ChurchN_State_MAY2003.jpg Church & State, May 2003 Price: $0.50
This month's cover story: Faith-Based Victory: Senate Approves CARE Act Without Anti-Separation Provisions.
K-ChurchN_State_JUN2003.jpg Church & State, June 2003 Price: $0.50
This month's cover story: Charter For Controversy: Publicly Funded Charter Schools Pose Church-State Problems
K-HumanistMagJA2003.jpg The Humanist, July/August 2003 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: Effects Of The War In Iraq
K-FT_TodayJunJul2003.jpg Freethought Today, June/July 2003 Price: $0.50
In this issue: Pledge Case Gathers Momentum, FFRF Convention to Meet in Washington, D.C., Black Collar Crime Blotter, and much more.
K-ChurchN_State_JUL-AUG2003.jpg Church & State, July/August 2003 Price: $0.50
This month's cover story: Vouchers Reloaded: Will Joshua Davey's Supreme Court Case Cause The Church-State Wall To Come Tumbling Down?
K-HumanistMagMJ2004.jpg The Humanist, May-June 2004 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: The Future of Immortality
Other articles include:
- Better Living Through Transhumanism
- The Case Against Sweatshops
- Cultural Imperialism: An American Tradition
- The Privacy Paradox
Plus much more.
K-HumanistMagSO2004.jpg The Humanist, September-October 2004 Price: $2.00
Cover story: The Fatal Flaws of Faith-based Favoritism
Other articles include:
- The Atomic Fish: The Rising Controversy of Genetically Modified Pets
- Is Scientology in Your Schools?
- Jesus, Mel Gibson, and the Demon Jew
Plus much more.
K-HumanistMagND2004.jpg The Humanist, November-December 2004 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: The Sexual Revolution is Over. Now What?
Other articles are:
- Technology and Tomorrow: A Challenge to Liberty
- Militarism: A Way of Life
Plus much more.
K-HumanistMagJF2005.jpg The Humanist, January-February 2005 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: Will Reality Collapse the Bush Universe?
Other articles include:
- Follow the Nonexistent Paper Trail
- I Teach, Therefore I am
- Why We Are Still Losing the Winnable Cancer War
Plus more.
K-HumanistMagMA2005.jpg The Humanist, March-April 2005 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: Sanctifying the State
Other articles include:
- The Stain of War on Culture
- The Tsunami Disaster
- School Censorship
- Medicine and Money
Plus more.
K-HumanistMagMJ2005.jpg The Humanist, May-June 2005 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: The Future of Immortality.
Other articles include:
- Better Living Through Transhumanism
- Essay Contest Winners
- The Case Against Sweeatshops
- Cultural Imperialism: An American Tradition
- The Privacy Paradox
Plus more
K-HumanistMagJA2005.jpg The Humanist, July-August 2005 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: Historical Amnesia
Other articles include:
- Sunset Can Be Glorious
- After Fifty Years, Do We Remember Our Humanity?
- Rio de Janeiro: Microcosm of the Future
- Third in a Series: the Stain of War on Culture,br> Plus more.
Humanist Magazine September/October 2005 Price: $2.00
Humanist Magazine September/October 2005. Featuring articles on:
Inside US prisons.
Biased survey on religion and youth.
America's real traditional values.
The dirty side of the drug war.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagJF2006.gif The Humanist, January/February 2006 Price: $2.00
Cover Story: Torture by Proxy: secret prisons, unknown prisoners.
Featuring articles on:
- Extraordinary Rendition
- Abuse and torture at Guantanamo Bay
- Lost perspectives in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
- The victims and the furies in American courts
- The African AIDS crisis and international indifference
- Creative controversy: beyond the Alito battle, creating democratic change
Plus much more!
K-HumanistMagND2005.GIF The Humanist, November/December 2005 Price: $2.00
K-HumanistMagMA2006.jpg Humanist Magazine March/April 2006 Price: $2.00
Humanist Magazine March/April 2006. Featuring articles on:
The Iraq War three years in.
Yes, we murder journalists.
Warrantless wiretaps and you.
Tragedy and disillusionment in WV.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagJF2004.jpg Humanist Magazine January/February 2004 Price: $2.00
Humanist Magazine January/February 2004. Featuring articles on:
The new voting machines.
The ten commandments.
Capital punishment.
The erosion of democracy.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagJA2002.jpg Humanist Magazine July/August 2002 Price: $2.00
Humanist Magazine July/August 2002. Featuring articles on:
Origins of the Middle East conflict.
The right to be free.
The tragedy of being born female.
Crisis in the Catholic Church.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagMJ2002.jpg Humanist Magazine May/June 2002 Price: $1.00
Humanist Magazine May/June 2002. Featuring articles on:
Liberating the human spirit.
Women's empowerment in Afghanistan.
Islam and terrorism.
Whem Muslim nations embrace secularism.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagND2006.gif Humanist Magazine November/December 2006 Price: $2.00
Humanist Magazine November/December 2006. Featuring articles on:
- What really matters to values voters.
- Massive election fraud in Mexico, ignored by US media.
- Castro's hand in US elections.
- Healthcare crises in New Orleans.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagMJ2007.jpg Humanist Magazine May/June 2007 Price: $2.00
Humanist Magazine May/June 2007. This month's articles include:
- Portraits of activism.
- The feminist mistake.
- The dark ages of social science.
- The 'designer water' war.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagSO2007.jpg Humanist Magazine September/October 2007(offline) Price: $2.00
