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We here at EvolveFISH are extremely fortunate! Not only are we a part of one of the most meaningful movements in the world, but we get to serve others in that movement as well by allowing them to wear the cause on their sleeve! The following is a sampling of what our customers are saying about EvolveFISH.

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 •Judy says:

Everything was GREAT!  ...& can't believe the "WE CARE" vibes you people send.
This order was shipped directly to my friend in Lake Tahoe PO Box.
She FINALLY went to the post office yesterday - Thurs 10/24 & got her surprise.

Thank you for a great online experience
Have a great day


•Chance says:

I was very happy with the quality of the product.  Having purchased a number of vinyl stickers for a variety of cars over the years, I was impressed with the instructions included with the order.  They are much better than what other vendors include.


•John says:


Thank you so much for contacting me.  You and Gary have both
been so helpful and courteous, and I really appreciate it.  I have bought a
few gifts for my wife from your site, and she loves them all. Unfortunately in this case, I am returning the Sterling silver DNA Helix pendant. Thank you so much for being so helpful. I already loved your company, but after being treated so well by you and Gary, you've made me a loyal customer for life.  You will continue to be the place I go first when looking for gifts for my wife (which is fairly often.) I will print and enclose a copy of this email in the package. Again, thank you for being so conscientious and courteous.  Please give my best to Gary and pass on my thanks as well.  Have a great day.


•Emily says in response to our Quality Check e-mail: 

1. Did your order arrive on time? The order arrived far quicker than I ever
imagined anything could be shipped!

2. Did it arrive in good condition? My order arrived in absolutely perfect,
pristine conditions.

3. Did it contain the correct products, and in the right quantities? Every
product was correctly shipped with the appropriate quantities.

4. Were you happy with the quality of our products? 100% satisfied

If you have any other concerns with products ordered; then please let us
know how we can do things better for you in future!

I only have one concern...you guys really need to stop being so
ridiculously amazing! Seriously, I look forward to future ordering more
products through the website. Please continue to keep up the superb job you


•Donald says:

Dear Order Handling,

At first, I was hesitant to respond to your initial quality control follow-up email. After all, too often in today's world, companies try to appear sincerely concerned with customer satisfaction; but then don't follow up with emails, or only skim a customer's letter just to find something in it to categorize it to fit their embellished "customer approval ratings". When I saw another email from you in my inbox, I considered the time that it took to respond and was optimistic that you had actually taken the time to read through my email.

To say that I was impressed reading your email, would be a grave understatement. The truth is, I am one of the hardest critics of customer service that I know. Perhaps because I am a fellow business owner, and strive for the best, and expect nothing less of other companies. Although, most the time, I won't say anything (I'm not one of those who complains about everything, very rarely in fact), but my opinion of businesses, and their respective methods for handling customer service, continues to remain undeserving of true praise.

There are only a handful of companies that meet my expectations when it comes to customer service. There are only 5 companies EVER that have exceeded my expectations. Whom I try to model my own practices after. EvolveFish is one of those 5 companies. I have only ever written a letter like this twice before (addressed to a company). Your customer service specialists (a name that is all too well deserved by your staff) reaffirms in me the waning faith I have in the human race. Everyday, I try to remember that there are amazing people out there. Thank you for being among them.


Peggy says:

I like the way you do bisness, I also like the way you talk, just regular straight forward. Lookin forward to wearing my atheist necklace and annoying as many preachy people as I can. Have a nice day!


Axia says: One word to describe your service: EXCELLENT!!  thanks.


Jimmie says (after a big ol' sticker order):  Thanks! I am proud to display even more of your merchandise in my puny effort to fight pseudoscience and superstition here in the bible belt. So far, no one has vandalized my evolve emblem or my T-Rex emblem. That may change after this.


Caitlyn says:  My order arrived rather quickly, I was more than pleased! My emblems    were in perfect condition, and the right products and amount of    items. I was/am beyond happy with my emblems and my car is looking    rather awesome with said emblems. I am very very very happy with the    service and the products I received from your site. If anyone I know    is looking for fun cool emblems I will be sure to refer your site.    Thank you guys for being very timely and sending quality items! It    was worth every cent.   


Patrick says:  I have ordered a few items from your web site over the past few years.  Everything has always been shipped promptly and the product has always been exactly what is expected.  You have a great web site with excellent products!  Keep up the great work!

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