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Flying Spaghetti Monster! Emblems, Stickers, Vinyl Cut-Out Stickers, FSM T-Shirts and more Pirate Treasures!


The Flying Spaghetti Monster car plaque was just the beginning. We feature a whole line of FSM products, and more are being added all the time... Bookmark this page and check back with us again!

Q-SkullBones.png Skull & Crossbones vinyl cut-out stickers Price: $5.00
Skull & Crossbones vinyl cut-out stickers. Splice the anchor and weigh the mainsail! This Jolly roger is perfect for just about any place!
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Q-FSMPirateFish pirate fish dead decal/vinyl cutout pirate fish sticker Pirate Fish Vinyl Cut-Out Sticker Price: $5.00
Aaaaaargh - the Pirate Fish is here to bless you with a beer volcano and a stripper factory! Global warming is increasing due to a sharp decline in pirates, which are blessed by the Flying Spaghetti Monster himself!
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Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM Bless America USA sticker Flying Spaghetti Monster Bless America Bumper Sticker
Flying Spaghetti Monster Bless America Bumper Sticker. Now we know the true creation story, make sure His holy pastaness blesses the U.S. with his noodly appendage. Order 3 of these stickers for only $3.60! Dimensions: 3" x 11". Go Pirates! Humorous freethought sticker.
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Price $2.00 $1.20
P-FSMpinGold.png Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM lapel pin Price: $9.00
Flying Spaghetti Monster lapel pin in Gold or Silver. Here is your favorite new creator deity in all his noodly glory! This stylish pin is sure to start many interesting conversations with those curious folk who are still non-believers.... Dimensions: approx. 1" x 1/2"
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T-FSMBeenTouched.png Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) Noodly Appendage Shirt Price: $20.00 Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) Noodly Appendage Shirt
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Here's a fun version of the classic Flying Spaghetti Monster. The front features a small FSM logo on the breast and the back displays most important question of all: Have YOU Been Touched by His Noodly Appendage?
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Pirates Caribbean Johnny Depp Red Bandanna Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM global warming climate change CO2 emissions carbon 3' x 5' polyester Pirate Red Bandana Flag 3' x 5' polyester Price: $10.00
Pirate Red Bandana flag. Here's another variation on the classic Skull 'n' Crossbones design. This one's perfect for the Johnny Depp fan in your household - Aaaaaarrgghh! 3' x 5' polyester, with brass grommets.
Pirate Fish FSM Flying Spaghetti Monster Patch Iron-on Noodle Pirate Fish Patch Price: $8.00
Aaaaarrrgghh!! Show your noodly disdain for global warming with this cool patch. Iron it on, then wear it with pride. We're all pirates at heart! Beautiful white on black embroidered patch measures 3.5" x 2.25"
Pirate Car Flag Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM Noodles Pastafarian Pirate Car Flag Price: $8.00
Pirate Car Flag. Here's a cute little Jolly Roger for your own personal pirate ship - or even your car. It's time to take down that tattered old "United We Stand" flag and replace it with something far more fun, for we are Pirates and they are not! Aaaaaarrgghh!
Dimensions: 18" x 11"
Invisible pink unicorn camp quest atheist unicorn humanist unicorn pink unicorn  jewelry sticker Invisible Pink Unicorn Lapel Pin Price: $9.00
Invisible Pink Unicorn pin in Gold and Silver. Here is her holy hoofiness depicted on a very attractive lapel pin. A metallic pink unicorn - whatever next? Maybe that's evolution happening before our very eyes... Approx. 1" diameter.
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I-SkullPantMode2.jpg Skull 'n' Crossbones Panties Price: $10.50