Humanist Magazine September/October 2007. This edition's articles include:
- Evangelism at The Air Force Academy.
- Dynamics in secular circles.
- Can meditation be bad for you?
- The rise of Christian Nationalism.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagND2007.gif Humanist Magazine November/December 2007 Price: $2.00
Humanist Magazine November/December 2007. This edition's articles include:
- Why is Humanism not the preeminent belief of humankind?
- Monastery & State, politicized monks in Burma.
- Revisiting Stephen Jay Gould.
- Joyce Carol Oates, 2007 Humanist of the Year.
- Robin Morgan, 2007 Humanist Heroine.
And much more besides!
K-HumanistMagMA2009.gif Humanist Magazine March/April 2009 (offline)
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Humanist Magazine March/April 2009. This month's articles include:
- America supports its troops?
- Secular soldiers speak out.
- The problem with conscientious objection.
- Show me a religious liberal!
- Presenting Humanism.
- Evangelizing: The good, the bad and the ugly.
and much more besides!
The Humanist, Nov/Dec 2009 The Humanist, Nov/Dec 2009 Price: $2.00
The Humanist, Nov/Dec 2009. This month's articles include:
- Humanist of the year.
- Greg Epstein's book: Good Without God.
- Memoir of a spiritual refugee.
- Humanist essay contest winners.
- Have dogs become our gods?
And much more besides!
Humanist Magazine January/February 2010 Gore Vidal Humanist Magazine January/February 2010 Price: $2.00
Humanist Magazine January/February 2010. This month's articles include:
- The Humanist interview with Gore Vidal.
- Robert M Price on creationism and evolution.
- Michal Moore enlists Jesus!
- Uncertainty in science.
- Apex, or ex-ape?
- The letter from death.
and much more besides!
K-HumanistMagMA2010.gif The Humanist, March/April 2010 Price: $2.00
Cover story: Don't Despair! We're Not a Broken People. Other articles are:
- Kurt Vonnegut's Freethinking Heritage
- Praying for Sex?
- Antonin Scalia's Anti-Humanist Agenda
As well as additional stories and articles of interest to Humanists. Also, this edition is dedicated to Howard Zinn; 1922-2010.
HumanistMagFall2010.gif The Humanist Magazine November/December 2010 Price: $2.00
This issue features beloved Bill Nye the Science Guy, 2010 Humanist of the Year! See excerpts from his acceptance speech as he discusses science as "the best idea we've had so far." Also in this issue:
-Humanist Heroines Meg Bowman and Annie Laurie Gaylor
-Harvard Evolutionary Biologist and International Aid Worker Sebastian Velez
-Humanist Pioneer Wendy Liu
-new data on the "burn a koran" story
and much more!
K-HumanistMagJF2011.gif Humanist Magazine January/February 2011 Price: $2.00
This catalog features the following articles: -Chipping Away at the Bench: How we failed the judiciary in Iowa -Matches Made on Earth: Why family values are human values by Nancie L. Gonzalez -Gay Suicide and the Ethic of Love: A Progressive Christian response by Eric Reitan -Pastors & Politics: Is the IRS letting churches play politics? by Larry Keller -Plato, Romance, and Self-Inquiry by John Bardi -PHYSICS WATCH: The Nature of Great Coincidences by Andrew Zak Williams Special 70th Anniversary Edition!
K-HumMagMarchApril2011.gif Humanist Magazine March/April 2011 Price: $2.00
Included in this issue are: -Scientific Spirit - How romantics and technophiles can reconcile the love-hate relationship with scientific progress -Speaking of Sex - An interview with Christopher Ryan, Co-author of "Sex at Dawn" -Church and State - Medical Emergency: Catholic Hospitals Usurp Patients' Rights and much, much more!
K-FT_TodayAug2002.jpg Freethought Today, August 2002 Price: $0.50
In this issue: La Crosse Lawsuit Filed, Ninth Circuit Court Pledges Support to Constitutional Principle, Black Collar Crime Blotter, and much more.
K-ChurchN_State_Mar2005.gif Church & State, March 2005
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Articles include:
- Attack of the Clones: President Bush's Plan to Pack the High Court with Right-Wing Ideologues
- Marriage Counseling: Religious Right Pressures Bush on Marriage Amendment
- Religion on Trial: An interview with David W. Machacek
Plus much more besides!
K-HumMagMA2014.jpg The Humanist Magazine, March/April 2014 Price: $2.00
The March/April 2014 Edition contains all of these hot topics:

Can Fracking Lead the Way To Clean Energy? THERE'S A PROVERB often attributed to Euripides that warns: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Ellen Harrison knows what the ancients were on about. In 2008, in a moment of what she now calls madness, the retired environmental scientist signed a lease to allow drilling on the...

A Redaction of Heroism OVER THE last few years the use of…

Kurt Vonnegut Survives Humanity IN HIS EIGHTY-FIVE spins around the sun, Kurt….

...and much more!

K-HumMagMJ2014.jpg The Humanist Magazine, May/June 2014 Price: $2.00
The May/June 2014 Edition contains all of these hot topics:

Paths to People

The Pathfinders have been to rural Cambodia, teaching English to children at dawn before they head off to the rice fields. We have sung science songs with students in Uganda while teaching them to use computers. In Ghana we have educated junior high school students about hygiene, HIV/AIDS, and menstruation....

The Benefit Corporation

Imagine, if you will, a paradigm shift to…

Papal Economics

Since its release on November 24, 2013, Pope…

The Materialist in Her Bathtub

The materialism of people in the United States…

Cosmopolitanism & Humanism I felt at home wandering the Taj Lifestyle…

...and much more!

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