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The recent explosion in Atheist symbols has kept us busy. We have lots of pins, earrings and necklaces and a beautiful collection of rainbow jewelry and other peace, gay and lesbian products. Remember our flagship products: the Darwin pins, evolve pins, and complete collection of Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM products (whether you are a complete Pastafarian or not!). All jewelry comes in a velveteen gift bag. Browse and enjoy... call or e-mail if you have questions.
Ankh egyptian stainless necklace on beaded chain military standard issue Ankh stainless necklace on beaded chain Price: $12.49
Humanist stainless necklace on beaded chain. Here is the Egyptian Ankh symbol, on a 24" stainless steel dog tag chain. Also known as the 'key of life' and 'the key of the Nile', this ancient pendant symbol is proudly made in the USA!
J-SterSilvHelPend.gif Small DNA Helix Pendant, 1" Silver Tone Price: $35.00
This is our newest DNA helix pendant. Measuring 1 1/8" long with bail, and .5" wide, it is a small but elegant twisted helix that makes a big impression! Silver tone, and looks great with any of our sterling silver chains, which you can view here.
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Earth Earrings continents gold rhodium Earth Earrings Price: $22.00
These delightful wire earrings show the world's continents in a beautiful open work design. The perfect gift for that well-traveled friend or family member! (Or one who wishes they were!) Gold-tone or Silver-tone finish available. Diameter: 1-3/4"
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J-DanglPeaceBrac.jpg Dangling Peace Symbols Bracelet Price: $42.00
Peace anyone? This sterling silver bracelet features six dangling peace symbols.
Bracelet chain is 7 inches long and the peace charms are 3/16" in diameter.
sterling silver jewelry earrings peace sign symbol  word Peace sign Earrings with Peace Word Sterling Silver Price: $23.50
These solid sterling silver earrings made a bold statement. They each feature a peace symbol with the word PEACE overlaying it. Each earring measures .75" in diameter and is almost 1/75" long with drop. French hooks. We also have a matching pendant available; you can view it here.
J-PeaceSliderChain.jpg Word Peace Charm Slider Sterling Silver Price: $22.95
Peace Charm Slider Sterling Silver. This elegant (hand made in USA) slider can say it all! A sliding peace pendant, with the 'hand-written' look. Spread the peace message while being the belle of the ball! Dimensions: approx. 1-1/2" x 5/8" 3.5 grams sterling. Chains sold separately; click here . American Made.
J-CthulhuEarWrap.png Cthulhu Pewter Ear Wrap Price: $32.00
Those who admire Lovecraft's monstrous creature can proudly sport a tentacled ear decoration! This piece wraps around the ear, while the piercing goes through the ear and continues the artistic rendition to the back. A very clever design of a very beloved creature! Overall length 3.25"; width is 2.75"; for pierced ears. Designed to be worn on the left ear.
sterling silver jewelry pendant peace sign symbol  word Peace Sign Pendant with Peace Word Sterling Silver Price: $12.00
This sterling silver peace symbol features a double "Peace" proclamation so that it cannot be missed! The iconic peace symbol is overlaid with the word PEACE in bold print. Pendant measures .75" in diameter. We also have matching earrings available; you can view them here.
P-SkuCrosPirPin.png Skull and Crossbones Pewter Pirate Lapel Pin Price: $23.00
Not for the shy, this substantial 3-dimensional pin makes a bold statement! Fine English pewter is artistically melded into a seaworthy treasure measuring 1.5" long, 1.25" high, and .5" deep. Comes with three pinback closures to hold securely into place.
sterling silver jewelry earrings peace sign symbol  word black enamel Sterling Silver/Black Enamel Peace Earrings Price: $19.95
These stunning sterling silver peace emblems measure .5" in diameter with a .75" drop. The black enamel provides a stunning contrast and really helps the peace design to stand out! We also have a matching pendant available; you can view it here.
J-PeaceBlkEnamSil.gif Sterling Silver/Black Enamel Peace Pendant Price: $12.00
This high polish sterling silver pendant measures .5" in diameter with a .75" drop. The black enamel provides a stunning contrast and really helps the peace design to stand out! Chains sold separately, view them here . We also have beautiful matching earrings; click here to view them.
J-HeartPeacePendant.gif Heart Peace Pendant, Sterling Silver Price: $17.00
This stunning solid sterling pendant measures about 1" both vertically and horizontally, though it is not perfectly rounded. It promotes a beautiful message of peace and love in unity! We also have matching pierced earrings to complete the statement; you can find those here . Chains sold separately, view them here .
J-threadoflife.jpg Thread of Life Sterling Silver Pendant Price: $64.99
This impressive solid sterling silver pendant from world famous designer Peter Stone measures a full 1.25" (plus a .25" bail). Stunning Celtic knotwork design symbolizes the thread of life that connects us all. Weighs in at over 5.5 grams. Chains sold separately, view them here .
Wheel of Life stainless necklace on beaded chain Buddhist Pagan Wheel of Life stainless necklace on beaded chain Price: $12.49
Wheel of Life stainless necklace on beaded chain. This is a great new pendant for Buddhists and Pagans, measuring 1" in diameter, on a 24" stainless steel dog tag chain. Proudly made in the USA!
J-WhtRainbowTrio.gif White Rainbow Beaded Trio Price: $16.00
This version of our three piece rainbow beaded set features a plethora of colorful beads surrounded by white ones, all which unite to create a striking display. The necklace/choker measures 14" , the bracelet is 6.5", and the anklet is 8". We only have a few of these terrific finds, and when they're gone, they're gone!
J-ChinesePeaceSymbol.gif Chinese Peace Symbol Pendant Sterling 1/2" Price: $8.00
Chinese Peace Symbol Sterling 1/2". Here's an international variation on the classic peace symbol we all know and love. This is the Chinese character for peace, set in shiny sterling silver. Diameter: approx. 5/8" Chains sold separately.
endant sterling silver heart peace tree of life jewelry necklace gold plated Heart of Life Tree Design Pendant Price: $27.75
This tree of life pendant includes in its design traditional heart shapes, symbolizing the heart of life and the interconnectedness of all creatures. A beautifully created masterpiece in your choice of solid sterling silver, or gold plated top heart for $5.00 more. Pendant measures 1.25" inches (including bail) in length.
J-HeartPeaceEarrings-Wire.jpg Heart Peace Charm Earrings, Sterling Silver Price: $30.00
Heart Peace Charm Earrings 1.2" Sterling - wire style. You want to spread peace, love and understanding, so here are some cool wire-style earrings, with heart-shaped peace symbol drop charms to express yourself in a subtle way. The peace symbol has evolved into a heart shape, because peace and love are real progressive values. To see our perfectly matched 1" heart pendant, click here.
J-WorldPeaceNeck-Trans.gif World Peace Necklace Price: $15.00
Pendant is 1-1/2 inches (3.8 cm)in diameter and comes on a 23-inch (58.4 cm)leather necklace.
J-YinYangStringEarring.gif Yin Yang String Earrings Price: $7.00
The ever popular yin yang symbol is making its debut on colorful earrings! (The symbol represents the polarity of the universe and how each side contains a small piece of the other.) Intricately woven and hand painted, they are as much a work of art as a piece of jewelry. There are a variety of styles and colors; our choice please. Earrings measure 2.5" - 3" long with drop and 1 1/8" - 1.5" wide (at widest point). Silver tone. Click on image for a full-color close-up!
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