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Flying Spaghetti Monster! Emblems, Stickers, Vinyl Cut-Out Stickers, FSM T-Shirts and more Pirate Treasures!


The Flying Spaghetti Monster car plaque was just the beginning. We feature a whole line of FSM products, and more are being added all the time... Bookmark this page and check back with us again!

FSM Noodly Holiday Glass Ornament Price: $13.00
His Holy Noodlyness wishes all a festive holiday season! Complete with a Menorah, candy cane, and sprig of holly, he is including many symbols of celebration. Horizontal oval glass ornament measures 2.75" x 3.5". Select either with or without His closing prayer, Ramen. Comes ready for the tree, review mirror, or wall with a ribbon hanger. Click on image for a close up of the full-color design!
J-FSMWireEarrings.gif Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM Earrings Price: $15.00
Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM Earrings. Our favorite lil noodle is now available in stylish, chic earrings! Pay homage to His High Noodlyness. Adorable! Dimensions approx. 5/8" long by 1/4" high. Silver tone on wire earrings.
flying spaghetti monster FSM holidays glass ornament tree ramen pirate argh festivus FSM Emblem Ornament Price: $8.00
The perfect lil addition to your Holiday tree! Just like the emblem, but smaller and...dare I say...cuter?! Ornament measures 1.25" x 2.5". Choose either gold or silver finish. Includes matching tassel for hanging.
M-OrnPir.gif Pirate Fish Emblem Ornament Price: $8.00
Hail the pirate, beloved of all the FSM's children! Celebrate the Chosen ones with this adorable, sturdy tree decor! Ornament measures 1 7/8 x 1 1/8. Choose either gold or silver finish. Includes matching tassel for hanging.

Flying Spaghetti Monster emblems stickers and Pirate treasure vinyl cut out stickers fsm tshirts and more

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