Ye be payin' attention here, me hearties. Here be a new addition to yer Cockswain's wardrobe. (That be the name for the captain's assistant. Clean up your mind there, ye scalawag!) These black panties with the skull and bones across the starboard is sure to tickle the fancy of any good Sea Queen. Ye know these panties be looking good on your favorite pirate's booty!
E-InvisPinkUnicorn.gif Invisible Pink Unicorn Emblem Price: $8.00
Up there in the sky, the Invisible Pink Unicorn watches over us, night and day. Can't you see her holy hoof-prints in the clouds? Only incurable infidels would deny her universal equine benevolence.... Diameter: approx 3-3/4"
Q-Aaaarrgghh fsm pirate call pirate decal funny decal aaaarrgghh flying spaghetti monster pirate fish pirate call jack sparrow Aaaarrgghh! vinyl cut-out sticker Price: $6.00
Aaaarrgghh! vinyl cut-out, the sticker that say it all! Why have just one 'Talk Like A Pirate Day', when you can have this black, red, or white rallying cry on your 4-wheeled pirate ship all year round? Dimensions: 8" x 2"
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M-FSMKeyBlue.png Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) Keychain, Double Sided Blue Price: $9.95
Here he is in all of his noodly goodness! This 2.5" diameter key chain features the classic FSM on both full-color sides. Durable, scratch resistant plastic will keep him looking fresh for years!
M-FSMSilverKeychn.png FSM Keychain Silver Finish Price: $15.00
Here He is in all His noodly glory! Keychain measures a full 3" in length; the FSM token measures 1.5" x .5". Antique silver finish.
M-PiratePlateOcean.gif Pirate Fish in its Natural Habitat, License Plate Price: $15.00
Pirate Fish License Plate. For states that do not require a front plate, this humorous Pirate Fish makes a stunning option! It shows our boney, aged lil matey in the vast ocean waters he so often travels and pillages. Perfect for FSM fans!
fsm flying spaghetti monster holiday solstice christmas bobby henderson greeting FSM Holiday Greeting Card Price: $2.00
"May his Noodly Appendages Touch You This Holiday Season" graces this Happy Holiday greeting card. Inside, HIS prayer "Our pasta, who art in colander, draining be thy noodles. Thy Pasta come, thy sauce be Yum. On top of some grated Parmesan" FSM has all your holiday needs covered. We also have this design as a magnet; you can view it here. Choose a single card or a money-saving 12 pack for $18.00.
T-MayHisNoodFSMR.png FSM May His Noodly Appendages... T-Shirt Price: $20.00
Our newest tribute to his Holy Noodlyness The Flying Spaghetti Monster is now available in shirt form! (We also have this image as a greeting card and a magnet.) Full text reads: May His Noodly Appendages Touch You This Holiday Season. Well, we can only hope! Choose your size AND shirt color from the drop-down below. Click on image for a close-up of the design.
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M-PirateOrnGold.gif Pirate Fish Metallic Gold Hanging Ornament Price: $7.95 Pirate Fish Metallic Gold Hanging Ornament
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This shiny happy Pirate Fish pays homage to His Noodlyness the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Perfect for your Happy Holiday tree or anywhere else you'd like to hang it. Thin stamped metal, 2" long, 1.5" wide. Includes gold tassel for hanging. Available in gold finish. Arrives gift boxed. Limited quantity.
fsm flying spaghetti monster holiday noodly bobby henderson May His Noodly Appendages holiday magnet Price: $3.90
"May his Noodly Appendages Touch You This Holiday Season" graces this magnet along with a candy cane, holly leaf and Menorah candle display. FSM has all your holiday needs covered. We also have this design as a greeting card. View it here.
FSM Noodly Holiday Glass Ornament Price: $13.00
His Holy Noodlyness wishes all a festive holiday season! Complete with a Menorah, candy cane, and sprig of holly, he is including many symbols of celebration. Horizontal oval glass ornament measures 2.75" x 3.5". Select either with or without His closing prayer, Ramen. Comes ready for the tree, review mirror, or wall with a ribbon hanger. Click on image for a close up of the full-color design!

Flying Spaghetti Monster emblems stickers and Pirate treasure vinyl cut out stickers fsm tshirts and more

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