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The recent explosion in Atheist symbols has kept us busy. We have lots of pins, earrings and necklaces and a beautiful collection of rainbow jewelry and other peace, gay and lesbian products. Remember our flagship products: the Darwin pins, evolve pins, and complete collection of Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM products (whether you are a complete Pastafarian or not!). All jewelry comes in a velveteen gift bag. Browse and enjoy... call or e-mail if you have questions.
J-HumChnEarSilv.gif Humanist on a Chain Dangle Earrings Price: $20.00
This happy humanist loves to hang around! The Humanist measures 1.25", and the full length is 2.25" with the wire hooks. Choose from gold or silver finish.
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J-DoubPendMale.gif Double Male GLBT Pendant, Sterling Silver Price: $13.00
We have a small number of double male and double female jewelry items for our GLBT friends! The individual pendants measure just over .5" wide by .75" long with jump ring. A powerful image in solid sterling silver. Click here to view the female version of this pendant.
Humanist stainless necklace on beaded chain military standard issue Humanist stainless necklace on beaded chain Price: $12.49
Humanist stainless necklace on beaded chain. This is a great new Humanist pendant, measuring 1-1/8" tall x 3/8" wide, on a 24" stainless steel dog tag chain. Proudly made in the USA!
Aum stainless necklace on beaded chain Om Aum stainless necklace on beaded chain Price: $12.49
Aum stainless necklace on beaded chain. This is a great new Aum (or Om, if you prefer!) pendant, measuring 1" tall x 1-1/16" wide, on a 24" stainless steel dog tag chain. Proudly made in the USA!
M-ImaginePeace.gif Imagine Peace Card with Charm Necklace Price: $7.00
This greeting card reads "Imagine Peace" on the front and is blank inside, ready for you to write a personalized message! You get not only an attractive card but also a peace pendant! Safe, lead free pewter square peace symbol measures approximately 1" and comes on an 18" chain. We are proud to say that these cards and the attractive, lead-free pewter pendants are made right here in Colorado! Click on image to see a close up of the card.
J-InvPinkUniPendSilv.png Invisible Pink Unicorn Pendant Price: $15.00
Invisible Pink Unicorn Gold and Silver Pendants. EvolveFISH is proud to bring you '100% hoof' unicorn bling. And it's shiny invisible pink bling, too! Feel the quality of these marvelous medallions. It makes an ideal gift for freethinking horse-lovers everywhere.
Approx. 1" diameter; comes ready to wear on 18" chain.
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J-PetPeaceCol.png Pets for Peace Collar Tag Price: $5.00
Here's a fun pendant - for your pet! Collar tag displays the great message "Pets for Peace" and is light enough for both dogs and cats. Perfect for animal lovers and their pets alike! Tag measures 1" in diameter.
card greeting Ohm aum om breath of life universe creation sound Om (Ohm, Aum) Card with Charm Necklace Price: $7.00
The Ohm, Aum, or Om is a sacred or mystical syllable in most Dharmic or Indian religions, specifically Hinduism, Jainism and Mahayana Buddhism. It is said to be the breath of the universe, and speaking it while breathing mindfully is thought to bring enlightenment. Others see it as a reminder to breathe fully and completely; or to "stop and smell the flowers!" This card features this subjective open-ended message with a stunning 5/16" silver tone pendant bearing the Ohm symbol. Comes with an 18" curb chain.
M-PeaceCard.gif Peace Card with Charms Necklace Price: $7.50
This full-color card measures 5.5" x 4.25" (folded) and is blank inside for a personalized message. Enclosed is a charm pendant with a 6/16" peace symbol, a 1" long PEACE charm, and a colored bead and pearl, all on an 18" chain. A moving tribute to Peace. Item hand made from lead-free safe pewter right here in Colorado!
J-BlkRainbowTrio.gif Black Rainbow Beaded Trio Price: $16.00
We have come into a limited supply of hand beaded rainbow treasures! Each three piece set comes with a 14" necklace/choker, a 6.5" bracelet, and an 8" anklet. Perfect for girls or petite women. Rainbow colored flowers are punctuated by black beading.
fimo clay peace peaceful friendship string bracelet jewelry kid kids children Fimo Peace Friendship Bracelet Price: $2.50
Our colorful peace bracelets are fun to get and fun to give! Each bracelet is 12" long with strings to tie for a custom fit. Four rainbow colored Fimo style clay beads adorn each bracelet; they measure 3/8" each in diameter. An assortment of wood, plastic, and metal beads complete the look. Available in a wide range of colors; our choice please. Available singly or save with a set of two.
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J-PeaceHand3D-Chain.jpg Peace Hand Charm Sterling Silver Price: $9.00
Peace Hand Charm Sterling Silver. The classic two-fingered peace sign, in shiny sterling silver. This symbol has survived through several generations, and it's as relevant now as it ever was. Dimensions: approx. 1/2" high. Chains sold separately, view them here .
J-BlueRainbowTrio.gif Blue Rainbow Beaded Trio Price: $16.00
The Blue Beaded Trio features rainbow beads encircled by rich blue beads that unite in a beautifully colored display! The necklace is 14", the bracelet is 6.5", and the anklet is 8". Supplies are limited, and we won't be able to get any more in!
J-PeaceSignNecklace.png Peace Pendant - Sterling Silver Price: $15.00
This is the classic peace sign in sterling silver. Diameter: approx 3/4-inch (1.9cm). Need a chain? Click here .
Peace sign symbol gold earrings jewelry coexist jewellery Peace Sign Gold Earrings Price: $22.00
Peace Sign Gold Earrings. These wire earrings show the classic peace symbol in bright, shiny gold. Diameter: approx. 1/2" (1.3cm)
J-PeaceRhinePendL.jpg Peace Sign Pendant RHINESTONES Large Gold Price: $12.00
Peace Symbol Rhinestone pendant. Here's a pendant that really makes a statement. A large gold-colored peace symbol packed with shiny rhinestones. This will get you noticed anywhere! Diameter: 1.5"
J-SilBlkPeacBrac.jpg Peace Symbol Bracelet Silver and Black Price: $80.00
Ten silver and black peace symbols comprise this classic good-looking sterling silver bracelet. It's a real eye-catcher!
Full bracelet is is 8-1/4 inches in length with 1/2-inch diameter peace symbols. Comes in velvet gift bag.
Pentacle stainless necklace on beaded chain Wicca Pagan Druid Pentacle stainless necklace on beaded chain Price: $12.49
Pentacle stainless necklace on beaded chain. This is a great new 5-pointed star pendant, measuring 1" in diameter, on a 24" stainless steel dog tag chain. A great gift for Wiccans and Pagans serving in the military! Proudly made in the USA.
J-PirateFishEar.gif Pirate Fish Earrings Price: $15.00
These adorable Pirate fish stud earrings can be worn not only on a Friday but any day of the week! Not only does His Noodlyness the FSM love pirates, but FSM Pirates are themselves lovable - they give candy to children and increasing their numbers will reduce global warming. Studs come in silver finish and measure 1/4" long and 1/8" high. Cute!
Peace sign symbol silver earrings jewelry coexist jewellery Three Peace Sign Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver Price: $23.00
Spread the peace message three times over with these very shiny, stylish earrings. Dimensions: approx. 1-1/2" x 1/2" from top to bottom. Each is independently hinged for a wonderful play of movement.
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