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Behind the Mask of Divinity
G. B. Singh
Among prominent leaders of the twentieth century, perhaps no one is more highly regarded than Mahatma Gandhi. He is revered by the vast majority of Hindus as the hero of Indian independence, and many people throughout the world consider him to be a modern saint.
In this explosive, intriguing, and provocative investigation, G. B. Singh charges that the popular image of Gandhi is highly misleading. Despite his famous philosophy of nonviolent resistance (satyagraha), Singh's analysis of the evidence leads him to conclude that Gandhi's ideology was in fact rooted in racial animosity, first against blacks in South Africa and later against whites in India. The author also finds evidence of multiple cover-ups designed to hide Gandhi's real history, including even collusion to cover up the murder of an American. This provocative thesis is sure to be controversial.
Colonel G. B. Singh, a career military officer, is a professional student of Indian politics, Hinduism, and the life and teachings of Gandhi.
Write a review | No reviews for this product.